Lemon Olive Oil Madeleines and a Giveaway

I sprained my knee last night. My son woke up at 2am and as usual, he wanted to come downstairs so I could rock him back to sleep. As I was walking down the stairs, I slipped and fell on the floor. Luckily, I had my hand behind his head and he did not get hurt. But… I did. I have been limping all day and yes, I should go to the doctor, but I’m going to wait to see if the swelling goes down with rest.

I wanted something comforting. Something to go with my cinnamon tisane. My son was resigned to the idea that we were not going to be able to go outside much today because ama cannot walk very far, so he was good and let me bake some madeleines. One of my favorite sweet treats. I tried a new recipe with lemon zest and olive oil and it really worked well. They really had good “domes” just like I like them.

While I was sipping my tea, I thought “any excuse is good to bake and give”. My friends always ask me what I do with all the stuff I make. “Do the three of you eat all of it?” . Well, I always save some for C to try and of course my curly haired boy always has to “snatch” a little bit of whatever I am making, but honestly, most of the treats I make end up in our neighbors’, co-workers or lucky stand-by’s bellies.

Today, sitting on the sofa with my leg resting on a pillow, I thought “why not share some goodies with the readers I have managed to capture in these three months?”. Every time I bake, write and photograph something for this blog, I look forward to reading your comments and see what you have to say about what I made. Hey, I love compliments, what can I say!

So next week, I will be giving away two boxes of freshly baked lemon and olive oil madeleines. All you have to do is leave a comment briefly explaining what was going through your mind when you started your blog. What inspired you? What were you doing the day you sat down in front of the computer and created an account? I’m always curious about what drives people. And if you don’t have a blog but like to read food blogs, don’t worry, please let us know what interests you; what makes you read a blog over another one. Is it the photographs, the challenging recipes or easier recipes, articles, personal stories..

You have until Sunday March 30th at 3pm EST and I will announce the lucky winners’ names that following Monday. Due to the delicate nature of the goodies and to preserve their freshness, I can only ship in the US (sorry rest of the world…).

Thank you for reading!

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46 Responses to “Lemon Olive Oil Madeleines and a Giveaway”

  1. *fanny* says:

    Aran, these madeleines are beautiful. They look so delicate and fragrant.
    Hopefully you’ll soon recover from falling. I hope it’s not too bad.


  2. International discrimination! :)

    I hope you are up and about soon! These look delicious and I hope to find a pan to make them with one day. Wish I could participate in your giveaway, I would enjoy anything you make! But just for fun, I will tell you I started my blog as a way to give recipes to my friends who asked. That way instead of giving the recipe out one person at a time, I could just tell them it was online. Then…I started taking pictures and writing about the recipes…

  3. Hi Aran! These madeleines of yours are gorgeous and you have styled them beautifully. The photos are excellent too.
    My blog just turned one last December – I learned to use the computer the same time I started the blog. What was simple for most people was a huge task for me, but because of my passion for baking and food styling, I rose above it all, slowly but steadily.It was my best friend Miti who introduced me to the blogosphere – one day she got my husband to show me a post she had written on her blog’Yummy tots’, I was amazed to see a publication with photos of food she had created and whats more she mentioned me and how she loved eating the sticky date pudding I made her when she was visiting. What I saw got me so excited I couldn’t think of anything else! Well, the rest is, like they say, History!
    I hope your knee feels all better soon, Aran! Do take care,won’t you? Carol xo

  4. linda says:

    Wish I lived in the US…sigh… Would love to eat some of those delicious-looking madeleines.

    So sorry about your knee but good thing you didn’t both hurt something.

  5. B says:

    What a pity not to qualify for the madeleines… But after all I don’t have a food blog either!

    I like that use olive oil, so once again a helthy recipe.

  6. Aran says:

    Sorry for those outside the US… I would love to share some with you but the way the post office works they would arrive with mushrooms growing on them!

  7. mimi says:

    i love madelines and this is the second post in two days about them! evidently my madeline pans are calling my name to the kitchen!

    and honestly … when i first started my blog i had no idea it was going to be about food. i thought it was going to be about my life, politics, school, etc. i was inspired by a sex in the city type of confessional, but less about sex and manolos, and more about other stuff. you’ll see in the first couple of posts it’s all random and political. sure, the politics still pops up from time to time (how can it not this year??) and every once in awhile i reference school.

    but the greatest thing about my blog is that it’s teaching me how to love the kitchen and how to love to bake goods for other people. there is absolutely no other feeling comparable to the one i get when i bring in a box of fresh baked goods to work and seeing/hearing everyone’s reactions. so my inspiration is now changed, and now i bake because i have to blog. or is it i blog because i have to bake? :)

  8. Deborah says:

    Beautiful madelines!!

