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A COOK'S REMEDY – Episode 2 Trailer 1: Into The Orchard" from Aran Goyoaga on Vimeo.

It’s been a while since I have come to this space. Life was busy in 2016 with lots of travel and freelance work.

I have decided that 2017 will be a year of a lot of personal projects and telling stories of my own. So today, I’m thrilled to finally put out into the world a little video series I have been working on – A Cook’s Remedy. A project I have been developing with the help of two amazing women Common Thread Creative.

I met Jen and Genevieve of Common Thread Creative in 2015 when they interviewed me for their side passion Project Girl Crush. In that interview, I revealed a few things about myself that I hadn’t until that point. I discussed an eating disorder that affected me in my early 20s, isolation, depression, the paralyzing anxiety that comes from seeking perfection…. It felt so good to finally discuss these fears in public and really show parts of me that were hidden for so long. That interview stirred something in me. I wanted to dig into my sometimes-conflicting relationship with food. Food and cooking, which had been intrinsical part of my upbriging turned into the focus of my depression and need of control. Eventually I conquered this depression and turned it into my own professional career and into a way of self care as well as a tool to build community. I realized there were lots of stories to tell beyond recipes. The people in my life, mentorship, isolation, reciprocity, my roots.

In 2016, I approached Jen and Genevieve with this idea and we immediately began working on this concept creating this new video series we are calling “A Cook’s Remedy”. This is a love project completely self-funded with our time and energy. My goal is to reach you all in a deeper level with an emotional connection of truth, to find beauty in imperfection and to open up.

In episode 1 “Into The Woods”, I discuss the isolation I have felt in my life and how cooking for others has been my way of showing love and building a community. Seattle’s beautiul landscape is the perfect backdrop. We went foraging for nettles, made pasta and had a personal conversation.

In episode 2 “Into The Orchard”, I wanted to explore the importance that this community of artists have had in my life. We vist my friend Carolina Silva of Dorotea Ceramics at her home, we pick apples that I turn into an apple cake and she teaches me how to make ceramics in her studio. Because it’s all a give and take.

Each episode has a recipe that I will share on the blog. Because let’s not forget, recipes are important. But again, what drives people and why they do what they do has always been a more interesting aspect for me than recipes themselves.

A COOK'S REMEDY – Episode 2 Trailer 1: Into The Orchard" from Aran Goyoaga on Vimeo.

So here are the trailers for episode 1: “Into the Woods” and episode 2:”Into the Orchard”.

You can view the full episodes on my new portfolio website. I was long overdue for a space to simply showcase my styling and photography work.

Hope you will enjoy them and I’d love to hear your feedback even if the comment section in this blog is closed. You can always email me directly at aran@arangoyoaga.com. Thank you.

Episode 3 coming soon!

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