Food styling and photography workshop in Beckershof, Sweden


Food styling and photography workshop in Sweden

Food styling and photography workshop in Sweden

You might be wondering where I have been.

It’s been a while since I said hello last, hasn’t it? I have been traveling and the truth is I feel I have been living out of a suitcase for the last six months, which I sort of have been. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see I have been all over the place. My iPhone camera – my trusty companion.

I wrote about Gothenburg and the amazing workshop with Mikkel Vang. Well, right after that, I left for Beckershof (about 2 hours south of Stockholm) to teach a food styling and photography workshop hosted by Ritchie Ace Camps with whom I have worked with in the past.

We stayed at the most amazing house on Beckershofs Herrgård. A estate that has been in the Asker family since the mid 19th century. I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful this place is. Set right on a lake with horses, chickens, rabbits that run freely, beautiful gardens, a floating sauna, rowing boats, apple trees… It was the perfect location for 5 days dedicated to styling and photographing food.


Beckershofs Herrgård

Beckershofs Herrgård

Chef Fredrik's dinner

Chef Fredrik’s dinner

Our students came from all over the word – Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. We all shared a 12-bedroom, fully-equipped house that overlooked the lake.

We were there close to midsummer when the sun didn’t set until nearly midnight and rose again around 3am. We were lucky with warm and sunny weather the entire time we were there so we took advantage of it – mornings swims to the sauna where the preferred activity, followed by breakfast outside. Days were spent styling and photographing food, cooking for a picnic on the lake, foraging, photographing a sheep farm and learning about natural light.

Nadia who was assisting us this time prepared beautiful meals for all of us and even had a couple of guest chefs. Frerik Forss, the resident chef, prepared us a fantastic meal one of the nights with local ingredients. Fish tartar with sunchokes, wild duck with new potatoes (the Swedes were crazed about their new potatoes) and berry Eton mess (one of my favorites).


Foraging with chef Ola Rudin

Foraging with chef Ola Rudin

One of the highlights of the workshop for me was to forage around the estate with chef Ola Rudin of Saltimporten Canteen who graciously came up for the day from Malmö . truth be said, we were a bit nervous as we were unsure if he would be able to find anything so early in the season, but he surprised us all with over 20 finds within a 500 meter radius. Spruce tips, black currant leaves, wild chives, rhubarb and its flowers, lichen, yarrow, ground elder, wild mustard leaves and flowers, sorrel, chickweed and so much more… I was in heaven.

That evening, Ola agreed to cook dinner for the group and just like that, without previous panning or notice, he prepared a meal with the foraged foods plus anything else he found in our refrigerator. We were in awe. I even helped prepare dessert. Olive oil and yogurt cake flavored with spruce tips and woodruff and served with roasted summer fruits. Simple, but perfect for the day.


On our last day we visited Bjärsäterstorp, a sheep farm not far from Beckershof. Owner Elisabet Jannson raises sheep for their wool – beautiful wool and hides. We drove through the countryside, with a couple of missed turns, but when we arrived we were greeted so graciously. Elisabet allowed us to walk around the property and photograph the sheep in the breathtaking pastures. So grand and vast. I fell in love with her hides and brought back some little dolls made from grey sheep’s wool that Jon and Miren loved.

We had a last picnic in Elisabet’s garden, which was the perfect ending to our time together. One of my favorite experiences ever.

Thank you to Angela and Nadia for all the hard work and thank you to our students who were such troopers and worked so hard. We also laughed hard. Anette, Elin, Jenny, Kelly, Kreetta, Leslie, Louise, Malin, Sif, Soes, Yasemin – miss you guys.


After Beckershof, Angela and I flew north to Åre to have dinner at Fäviken. Traveled there just to have dinner at one of my top three dining experiences ever. The chef, food, the estate, the sun that never set…


I followed with two days in Copenhagen, lunch at Saltimporten Canteen (my new favorite lunch spot in the world) in Malmö, and dinner at NOMA. I cannot even think of the right words to describe it. But I can tell you this…

…I am in love with Scandinavia.


I have been in the Basque Country ever since trying to spend time with my family and get some rest. This has been a very intense year and I just wanted to lay low for a bit. We picked cherries, roamed the streets of Old Bilbao, cooked and shared family time.

Shall write about the Basque Country soon. First I need to get home to Seattle. Tonight.