    I actually started my blog after discovering someone’s food blog through flickr. I never even knew there was such a world out there, but I was addicted once I discovered it! I actually have my 1 year blog anniversary this weekend – I can’t believe how time flies! The thing I love the best about food blogging is how everyone is so kind and supportive – it certainly has helped my cooking and baking skills and love to grow by leaps and bounds this past year.

  9. Bridget says:

    This is such a great idea!

    How did my blog some to be? My sister & I were inspired by my cousin’s blog…which is just chock-full of crafts and photos, and LIFE! So, we started one to kind of keep in touch with each other and our family. My posts were usually only FOOD posts…lots of cookie posts and I wondered if there was a place in the blogosphere for cookie decorating. I know when I was first starting to decorate cookies, I was hungry for any how-to information I could get my hands on. :) So, Bake at 350 was born!

    Probably the coolest part has been discovering all of these gorgeous, wonderful food blogs and bloggers that are out there. Talk about inspiration! Next on my list are your cheesecake lollipops!

    OK…sorry for the long post! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  10. Astrid says:

    Lovely looking madeleines! I live abroad, so I can only hope to admire your madeleines virtually. Good job on the bumps: in France, the sign of a successful madeleine is a nice hump on its back, which is always presented on top, the striped part being at the bottom. I’ve never managed a good hump on my madeleines. But they’re tasty anyway.

  11. Aran says:

    Great stories everyone. I’m loving this! Thank you for taking the time to write them!

  12. Peabody says:

    Oh, I am always looking for more madeleines.
    I started my blog as a creative outlet since all my husband ever wanted was for me to make sloppy joes and chocolate chip cookies. Since we just moved to Washington and I knew no one I had no one else to cook/bake for. So I thought I would bake for the world.

  13. These look divine and when I find madeleine tins I am most definitely making them!!! As for non-international postage BOO!!! tee hee good luck everyone!!!

  14. Ann says:

    Your madeleines are beautiful! I won’t get into why I started my blog as I figure I am grandfathered in under the praline bargin. :-)

    Just let me know when you want to swap (and it doesn’t have to be these madeleines)!

  15. bbaking says:

    Obviously I am too far(being in Belgium) to participate, but the madeleines look lovley! I have decided I will buy a pan when I am next out!

  16. Beautiful madeleines! I love your pictures!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Arantzazu: Yo no voy a recibir la magdalenas.. qué pena… ni tengo un blog.. qué lástima… Pero, disfruto cada día del placer de tu sensibilidad.. del gozo de sentir la pasión por lo que haces…
    Quízás me anime algún día a escribir un blog.. por qué no…
    Arantzázu.. eres única y especial.. no lo olvides.. los tuyos te quieren así…
    Y, Jon Loren es único..
    Qué suerte tiene…
    Un beso.. y Gora Euskadi…

  18. I would love some madeleines O.o

    I decided to start my own blog after posting food photography on a livejournal community for several months. I spent weeks pondering a name. Eventually I gave up and settled for “Pittsburgh Needs Tasted” but i’d mentioned “Pittsburgh Needs Eated” to several friends and they prodded me until I changed it.

    I wasn’t sure the blog would last (or that anyone would read it,) but it has and and I enjoy it.

  19. Rachelle says:

    Hello, I was shown my way to your blog today. What a wonderful blog you have, love your photos and recipes! I was looking at your zucchini recipe and will have to try that one.

    Anyways, what got me into my blog was by a little disappointment actually. One of my own recipes (my chicken salad sandwich) was rejected for a popular site. I decided I’d publish it myself for all to enjoy. Then I decided to make it my own little online recipe book of my family’s favorites.
    What inspires me to read other food blogs, are the photos, great photography will have me coming back. That gives me inspiration and idea on how to improve my own. Of course a yummy recipe does it too. :)

  20. Oh… Pomegrante tea, a good book and your treats! I LOVE this blog already!!

    What was I thinking when I started my first blog. “Perhaps I could start this, show people all the things they can do in Denver and perhaps even start my own review column and not have to work outside of the home away from my girls anymore!”

    It was a long though :)

  21. PG says:

    Gorgeous madelines! I’ve never tried them in a version as unusual as lemon olive oil, but I hope I will be able to. (Hint, hint, hint-ity hint.)

    I started my first blog (on the blogger software) because I was kind of bored when I started my first job after college, and because I missed the opinion column I used to write for the student paper. I’ve now written for half a dozen blogs, and even sort of met my fiance through blogging. I’m trying to withdraw from blogging now because it’s become so addictive for me, and am cutting down my own writing. But I still find other people’s blogs irresistible, especially when they come with food prizes!

  22. cookworm says:

    Those madeleines look so lovely…one of these days I really need to get a madeleine pan.

    And to play in your contest ;), I started blogging mainly because I wanted something to keep me busy after my boyfriend moved away, and also to keep a better record of things I made. Then, of course, the addiction rapidly set in!

