A Vermont Summer Getaway

I have to tell you… I think I have found the place where I would like to spend the rest of my summer days. I am in love… with Vermont.

I have been thinking about going to Vermont for years. “It is the closest scenery to home that you will find in this country” I had heard. They were not lying. Rolling green hills, lush forests, wild berries, apple orchards, crisp mornings, sheep… I found it all there.

Another thing that I should tell you is that I have a great friend. A friend who I met in my first months of blogging and has remained close ever since. I even wrote about her a few years ago.

Nadia lives in southern Vermont on top of a hill with breathtaking views, surrounded by blueberry bushes, apple trees, a pond, and what could be an enchanted forest. When we arrived last week, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought about the Basque Country and my family back home. All so familiar.

My plan was to relax, cook, and have long conversations with Nadia about life and art. I needed to getaway from my kitchen and computer. Her nephew and niece, Dylan and Elle, were visiting from Montreal and I knew Jon and Miren would find the perfect playmates in them. They fed the chickens and ducks, played with the dogs and cats, and admired the horses. Activities that I grew up doing and seem so foreign to so many children these days. I was excited to watch them in nature and just be.

On our first day there, we took a drive to a farm-stand in Shaftsbury. It was such a beautiful morning with clear skies and cool breeze. We stopped to get some vegetables, berries, and cheese. Elle and I walked around with our cameras in silence. She is quite the photographer herself.

We started driving back and on the side of the road was this sign for fresh farm eggs. We made a quick stop at Red Comb Farm without realizing that it was the home of a fellow blogger. Abi and her husband were generous enough to show us around their property. Their chickens, ducks, and even alpaca. Abi who knits, uses their wool for these vintage inspired baby caps.

It was so inspiring to see her three beautiful children run around with the animals. It left me longing for a life in the country.

Once home, I made a zucchini risotto with fresh herbs from Nadia’s garden and local Vermont cheese. It was sunny and quiet.

Abi had talked to us about a berry farm in Massachusetts, so after a little rest, we packed up the car and drove south. It was a warm afternoon, but the kids had fun picking raspberries. Miren couldn’t stop eating them right off the bush. Then it was time for ice cream in Williamstown.

Friday we woke up early to drive to Boston. It was a long drive, but the kids managed well. We had a great lunch at the bustling Flour Bakery where to my surprise, had a few gluten-free desserts and wonderful soups and salads. I have to say, I have never been so tempted by a grilled cheese sandwich in my entire life.

We played duck, duck, goose with the kids at the park. Had more ice cream and then back home.

I was excited for Saturday morning because Nadia promised me a trip to the Brattleboro farmers’ market. She began the day by making us a delicious breakfast, a berry crisp from the berries we had picked days before, and an apricot and raspberry galette. The house smelled heavenly.

I was again so inspired by all the young farmers with young children. The market is located under a forest of maple trees. The produce was abundant and so were the dairy and meat stands. I talked to every single one of them about raising children on a farm, what keeps them going through the hard labor and commitment. Truly inspiring.

Miren and I had gluten-free pizza topped with kale as we listened to the local band. She played in the sand box with other children and we sampled homemade apricot kamboucha.

After the market, we drove around the countryside some more. Nadia talked to me about the area’s history as we stopped along the way to photograph the surroundings.


Once home, we enjoyed the galette and crisp that Nadia had baked in the morning. The kids were ready for some outdoor activities so we drove to a near-by lake. It was sunset and the water was chilly. The kids jumped in the water without hesitation. They laughed, played tricks, and threw rocks as I watched with a smile on my face.

That night, we had a campfire with Nadia’s comforting lentil soup and s’mores.

I took time early Sunday morning to take a walk alone around the property. The blueberries were popping up and we even ate apples right off the trees. The kids played with the baby chickens that were born just a couple of days before.

I took it all in for one last time, but I must be back soon. Autumn perhaps? I must visit soon.

This place stole my heart.

Thank you Nadia for having us over. I will never forget it.

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159 Responses to “A Vermont Summer Getaway”

  1. It looks idyllic. What a wonderful way to spend a week.

  2. tinajo says:

    All of these pics are totally breathtaking – love them and wish I could see it for myself! :-)

  3. juliana says:

    q lindo paseo, slolo con ver las fotos se generera una necesidad imperiosa de salir corriendo de la oficina en el microcentro, con colectivos tocando la bocina, abrigarme bien, e ir a sentarme a una plaza lo mas barrial posible!

