Dorotea Ceramics

Dorotea Ceramics by Carolina SilvaDorotea Ceramics by Carolina Silva

I have so many friends that inspire me with their art everyday.

Today I want to tell you about my friend Carolina Silva who is a Spanish ex-pat living in Seattle. She is a fine art painter, sculpturer and ceramist. In the last year she has been working on her new line of tableware and art-objects called Dorotea, which I was so lucky to photograph at her studio last week.

And this evening she will be debuting the new collection inspired by William Morris at Seattle’s The London Plane.

Dorotea Ceramics by Carolina SilvaDorotea Ceramics by Carolina SilvaDorotea Ceramics by Carolina Silva

Many hours have gone into these pieces. Shaping, hand carving, painting, glazing, firing… She is a genius and I want to have every single piece at home and in my studio.

These pieces will be available at The London Plane starting this evening and as a permanent collection. You will also be able to purchase them in her online shop in a few days.

If you live in Seattle, please stop by.

Dorotea Ceramics at The London Plane in Seattle

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16 Responses to “Dorotea Ceramics”

  1. Sandra says:

    Lovely! Wish I could be there.

  2. Rosa says:

    Beautiful! Perfect props.



  3. Beautiful! I would attend if I could. Carolina’s work is just beautiful. It is brought to life even further with your incredible photography and styling

  4. Sabine says:

    Every single piece of this tableware looks so marvelous and beautiful, I ´d love to touch and have them all! Such a pity I could´t attend the event hopping over from Germany….

  5. Stunning work, love it! Would love to own a few of these pieces :-)

  6. valentina says:

    Being across the pond I won’t be able to attend. your friend’s ceramic is sooo beautiful.

  7. So beautiful. This collection would be perfect for my shop! :-)

  8. Rosie says:

    Stunning pieces, she is incredibly talented!

  9. Wow! Gorgeous pieces and amazing photos! Wishing I were in Seattle too…

  10. Adam says:

    Nice shots, may I ask what lens was these images taken with?

  11. Keep hearing about London Plane this is my excuse to check it out!

  12. Lucy Vanel says:

    I want a service for 10 of those beautiful blue floral dishes. They are stunning!

  13. Roberta says:

    The images here are just beautiful. Your blog is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us!

  14. Sharon Gill says:

    Love the blue floral plates. Just realised you have been diagnosed as gluten intolerant. I was diagnosed as coeliac 20 years ago and it is only now becoming easier to eat gluten free foods from shops and restaurants. I will buy your book when I find it on amazon uk as your recipes are inspiring.

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