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Thinking about Christmas – a lobster and fennel stew


I must admit to you that the last few weeks I have been crazed. Moved by the positive reviews my book has been receiving (read here, here, here, here, here)... ... but also learning what it takes to put my work out there for the world to see and read. I know I do that every time ...

A comforting soup story for Coastal Living


Back in July, right in the middle of summer, I styled and photograph a soup story for the November issue of Coastal Living magazine. Comforting and cozy soups (some not gluten-free, which I ended up adapting for myself) that I knew I would come back to once colder months arrived. And I did. Salmon chowder, chicken and ...

The unexpected bluefish tacos and a day at the beach


It was Saturday afternoon.The temperatures had dropped slightly, but the sun shined bright. I had been awaiting an outdoor picnic all week. "I think we should take the kids to the beach this afternoon" I said to C. I had some of the red beet and poppy seed muffins set aside for it. Sliced fruit, ...