  4. chika says:

    hi aran – i know everything will look beautiful through your eyes/camera, but these vermont countrysides do look truly breathtaking. the landscape, the markets, and THE BERRIES! *sigh* thanks for sharing all the beautiful moments.

  5. What amazing pictures! Vermont is such a beautiful and peaceful place. I really like that second photo…

    Mouthwatering fruits and desserts!



  6. Renny says:

    Yeah you love Vermont NOW. Go back in January when the high is -15 and the wind chill makes it feel like -43 and your car makes horrible sounds when you start it and there aren’t enough layers in the world to warm you up and you have to drive terrible windy icy snow covered roads Ro school and the sun is never shining and you feel that life will never hold happiness or joy ever again. That is the Vermont I live in. It is not wonderful. There aren’t even any berries.

  7. What a glorious post, and you hit some of my all time favorite places. I was starting to tire of all our summer fruits, but you’ve got me wanting some berry crisp!

  8. I’m quite familiar with the house and the land and the incredible view indeed, and I’ve rarely seen so beautifully photographed! It’s Amazing how Nadia’s already transformed it by adding her touch and her soul to it.

  9. Monisia says:

    really beautiful photos!

  10. Valeria says:

    Oh Aran, this is amazingly nice. I spent two months in the Northeastern Kingdom, near Hardwick, but it wasn’t so nice (it was mud season). However,I really loved the place and enjoyed the company of Vermonters a lot, they are amazing people. The landscape is breathtaking and food, oh my God, food is soo delicious and healthy and conforting. This post perfectly expresses all these thing. Thank you for the beautiful images.

  11. Corine- yes i know! what a beautiful place you guys have. a treasure for sure!

    Renny- oh i’m sure winters are harsh, but the summer… so so gorgeous. i hope you can see that.

    Thanks all!

  12. icicle says:

    I love seeing my home state through another’s lens — thank you. Definitely do come again when the trees change color. It is extraordinary. Winter too, but you have to be of hardy stock for that.

  13. lorenjroot says:

    Lovely post. I have a friend that lives in Grafton, and I was able to visit him a couple times last year. Really, really beautiful part of our country. You should definitely plan a trip to see the fall colors – breathtaking!

  14. lorenjroot says:

    Lovely post and beautiful pictures. I visited VT for the first time last year and was blown away. If you think you liked it now, wait until you visit during the fall some day. Breathtaking.

  15. Brandie says:

    very very few things in life beat Vermont in the summer! It’s definitely a top 3 on my list of favorite places to be in summer (Maine is even MORE breathtaking if you can believe it). Your pictures make me want to just jump into my car and head north until I hit vermont!

  16. Such beautiful photographs and the scenery is unbelievable. I have never been to Vermont, well, I have never been to the US, but looking at your photos makes me wanna visit!
    Idyllic scenery.
    Your kids must have been in heaven around those baby chickens :)

  17. Wow–Vermont looks beautiful, as do your photographs. I want to pick those fresh berries off of my screen and pop them in my mouth!

  18. Perfection! You captured it beautifully. My husband grew up spending summers in Vermont (his family still has a cottage there). We go as often as we can, but I spend at least a month every summer in Maine…very similar small town, heavenly qualities. I just love living a simpler life, don’t you?

    I head back to Houston in a few days (from Maine) and always enjoy pouring over my photos and memories.

    Blessings to you,

  19. Bobbi says:

    Aran, this post is like a long, soul-satisfying ohm. I’ve scrolled through three times now, with each pass my pace slows, my breath deepens, my shoulders relax, and I notice something different in the beautiful photos. Thank you!

  20. Mariah says:

    I am obsessed with your photos (as I am sure many are). This is one of my favorite posts ever! It does make me sad that we were not able to make it to Vermont this year, like our original summer plans had promised! Thank you for all the gorgeous pictures, I hope you go in the Autumn too so I can see your photography of all that wonderful foliage!

  21. Victoria says:

    Love all the pics but the Duck photo is simply the best. Very nice work. Thank you for sharing with us.

