Johnny Iuzzini’s Chocolate Chiboust and Meyer Lemon Tart

I have a confession to make. I have a cookbook addiction. I collect cookbooks. I do not always read them, but I like to have them, touch them and see them on display. Strange since I am not a collector at all and I cannot live surrounded by clutter, but cookbooks… I cannot help myself.

About 6 or 7 months ago, I read that Johnny Iuzzini (executive pastry chef at Jean-Georges) was coming out with a new cookbook. I immediately pre-ordered it and waited and waited impatiently for months until I received it in the mail. The book is outstanding. Divided into seasons and ingredients, just like I would have written it if I ever wrote a book. Amazing photography, modern simplicity and surprisingly, very accessible to even those who might not have professional expertise. And then, there is the obvious. Just take a look at the cover.

The combination of chocolate and lemon is one of my favorites. A perfect balance. When I saw his recipe for chocolate and meyer lemon tarts, I had to make it, mainly because I had some meyer lemon curd leftover from one of my last recipes.

I was especially intrigued by the chocolate chiboust that is baked on top of the tart creating a souffle-like effect. It develops a thin skin but the inside remains very, very airy, just like a chiboust should be. The thin chocolate tart crust with the creamy meyer lemon custard and the airy chocolate chiboust is just perfection.

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102 Responses to “Johnny Iuzzini’s Chocolate Chiboust and Meyer Lemon Tart”

  1. Parsec says:

    Those are truly beautiful tarts…wow. I am again blown away by your photography skills…not to mention your cooking skills!

  2. Miette says:

    Those look so scrumptious, tasty… and lovely ! Your pictures are so beautiful ! It’s like works of art !



  3. Christy says:

    You got me intrigued now. Hm… a chocolate lemon tart that resembles a souffle with crust…I have to try this one! Haven’t seen the book anywhere in Australia (no surprises there), but have read about it in a few other blogs, so will definitely check it out. I have a cookbook addiction as well…I just busted one of my bookshelves from overfilling it with heavy cookbooks, so I totally hear you!

  4. Awesome! your creations are so unique and works of art it such a joy just looking at them imagine eating them :) I would be in heaven !

  5. I collect all sorts of stuff besides cook books and other books! But have never created anything so ethereal as you do:)

  6. Sophie says:

    MMMMMMMM… what a lot of food art!! Looks so delicious!!!

  7. i am right on the same train-cookbook addiction and all–love that his book is divided by season-as it should be—we qare enntering into a new kindo fcookbook phase i think in this way and i am happy about it..
    ok i will take lots of pictures of sweets in paris for you!

  8. Julia says:

    This is a delicious looking dessert. I just made a lemon meringue cake for my sister’s birthday this past weekend. She adores tart flavours, whereas I am a true chocolate lover through and through. This would have been great combination to deconstruct into cake form. Next time perhaps? Thank you for the inspiration. P.S. your photos are absolutely stunning.

  9. I have this book too, got it as a present and it’s fantastic! I haven’t attempted anything yet but there’s been many nights of bedtime ready already!

    I also totally agree about the cover ;-)

  10. This may be the duh-est comment I’ll ever make but..
    .. I took a look at the cover and..
    … OO-WA!

  11. May says:

    Wow! Those are stunning! To drool for!

  12. Jennifer says:

    This is such a fabulous tart!!! You never cease to amaze me what creativity you dream up! Beautiful!

  13. Marija says:

    Beautiful! I just realized I have an addiction for your blog :)

  14. Whata delightful and refined treat! Fabulous! You are an artist…



  15. Inés says:

    Uhmmmm….me comería incluso al propio Johnny Iuzzini.

  16. Aran says:

    Ines- jajaja… yo tambien!

    thank you!

  17. I think I need to remove you from ny blog roll. Every time I see an update and click through to your new posts, I swear I gain 10 lbs. just from looking at the pictures. Lemon…chocolate…heaven!

  18. The photos and the tart are gorgeous, but they sound like they might taste even better than they look. I’m intrigued by the baked chocolate chiboust as well…what are the ingredients?

  19. Aran says:

    The Other Tiger- The chocolate chiboust is made the same way as a regular chiboust. Cocoa powder, milk, gelatin, eggs, meringue… but then it is frozen on a sheetpan, cut out into circles that are placed on top of the tart and then baked or a couple of minutes until it expands a little bit. It doesn’t do the whole souffle thing of rising and deflating, just a little puffing. But it gets a thin, thin skin ad then the airy interior. It is very very good!

