Art You Can Eat # 2 and Petites Bouchees

Milk Chocolate Cream with Milk Cloud

A few days ago, Holly from Art You Can Eat visited my blog and told me about an event she is hosting along with Inge from Vanielje Kitchen featuring eggs and creations that are shaped like eggs. She liked the chocolate filled eggshells I made earlier this month and suggested I submit this as an entry for her event. So here is my little milk chocolate cream with milk cloud again!

When I first posted this, many of you that left comments for me, gave me ideas on how to improve, how to bake in the eggshell, different flavors and so on. That is what I love about comments, it’s an opportunity to share ideas with other bloggers. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

Holly directed me to Martha Stewart’s web site for ideas on how to sterilize the eggs, so if you are concerned about salmonella when you make this recipe, this is a great tip. Thank you Holly!

Now on to Petites Bouchees

If you remember my gianduja macaroons post from earlier this month, I mentioned that I placed an order for two dozen assorted macaroons from Petites Bouchees. Well they arrived on Wednesday. The transaction went smoothly and the macaroons arrived in really good condition considering how UPS usually handles their merchandise. The ice packs were still cold and the insulated packaging was neatly packed inside the cardboard box.

Each box holds a dozen macaroons. The packaging is so lovely… Brown box with blue ribbon and the Petites Bouchees sticker. Just how macaroons should be wrapped.

The macaroons were superb! Seriously! My little boy stuck a whole hazelnut macaroon in his mouth, ate it and kept asking for more. I ended up having to put them away in the refrigerator to get them away from him. He was going crazy! I particularly liked the chocolate macaroon. The shell was very different than my chocolate macaroons. This was “cakey-er” than my recipe, almost a little brownie-like. Very, very good. The hazelnut with salted caramel was also excellent, the raspberry was my mom’s favorite and the vanilla was my second favorite. Close call… chocolate… vanilla… Don’t make me choose!

Look at that face… Worth every penny!

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10 Responses to “Art You Can Eat # 2 and Petites Bouchees”

  1. Veron says:

    Yup, the chocolate is almost like a brownie…the hub’s favorite too specially with the coffee buttercream. The picture of your son is too cute! Thanks for your order, Aran, I enjoyed given the free reign to pick some flavors for you!

  2. oooooooo do they post to Ireland?
    tee hee

  3. bbaking says:

    so pretty!

    I like to see a boy who enjoys his food!! :o)

  4. Your little one is so cute, as are the macaroons. YUM! Your egg clouds are gorgeous too. Thanks for entering them in AYE.

  5. Cakespy says:

    Not sure what is cuter, the goodies or the boy eating the goodies. ;-) Tie!

  6. linda says:

    The egg is very cute (and so is your son ;)

  7. Okay, I’m hooked. I have to get some of those macarons from Veron!

  8. Anonymous says:

    egads, you really don’t feed this inert material to humans, do you?

    i feel, a death in the blood stream this day.

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