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Sharing a watermelon, tomato and almond gazpacho from Small Plates and Sweet Treats


I few weeks ago I promised you a recipe from "Small Plates and Sweet Treats" - my upcoming book. So here I am now sharing with of my favorite summer dishes from the book. Refreshing, easy to prepare, yet a bit unexpected. For those hot summer days - no doubt. I have made this watermelon, tomato and almond ...

An afternoon with Fig & Fauna and some raw beet and goat cheese ravioli


"How many days until we get to go to the farm?" asked Jon over and over again -- counting down the days, hours, and minutes. "Hmmm...." I thought. Menacing skies and heavy downpours threatened our plans to spend the afternoon at the farm with Fig & Fauna. It's funny how life has a way of bringing people together ...