Family Business

I’m not sure if I have ever shared photos of my family’s pastry shop here before. It is the one place that truly defines my childhood and I love visiting every time I come home.

My grandparents opened it in 1949 and my uncles and cousins run it today. Every year, it closes for the entire month of August, something that it is almost inconceivable in the US, but it’s been a tradition that locals respect and endure. So here are some photos from the re-opening day. Making me drool.

I am getting ready for my cousin’s wedding this evening where there will be lots of food and wine. It will be our last hooray here as we fly back home this Sunday. I will certainly miss it.

Also, here is a little feature about me that was on CNN’s Eatocracy this week. See you soon!

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92 Responses to “Family Business”

  1. Nohemí says:

    Uauhh!! Com semejante negocio familiar, no me extraña que hagas cositas tan ricas!!

    Un abrazo desde Madrid, preciosa tu tierra!!

  2. Oh it looks beautiful, Aran! Something everyone would love to have on their home street. So welcoming!

  3. Begoña says:

    Me encanta tu blog, cómo cuentas las cosas en inglés, lo bien que captas las emociones. Y por su puesto, me encanta todo lo que sea vasco. Mi abuelo era de Azpeitia y mi abuela de Barakaldo y aunque yo vivo en Logroño, me llamo Begoña por esas raíces vascas. Mi madre sueña con las carolinas que comía de niña a la hora de la merienda y compraban en una pastelería de Bilbao… ummm

  4. anna says:

    Qué maravilla!!!

    Me podrías indicar donde está exactamente? Asi en mi próxima visita a Euzkadi les hago una visita ~_^

    Te felicito por el blog, suculento!!

    Un abrazo

  5. Zia Elle says:

    Oh, a pastry shop, my dream!!!!!!! Very very nice!!

  6. That’s a weird tradition. And a cool one. Those tidbits look yummy.

  7. Sara says:

    Wow! Beautful! Makes me want to go there. Or have a pastry shop of my own…


  8. Trissa says:

    Congratulations on your feature Aran – you are so generous with your recipes and information – no wonder everyone loves you! Thank you for sharing your pictures too – I can see where you get your talent and passion from.

  9. Just gorgeous! And oh, how I love the idea of closing down for August . . . I have no business, but you know, I just mean closing mySELF down for August :)

  10. NINA says:

    It’s so good that you can come home and enjoy a little time with your family!
    Now I can see where all that talent comes from, the little sweets look amazing!

  11. Paula says:

    wow, that looks so impressive!

  12. Sini says:

    It’s so wonderful to see where all yout inspiration has come from. Such a beautiful shop. The pastries look divine!

    Have a nice wedding celebration! Enjoy.

  13. Thank you for sharing your family’s pastry business. Also congratulations on the feature on CNN’s Eatocracy. You have done so well in such a short time with your blog. I just love your photography it is inspirational. I have just bought my first SLR and am doing a photography course with the hope that one day I will take photos like you.

  14. This pastry shop would be my heaven place, really! You’re very lucky to belong to such a sweet and wonderful family!

  15. Aran, precioso el reportaje que te han hecho en Eatocracy ;) Un abrazo

  16. wow it’s so modern looking, love it! though i can imagine what it used to look like. that first shot is excellent! haha but do they make anything you can eat!?!? as bakers i bet they were sadened to hear you have to be gluten free now.

  17. Mély says:

    Ho my… It looks so yummy !
    I would like one with me tea cup :-)

  18. Rocio says:


    Hace tiempo que sigo tu blog y me encanta. Un día de estos me pondré a experimentar con alguna receta, a pesar de que algunos de los ingredientes no sabría donde encontrarlos o cual es su traducción exacta al castellano – de ahí lo de “experimentar” :)

    Disfruta del resto de las vacaciones y de la boda de tu prima.

    ah, y preciosas las fotos, como siempre.

    Saludos cordiales también desde Logroño!!

  19. Those chocolate cookies are so inviting … they look like little mini whoopie pies, what are they? Congrats on CNN!

  20. Barbara says:

    How lovely to have your family still involved in the bakery after all these years! I would love to jump right in a take a few home.
    My grandmother owned a bakery in Detroit for many years. I learned so much about pastry from her!

