Chocolate, Hazelnut and Coconut Mousse Cakes

Baking and cooking for me are often times much more than just eating. Particularly with baking. I enjoy the process of thinking about ingredients, scaling, folding and finishing. It’s very therapeutic for me in a way that it almost feels like a necessity.

“What will happen to you now?”, asked my brother once I told him about all the test results that came back to me last week. He was referring to the gluten intolerance diagnosis (amongst other issues) that my doctor had shared with me just a few hours prior. “Bake even more!”, I replied.

For the last few months that I have given up gluten, going shopping has been like going to the candy shop. So many new ingredients to play around with. So many grains to cook with. My pantry and refrigerator shelves are full of grain flours, new nut and seed butters, oils…

It seems ironic how gluten, which for years has been the essence of my work and also life, has turned out to be not so good for me. I am sure that other factors besides gluten itself triggered all my immune responses, but gluten further aggravated them.

So as I told my brother, here I am, baking away. For the next couple of weeks, I will not be able to have any dairy either, so unfortunately, these chocolate, hazelnut and coconut mousse cakes were off limits, but I surely loved making them for my family. My mom, who is the chocoholic that she is, loved them. I will just have to make them again for me some time soon.

Chocolate and Hazelnut Biscuit

makes 1/2 sheet pan

180 grams egg whites
185 grams muscovado sugar
75 grams sugar
150 grams hazelnut flour
20 grams cocoa powder
pinch salt
225 grams butter, melted or coconut oil

Whisk together the egg whites and the sugars. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and add the whites to the dry. Whisk until combined. Whisk in the melted and cooled butter or the coconut oil.

Line half a sheetpan with parchment paper and spread the batter evenly.

Bake at 350F for about 15-20 minutes until cake baked.

Chocolate Mousse

enough for 10 3×2 ring molds

45 grams sugar
100 grams egg yolks
300 grams dark chocolate (use couverture if you can)
400 ml heavy cream, whipped to soft peaks

In the bowl of an electric mixer, whisk together the egg yolks and sugar until combined. Bring the bowl to a double boiler and cook until it starts to thicken, like making a sabayon. Remove from heat and bring to the mixer and whip to a thick ribbon.

In the meantime, melt the chocolate over a double boiler and let it cool.

When sabayon has cooled, fold in the soft peak whipped cream. Whisk some of the chocolate into it and then, fold in the rest.

Place the mousse in a piping bag. Line ring molds with acetate paper or parchment paper the fits around the circumference. Cut a disk of chocolate biscuit and place it on the bottom of the ring mold. Pipe in the chocolate mousse and refrigerate until set.

Coconut Mousse

150 ml heavy cream
30 ml heavy cream (to temper the gelatin)
10 grams freshly grated coconut or unsweeneted dry coconut
1 tsp coconut extract, optional
30 grams sugar
1 sheet of gelatin
100 grams plain whole yogurt

Whip the 150ml heavy cream with the sugar, coconut and coconut extract till soft peaks form. In the meantime, bloom the gelatin in ice water for 5 minutes. Squeeze out the excess water.

Heat the 30ml of heavy cream and dissolve the gelatin into it. Fold in a bit of the whipped cream into the gelatin mixture to temper. Fold back into the rest of the cream. Fold in yogurt.

Place the mousse in a piping bag and pipe on top of the chilled chocolate mousse. Refrigerate until it sets and serve with coconut shavings.

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161 Responses to “Chocolate, Hazelnut and Coconut Mousse Cakes”

  1. Miriam says:

    Te voy a decir una cosa: los celiacos pueden estar de enhorabuena a partir de ahora.

  2. Asha @ FSK says:

    Hey Aran, These are gorrrgeous!! Wish you good luck with your allergies and health… Glad you taking all this in the spirit of newly opened doors! :)) look fwd to so many new creations!

  3. Welcome to the world of living gluten free! It really is exciting once one discovers the abundance of foods avaiable. It is ironic how many bakers find out later they are gluten intolerant. Personally what at first seemed like such a loss has literally changed my life for the better.

  4. nadia says:

    beautiful images and those three ingredients together seem perfect. i am sure you will not only create recipes that will not put your health in danger but also recipes that will inspire and make it possible for others to have their just desert!

  5. El says:

    You have a very positive attitude. I’m glad you’re having fun with all of the new ingredients and you’re readers are thankful you can still eat sugar :>) Can’t wait to see what you invent next!

  6. Cherine says:

    those cakes are gorgeous. i bet they taste like heaven!

  7. Zia Elle says:

    wow!! delicious!!
    For me too, baking is a therapy…..I can feel exactly what you mean…

  8. Aran, sorry to hear about your allergies. Against gluten and dairy!!?? That’s, to me, frustrating! It’s gonna be a miss of tons of fun in life! Both gluten and dairy are pervasive in what we eat. Not to mention about baking and cooking … I just feel bad for you …

    However, I believe that’s had opened up a new adventure for you … You’re gonna venture into gluten- and dairy-free baking and cooking! I bet people who share the same stories would be thrilled!