  22. Zilly says:

    You’re pictures are showing a little heaven on earth-PERFECT!!! That’s what live should be-I really-really love you’re pictures-true hearted.The recipe great! Thanks for sharing all this beauty-greetings with heart&soul from Sil.

  23. Patricia says:

    Looks like you landed in paradise…so beautiful…thanks for a glorious post!

  24. Abi says:

    aran, i mentioned to nadia, that meeting you all was the exclamation point on a truly wonderful day for us! your photos are so beautiful and not even close to an exaggeration. vermont is just the best! we work hard, almost non stop, during the warmer months/growing season and look forward to the small world that closes in on us when winter arrives. sitting by a fire with knitting in hand or taking a walk with crunching snow underfoot is just as pleasurable, especially when you can come in to muffins made with those berries we store up all summer long :) i hope you can come and visit again, anytime! it was such a pleasure to meet you!

  25. CJ says:

    I felt like I was on vacation with you! Beautiful narrative and photos. I would love a life in the country of Vermont. What a dream. Glad you got to have the experience!

  26. Danielle says:

    Nadia’s kitchen is gorgeous. That ornate kitchen island/credenza stopped my heart, literally. You have me longing for a life in the country now :) Can’t wait for your book!!

  27. Abi- thanks again for spending time with us. I’m so glad we stopped by. What a small world. You have a beautiful farm and beautiful children. I’m sure winters are hard in VT but summer… glorious!

    I hope you guys get to make it up to VT one day. I know I will be back soon.


  28. Oh yes, go again in the Fall. The colors are incredible. This brought back so many memories of when we lived in Albany, NY…right across the border from Vermont. I could kick myself now because if we still lived there my daughter could go to college without being so far away. We too are in love with Vermont.

  29. chelsea says:

    This was such a fun post to read! Vermont is so gorgeous and I love how both you and Nadia captured it. You should for sure go back in the fall as the leaves are just so gorgeous. Glad you had such a relaxing trip.

  30. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    I am a Vermont native and grew up in a town just like this. Your photos and commentary renew my appreciation for it! Stunning. Glad you enjoyed it!

  31. Wow. You had me at “comforting lentil soup and s’mores.” What a magical time and breathtaking photos!

  32. Juliana says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Breathtaking is the right word here… these pictures are too beautiful for words! It really looks like heaven on earth!

  34. what a gorgeous place! its unbelievable how beautiful this earth is.

  35. Beautiful! I miss living in Massachusetts!

  36. Elisa says:

    oh my, you saw and did alot! I’ve never been to Vermont, but I agree with you, it’s a majestic place to visit. It also reminds me of my summers spent at my Grandparents farm in Mexico. all those fruit trees and playing with the chickens and baby chicks, truly enchanting.

    thank you for sharing your summer getaway. your photos are amazing, and that baby alpaca,sooo cute!!

  37. VT is such a special place.

    You should definitely go back in the fall. It’s as magical with a different light and colors.


  38. Gracias Aran por hacer que el aire puro, el verde y la buena comida traspase la distancia y el tiempo a través del ordenador para llegar hasta los que te leemos pues también saboreamos y olemos. Un abrazo

  39. This looks just perfect! Nothing makes me happier than getting out of town and I can certainly see why you loved this place, it’s beautiful! x

  40. Madeline says:

    Oh my goodness! That baby llama! THE CUTEST!
    Thanks for sharing so many photos…I hate it when bloggers only include one or two and you’re like, “Ok…these are gorgeous, I know you took more…” :)

  41. Kristin says:

    Aw, that makes me miss New England so much. There is no place like it. I echo Yadi I: I miss living in MA as well!

  42. Loved looking through all your photos. It looks wonderful there :)

  43. zazazu says:

    Wow. So so SO lovely! Vermont is one of my favorite places on earth. In fact, I’d love to live there someday. Your post has me wanting dearly to visit in the meantime. Thanks for the reminder. :)


  44. tamerajane says:

    As a Vermonter, welcome! But shhhhh, don’t let the word get out TOO much.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

  45. Itxaso says:

    Ke pasada Aran… zelango lekuetan ibili zaren, eta argazkiek? Ai ama, zoragarriek dire. Egie da, Euskal Herriko berdea igirten da eta argazkiek ikusite Uribe eta Altzustegaz akordau nez. Etzi noa harantza ya. Mosu handi bet! Ondo segidu

  46. Monica says:

    Beautiful pictures! I wish all children were raised with this kind of exposure to nature in touch with our rural roots.

