Save the date: A food styling and photography retreat in Whistler, British Columbia

It seems as though during this year I will be busy teaching several food styling and photography workshops and I could not be any more pleased. I love the opportunity to travel, teach, learn, and meet inspiring people in the process.

As you might remember from a couple of weeks ago, we will be traveling back to Beynac, France in September (that workshop is sold out) and now I am here to tell you about another retreat.

I am so excited to announce that I am teaming up with Angela Ritchie to offer a 4-night/3-day food styling and photography workshop/retreat in Whistler, British Columbia – a place where I have been eager to visit for a long time.

We will open registration next Wednesday February 15 at 9am EST and at that time, I will post a link on this blog of where you can register.

In the meantime, here are the details.

When: August 23-27, 2012

Where: Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Where we will stay: The Fairmont Châteaux Whistler

What is included:

- 3-day food styling and photography workshop where we will learn about my process, philosophy, and technique.
- 4 nights accommodation at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada (shared rooms).
- 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches + refreshments during the workshop.
- Day trip and lunch at North Arm Farms in Pemberton, British Columbia.
- Sightseeing, picnic lunch, and gondola ride up to the top of Whistler Mountain.
- Meet and greet welcome party.
- Transportation around Whistler.

Limited to 10 students.

Participant cost: $1749.00

So what do you say? Will you join us?

I cannot wait to see you in Whistler.

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43 Responses to “Save the date: A food styling and photography retreat in Whistler, British Columbia”

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh boy, I live in Vancouver- very close to Whistler. I could not believe when you said Whistler. There is some amazing food grown in the Pemberton region around Whistler and it is a stunning part of the world. So wish I could join you but not sure it is in the cards.

  2. Maritxikis says:

    Te vienes cerquita de mi casa! El clima es igual al de Bilbao y los veranos preciosos.

  3. Sandra says:

    I live in Vancouver and am just figuring out the dollars and cents!

  4. Sounds amazing!! I can’t be there but look forward to viewing photos & fun vicariously!

  5. Tom & Beck says:

    I live all the way in Australia, and I’d love to come for a holiday! but since my due date (for baby) is 25th August, sadly not this year, I really hope you do something like this again! sounds wonderful.

  6. You have NO idea how much I would love to do this!!! If only I wasn’t living in New Zealand. Would you ever consider doing an online tutorial? I would definitely part take in that. x

  7. pigeon pie says:

    I wish I could go, it sounds fantastic and so helpful! Perhaps you can run a class over here in Australia?

  8. Oooooh! One of my favourite places + one of my favourite bloggers + one of my favourite activities …

    now. to convince the hubbie.

  9. Juliana says:

    Sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  10. leaca says:

    That sounds like so much fun. I have to take kids to college in August and September or I would be in.

  11. leaca says:

    Sounds wonderful but I already have vacation to take kids to college in August and September. I would love to go. It would be fun to learn some tricks of this trade.

  12. Joy says:

    i live in vancouver and its so close but its too bad im not around in aug. this seems super fun tho :(

  13. Surely very interesting! One day I’d love to visit British Columbia, but it’s not for now… ;-)



  14. Amy says:

    You take such beautiful photos. I love the colours and layout. So artistic.

  15. I would loooove to do this! Question: where would we fly into? There isn’t an airport in Whistler. Would we fly into Vancouver and take our own transportation to Whistler, or would there be someone at the airport to get participants?

  16. Katrina – yes, Vancouver is the closest airport and I believe it’s 2 hours to Whistler. You will have to arrange your own transportation to Whistler, but what I have seen happen in other workshops and always works, is that participants make plans ahead of time to share a car. Hope to see you there!

  17. Fingers crossed I have better luck getting a place in this workshop :) My toes are crossed too!

  18. marla says:

    When I saw news of this event I dashed over to check the dates. I would have signed up but it is however the last few days of my family vacation to Colorado. Hopefully I can catch up with you guys another time soon! Love the Chateau Whistler!

  19. I grew up in Vancouver and absolutely adore Whistler in the summertime. What a beautiful location to hold your workshop. Would love to say I could be there, but not sure if I can swing it this year.

  20. Sounds incredible, I wish I could attend!

  21. I’ve been wanting to go to Canada. I haven’t been to BC since I was a little kid. It does sound wonderful. Now to scheme so I can come… :)

  22. I want to wish everyone that enters the workshop good luck and those that do squeeze in, Whistler is THE most beautiful place EVER!!! BEST OF LUCK!!!

  23. Carmen says:

    bueno bueno no me puedo imaginar las fotos tannnnnnnnnnnn bonitas que vais a hacer alli….es un sitio precioso!!que suerte. bss

  24. Nippon Nin says:

    A friend told me about your blog. I’m so glad to find you. I love all your photographs. They are so beautiful and poetic. I wish to join you in Whistler but I really don’t know my (family) schedule would be like yet. Anyway, you inspired me to get improve on my photographing technique.

  25. Maja says:

    Oh boy, I live in Croatia, but I wish you to have a great time. Can’t wait to see the photos!

  26. Anis says:

    Just saw That your book is already available for pre-order on amazon I cannot wait to grab a copy! Congratulations Aran

  27. Anis- thank you for letting me know. i wasn’t aware. We are still working on the cover design so I am surprised it is up but exciting for me nonetheless. Thank you!

  28. Jen says:

    Beautiful photos and blog, thank you! Wish I could come and learn how to style and create the works of art that you do! Blessings to you!


  29. Annika says:

    This sounds amazing. Wish I lived nearer!

  30. Megan says:

    almost certain i can go, here’s hoping i can grab a spot! i’ve never been to whistler, it’s on my list!

  31. a. maren says:

    the people that get to attend this are very lucky!

  32. Itxaso says:

    Wow British Columbia!! Nik be ikusi gureot. Zelango lekuek!! Bua, eta zelango argazkiek aterakozuzen… Ze ondo. Argazki politek hemen danak batera ipinite.

  33. I love your amazing food styling and photography. I wish I could participate of this course in Whistler. I am sure everyone will have a great time…Success!

  34. Helena H says:

    Oh how I wish I could come!! sweden is to far, but hat a dream.

  35. Katie says:

    I am swooning over the idea of coming on this trip! Did you mention what time you are opening the registration on the 15th? I will be glued to my computer:)

  36. Katie- registration will open at 9am est. I will simply direct you to Ritchie Ace Camps website as where is you will need to register.


  37. Jamie says:

    I’m somewhat of a beginner… could I take the course?

  38. Jamie- thank you for your interest. you should definitely know how to use your camera and manual settings but beyond that you should be fine. we will cover the basics of food photography, lighting, learn about my styling philosophy, how to tell a story through images, composition… So there is a lot more beyond the technical aspects. Hope this helps!

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