    Well, baking rules! Keep up with the good work! Love your work, as always.

  9. This is the right attitude towards these little obstacles! A new world of ingredients and combinations is spreading in front of you and… in front of us thanks to your wonderful recipes!
    Wonderful recipe!
    have a wondferful week!

  10. Juc says:

    The God must know, that you have a lot of fantasy to invent gorgeous and delicious gluten free cakes! I am sure many peopla with the same diagnosis would love to use those recipes to come! Happy baking!

  11. Genny G. says:

    it’s wonderfull and perfect!

  12. I have a newly discovered allergy to yeast and now everything seems to have yeast in it! These chocolate mousse cakes look amazing, yum! I think it’s great in a way because it makes you think of what alternatives are ouit there. Tartlette is also gluten free I think and alot of her recipes are for coeliacs lately. x

  13. The French says:

    Yum. These would be great for a party. Or me. A party with myself perhaps:) Thanks!

  14. Stunning. Kudos to you for your can-do attitude, and I hope you can put your health concerns behind you just as quickly as possible.

  15. Meg says:

    wow those look divine!

  16. Holly H. says:

    These look just impossibly delicate – I’m going to give them a try for a bridal shower I’m hosting next week!

  17. m says:

    I’m glad that you aren’t defeated by the diagnosis and you’ve translated this love for baking to demonstrate your love for others! That’s very admirable. :]

  18. hummm these look delicious :) i wish the best of luck to you, hope you`ll feel better soon!

  19. Those cakes look to die for! I love to play around with new food too…



  20. oh hello! That looks beautiful and I’m drooling on my keyboard.

    PS congrats on being one of the top 50 mom food bloggers!

  21. Käthe says:

    I had the same reaction when I took the gluten away – it was like rediscovering food and cooking.

  22. Mercè says:

    Aran, me gusta tu reacción. :) Y estos pastelitos, de lujo!! Qué preciosidad y seguro que pura delícia. ;)
    Besos y ánimos!

  23. Amberdawn says:

    I have a coworker who fairly recently learned she has a gluten allergy. She has a harder time eating out than cooking for herself. And actually she’s learning that many gluten free desserts are richer! Good luck with your new recipes.

  24. These cakes look divine, and would be delicious with the addition of some fresh seasonal raspberries. I’m sure your family appreciates your graciousness given you can’t indulge in the pleasure of these!

  25. El- actually, i have to give up sugar for a bit too until the leaky gut starts to heal, but trust me, i will need some soon! :)

    Pei-Lin- i know what you mean but actually, i don’t see this as anything bad or that requires too much of a sacrifice. i will only have to eliminate dairy for a little bit but gluten for life. and giving up gluten alone is really not that difficult. thank you.

    Thank you everyone!

  26. swimzy says:

    wow, this look very good:) And so beauteful:)

  27. jacqui says:

    These little mousse cakes look and sound so amazing! I have a hard time with some dairy products, so I totally understand the idea of giving up a little, to open up to a whole new way of cooking. All the best to you and feeling better!

  28. Se ven deliciosos!! me parece una muy buena receta.

  29. Anuska says:

    Two words: pure perfection.


    p.s. Good luck to you…and a lot of health…

  30. Emmas Kök says:

    OMG! I would like to have one of theese right now!!

  31. Shabs.. says:

    looks liek an absolute heaven!and something that i would never be able to achieve ever i feel!!….so luscious and the photographs are just beyond words…

  32. bunkycooks says:

    These cakes and your photos are just beautiful! I hope you are able to have a similar gluten-free dessert soon!

  33. Lulu says:

    WOW they look incredible! Chocolate and hazelnuts – perfect combination!

  34. I’m sure it won’t be a problem for you. You have a huge capacity to create a new recipes gluten free. You’ll help a lot of people with the same allergies.
    I wish the best for you!!

  35. Sammi says:

    I too appreciate your positive attitude! More and more of us are having issues with certain foods lately, and I think that the more we talk about it, the more normal it is for everyone – so thank you for sharing!

  36. Erik says:

    We have a friend with a daughter who is allergic to gluten, dairy and eggs. Any suggestions where to find some good recipes sans all 3? Any recipes that you may have already discovered?

    Love your blog – your recipes and photography are wonderful.

  37. Parka says:

    I`m love your photos and your quite and tiny cakes!

  38. Erik- I have some gluten, dairy and soy free recipes but none without eggs. But have you seen the book “the Allergen Free Baking Book”? It’s filled with gluten, dairy, soy, nut and egg free recipes. It’s great. You should check it out.

    Thank you all! I appreciate the time you take to leave a comment.

  39. Philo says:

    Tes petites bouchées sont trop belles !