    Please please post the recipes… especially the zucchini risotto!

  47. jess says:

    Looks gorgeous! Have wanted to travel up to Vermont recently…your pics have inspired me to make that happen sooner than later:)

  48. Kimberly says:

    Wow, unbelievable… Must plan a trip there!

  49. Chaucee says:

    Beautiful Beautiful pictures!

  50. Tea says:

    Oh my goodness, so gorgeous! I want to go there too.
    And Miren has gotten so big since the last time I saw you. No baby no more! :-)

  51. Itxaso-benetan Ehen antz piloa deko Vermontek. Ondo ibili etxean. Ni be laster noa. Gorantziek danori!

    Tea- yes, she is a toddler now and she knows what she wants! :)

    Thanks all!

  52. Dani says:

    What an amazing place and such a gorgeous pictures. It looks like food heaven!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  53. Camille says:

    De merveilleuses photos, colorées, ensoleillés ! Merveilleuses ! Bravo

  54. Chamomile says:

    If this sentence had no meaning, i tell you that i would give my life for this places; and my soul, for a life like this.

    for now: wonderful photographies about a lovely world.

    Smiles and greetings.

  55. Lisa says:

    Beautiful post….makes me want to buy a plane ticket for late September!

  56. the Lady says:

    The pictures are lovely as is your post. Thank you for sharing about Nadia. I’ve added her to my blog roll and look forward to reading more.
    Happy summer to you!

  57. Hi! I’ m from Brazil and I follow you sometime.It’s my first comment, cause I loved all in this post. Lovely,yes, a life in a place like you visited. Amazing. I can say that is a “confort-place” to live forever.

  58. Katie says:

    wow, i think i’m speechless (typeless?)

    the 2nd photo especially, really just takes my breath away. makes you think, all these little day-to-day worries we al have, pale into insignificance against such natural, peaceful beauty.

    Katie x

  59. …traigo

    desde mis


    CON saludos de la luna al
    reflejarse en el mar de la



  60. So pretty, loved your photos. Also admiring miren’s yellow sandals. I’m after some for my little girl next (Australian) summer

  61. What an amazing adventure, and you captured it all so beautifully.

  62. Andrea says:

    Awesome shots! It’s definitely telling a story!

  63. Barbara says:

    Vermont does look like a beautiful part of the world. Your raspberry pictures are the first time I have seen raspberries with the stem on. Very pretty.

  64. Aran, you’re pictures are absolutely beautiful!! I so want to live on a farm now.
    Vermont is truly beautiful any time of the year, very serene.
    Thanks for the post – it made me smile.

  65. Hannah says:

    I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile and just love it! This post made me homesick for New England. I grew up in Massachusetts and we visited Vermont often. Huge fan of Flour Bakery! I’m so happy you enjoyed relaxing with friends while surrounded by such beauty.

  66. Adriana says:

    Just beautiful. Oh how much i want some fresh berries in my belly :)

  67. I am with you. That place would be my dream as well. I have been dreaming of leaving suburbia for the country. My heart lies there.
    Beautiful photos and a simply perfect place.

  68. Shelby says:

    What an idealic vacation… Thank you for sharing these lovely experiences and memories. Makes me want to visit Vermont!

  69. Liz says:

    *sigh* I love southern VT. You must visit in the fall it is particularly lovely.

  70. So beautiful, looks like the kind of place I’d love to spend a week in. Thanks for sharing.

  71. Golubka says:

    This post took my breath away! Looks like the perfect getaway.

  72. Kimjks says:

    Your photos are beautiful,so different to my Scenery here in the caribbean.I just love Nadia’s kitchen and all those wonderful fresh berries. Your blog made me exhale.

  73. PK Studios says:

    I just found you through Nadia’s blog….so fun to see more photos of your visit. LOVE your blog and photography! So fresh and positive and happy! Your photos remind me of my dear French American soul sisters farm (Wild Goose Farm) on Sauvie Island near Portland!