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57 Responses to “Food styling and photography workshop in Beckershof, Sweden”

  1. Juliana says:

    Scandinavia is breathtakingly beautiful, and I love to see it through your eyes. (I know we will return often!) I would have loved to have been there with you and have gone foraging!

  2. Rosa says:

    Gorgeous pictures and landscapes! I’d love to visit Scandinavia.



  3. This just looks like bliss on a stick to me – a group of gorgeous girls with cameras in hand and laughter at the ready. And the freshness of the produce is leaping off the page! Some beautiful images and some beautiful memories by the sound of things. You lucky gals.

  4. Siti says:

    LOVE ! LOVE ! LOVE all your photos : Very beautiful, and undeniable stunning location :-)

  5. How beautiful! Your pictures, the landscape, the food… Thank you for these enchanting impressions!
    Many greetings from Germany.

  6. Karolina says:

    Yes it is:)) Nature, raw food, people! Wonderful pictures.

    greetings from Sweden! //k

  7. Sanda says:

    I have just one word for it..AMAZING!!

  8. Adana says:

    To think I came so close to being there with you all, but I had to leave Sweden in April. I hope for the workshop again next year… Or to see you elsewhere in Europe :)

  9. Oh my, I loved hearing about your trips and such beautiful photos, as always! I so hope I get to attend one of your workshops one day. Come to Australia, please? :-) xx

  10. Tonya says:

    I thought Italy was heaven…but this. This looks so amazing as well! I was in Stockholm last year to shoot a wedding and as I flew in and looked over the countryside I knew I had to return there for more exploring…and of course these photos just made me want to go even more!

    So amazing. Thanks for doing what you do Aran :) You’re the best!
    Safe travels home!

  11. Gaëlle B. says:

    Hej hej ! I’m so happy you loved Sweden just like I do : it’s a unique country that stole my heart, I’ve been lucky enough to go there 4 times, from Malmö to Lapland, and if I had to go live abroad, that would be Sweden. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, they made me all nostalgic… You know about my “little” work project? Sweden was the place where I found inspiration and decided to go for it, those “fika” places are wonderful, right?!

  12. Makes me want to go really badly. Thank you.

  13. Vickie says:

    gorgeous photos – what a beautiful place & all the food looks delicious :)

  14. Linda says:

    I am taking a food/travel photo workshop at Maine Media Workshops in a few weeks, and your photos make me think it will be well worth my while. Your photos are stunning no matter what your subject.

  15. Aran querida,

    acabo de reclamar tu presencia en este blog y de pronto te encuentro. Qué felicísima sorpresa! Y qué bella, claro! Qué experiencia fantástica la que tuviste!
    También aquí te esperamos, no lo olvides. Y te puedo asegurar que luego vas a sumar otro amor a la lista de lugares que tan bien te han hospedado.
    Las fotos cortan el aire, un privilegio mirarlas. Gracias por compartirlas…


    Marisa Bergamasco

  16. So many beautiful photos! It looks like an amazing trip and sounds like you had a wonderful time. I have only ever been to Oslo, Norway in the Scandinavian area, but it was one of my favorite european cities and I have been dreaming about getting back up there and going to Sweden too. Looking at these photos certainly is lighting a fire under me :)

  17. bo roth says:

    Aran, didn’t even realize you’d moved to Seattle already! Maybe it’s because I get lost in all the beautiful photos from your workshops.
    Welcome home to our heat wave! I am going to Copenhagen in November for a few days and can’t wait to look up the restaurants you mentioned…

  18. Fragolina says:

    i loved your pictures, they are amazing and the nature scenes are so beautiful. I wanna visit Scandinavian countries, hope soon.

  19. Just one word: amazing! … And have a safe trip back home!

  20. Kerry says:

    This post was wonderful!

  21. Your pictures are gorgeous and the food all looks delicious. Thank you for sharing!

  22. You have such amazing adventures! I would love to sneak away in your suitcase. Also, I love how your photos tell a story, what a remarkable adventure!

  23. Such beautiful scenery’s, Aran. I would love to join in a foraging adventure some day. Looks like it’s such an amazing learning experience.

