Cherry Blossom Macarons for Martha Stewart Weddings

I have been waiting anxiously to share these photos with all of you. It was about two months ago when I received an email from Shira from Martha Stewart Weddings blog to see if I was interested in creating a little recipe and story. I was so honored and flattered. It is Martha Stewart Weddings after all, such a big inspiration for most of us.

The magazine had not come out yet, but the story had to follow the pink theme of the Spring issue that is on stands now. It was the beginning of Spring and I was dreaming about cherry blossoms, pinks and coppers. I asked Shira what she thought of the idea without knowing it would be one of the magazine themes. She loved it and as it turns out, it matched the magazine perfectly.

You can read the entire entry here. I hope it didn’t disappoint. Thank you very much Shira and the rest of the team!

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139 Responses to “Cherry Blossom Macarons for Martha Stewart Weddings”

  1. m says:

    I’m sure the people over at Martha Steward were thrilled with this! So beautiful and whimsical…I love the different pinks!

  2. Carolina says:

    So marvelous!!!
    I love it… :)

  3. cindy* says:

    congrats aran! the macs are gorgeous as ever ;) i actually have that issue and your work is a perfect match.

  4. Just gorgeous! I love the colors, just makes me smile. Congrats!

  5. Anis says:

    Aran it is beautiful like usual believe you never disappoint!!!

  6. These look beautiful… I think they’d also make a wonderful addition to a little girl’s tea party… perhaps for birthday, etc.

  7. Beautiful! I like how you put a bit of preserved sakura on the top like they do with wagashi.

  8. a. maren says:

    arg these are so beautiful! im terribly jealous! :)

  9. Jaime says:

    Oh, oh, oh!!!! Aran, I am SO happy for you! MS Weddings is a huge deal. I love them. But truly, you are so talented, and have always produced such marvelous work, that they should be honored to have you do something for them, as well.

  10. Mandy says:

    congratulations for the feature, Aran! Those macarons look absolutely exquisite. I saw a lot of cherry blossom confectioners while transiting at the Narita airport last february.Too bad I didn’t get to try any. May I know where did you get the sakura extract?

  11. The French says:

    This is so beautiful, I seriously almost cried. Until my stomach interrupted, telling me to suck it up and make some macarons.

    What is sakura extract?

  12. Natalie says:

    Wow! That’s huge. Congratulations. I’m sure after this, since the photos are lovely, you will get more offers like this one from MS Weddings.

  13. Mandy- a fellow blogger sent it to me from Japan. I looked and looked here but couldn’t find it anywhere.

    The French- Sakura is the japanese name for cherry blossom. It’s an extract they use a lot in their confections and sweets. Floral but very fresh and light. Lovely indeed!

    Thank you everyone. Glad you liked it. I was actually so surprised when the ideas I had matched perfectly with what they had in mind. I’m glad they liked it too. Thank you!

  14. intxaurtsu says:

    Aran artista bat zara. Artista Euskaldun bat Floridan, eskerrak zu moduko enbajadoreak dekoguzela

  15. Absolutely beautiful pictures!
    I am in Japan right now. I tasted sakura cookies and sakura ice cream. Both are divine!

  16. Absolutely beautiful. I’d love to eat one of those lovelies right now.
    All of your gluten free creations are making me so happy!

  17. bunkycooks says:

    What a wonderful compliment to be featured in Martha Stewart Weddings! Your pictures are beautiful. I love all the pink tones.

  18. Juliana says:

    Congratulations! So beautiful, as always.

  19. Shabs.. says:

    wooowwww….those are devine….recently i also started noticing these beautiful trees around….they are sopretty…..are those flowers edible?please let me know…love to try them!…pics are amazing..

  20. icicle says:

    So beautiful, it almost makes me want another wedding (same husband, just another party :) )

  21. What lovely pictures and perfect macarons!



  22. Paula says:

    congratulations! I love your photos!

  23. Brian Asis says:

    Wow, just makes me feel like I’m in Japan. Stunningly beautiful.

  24. Memória says:

    What an honor!! You deserve it, Aran! Congratulations. These photos are lovely.

  25. A few of my favorite things! Cherry blossoms and macaroons! These photos are beautiful! I am so inspired by your photography and love coming and looking at everything. Thank you for sharing your talent and looking forward to trying your recipe! You are in my reading list.

    Hugs to you,

  26. YOU, Aran, are such an inspiration to all of us – congratulations! Such beautiful, breathtaking photos and super yummy macarons.

  27. OH my goodness, CONGRATS!!! How completely and utterly amazing… You deserve it!

  28. Liska says:

    Congratulations! It’s really very impressive. Stunning and beautiful.

