… And We Had a Party!

If you read my previous post, you know we were throwing a baby shower for my dear friend Deena this weekend. Well, it happened and it was fantastic. Too much food, too many desserts but plenty of fun and laughs. Just as always.

I want to share some photos of the cake and the pastries I prepared. Some of them you have seen here before because I have to confess, when I make a recipe, I tend to make enough that I can freeze and use for future events. Never compromising flavor or texture, of course!

I took these photos before we set up the dessert buffet because I knew the lighting wasn’t going to be very good where the main table was. I was driving everybody crazy with my “please move this… could you please move over a bit…” and so on, but they were patient with me.

For all of you perfectionists out there, I know that the cake is not iced to perfection. It was hot in my kitchen, the buttercream was melting on me and I had a curly, blonde-haired boy tugging at my leg. So it was not as I would have liked to finish it but nobody seemed to notice, or even better, nobody dared to mention it!

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake with Chocolate Mousse and Fresh Raspberries

Vanilla and Chocolate Sugar Cookies Favors

Lemon Bars with Vanilla Cream and Blueberries

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

Pecan Sandies

Lavender and Orange Macaroons

These were a hit!

It’s a blessing to have great friends like these!

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7 Responses to “… And We Had a Party!”

  1. Ann says:

    I just found your blog and love, love, love it! Wonderful posts and photos. Your cake is absolutely beautiful!

    I’m excited to see a recipe for chiboust (in your doughnut entry) that doesn’t call for gelatin, too… one of my resolutions for this year is to make religieuses and I am working on the filling.

    Ann at Redacted Recipes

  2. B says:

    Great chocolate recipe with lots of cocoa beans to support much-needed Africa’s development (so buy organic “fair trade chocolate” for this recipe…) No wonder the blond curls kid was attracting your attention. Who wouldn’t be tugging at your leg for some of that cake! The vanilla and chocolate (more fair trade products!) sugar cookies look to me a bit like the “San Blas” cookies in the Basque Country… Hm, getting a bit homesick?

  3. Veron says:

    I love the gerber daisy in the chocolate cake shot. But my eyes were drawn to lavender and orange macarons!

  4. How lucky Deena is to have such a talented friend! Everything looks gorgeous! I’m sure everyone loved them.

  5. I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog! I love your photos- those quenelles are so perfect, and the mini-tarts are gorgeous.

    Tengo ganas de volver a espana…pase unos meses en Sevilla y me encanto.

  6. Tartelette says:

    The cake is just gorgeous! What a great spread of desserts. Whatch out, I might call you Martha soon!

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