    Have a safe flight home! xo

  24. Yes, this has been SUCH a year for you – I’m so glad that you could go home to the ‘Basque country’ and, now, to your very own bed!! =) But, I have no friends who are as in to photography as I am that are close to me (all on the internet) – I cannot imagine what fun those workshops must have been!! =D

    Do take care! =)


  25. Leslie says:

    It was a wonderful Aran! I loved reliving the week through your pictures and had a nice smile seeing myself making friends with the sheep!

    I hope we are lucky enough to do it again! Safe travels back to Seattle!


  26. Oh my, an absolute treasure of stunning photos. Spectacular!!

  27. Natalie Farrugia says:

    I feel very lucky to have also visited the homeland of my ancestors several years ago. Malmo was very quaint but Copenhagen won my heart. Your travels to Sweden just reminded me of how long ago my visit was…..maybe it’s time for my summer in Jutland trip! I hope I can find locals who can help me forage for edible wild greens. I always feel so inspired when I visit your blog Aran. Thank you for bring beauty and food into my family and friends lives!

  28. Giulia says:

    I love Scandinavia as well – mostly in the summer though, but I did spend a memorable New Year in Oslo back in university. I’ve been to Finland, Norway and Denmark, but Sweden is still missing on my list. Your amazing photos once again remind me that it’s one of my top places I want to visit. The colours are amazing and I love how they always have that pop of red show up amongst the watery blue and greens…thanks for sharing.

  29. Melissa says:

    Amazing! A part of the world I would love to explore one day.

  30. Another incredible workshop in another incredible location… looks so beautiful and a slice of heaven. Thank you for sharing as always and after viewing your experiences, will definitely put on my list to visit, eat and photograph! Please take care, be well and have a safe trip back to Seattle. xoxo cd

  31. Nessa says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

  32. Absolutely stunning! Thank you much for sharing, it looks like the light is particularly brighter in Scandinavia. Sorry to be missing your Foraging & Styling Workshop at Sunday Suppers tomorrow, maybe another time. Have fun Aran!

  33. Elin says:

    Aahh, these lovely images took me right back to Sweden! It was great to meet you and everyone else at this workshop. Together we created memories (and images) that I will with me for the rest of my life. It was wonderful Aran.

  34. WOW, I love the landscape. It’s quite adorable. Thanks for sharing!


  35. Rosemary C says:

    What a wonderful time of year to be in Sweden! The photos are amazing and the food looks delicious. Wish I was there tasting all of that!

  36. Miren Bego Idigoras says:

    Hola Aran,
    Eskerrik asko zure argazkiak konpartitzearren. Oso onak dira eta leku ikusgarrietan ibili zara. Poztuten naiz.
    Pena bat izan da ez ikustea azkeneko bidaian, hurrengo baten izango da, ia Itxaso eta zu koinzididuten dozuen berriro.
    Besarkada bat eta gorantziak danori.
    Miren Bego

  37. Beautiful images Aran! The foraging looks amazing, I would love to learn more about that one day!

  38. nazli says:

    You are truely an inspiration to me, would love to join one of your workshops. how do you plan your workshops, where to have it?

  39. Shalene says:

    Oh Aran, my heart just went pitter patter! These images are gorgeous! My mom’s family came from Sweden at the turn of the century. Our Christmas celebrations are loaded with Swedish traditions, and I’ve always longed to go. I especially love that pic of the Välkommen sign, since my grandmother always had it hanging by her door. Thank you for sharing these!

  40. Shalene says:

    Oh, and I meant to ask, but got sidetracked by all the beauty … Do you do much post-processing? I can only assume that your images are gorgeous SOOC, but I wanted to ask! Blessings to you!

  41. Shelby says:

    Timeless pictures and memories as always.. I lived for 4 years in Copenhagen, it is truly one of a kind just as you described.. Thank you for sharing!

  42. Louise says:

    Your images are exquisite. I am a Scot living in New Zealand, a beautiful country and my adopted home but your photographs of Sweden evoked an almost painful yearning for a more ancient culture.

  43. Kreetta says:

    Dear Aran,

    Now I had time to come and see your beautiful photos of Sweden and your lovely workshop. We are all gonna remember your workshop as a very special time. I just saw my lady hat and I just can’t stop laughing. I wish you wonderful time with your family!


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  45. monica says:

    What a magical experience! I daydream about going to Scandinavia, and especially ,Sweden. And what beutiful photographs!

  46. Martin says:

    Gorgeous pictures and experience! I just came back from Beckershof…a little piece of heaven.

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