  29. Manuela says:

    So so pretty! I know I’ll never make these (I don’t bake) but they are just a breath of fresh air.
    You may have shared the info before but would you be so kind to share the source of the lovely bowls in the last photograph? (

  30. Congrats Aran. Love the color theme. So spring, feminine and sweet. :) Well done, as usual. Never doubt your talent. You are an inspiration.

  31. Sending the biggest Congrats your way! Talk about a dream job! I love MSW!

  32. caroline says:

    Congratulations! Your success is well-deserved. I just set the second image– the diptych– as my desktop background. For inspiration.

  33. fresh365 says:

    Ooh congrats! This is so lovely, (as usual)!

  34. Valérie says:

    Your pictures are stunning, it really love your style ! Congratulation for the article, you deserve it !

  35. Milissa says:

    Gorgeous! My two year-old would go gaga over these beautiful pink treats. This is the first time I have commented – I found your blog a few months ago when searching for food blogs in our area. Your photography and love for cooking is inspirational.

  36. Shabs- in japan they make an extract out of cherry blossom leaves called sakura. Not sure if you could eat the leaves straight off the tree (I’m assuming you could). Thanks.

    Manuela- the bowls are from ceramist Cariline Swift from the UK whose studio is in Barcelona. Beautiful.

    Thank you everyone for your kind words!

  37. What a shot. such a great deco.

  38. nelly says:

    Brave! lovely shots and good job!!

  39. Asha @ FSK says:

    Congrats Aran!! :)) You totally deserve it!! These macs are STUNNING!!!

  40. Dylan says:


    The look A M A Z I N G !

    Never tried to make them but may give them a go now. Not expecting great things from my first try but I can see perfecting these becoming a labour of love.


  41. Congratulations Aran!!!
    You are very talented and you deserve it. I love the photos, the colors, everything.

  42. Aimée says:

    That is big (and fun)new indeed! Congrats Aran!

    All this pink is making me wish I had a little girl now! =)

  43. Congratulations Aran!!! This is amazing work (as always). I’m so happy for you :)

  44. Theresa says:

    Goooorgeous! That’s all I thought of when I was looking at the pictures. Congrats! ^_^

  45. Alex Erynn says:

    I’ve fallen in love with macarons but unfortunately I don’t have a kitchen scale. These macarons look beautiful. Really, really beautiful.

  46. Congrats, Aran! They should hire you full time!

  47. Congrats on the feature Aran! You deserve it girl! Congrats :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  48. Cherine says:

    Gorgeous macarons! Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous blog!!!

  49. pero qué buenos solo con mirarlos Aran!!! Enhorabuena!!!

  50. They are perfect…great photos .I just love it. I tried several times making macaroons and it was complete disaster….

  51. Rosa says:

    This is absolutely breathtaking. I love your blog. The photos are fabulous.

  52. Aran, it’s not physically possible for your work to be disappointing in any way! Beautiful work as always, so excited for you!

    xx Kit

  53. Dajda says:

    So pretty and pink! They’re delicious even to look at, I can only imagine how delicious the taste must be!

  54. Mariola says:

    Kaixo Aran! Muchas Muchas Felicidades!!! Martha Stewart …. esto es la pera!! Las fotos son simplemente bellas.
    Seguro que esta no es la ultima vez que te vemos por M.Stewart! Agur!

  55. MeetaK says:

    so well deserved dear aran. your signature style and your lovely styling always stand out from the rest. congrats – this is a gorgeous series!

  56. shaz says:

    Oh how beautiful Aran. They are just perfect.

  57. Goś says:

    Aran, congratulations!
    You take the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen.

    Just beautiful. And inspiring.

    I’m going to do some pink macarons soon ;-)

  58. These are absolutely stunning. Your photos, style and blog is beautiful Aran. I love it. Like standing breathing in the fresh air! Congratulations on this. One day when I am big I want to make macarons. Its on my bucket list of foodie things to do! Don’t know what I am waiting for ;o) Colleen xx

  59. Wow, the photos look amazing~ simply beautiful

  60. Such beautiful macarons!! I love the pink colours and the awesome photos :)

  61. I love ur recipes and i love martha stewart..this is so thrilling and a truely great honor! those pictures are lovely too with all those gorgeous shades of pinks!

  62. Anonymous says:

    J’ai faim en je l’aime !!
    Beautiful, inspiring and the pictures are so pure and lovely.


  63. wow…love it!! Beautiful pictures!

  64. Mel says:

    Delicious looking macarons & such gorgeous photos!

