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A story about home… and some lunch recipes


This is a story about home - where home is and what home means to me these days.And also, about what probably defines to eat lunch with me. Fish, involved, of course.We arrived in Seattle 357 days ago.People ask me "why Seattle?" all the time. Many seem surprised that I am indeed new to ...

Walking around Gothenburg


When I first started taking pictures of food, I hoarded food and travel magazines. I stared at beautiful photography and tried to analyze the light, the photographers point of view……trying to decipher their technique and how they worked the light.I discovered Mikkel Vang's work in that process. His editorial stories for Donna Hay, Vogue Living, ...

Spring and a James Beard nomination

Plum blossoms in Seattle

We have been in Seattle about ten days now.We are still settling in and waiting for all of our things to arrive. Living out a suitcase with no good knives, pots or pans. I have been cooking a bit and even went out and bought myself a new bundt pan... because one can never ...