  74. Dzoli says:

    I am speechless by so much beauty that you have captured here.Life and all teh best in it;)

  75. j’aime beaucoup votre blog, et ce billet sent bon l’insouciance, les vacances, l’été, profitez de ces moments exceptionnels.

  76. Carmen says:

    Que bonito Aran. Despues de ver tus fotos solo apetece ir al campo….otro tipo de vida bss

  77. Claudia says:

    Wow, a beautiful place indeed! :) I love your blog!

  78. moradbeig says:

    Fantastic marvelous pics! thanks a lot!

  79. moradbeig says:

    Fantastic marvelous pics, THANKS a lot!

  80. Anonymous says:

    Aran..ezin hobea sarrera hau! Laister arte preciosa!

  81. Inés says:

    Izenik gabe joan da haurreko komentaruioa…

  82. Aiman says:

    You must be having blast. Its so story book like.

  83. Indu says:

    The pictures are unbelievably beautiful.

  84. Zita says:

    Aran, you stole my heart with this post! I’m nearly crying of the beuty of your photos. This post made my day. Thanks!

  85. noemozica says:

    madremía!! qué pasada de sitio, de fotos, de productos de la huerta y de niños!!! espectacular!!
    zoroniak por todo ello!!! ^_^

  86. Laurel says:

    Sounds and looks absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  87. mary says:

    oh i loved this post. we had to move away from vermont to go to school and i miss it so so much! even in the deepest cold of winter i loved vermont. that place is so good for the soul. thanks for the beautiful photos and for bringing back wonderful memories!

  88. Mary Sanavia says:

    Everything looks so beautiful and inspiring….I wish I were there too.

  89. Tamara says:

    you pictures are breathtaking!!
    love your blog!

  90. Anonymous says:

    Your pictures make me so happy! This year the summer in Germany is so cold and grey … it helps a little bit :) Yebba

  91. I found your blog when reading the Times Online 50 Food Bloggers and thought I’d check it out.

    Your blog is a visual masterpiece and your story of summer is inspiring! Thank you…

    BTW, one of my clients is hosting a Recipe Contest at BigChef Online and you may want to check it out: http://bit.ly/BIGChefChallenge

    Thanks again, Keep on Stirring….

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Redhead Marketing, Inc

  92. kiki says:

    Your pictures are wonderful! Like holidays in paradise!
    Lucky you!
    Happy Day,

  93. Di says:

    Wow – it looks like an amazing trip! I’ve been to Vermont often – relatives live on a lake in Fairlee – it too is just beautiful and I will always remember going to pick strawberries at 630am on a bright July 4th morning….

  94. Agnès says:

    it is so beautiful! yes, country life, definitely.

  95. Melissa says:

    So beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful visit. You are lucky to have such a great friend. Thank you for taking me there, even if it was for a few minutes as I sit in my chair, escaping from this brutal Texas heat.

  96. Several years ago I spent a summer in Vermont; I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that it was kind of magical, from the food to the scenery. Thanks for sharing your experiences; it really helped me to relive mine!

  97. Terrific post for a lovely land. It seems an enchanted place to me.

    Your photographs are awesome.

    I’ve been following Nadia for a a few months and enjoy her blog so much.

    Thank you, for sharing.

  98. Katie says:

    Wow! Your photos are so lovely, what a fantastic capture of a great getaway!

  99. esther says:

    this stole my heart too! there’s not much better than the quiet of the country and living off the land…now I want to go! beeeeaaauuutiful photos.

  100. Aran, the pictures are beyond amazing. Very inspiring and speak out the story so well. Bravo, as always you captures each moment brilliantly.

  101. ¡¡¡Qué preciosidad de fotografías!!! Me he quedado maravillada. Que sitios tan hermosos!!!
    Es un placer venir a visitarte por las recetas tan ricas que haces y las maravillosas fotos que pones en tus entradas.

    Mil besos preciosa,

  102. Madelief says:

    Amazing photographs!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  103. This looks like an amazing vacation! And it makes me want to go to Vermont immediately. : O )

  104. Hola Aran, ze paraje eta argazki politak atera dozuzen! Ze estadutan dago Vermont?, ia egunen baten ezagutzeko aukera daukagun, enbidia emoten dau.
    Bihar heltzen da Itxaso etxera, zelako gogoa ikusteko!!!! hile bat egongo da gugaz, eta hamar egun barru Colin eta bere ama etorriko dira, EHko rekobeko guztiak erakusteko gogoa dekogu, ia zelako inpresioa eroaten daurien!
    Zuok be etorriko zarie oporretan ez?
    Argazkiak, umeak eta inguruak oso politak!
    Laster arte, Miren B.