  65. SO BEAUTIFUL Aran!!!
    The perfect place for you too!!
    very pleased for you :)

  66. Y says:

    Oh the cherry blossoms look gorgeous! What terrific inspiration :)

  67. Such beautiful macarons and presentation. Congrats on your upcoming feature for MS Weddings! What an honour (and well-deserved).

  68. Tara says:

    Wonderful, wonderful! So lovely. Your style is such a great fit for MSLO – I hope this is only one of many times they will ask you to work with them! Big congrats!

  69. whisk-kid says:


    Beautiful, as always!

  70. Cakebrain says:

    congrats on the beautiful macarons and the MS Weddings feature! Your beautiful pics and talent are inspiring!

  71. Those macarons are so pretty! I like the pink color that you used for it! And I am impressed with the presentation.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Me encanrta!!preciosas!!carmen ZH

  73. Pictures specially the last one are amazing! Gorgeous so so sweet. Macarons are perfect! Bravo!

  74. Zia Elle says:

    Nice pictures and delicious recipe!!

  75. Sini says:

    You have done such a beautiful, and surely also tasty, job! I adore those pictures.

  76. cutlex says:

    Oh I love it Aran! It’s beautiful! You have gone such a long long long way. I do not regret leaving a space for you in my reader!

  77. Nikki says:

    All I can say is that Martha Stewart Weddings has never had anything quite so beautiful! (As if I am surprised that these photos are yours…. stunning as always! ) I particularly love the photo with the macarons laid out amidst the branch…. divine!

  78. pity says:

    te lo mereces! me encanta la fascinacion de los japoneses por
    la sakura, incluso tienen un festival para celebrar cuando el arbol florece, estos macarons son la perfeccion personificada, besos desde londres

  79. marnee says:

    That’s fantastic Aran! Well done, you really deserve this. They look amazing (as always!).
    I made macarons for the first time ever using one of your recipes and they turned out perfect… can’t wait to try these ones out too.

  80. Ellie says:

    Hi! Where did you get those cute bowls? Thanks!

  81. Clare says:

    Oh wow! these are so so beautiful. More like works of art than food. Congratulations on the feature, it was seriously well deserved!

  82. WOW Aran that is such a nice opportunity. I’m just returning from there, and I love it!

  83. Ellie- the bowls are from ceramist Caroline Swift. her work is gorgeous!

    Thank you everyone. I’m glad you liked the macarons. I was very excited about this one. Thanks!

  84. Congratulations, Aran. I’m sure the team at MSW is as thrilled as you are. This is quite a valuable addition to their magazine.

  85. Mercè says:

    Congratulations Aran!! You deserve it!! Your work and photos are our inspiration. ;)

  86. Rachwins says:

    So beautiful! I am absolutely desperate to perfect vegan macaroons, but I’m so far away! If I manage to do it before I get married (and there’s an assumption and a half) these will surely take pride of place on my dining table!

  87. Jamie says:

    When we see your talent and creativity can any one of us really be surprised? Congratulations and these macarons are perfect! Stunning and romantic!

  88. WOW! Congratulations, Aran! So happy for you! How exciting – this is an honor that is so well deserved. All the best for continued success!

  89. LOVING all these hues of pinks, creams and peach!!!

  90. Liz says:

    This is beyond beautiful, I bet you will be inspiring a lot of macarons at weddings this season. I could see these looking fabulous tiered up like a giant cake.

  91. simauma says:

    Hello!! My name is SIMAUMA. I write blog about the food.Please look.And I am glad if I link to your blog. (URL)

  92. n. says:

    such gorgeous colours! many congratulations.

  93. Joanie says:

    That was amazing. Your macarons are perfect!

    People who does negative comments but hide themselves as anonymous are just envious people I guess. I also receive some. You are doing a good job. Just see how many positive comments you earned. Good luck!

    All the best :)

  94. Malin says:

    Amazing!! I love love loove you´re beautiful pictyres!!

  95. ibb says:

    Espero diat gauzak horren ondo jarrai dezaten. Eta udaberria, lore eta saporez betea egon dadila.
    Muxu haundi bat,

  96. Cristina says:

    Beautiful post, the photos are so delicate and sweet, and the macarons must be delicious. Congratulations!

  97. Qué fuerte! Martha Stewart!!!!
    besos mil, me alegro mucho

  98. Beautiful Aran! Such lovely inviting tones and elegant well executed macarons. I would not even expected anything else.

  99. I have a major thing for macarons and i love pink, too. these are absolutely gorgeous and the pictures are beautiful! I wish i could have a whole bowl of them all to myself – first to marvel at their girly, delicate prettyness and then devour the spring-flavoured delectables…delicious, i’m sure. :)

  100. Juc says:

    Beautiful, beautiful macaroons. I would have loved to have those in my wedding! And I would definetly buy a magazine where these beautes are in. Such a good job!

