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Book signing and food styling demo at Anthropologie in West Palm Beach on Oct. 18


Hello friends,I am beginning to schedule some book signings and events to promote "Small Plates and Sweet Treats". I will regularly give you updates on where I will be and maybe you will be able to stop by and say hi at some point? That would be lovely and much appreciated.I am thrilled that my ...

Chocolate, hazelnut and fleur de sel pots de crème… a sweet treat


I couldn't leave you without sharing another recipes from the book, could I?This time a little something sweet...... something with chocolate.How do chocolate, hazelnut and fleur de sel pots de crème sound?This is a simple and easy treat that I make for my family often just like the custard pots that we ate for an ...

Swiss chard, pear and Gruyère tart… a savory small plate


Yesterday I promised that I would be back with a recipe from my book. Savory or sweet... that was up to you.And I have to admit that you surprised me with the result. "They will want a sweet treat!". I was certain you would. But when I counted the results this morning, I was wrong. ...