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Cider-baked apples and a bean soup

Baked apples in cider with cranberries and pistachios

When we made the decision to leave Florida, all I craved were seasons. I knew from that moment on I could only live in a place where leaves turn ochre and the rain turns everything blue. I suppose in some ways I just searched for my childhood environment - a place I felt comfortable. Seattle is ...

Thinking about Christmas – a lobster and fennel stew


I must admit to you that the last few weeks I have been crazed. Moved by the positive reviews my book has been receiving (read here, here, here, here, here)... ... but also learning what it takes to put my work out there for the world to see and read. I know I do that every time ...

The Washington apples, a bread pudding and other Thanksgiving recipes


At the end of October we traveled to Seattle where I had a few book-related events. We turned it into a family vacation where Jon and Miren could experience real autumn weather and colors. The colors. They took my breath away. I had never been in Washington during October and from what I had gathered, there is a ...