  20. Aran, be sure that all of us understand your addiction – you’ll find some addicts among us as well. ;D

    What a wonderful dessert. I love lemon and find it amazing with chocolate!

  21. Dominique says:

    Ca a l’air si bon (it looks so delicious!)et les photos sont magnifiques, j’adore…

  22. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous as always! May I ask how you make the chocolate curls and other chocolate decorations or is there a website you could point me to?

  23. VeggieGirl says:

    I have a cookbook addiction too!!! :-D

    Lovely chocolate creation!!

  24. simplesong says:

    lovely, as always.

    i love cookbooks too. love flipping through them.

  25. Aran says:

    Anonymous- David Lebovitz has a good post on tempering chocolate.
    which is necessary to create any chocolate decor. there are many books out there on it, but my favorite is


  26. anna says:

    I love those tart crusts! Just begging to be filled with something scrumptious. That cookbook looks really interesting. I rarely buy books, but any cookbook divided into seasons is awfully tempting.

  27. Nico says:

    excelente fotografia, la combinacion suena perfecto, lastima que no postees a receta.

  28. Miss Kate says:

    I am salivating already! Those are the perfect dose of chocolatey goodness.

    Also, how do you take your photographs? Do you edit them to have that great contrast with their background, or do you have a little white room in your home with photography lights?

  29. I love the chocolate and lemon flavor combination but I also love the texture of this tart. They’re a perfect mouthwatering size to satisfy a chocolate craving! Lovely.

  30. Tartelette says:

    He’s hawt…That’s one hawt chocolate-lemon tart! Love it!

  31. Aran says:

    Miss Kate-All my photos are taken with natural light. I don’t own any lights or flashes. I do edit them slightly for brightness and contrast but that’s about it. I always shoot in manual mode to take advantage of the light conditions of the moment. And that’s about it, really.

    Thank you. I appreciate it!

  32. Roberto N. says:

    You should write a cookbook. Your recipes are very good, reliable and your photography is beautiful. I’d buy it in a second.

  33. It’s always fantastic come to visit your blog, it’s like a dream. Thanks

  34. breathtaking and inspiring as always.



  35. Esti says:

    Desde luego, la portada importa…

  36. Sara says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Yum yum. :)

  37. Aran says:

    Esti- importa mucho, mucho. jajaja… no esta mal no?

    thanks everyone!

  38. Dani says:

    do u photograph for cookbooks? if not, u should. your pics are amazing!

  39. Astrid says:

    Your crusts are perfection themselves, even before they are filled!

  40. Thank you everyone for your kind words about my book. Aran, beautiful work and great photos. Congrats on an extraordinary blog. Maybe you should come spend a day with my team and I and we could trade ideas and tricks.

    Johnny Iuzzini

  41. Delicious! As much as I would sabotage the diet ( which I am about to submit myself to), by eating all the goodness you make, so much can I lose weight just by starving myself, sitting here all day drooling over my laptop, looking at your photos!!! :)

  42. Wow! What beautiful chocolate lemon tarts. French recipes for sweets are my favorite. These look like you could just eat them right off the page. Beautiful photographs! You really have an eye and a talent for baking!

  43. I so want this book! I have lusted over it at the bookstore many times and now after seeing your dessert must go get it! Love the recipe!

  44. Aran, I am thinking you should write a cookbook. I would buy it!

  45. Shay says:

    Took a quick look at the book cover . . . yowza! Definetly think I’m going to order that book, I’m sure the desserts are great too! Lol

  46. Anonymous says:

    This is my first time to your blog and it is great. Lemon is my favorite, would you please post the recipe for this dessert. Thank you.

  47. PheMom says:

    Oh Aran! I just saw Johnny’s comment on your blog – YAY! I can’t wait to get this book, but I admit I was a bit intimdated that I might not be able to handle it – though I would totally buy it just for the eye candy (on the cover and inside, of course). Your dessert of course looks incredible!