  23. Sherry says:

    They look beautiful!

    I read blogs because my family grew up without a lot of money, and although we always had enough food to eat, we didn’t have the ingredients or the supplies to make the fancy, delicate desserts that I always wanted to eat. So instead I would go to the library and check out colorful cookbooks and I would read the ingredients and how to make the food and look at the wonderful pictures.

    I just never grew out of it, and I find it a source of comfort.

    I like reading blogs that have beautiful pictures – those are important so that I can pretend I am eating the food. And I like to hear a little about the person’s life, too. I don’t mean creepy-stalker I want to know every detail of your life, but I meant that I like to know a little about why this person wants to cook this, and why it was decided that this is a favorite food, etc. Maybe childhood memories of eating the food. Something like that.

  24. Cakespy says:

    ME ME ME!

    I had taken a “mental health” day from work to go with Mr. Cakespy to apply for our marriage license at city hall, and while walking back home paused to think about life, and how to combine all of my interests–artwork, writing, pastries–into one project. It occurred to me–open a dessert detective agency and report on the findings along with illustrations! Cakespy was born.

    ME ME ME (again!).

  25. Janna says:

    Hello, gorgeous photos! I can almost taste those lovely madeleines melting in my mouth.

    I started blogging on myspace if you can believe it. Just a few random paragraphs about my life here and there. But I hated the look of it, so I started a blog on wordpress, but I felt sort of self-indulgent just writing random things about my life, I’m not a good enough writer to expect people to want to read my wanderings. And so I started looking around at blogs, and I discovered the whole wonderful world of food blogs, and I knew that would be perfect for me! I still write about random things now and then, but I love to post recipes and pictures and encourage people to cook and prepare their own food. I don’t have much readership, especially since I switched to self-hosting and had to change my domain name, but I don’t mind. A few friends a regulars, and a few strangers find their way to my blog.

  26. giz says:

    Every time I go to my favourite kitchen supply store, I always admire the madelaine pans and think “will I really use it”. I strongly suspect I’ll be buying the pan now and have to try your recipe.
    You actually baked after spraining your knee?

    Psychgrad has had a blog for a while and we decided to team up on a food blog because a) we both love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen b) it’s a great way for us to connect since we live in different cities and most importantly c) the blog which we’ll save will become a living cookbook for our families and hopefully generations after us.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Good Morning!

    I adore your blog and wish, *WISH*, I had time to start my own. My computer, iPod and camera are overflowing with food pictures… probably nowhere near blog quality, but I love them just the same. Your madeleines are exactly what I was looking for! I am a nutrition graduate student and also completing my dietetic internship (probably going to be the worst dietitian ever w/ the amount of butter and full-fat cheese and yogurt I eat)… of course then I love your use of olive oil… AND I just got my very first madeleine pan last weekend as an early birthday present! Perfect timing!!



  28. Eileen says:

    Hi Aran!
    First of all, I love the addition of olive oil in the madeleines. I make a biscotti with cranberries and pistachios that also uses olive oil instead of butter and it’s such a wonderful taste- especially if you use Nicholas Alziari olive oil!…. I just started my foodblog (passions to pastry)in December, along with my sister who writes on antiques. I was schooled in the arts, and after working as an artist my entire life, this is where I ended up. I realized that what I love more than anything is baking and my formal vegetable garden and the design of both. The one thing I feel I have not conquered is the computer. I can’t figure out how to enter my name here so it links to my site :-(, so I will just close as-

    Eileen @

  29. I started my blog for “a place of my very own”. On the first day I started posting it was if I had entered my own secret world..I felt alive, excited and a little scared to express my feelings and gather the things that inspired me and share all this with others. For almost six month I told no one, but slowly a new family of friends emerged. I followed it up with another” laporterouge” so that I would have a inspirational board of color, texture, music and food. Does a blog change your life? I would say at the very least it documents it…….A diary, a journal….that has come too life!

    Thank you for you recipes and new family traditions!

  30. C.L. says:


    I am so sorry to hear about your knee! That sucks. If I could trade you knees I would. Be safe :)

  31. C.L. says:

    My log is less than a month old. I started it to get practice on writing a cookbook (that is what I am working on at the moment). It has been a LONG time since I have actually WRITTEN things other than Instant messages or e-mails, so this was a way for me to practice. Little did I know I would fall in love with the art of it and find so many wonderful people to boot! (you included kiddo). Thanks for the opportunity to share in your bakers wealth :) Tell ya what, if I win I will reciprocate with caramel corn :) (yes it is a bribe and it sounds fun to do a little trade) Take good care of your self and give your son a hug for me :)

  32. Charmaine says:

    I started my blog initally as a medium through which I could express my thoughts and perspective during my life-changing professional leap from medicine into pastry. This was a major decision in my life and I found it much easier to describe this unusual journey using the written word. Writing was always a cathartic process for me and as you may read, many posts are not even about pastry, but rather my impressions and reflections on life as I move through the pastry industry. My blog has also helped me develop a new love of food photography and great respect for professional food photographers! Ultimately, this ongoing personal transition has its ups and downs, but the common thread woven through my online diary is the love of creating beautiful sweet delicious things. Thanks for listening!

