My Spring 2012 Food Styling & Photography Workshop at The Makerie, and Some Other News

I have always wanted to be a part of our a group of artists and artisans. I still dream about the day where I will have a studio space that I can share with others and where creativity can flow. I want to feel inspired. So when Ali from The Makerie reached out to me to see if I would be interested in teaching a food styling and photography, I jumped on the idea.

The Makerie is a 2-day creative retreat in the beautiful town of Boulder, Colorado; right in the middle of the Colorado Rockies. Days are filled with morning yoga, hiking, creative workshops taught by some amazing women, and meals that offer the best of Colorado’s cuisine.

The workshop will be April 20-21, 2012.

I will be teaching two food styling and photography workshops where I will walk you through my personal process of selecting ingredients, cooking, styling, and shooting. The workshop will be limited to 15 students each day and it is open to anyone who is interested in improving their skills. You can register and find more details here.

On another note, I also wanted to let you know about a story I wrote, styled, and photographed for the current issue of Living Without. Four delicious recipes for gluten and dairy free autumn soups. The magazine is on newsstands now.

Another one of my recipes, the rhubarb and pistachio crumble custard, was featured in the latest Williams-Sonoma cookbook called “Home Baked Comfort”. The book features recipes from bakers across the country along with some other fellow bloggers. It is now for sale at Williams-Sonoma shops and will be available in all other bookstores in February 2012.

Hope you can join me at The Makerie!

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64 Responses to “My Spring 2012 Food Styling & Photography Workshop at The Makerie, and Some Other News”

  1. I wish I lived in the States and could attend this workshop – your photos are simply breathtaking and so inspiring :-)

  2. Congrats on your contribution and feature!



  3. The Makerie sounds like such a wonderful place—a camp/preschool for adults! I am going to go through the site and dream…

  4. tinajo says:

    Sounds exciting – and these pics are just gorgeous! :-)

  5. Your posts make me cry.

    In a really good way.

  6. I so wish I could join you – what a dream this retreat and your workshop sounds – unfortunately too far from Australia!

  7. Monisia says:

    Love Your blog and nice photos;)

  8. I wish I could go to this! Your photos are always so gorgeous.

  9. Supal says:

    Congratulations on both opportunities!!

  10. tracy says:

    This photo looks too amazing.
    Weekend at home must try.

  11. These are beautiful, beautiful photographs. How I would have loved to have had them for my cookbook: “Culinary School: The Cookbook” – Still, I can enjoy them here!

  12. Emma says:

    Congratulations on all these accolades!

    While I’ve never been to Boulder, I became feverishly obsessed with the teen gymnastics drama ‘Make it or Break it’ over the weekend. The show is set in Boulder, so at least now I’m somewhat familiar (by way of fake TV scenery) of the beauty surrounding that region!

    Sounds like a great time:)

  13. I won’t be able to join you in Boulder but I sincerely hope to be able to do a workshop with you someday! Any chance of you coming to Dubai?!

  14. Shelby says:

    Congratulations on the workshop offer! I only wish I could join… Enjoy, I look forward to seeing pictures :)

  15. Maia says:

    Congratulations! As a classical musician (one form of “artist”), I can tell you that being invited to participate in wonderful things never loses its luster. It’s always an honor and a confidence booster when others recognize what you have to offer. Have a great time sharing your wealth of knowledge!

  16. Deeba PAB says:

    You are PURE INSPIRATION Aran. I love each frame! Congrats on getting published. Am eagerly awaiting your cookbook. Hope it comes to India too soon!

  17. Awesome snaps, I like to visit here again and again.

  18. Danielle says:

    Wow you’ve been really busy Aran! Love the idea of an artists’ studio, have been looking around here for a good location but the high rents are prohibitive. The Makerie sounds like a dream!

  19. Anonymous says:

    WOW – great photos. Love your blog.
    Do you have the recipe for the soup on the first picture – it looks absolutely delicious!! – Emilie

  20. waaaa how mouth-watering are these pics

  21. Oh mu gosh! That’s what I’ve been always dreamt of! Please keep your fingers crossed. I hope that one day my shooting will be at the same level as yours!
    Congratulations. From the bottom of my heart.


  22. Emilie- it was a soup we had for lunch a few days ago. it was a variation of this soup but with coriander, a bit of curry, and japanese sweet potatoes. then i cooked some shrimp and served it on top with microgreens.

    Thanks all. I hope some of you can make it to The Makerie. Such an amazing opportunity!

  23. Carmen says:

    Que lejos!! Solo por el workshop me gustaria vivir al otro lado del oceano. Que suerte! la tuya y de de los que pueden asistir.