  105. Miren Bego- vermont bera da estatue. oso txikie, NY baino gorago. Oso ederra eta EHen antza handie deko. Jakin dot Itxaso etxera doala. Ondo paseu eta denpora aprobetxeu. ia eguraldi hobea eiten deuen ezta? Gu abuztuen goaz 3 asterako. Desietan nau. Gorantziek!

  106. Kimberley says:

    I can see why you fell in love. So stunning and perfect. Everything I want out of summer.

  107. Ilke says:

    Just looking at the pictures relaxed me! What a beautiful place! Makes me wanna move from hot, humid SC to Vermont! (At least for the summer!:))

  108. It’s easy to fall in love with Vermont. Your photos make me wish I were there right now. Question – what are those small, round berries that are all attached to a stem? In Italy, they are called “ribes” but I can’t seem to find them here in the states, or even figure out the name for them – are they currants, or lingonberries, or something else? thanks

  109. Linda- yes those are currants. They grow mainly in the north, in cooler climates where is warm during the day and cooler at night. Thanks!

  110. Seanna Lea says:

    I wish I had known you were making it as far as Boston. I would have loved to have you over for a bit as I was doing nothing but making ice cream at home.

  111. apaler1 says:

    Looked like a little piece of heaven!

  112. Absolutely breathtaking! This almost makes up my mind that my fall vacation needs to be to this place.

  113. Louisa Baer says:

    I grew up in Brattleboro and there is almost nothing dearer to my heart. I live now in London but was just back for a visit – the farmer’s market is always at the top of my to do list when I’m home. So cool that you were there!

    Thank you so much for this post. Your photographs and words perfectly capture the magic Vermont. It makes me homesick but also so grateful that such a place exists.

  114. Hola Aran, Itxasok ekarri dau FOOD everyday aldizkaria etxera, zure reportajea agertzen dan alea. Ze interesante iruditu jatan, oso guapo agertzen zarie danok (argazki itzelak), eta zelako errezetak, itxura oso oso ona!! orain praktikan ipini beharko dogu.
    jajaja…. topau dot Vermont atlasean, orain badakit non dagoen!!
    Besarkada bat

  115. Miren Bego- pozik itxasogaz etxean ez? Bera be pozik egongo da. Aldizkarie polite da eta oso guatora egin gendun. Ondo ibili eta gorantziek danori. Laster arte.

  116. Ash says:

    What a gorgeous post!! Such an amazing place!!

  117. Such an amazing journey! I love the honor system on the eggs :) Makes me want to travel back east soon.

  118. best salads says:

    Amazing photos! So idyllic.

  119. Bego says:

    Qué reportaje tan bonito!
    Envidia me das, aunque yo no puedo quejarme, aquí en Galicia tenemos también paisajes hermosisimos.
    Un saludo.

  120. Ari says:

    I can totally relate to this gorgeous post. (The photos are AMAZING!) We just moved Vermont after four years of visiting and falling in love with the place. We’ve been here since Feb and couldn’t be happier. It’s like living in a calendar!


  121. Cris says:

    Descripción llena de magia, de imagenes que además de estar presentes, están puestas en palabras… una invitación a vivir la vida de una otra manera, Gracias por compartirlo!

    Ayer, fui a hacer las compras al supermercado habitual en Argentina, y como todos los meses,compré la revista que publica el supermercado, y me encontré con una presentación tuya, como invitada a exponer tus fotos como carátulas de sección. Fue increible pensar en verte en las casas de Argentina, pensando en que hace tiempo te sigo en este blog, que pese a estar cerca, en verdad está lejano: en otro país, en otro hemisferio, en otros idiomas!
    Un beso, y gracias por tantas imagenes y relatos que solo despiertan sensibilidad!

  122. Edwina says:

    Totally breathtaking. I have always wanted a farm, your pictures just made me realise all over again why. Thank you.