  48. Zerogluten says:

    El poco inglés que se me da para decirte you are the best, o en andalúz “eres la ma mejó”.
    Un besazo artista

  49. Claire says:

    I want a taste of those tarts right now! I can totally relate with the cookbook collecting =)

  50. Your cooking and photography skills are out of this world. I am always stunned at what you create.

    I wanted to let you know that the March theme for Sugar High Fridays has been posted. The theme is “The Test of Time – Desserts over a century old.” I thought the theme might tickle your fancy, and I would love to see anything that you created!

  51. Ah, okay, so it does have gelatin in it. I remembered that they did, but when I did a quick search for recipes, I didn’t see any gelatin in the ingredients of the one I clicked on and got confused! Baking gelatin is interesting…unfortunately, I’m vegetarian and so have to avoid it, but it’s still interesting to the former pastry cook in me! Thanks!

  52. wow, I have never thought of putting chocolate and lemon together! Looks delicious.

  53. Janet says:

    Hi Aran, Beautiful tarts, beautiful photography…I was lucky enough to have taken a class with Johnny recently and agree the book is very inspiring and beautifully photographed!

  54. Carolyn says:

    Can you say starstruck! I love this book. I’m also addicted to cookbooks. But I guess most of us are, or we wouldn’t be here. I made the white chocolate-cacao nib souffles. They were to die for.

  55. Vera says:

    Beautiful tarts, Aran! And I totally agree, it’s a great book!

  56. Jen Yu says:

    I was unaware of what a chiboust was, let alone that something so amazing could exist :) Thanks for planting more ideas… and I like the tats on the chef gracing the cover of the book – tee hee. It must be fun baking in the kitchen with you, my dear!

  57. Madam Chow says:

    Beautiful – I have his book, too, (you and I have the same addiction), and I love it!

  58. Stephanie says:

    This looks incredible! I want this book now.

  59. Grat post aran! i agree with robert n. you absolutely should!! i would take Johnny up on it youa reboth incredible artist!

  60. Y says:

    I have a mini cookbook addiction too. A mini addiction that is, not an addiction to mini cookbooks! Admittedly, I haven’t read through quite a few of them too. Those tarts look lovely. I quite like the idea of that chiboust layer.

  61. cindy* says:

    gorgeous aran! as usual :) i always find myself in the bookstore, but i get overwhelmed and leave with nothing…i have been wanting to buy a challenging book though, to you know, push myself. this book is it i think…

    and cute boy with a half sleeve on the cover never hurts…

  62. His cookbooks does look amazing. Plus he is such a cute rebel and with incredible desserts. This chocolate an lemon looks sooo good.

  63. heidi says:

    OH, yum. And your photos are always so heavenly.

  64. Awesome dessert and …ehm…book cover ;)
    and you should write a book!
    I’d buy it immediatly!

  65. You’re not the only addicted ;b
    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, WAOW!!

  66. Rachael says:

    YOU should make a cookbood!!!!

  67. Mobula says:

    Tienes que hacer una clase con Él!!!!!!! tiene ese punto macarra que me vuelve loca… El libro hace unos días lo estuve viendo en Amazon y me lo pasé a la Wish list, ahora mismo acabo de comprarlo…

    Seguro que las tartas estan geniales pero yo le hincaría el diente a otra cosa….



  68. Jescel says:

    awesome baking skills and photography… you should open pastry shop so we get to go and sample all your wonderful creations

  69. Chelsea says:

    You are such a tease;) I looked at the first photo and immediately decided that I had to make this. Alas, no recipe…

    I will just have to imagine the crisp chocolate crust, tart creamy middle and airy chocolate crown. Sounds like perfection!

  70. meg says:

    Oooh, lovely. I’m growing quite fond of individually-portioned desserts. I’ve always had a faiblesse for ramekins and tiny dishes. This sounds like a recipe for my repertoire, indeed.

  71. Love chocolate and anything, and the balance of chocolate with Meyer lemon, well, that sounds positively sublime (and yours looks sublime!). As luck would have it, our neighbors just sent over a shopping bag full of Meyer lemons!

  72. how did you make cups out of cake????

  73. limonana says:

    there is nothing wrong with a cookbook addiction if the books are put to such good use!
    these look utterly amazing!

  74. ChichaJo says:

    It certainly is perfection! As is everything you make :) Being a chocolate fiend though this particular tart is extra perfect in my book!

  75. When are you going to write a cookbook? :)

  76. Helene says:

    I have an addiction for cookbooks as well. Love the cover of that book. Beautiful pics!