  21. Oh your so lucky, I wish I had a beautiful pastry shop that I could easily access!

  22. This is something out of a story book! Divine. Enjoy the rest of your time, all the food and wine too!

  23. gorgeous shop and everything looks delicious! I could definitely appreciate a one month hiatus.

  24. ButterYum says:

    The storefront looks very modern for a family business that’s more than 60 years old. Very nice. The photos of the pastries are amazing!


  25. Ilke says:

    Wonderful and mouth watering. I found your blog through CNN and enjoying it now! Good job!
    And I do wish it was a little bit more relaxed system in US as well. It drains the heck out of you here!

  26. Ahora ya sabemos de dónde viene tanto talento… es que estas cosas a menudo vienen de cuna… una pena que me quede tan lejos, pero cuando vaya al País Vasco no me perderé esa pastelería bajo ningún concepto…
    Mil bss guapa… y preciosas fotos, como siempre…

  27. Golubka says:

    What a beautiful bakery! Thank you for sharing the photos with us. I know what you mean about closing for an entire month. I think it only makes the service and food better, as the owners are rested, happy, and newly enthusiastic. I wish it was acceptable here in the US.

  28. natalia says:

    Ahhh cookies… they look so delicious and crunchy and just plain addictive. That’s quite the family tradition you have there, It looks so clean and inviting. Too bad I live soooo far away, I would love to try them all!!

    Congrats on such a wonderful blog!!!

    All the best!

  29. keiko says:

    Aran, your post made me want to go back to the lovely shop again – it was such a pleasure tasting some of the delicious pastries, and meeting your aunt Miren!

    Enjoy the rest of your stay, have a safe journey back. xx

  30. Wow, you are lucky to have that in your family! A pretty shop with delicious looking pastries!



  31. Anonymous says:

    Such a good place to grow up!

  32. SupaSal says:

    That palce looks amazing, I am so jealous that I don’t have a family business to take over! Lovely :)

  33. WOW everything looks so yummy and beautiful! What a great tradition too! Makes when they re open so special!

  34. Avevo letto in un post precedente della pasticceria dei nonni e dei ricordi, dolcissimi momenti xoxxo

  35. I’m lucky my family didn’t have a pastry business. I’d probably be 100 pounds heavier. Those all look delicious!

  36. Mariana Lo Coco says:

    Qué rico que se ve todo! Yo soy argentina y todas esas masitas se ven muy parecidas a las que están en mi país. En este momento me encuentro viviendo en Florida y todavía no pude encontrar una confitería que se parezca a lo que uno conoce :(

  37. Begoña says:

    Cómo me gustan las típicas pastas de toda la vida!!!!!
    Y las fotos de tu entrada anterior, como siempre espectaculares. Yo, hasta que me vine a vivir a Nerja, siempre he veraneado en Pedernales- Sukarrieta y me han traido tan buenos recuerdos….. Los colores preciosísimos….
    Un saludo, Begoña

  38. The talent of pastry making runs deep in your family. You are very lucky!

  39. kotomi says:

    It looks like a beautiful bakery shop! If I lived anywhere remotely close, I’d be a regular customer for certain :) Thank you for sharing and congratulations on being featured on CNN!

  40. Jessica says:

    How beautiful! The pastries are making me drool!

    Glad to have you headed back home. Be safe!

  41. Jayme says:

    After reading about this shop so many times on your blog, I’m so glad we’ve finally seen a glimpse of it!

    Any chance you might be able to give us a photo tour of the inside and what the kitchen looks like? I’m so intrigued ;)

    Thank you for sharing with us Aran :)

  42. What a wonderful place to hang out. And congrats on the feature!

  43. Great feature on Your family’s shop is simple and elegant–love it!

  44. What a gorgeous little shop. I would be very content to spend a couple of hours there, sampling all of the beautiful, delicate treats you photographed.

    Congratulations on your eatocracy feature!

  45. Jennifer says:

    I wish the U.S. would condone something like that. We, as a country, can be far to workaholic.