  123. Vanille says:

    A real breathtaking post, Aran ! So much imbued with the spirit of Summer.
    Oh, I’m pining for warmer days…

  124. Morgane says:

    I didn’t know If I should write this comment either in french or english… but… ton post m’a fait rêvé. Il m’a emporté très loin. ça fait longtemps que je suis maintenant ton blog et tes photos magnifiques… Je suis une alsacienne, “expat” à Paris (moins loin que toi donc ;) mais qui rêvent de grands espaces… Et le vermont fait parti de ma liste. Merci pour ces photos magiques, vraiment. Et passe un très belle été!

  125. Minna- that is glass actually and I brought them back from Bilbao. they are wine glasses.

    Thanks all!

  126. Erica says:

    Your photos are so lovely, what a fantastic capture of a great getaway!

    affordable insurance

  127. great place,nice pics, I can feel the freshness of the food and the place away from the city’s pollution.)

  128. Cris- muchas gracias. Cual es el nombre de la revista en cuestion? Me puedes enviar una foto escaneada por favor? Gracias

  129. alisonpeta says:

    I live in central Vermont, about 2 hours north of Brattleboro. Many think only of crisp, chilly winters (quite manageable with wool blankets, hot chocolate, and good snow tires!) but they forget to see the beauty as you have. Please please come back in the fall – the leaves are just incredible. Maybe you’ll have time to enjoy a county fair, corn maze, apple picking, morning canoe ride, or even some early snow flurries!

  130. Alisonpeta- It’s in those places where winters are harsh where summers tend to be gorgeous, right? I fell in love with your state and I sure hope I can be back in the fall! thanks!

  131. Ah Vermont. One of my favorite states.
    summer, autumn, winter there are the best. not so much in spring…very raining and mud. Lovely photos of your travels.

  132. { kat } says:

    you mentioned a berry farm in massachusetts, but did not name it – could you possibly? i am in the boston area and would love a good resource for that. i don’t mind a bit of a drive, either! :)

  133. Lucia says:

    A forest of maple trees. They’re so beautiful, in autumn the get so ruby, emberassed before getting naked. I’ve never been to USA. I will. And I’ll go to Vermont.

  134. fresh365 says:

    So glad you had a fun trip up in my neck of the woods! I did my first year of college in Vermont and it holds a very special piece of my heart. And yes, you should try for autumn in New England– the colors are a photographers dream!

  135. God – I want to be like you when I grow up (luckily I’m only 57!)

  136. mohamed says:

    hello really u r professional

  137. By far, the most beautiful blog I have come across! You are so talented!

  138. Anonymous says:

    I was born and raised in VT, so I always love coming across people who enjoy what we have to offer. I love how the red currents look – the pastries looks delicious.

  139. I am speechless at seeing all this beauty!

  140. bee bon says:

    What a blogger! I have so much to do, but I got ‘stuck’ on your blog, beautiful!
    Bee x

  141. moharaf says:

    nice and wonderful photos! love it :)

  142. I’m new to your blog. . .found it through “Blogs of note” just became a first time grandma and would love to know where to find the darling patterned spoons to use at the blessing dinner for our family. I’m thinking your blog may become my new “habit” . . . takes me away like a great book. . .Thanks!

  143. jasmin says:

    touching ! sense of family :) i adore !!

  144. “This place stole my heart.”

    Looking unto the pictures, it steals my heart too. Love the green scenery and the freshness of the foods. No wonder that Vermont is one of the cleanest states in America. Love the photos. :)

    Thanks for sharing,
    Cathy@Baby phat scrubs

  145. i2011 says:

    Très jolie présentation. Clair, frais, … Une bouffée d’air frais!

  146. windyar says:

    I found your blog by chance and now I’m so glad I did. I love photography and you’re very very talanted, These pictures, the landscapes…I’m astonished!

  147. Please please PLEASE go back in autumn. This was my favorite thing you have ever posted. It stole my heart, too. I have wanted to go to Vermont all my life.

  148. Cheri says:

    What breathtaking photos and amazing creativity. Thank you for sharing!

  149. Kenon says:

    The photos are so vivid and bold here! For some reason, Ive always had an urge to visit Vermont… This just confirmed that I must make a trip there soon.

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