  101. Anonymous says:

    Bravo Aran!! Soooo beautiful!!
    May I know where you got the white bottle/flower vase? Thanks!

  102. Very gorgeous and appealing! congratulations!


  103. Anonymous- I’ve had that bottle for quite some time and I’m not completely sure where I got it but I want to say sur la table.

    Thank you all!

  104. Jo Aran
    Es para estar TAN ORGULLOSA
    Pero no me extraña estás al nivel de Martha incluso más
    orgullosa de ti


  105. Congratulations…you so deserve it!! everything looks gorgeous!!

  106. Congratulations, Aran! You totally deserved it!!

  107. Susan says:

    You are so talented. How did you make the beautiful crystalized sugar flowers on top and what type of flowers did you use?

  108. Susan- the same friend that sent me the sakura extract sent me the preserved leaves and the sakura sugar. Sorry…

  109. Ainhoa says:

    Zorionak!!!! Martha Steward, guau!!! Pozten naz, benetan. Hemen nabil ni ere Macaroi polit batzuk lortzea saiatzen. Galderatxo bat, mantequilla deseginda bota beharko da arrautza zuringoei, ez? Momentuz nire Macaroiak ez dira zureak besain politak baina beintzat gozoak bai dira. Probatzen segitu beharko dot. Muxu haundi bat.

  110. ainhoa- deseginda dinozunean zer san gure dozu? bigundute egon behar da (temperature ambiente) eta zati txij=kietan bota. baina merengea hoztuten hasten danean bota bestela urtu egingo da bai? eskerrik aso!

  111. Priscila says:

    Hi Aran! My name is Priscila, I´m from Brazil and I love your photos. Congrats for your gorgeous macarons!!! Tell me, do you use a specifical powder to colour your macarons? ´Cause the colors is so bright! so differents! Best regards!

  112. Priscila- I actually used liquid food coloring for these. When using liquid, you have to use colors that are very concentrated as you shouldn’t use too much otherwise adds too much moisture to the macarons and changes the entire recipe. Thank you!

  113. Sini says:

    Did you use real sakura extract or just sakura aroma (chemical)? I’m currently in Japan and have been searching for sakura extract in a couple of shops but they just seem to have chemical aroma… I wonder if there is a natural one at all?

    Definitely bringing some sakura product back with me to Europe :) And then I can try to make your macarons!

  114. Sini- my friend Chika ordered it for me (she’s in japan) and she had to order it online. It’s real sakura extract. But not sure where she ordered it from…

  115. Sini says:

    Thank you for your reply, Aran! Well I think I’ll still try to find “the real thing” here in Kyoto and if I fail I can still buy the sakura aroma. But now I know I don’t ask the shops for a thing which doesn’t exist at all ;)

    A Japanese told me today that they make sakura tee out of the preserved sakura blossoms. Just hot water and cherry blossoms! Have to try it.

  116. Cassidy says:

    i love macarons and my favorite color is pink .. mmm love ?

  117. Terri says:

    These are beautiful! I am sure that it is ok because it is all ready printed in a magazine but I just wanted to make sure. I would like to post your recipe and a picture on my blog. please let me know if you are ok with that
    thank you

  118. lyndsay says:

    aran, truly amazing. you have totally inspired me over the past year and half with food photography, and i still appreciate that you answered an email of mine way back when with regards to a lens question!

    food photography, i find it sooo fun… !


  119. Ainhoa says:

    Aran, gaur macaroiak egin dodaz ostera. Arrakasta haundia eukin dabe eta nahiko politak atera dira baina ez dodana inoiz lortzen “pie” esaten deutsezuen hori da. Ez dakit zer eviten dodan txarto baina ez da ateratzen. Dena dala oso oso gozoak dagoz. Musu haundi bat

  120. Ainhoa- hanka horrek ez direnean urtetan lar nahastu dozulako izeten da. Lar zabaltzen da eta ez da askorik igoten. Hurrengoan gitxiago nahastu eta prueba egin ia zenbat zabaltzen dan.

  121. Janet says:

    These are lovely! My daughter wants macarons for her wedding favors in April 2011, so I am getting ready to do that. I wondered if the buttercream has to be kept refrigerated or not? And if it does, does the refrigeration affect the macarons in any way?
    thank you!


  122. Sini says:

    I finally made them. My first macarons and they turned out wonderful! I’m thrilled. Definitely making them for my moms 50th birthday party. Thank you for the recipe and inpiration!

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