    What are the items you showed in your pictures? They look fabulous.

  46. Victoria says:

    How wonderful that it is still going strong now. Lovely pics. Wishing you a great time at the wedding.

  47. giozi says:

    Fabulosa. La pastelería es preciosa.
    Creo que la costumbre de cerrar en Agosto es de muchos sitios de España.
    En el Perú no pasa eso, obviamente no me refiero a Agosto, si no cerrar un mes entero de verano.
    Ya veo que lo tuyo es heredado y como lo que se hereda no se hurta ;)
    Maravilloso que sigas la tradición.

  48. Yum look at all those delicious pastries! They look absolutely heavenly! Thank you for sharing this with us! x

  49. Torrie says:

    Have fun at the wedding!

    I SO wish I lived close to this bakery:).

    … so I could go there everyday.

  50. Susan York says:

    I have a passion for pastry. You definately hit my soft spot.

  51. Val says:

    Those pastries look so gorgeous! If I ever find myself in the basque country for any reason, I’ll be sure to pay a special visit to your family’s shop. It looks so unique, I wish I could go right now. Your sure are lucky to have this in your family. Besos, y cuidate mucho, ok?

  52. Vir says:

    Ya tenia yo ganas de conocer el lugar donde habias aprendido tantas cosas buenas y sobre todo el buen gusto y una excelente y delicada presentacion.

    Como me gusta tus viajes a nuestra tierra, pocos son capaces de transmitir, como tu, el duende y el encanto de nuestro Pais Vasco.

    Una pena que marches el domingo….

  53. Dajda says:

    Thank you for these photos, I was really curious about the pastry shop that you keep mentioning in your posts. Could you perhaps one day tell us something more about it? That would be lovely! And have a safe flight home!

  54. wow, nice. where is it? closing for a whole month does sound crazy, but i can tell the owner enjoys life by not working crazily.

  55. delisiosa!i am craving…

  56. boogie says:

    pastries & closed for a month every year?!?! where do i apply for a job? hahaha

  57. Aran, What a Beautiful Family Legacy.Pure-inspiration!Congrats on the feature on CNN’s Eatocracy.

    Enjoy the rest of your time! y de los sabores de tu tierra, Saludos :)

  58. Angela KL says:

    Congrats Aran. I left a message there (your feature article). Enjoy the rest of your vacation and am looking forward to some wedding pictures ;)..

  59. NINA says:

    Oh, I forgot! I’d like to invite you to visit my husband’s new photography blog (finally convinced him to create one).
    This is the link if you want to stop by, you’re more than welcome.

    My Blog:

  60. Jessie says:

    ilove your stories and photos of your family and hometime. very beautiful and heartwarming indeed!

  61. Anonymous says:

    I am completely jealous of these cookies. I’ll be reopening day is very special for the locals. I grew up on Italian cookies in South Philadelphia. Haven’t had as good since.

  62. sohdalex says:

    How lovely. I wish the U.S. respected summer vacations that much ;) And I love the last photo of all the trays. How Scrumptious!

  63. Gen says:

    They are so lovely! I don’t know which cookie I prefer. And it’s a great family treasure!

  64. Eva says:

    Your pastry shop is so pretty! Lovely pastries!

  65. Delicious – the images, your country and your food. Its a pleasure checking in on your blog!

  66. Ainhoa says:

    Hi Aran,
    I have Aran’s family bakery on my home street and we love their cakes, scones, bollos de mantequilla (delicious) and pastries.
    Oraingoan ez gara ikusi baina hurrengoan etorten zarenean espero dot elkar esagutzea. Ikusten da oso ondo pasatu dozula oporretan eta benetan pozten naz. Hurrengoan mail bat bidaliko deutsut alkar ikusteko, oraingoan lotzatu egin naz.

  67. Jill says:

    You know these pictures are literally hurting me. If you had shown my favorite tray back by the counter, I would not have been able to take it! Tell your family “hi” from us. For my last meal I would have a bollo! LOVE IT!!

  68. Isabel says:

    Y que fotos tan espectaculares.
    Interesante blog el tuyo.

