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Terisa’s citrus and the consequential cake and curd

Citrus and olive oil cake with lemon curd | Cannelle et Vanille

When I welcomed spring, I promised you a citrus recipe. Well, there are two. Actually, there were many more that I just threw together in the last few weeks but these are the only two that I wrote down and can realistically say they can be replicated effectively.Because you see, a few weeks ago Terisa ...

First signs

First signs of Spring | Cannelle et Vanille

Spring arrived in Seattle. Well, almost.The cherry and plum trees blossomed overnight. We had sun and warmth... but we also had the rain and cold back. Even hail.Flowers and blossoms popping everywhere even in hazy days can really lift my mood. Actually, I think somehow I prefer it that way. Beauty in the light ...

An inspired mid-winter dinner

Aran Goyoaga's Seattle studio. Photo by Dorothee Brand

At the end of January, when Seattle was still dark and hibernating, my friend and stylist Jenn Elliott-Blake and I decided to get people out of their homes into my studio for a simple mid-winter communal dinner.I shared recipes from that event on the blog before, but now I wanted to share images from ...