  33. Bea says:

    I hope you feel better. These treats look simply delicious! Enough to comfort you, and anyone around.

  34. Aran, Your madeleines look so beautiful! They are one of my favorite treats too. I even named my daughter Madeleine!

    I started my food blog last September. I have always loved to cook and write and I had been enjoying many of the other wonderful blogs already out there. I had wanted to start my own blog for a long time, but I was too intimidated, so I procrastinated.

    I remember the day I started my blog well. It was a Sunday afternoon and I had recently been going through a very upsetting and somewhat life-altering experience. I was watching the Food Network on TV while surfing the blogs on my laptop. I decided that life was too short to keep putting things off and the next thing I knew I was setting up my Blogger account.

    I named my blog Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy because someone was making the most amazing looking sticky buns on the Food Network show I was watching. I started playing around with words and the rest is history! ;)

  35. Mandy says:

    hey Aran, I hope you are feeling better today. You really should sit in a comfortable position and watch tv/read book/knit rather than baking! :p I want your madeleines! They look so good. Your friends/neighbors are a lucky bunch. I started my blog as a way to update my friends of my life in US.

  36. those madeleines look worth dying for! and hope you are back on your feet by the time u read this comment!:)

    I’ve been cooking since the age of 12, I think; but after coming to US, I discovered a new love for baking and I used to keep admiring blogs with brilliant photos and wonderful creations. But the real drive behind starting my own blog was my husband; he just told me that I was so talented, and had so many delicious recipes to offer…I should start a blog so I could share my recipes with the world, make new friends and learn more than I ever would by browsing cookbooks! the people behind the blogs are real individuals and you can actually connect to them! So, on an impulse, I created an account in blogger, when I was at work!:), and since that day which was almost a year ago, my food blog has become my identity:)

  37. Y says:

    Bummer. I could certainly do with some madeleines, any day of the week. Especially lemon flavoured ones.

    Hope your knee recovers soon! :)

  38. Lylah says:

    hello dear aran….thanks for the sweet visit to my blog and your kind comment….

    so glad i came over to pay you a visit…not only do i love the pic…but to gift madeleines? wow, what a woman….hope you are better soon….blessings…lylah

  39. Tartelette says:

    Hope you feel better soon! With those madeleines I know I would!

  40. Courtney says:

    Feel Better…the madeleines look yummy:-)

  41. I hope the swelling has gone down and you’re up and about again. If you suffered any bruising, I would suggest trying to get your hands on some Arnica gel, it really works!

  42. Suzana says:

    Aran, I’m with Gretchen! The ‘rest of the world’ being prevented from those yummy beautiful madeleines it’s unfair discrimination!! I’ll have to bake a batch of those, after the chocolate madeleines I’ve baked recently.

    I hope your knee is doing better. :)

  43. Such beautiful madelines!

    My story?
    I was coming off a huge personal and professional disappointment last October. Suddenly without a job, I had lots of time on my hands and found myself spending an extraordinary amount of time in the kitchen “coping” with the way things had turned out.

    I’d been reading food blogs for quite a while and had thought a lot about starting one of my own. After all, I love to cook and I was making a conscious effort to step up my photography skills. Why not pair them up?

    One day I just decided that I needed something to feel good about… and I was tired of just being a food blog “spectator.” So, I signed up for a WordPress account. The rest, as they say, is history.

    I’ve had such a wonderful time food blogging… I’ve met so many awesome people… and I’ve had so much fun getting into the kitchen and putting my skills to the test. And, best of all, it’s become a wonderful creative outlet that has helped me focus on the good things in life rather than the not so good.

    I really would spend all of my time blogging if I could get away with it!

  44. PheMom says:

    Oh, Aran! Are you sure we’re not related? I’m so sorry about your knee. I have done the same thing -several times, so don’t feel too bad. I know what you mean about needing something comforting though. It is so scary tripping while you are carrying a little one. Your pictures are lovely though!

  45. Hi Aran,

    I love your food blog. They all look delicious.

    Is it possible that I can have your Madeleine recipe?

    Thank you in advance.

  46. Aran says:

    Hi Colin-
    Sorry it’s taken me so long to get that recipe to you. I am away from my main computer where I store all my recipes and it might be a few days until I get access to it. We are switching from a PC to a Mac and I had all my recipes in utlook Notes and the transfer of files is taking a while. But I will give that to you soon. I promise.

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