    Un saludo.

  69. colores says:

    Wowwwwwwwwww I adore cakes !!! I could try them all!!!

  70. I hope you had a wonderful time on your trip and an easy flight home. I bet this was one difficult vacation to say goodbye to, but I’m sure you’ll be visiting again before you know it!

  71. Jade says:

    Family pastry shop! That’s a dream of many women! CNN exposure? Congrats, I guess that was an excellent promotion for you!

  72. Anonymous says:

    Amo ese tipo de pastas!!!! Aran tienes que enseñarnos a hacer algunas eh? que sitio tan bonito donde has crecido.
    bs CarmenZh

  73. Megan says:

    I adore that your family still runs that business…. when I lived outside of Barcelona when I was 16….. all I did was eat magdaleñas and head to the beach! I am thrilled you are having a wonderful time -

  74. boljo says:

    Where is your shop ?
    My english is so bad but I like your photos. They are very beautiful, Where do you leave ?

  75. Hi all!

    There are two shops. The original one is in the town of Amorebieta, about 20 km outside of Bilbao. That’s where I grew up. Then there is a second location that has a coffee shop that is in Igorre. My mom worked front of the house for over 40 years until she retired. Now my uncles, aunts and cousins work there.

    We just came home yesterday and somehow I caught a pretty bad cold and not feeling 100%.

    Thank you everyone!

  76. Susan says:

    I hope you will share a recipe or two from that delcious looking window. Enjoy your cousins’ wedding–I am sure it will be beautiful and have the best wedding cake too!

  77. What a beautiful pastry shop and nice piece on CNN!

  78. Gaia says:

    I want to visit your pastry shop!!! It’s so beautiful!!!

  79. Inés says:

    Soy de Amorebieta y la pastelería Ayarza es la tienda que mejor conozco en el pueblo. Es un clásico. Las pastas de las fotografías son insuperables. Siempre que viajo entro en las pastelerías de las ciudades y nada se parece a esas pastas ni a sus bollos de mantequilla. El otro día precisamente lo comenté junto a dos amigas y una de ellas conocía la pastelería original, la madre de la pastelería Ayarza, que hace mucho años estaba en Las Arenas. Como a mí le sucedió algo especial. De repente como en un rebirthing el aroma del horno en marcha y el resultado final de las pastas y pasteles le retrotrajo en el tiempo. Le he prometido unos bollos.
    Vir: esos bollos son inolvidables.
    Aran: Newcasttle-re zihoatzela idatzi zenuenean berehalaxe pentsatu nuen Inglaterraz…ai ama beste urte bat ezagutu gabe…gabonetan seguru. Halere zure blog-az gozatzen dudana ordainezina da.

  80. Paola says:

    Aran, thank you for sharing! looks like a delicious place to grow up around. Congrats on the CNN feature~

  81. Wonderful! There’s nothing more fun than a family business. Our gourmet cookie company has become such a wonderful way to get everyone together in helping create something special and delicious!

  82. Justin says:

    closing for the month of august… sounds like a dream

  83. What a wonderful childhood to be connected with good food.

  84. Mikel says:

    Niña, como siempre tus fotos, tus recetas y tu blog espectaculares… aunque tenga mis peleas con el ingles… jaja

    Y que ya me he enterado que has estado en la guarida de Robin Food, deseando ver ese programa estoy…a ver cuando lo emiten… y a ver que has elaborado…

    muchos besos y enhorabuena como siempre..


  85. I’m falling asleep reading your posts. Your entire blog is so absorbing and mind blowing that I’m having a lot of trouble pulling myself away from the screen. This is what I want to see in a food blog! Fresh food, variety and beautiful, beautiful illustrations. You are an amazing woman! I look foward to making your creations when we get a beautiful summer!

  86. cari jo says:

    Love your blog! You are making me excited for apple picking!

  87. Anonymous says:

    What’s a wonderful pastry shop!!! AH!!!!

  88. lyndsay says:

    Aran… that is so special and beautiful… ! I love that they can close down for an entire month. Really incredible! :)

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