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Sweetness, Sparkle and Christmas Eats

There is lots of excitement around our home these days. Counting the days until we can share food with friends and children tearing through a sea of packaging. Happens every year, but every year feels new. Our menu will include butternut squash soup, lobster, avocado and citrus salad, tenderloin, broccoli rabe, tortilla, panettone bread pudding, ...

A Mexican Getaway and A New Year

As you might know, we spent Christmas in Mexico this year in the small town of Platanitos in the Nayarit Riviera, about two hours outside of Puerto Vallarta. Our dear friends Paul and Robyn built their oceanfront dream house Casa Lagarto about three years ago and ever since we have been anxious to visit. It ...

Christmas and A Trip

We are off to a far, far away location to spend Christmas with our friends and family. I hope you are enjoying this time of year whether you are celebrating any of the holidays or just enjoying some down time. See you in a week!