  77. Kathy says:

    I’m just like you! I love cookbooks and I am obsessed with them. I have to have all the cookbooks out there (especially baking books) even though I have not read all the pages of my collection.

    Good to know I’m not the only one.

  78. Cherie says:

    Love it, love it, love it! Chocolate and any kind of citrus, a heavenly combo!

  79. Your desserts are always perfect and beautiful.

  80. Rebekka says:

    K, so….. I just found your blog, today. And now I’m like, “HOW DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT IT?!”

    just sayin’.

  81. Julia says:

    It’s a good obsession! There are so many yummy ones out there!

  82. This looks absolutely amazing! I will also have to get the book.

  83. Jaime says:

    Wow, Aran, I don’t check your blog for a few days, and there you go, posting more bits of heaven.

    While I was reading your post, and you started talking about cookbooks, I thought, “Hm. I wonder if she has the book ‘Dessert Fourplay?'” In my many trips into the bookstore, I pull that one off the shelf and leaf through it, drooling. The photography in it is almost as good as yours!

  84. B says:

    you should write that book! I’d definitly collect it! Great tart with seasonal products, colours ang of course, TASTE!

  85. Cakespy says:

    Oh my goodness. This is a dessert to dream on. I had never really considered the chocolate-lemon combination, but I am really intrigued. Oh, and I think you’re in good company as a food blogger who loves cookbooks… :-)

  86. lynda says:

    These look incredible! Gorgeous photos as always. I hope you take Johnny up on the offer and go work at Jean-Georges for a week…then blog about it! :)You took the words right out of my mouth about cookbooks. I try not to accumulate them…it just happens. Then I periodically edit the collection donating the cast-offs to my public library. Before I know it, new ones show up!Oh, well….

  87. April says:

    I also have a cookbook addiction! And I will check out this cookbook, this looks delicious! Beautiful photos, as usual.

  88. If you have an addiction to cookbooks. Then I have an addiction to your blog! Amazing Aran.. the pictures, the cake, oh hell, everything is =)

  89. I have to say that I love anything with lemon in it. Citrus is probably my most favorite flavor. I am not certain I have really tasted it with chocolate. It does sound rather sublime.

  90. Yamile says:

    WOW! Every time I come to visit your blog it´s like I’m watching a piece of heaven.
    Your desserts are wonderful.

  91. Oh my gosh, both the cover and your plating take my breath away! Reminds me of someone I once worked for…..I’ll have to hunt for that book!

  92. Jeremy says:

    I got the book too when I saw a post on an other website for his pinapple polenta cake. The chocolate cake with beets sounds intriguing too.

    Still I think your site beats his tattooed arms by leaps and bounds!

  93. Annina says:

    I can’t say anything else that I’m toootally in love with you blog!

    greetings from switzerland


  94. inDdecor says:

    I have a cookbook addiction too! I have found recently that I am able to find some beautiful ones second hand, at Goodwill, etc. This one looks like one I need now though-pineapple polenta cake?! YUM!

  95. fresh365 says:

    These look so good! And peonies are my favorite. What a gorgeous color!

  96. pinar says:

    ama yazdiklarinizi anlamiyorum
    tariflerinizi denemeyi cok isterdim

  97. You’re so welcome for the link-love — am completely obssessed with your stunning photography! This site is always so lovely.

  98. tigerlille says:

    Good God! What a seductive cover… “Fourplay???”

    But…how could you be so cruel to have posted pictures of this oh-so-enticing tart and not include the recipe! Seriously, why?

  99. Comme toi, je craque pour les livres de cuisines, encore plus pour les desserts. J’imagine bien ta tartelette pour l’anniversaire de mon frère prochainement. Un entraînement va être nécessaire.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Las tarts HERMOSAS y seguro me encantatria comerme “algunas” jejeje pero la portada del libro!!!!! uuuyyyyyyyyy de LUJO!!! cuenta si fuiste a cocinar con el!! me encantaria verlo trabajar uuuyy sexy, sexy!!
    gracias por el link para comprar el libro!!! y como siempre tu blog..THE BEST EVER!!!!
    saludos desde Mexico

  101. MARVELOUS!!!!! Can I find the recipe only in the book?
    Looks divine!!!!! :))

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