    Por todas estas cosas que te pasan…disfruta el momento. bss

    Ayer hice Panna Cotta con Yogurt…triunfo, esta deliciosa.:D

  24. Your pictures are amazing!! The workshop sounds gorgeous…I wish I didn’t live so far!! :)

  25. This looks fantastic Aran!
    Would love to do it.

  26. What an opportunity for you. First the workshop in France (I missed out…boo) and now this lovely event in Colorado. Congratulations!

  27. a. maren says:

    oo boulder! finally a place that is close to me! maybe i will get lucky and actually make it to this!

  28. Natashia says:

    I wish I could attend these workshops, but it’s a bit hard being all the way over here in Australia!

  29. Dzoli says:

    I know some of your dreams will come trough.I hope you will not forget us than:) Your posts are just so beautiful:)

  30. Dreamer says:

    I wish I’m in the states right now to attend the workshop! What a great way to build my culinary and photography skills.

  31. Lorenda says:

    I would love to do these workshops. How about coming to South AFrica some time?

  32. your blog and your pics are simply amazing! When will your cookbook be available? Do you think it’ll be sold also in Italy?

  33. Emma says:

    wow, this all sounds amazing!
    The classes would be great to attend, too bad I live all the way in Holland…good luck with all your wonderful projects!

  34. Châtaigne says:

    Félicitations pour tous ces beaux projets ! Si ce n’était pas si loin, j’aurais participé avec plaisir à tes cours ^^ Dommage !

  35. wow that sounds amazing! i wish i were in the states to be part of this creative event…i would have loved to meet the person behind this gorgeous blog :)…maybe in other time…other place!

  36. Dulcistella- my book will be out in fall 2012. Not sure if it will be available in Italy. Too soon to tell, but I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks everyone!

  37. Barbara says:

    O my gosh you are going to be in Jen’s town. Hug each other for me.

  38. This looks like so much fun. I wish I could make it to the workshop. Pictures are amazing as always!

  39. Barbara- i will! definitely. i’m so excited to spend time with her too. thanks!

  40. Congratulations on being featured for your recipes and photography! Well deserved, indeed! I wish I was closer to Boulder…I would attend your workshop in a heartbeat. Come to Seattle! :)

  41. Hannah- I would love to go do another workshop in Seattle as I love the city. Possibly next year! Thanks!

  42. Marynika says:

    I would love to take your workshop and find your photography inspiring. Hopefully I can make it! Any chance you’ll be teaching in Dallas?

  43. Too bad I live in Canada, otherwise I would be rushing to the workshop, no questions asked. It is cliche, but you definitely eat with your eyes. As I have begun to blog myself, I am realizing how important it is to visually capture every aspect of the food. Thanks for such inspirational pictures!

  44. If only you did a workshop in the UK. Love your pictures, they inspire me to do better with my own.

  45. L. says:

    Just wonderful to see all the colors and the life in your pictures, I almost can close my eyes and be there.
    Thanks and my best wishes :)

  46. The Makerie workshops sounds wonderful – wish I could join, but Colorado is just a bit too far away from my currant Switzerland home… Hopefully there will be another chance to join an “Aran workshop” in the future – maybe even in Europe. I am a huge admirer of your work and would love to learn from you!

    It’s always a pleasure to read (and look at) your weekly articles, one of the things I look forward to the most!

  47. I never think of food as being styled like clothing or decor, but it really is the same concept! Food is often accessorized with garnishes just as jewelry is added to outfits or trinkets are placed in rooms. Beautiful photos…

  48. Yelena says:

    How long is one of your class per day? I live in PA, and I am thinking to come.

  49. Yelena- the workshop will be 6 hours with lunch in between, one on Saturday and on on Sunday with the same curriculum. Thanks!

  50. Lissa says:

    I am so inspired by your blog! I WISH I could go to the Makerie! But I did purchase the cookbook at Willliams-Sonoma and the Living Without magazine! I so appreciate your gluten free recipes and beautiful photography. It’s very inspiring.

  51. Lissa- that makes me so happy you went out and bought both the magazine and the book. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you very much!

  52. Your color pallets are so inspiring! I love your photos.

  53. PetiteRafa says:

    I’ve found your blog by chance and I’m loving it, enjoing a lot. Your photographs are really wonderful. Congratulations!

  54. You are very talented. A wonderful cook and a talented photographer at the same time. You deserve all the praises from the foodie universe and beyond :)

  55. Awww, I wish more than anything to be able to go! I think if I were to attend any workshop, you would be my fist choice for a teacher!!

  56. I am going to do everything I can to make The Makerie. Your photos are beautiful!

  57. Again your photos are really second to none…!

  58. Jaime says:

    Hi Aran. Your photos are truly amazing and inspiring! Wish I could be there for the workshop. All the best and congratulations!!

  59. Ola says:

    I wish I could participate but too far away for me:)

  60. steve says:

    thanxxxxxxx for all, i am from greece and i am traveling away, inside your photos…thanxxxx again for beeing out there and make me smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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