The season of picnics and a giveaway

Season of picnics | Cannelle et Vanille

The season of picnics has arrived.

In our garden or on the stoop, we take out bowls, linens, and even (I say this with no shame) plastic utensils. It’s a matter of sunshine and how food seems to taste better outside. I grew up that way. On Sundays, my dad took us to visit my grandparents’ farm where my grandmother had a bocadillo or poached eggs in tomato sauce ready for us to take outside and eat under the pergola. Scalloped edge- plates and spoons with old, old patina.

In my travels and when I teach workshops, I like to host picnics. I recently created a book through My Publisher where I collected images from my favorite Northern country picnics. Now My Publisher is partnering with Global Yodel to giveaway a copy of this photo book I create.

Visit Global Yodel for details and see how to enter this giveaway.

You can also read the story I wrote for Conde Nast Traveler last year about what it takes for the perfect picnic and more picnic stories on this blog.

Season of picnics | Cannelle et VanilleSeason of picnics | Cannelle et VanilleSeason of picnics

I am headed over to the Basque Country in June where I will be spending time with family and also traveling to Portugal for a workshop. Will be back to share some images and also… I hope you are eating one of your meals outside these days.

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