  40. I m sure you re going to create wonderful gluten free desserts. this one looks has all my favourite ingredients :)

  41. tweet says:

    Wonderful cakes !!
    So, welcome in our world of gluten intolerants ;-)

    Yes, u’re right : there’s so many ways of having fun with those ingredients we would never have known without this intolerance. So, say this one’s a luck, right ?

    Cheers !

  42. McU says:

    Absolutamente fantásticas las fotos.
    So beatiful, so fresh, so refreshing!
    Go on, please. Somos legión los que te seguimos!

  43. Zerogluten says:

    Qué te puedo decir, Aran? Que es realmente curioso que yo recurriera un día a tí para que me echaras una mano en el mundo sin gluten, que tu me descubrieras los beneficios que tiene para otras enfermedades como el autismo la dieta sin gluten y que ahora seas tú la que te veas privada de él por un diagnostico de celiaquía.
    Si este blog era para mi la Biblia, hoy ni te cuento. Ahora serás LA MAS GRANDE, pero libre de gluten.
    Estoy segura que aprenderemos muchísimo de tí y que tu estado de salud mejorará considerablemente a partir de ahora, que es lo más importante.
    No tengo que decirte que lo más mínimo que necesites, estoy a tu entera disposición.
    Mil besos sin gluten hoy más que nunca.

  44. Mariola says:

    Kaixo Aran!! Me llamo Maríola y soy de Santurce. Solo quería decirte que eres una gran inspiración y que me apasiona tu trabajo. Agur!

  45. zebulon says:

    Glad to see you’re taking the gluten-free road with such a positive outlook :) I’m impatient to see how you’ll integrate those new possibilities and ingredients in your cooking!

    I recently told my girlfriend – who can’t eat any dairy product herself – that I was stunned by how many people (food bloggers in particular, since I follow quite a lot of them) were intolerant or allergic to something.
    What I’m wondering is, why does gluten intolerance seem such a recent phenomenon? Did doctors ignore it before? Or is it somehow related to our environment and lifestyle? Unless my point of view is simply biased, since I don’t hear about it in France.

    About your dessert, I’m usually not such a mousse fan, but I have a feeling this one might be an exception ;) Beautiful photos as always, both yummy-looking and strangely relaxing.

  46. Exquisitely beautiful! Such tiny little bits of delight. :-) I’m so sorry about your health issues. I’m going through very similar things and it’s been a real bugger. I’m trying to do the same as you: finding delight in what we CAN eat so that we don’t miss the other things so much. :-)

  47. Alicia says:

    The best aspect of your new gluten free recipes is that its an all new adventure for your genius, creative mind.
    By the way as always stunning photos…now if only I could just pull your delicasies off the screen!!!

  48. Zerogluten- las vueltas que da la vida verdad? Mi amiga Jill llevaba años hablandome del tema y mira ahora donde estoy yo. En EEUU son tantas las alternativas al gluten que es una gozada.

    Mariola- de santurce… Que bonito… Besarkada bat eta eskerrik asko!

    Zebulon- we have had autoimmune issues in my family but i think doctors didn’t understand the link between these immune issues and food protein intolerances. I also think our lifestyle has a big role in all of this. I know that stress has definitely been a major player in my case. Thanks you.

    I hope that even if you don’t have issues with gluten, you try some of these recipes. There are such alternatives to wheat, etc…

    Thank you!

  49. Vanille says:

    These cakes look amazingly tempting !
    I like your take on the gluten-free diet. Your creativity has no frontier !

  50. These mousse cakes look PERFECT, I mean something you’d see at a 5-star bakery executed by a 5 star pâtisserie chef. So great they’re gluten-free also!


  51. Rowaida says:

    Aran, beautiful images and the sweets looks delicious! Wish you great health and success.

  52. Siento mucho lo de tu diagnosis.

    Pero, como dices, ahora se te ha abierto un mundo nuevo para experimentar y crear recetas con un surtido de ingredientes que quizas antes ni sabías existían.

    Te felicito por tu blog, está bellísimo.

  53. Aran,

    Love the pictures!! The little cakes look divine!! I am so glad that you finally know for sure what has been affecting you!! The gluten free recipes that you make always look so good and you always seem to have such a great attitude about it!!! Bravo for you!!! Not everyone would have the gung-ho attitude!!!

    Can’t wait to make this recipe!!


  54. This is like eating a chocolate covered easter egg – only better. gorgeous photos.

  55. These look so amazing. I do believe my father and boyfriend would go crazy for them. I have been having tummy problems for a long long time and I do believe it may have something to do with gluten so I look forward to reading more about your gluten free adventures!

    p.s. have you been able to check out my feature about you? You are such an inspiration to me!

  56. Camilla- I did. Thank you very much for your kind words! Regarding gluten, try giving it up for a few days and see how you feel. Might be worth looking into it! Thanks again.

    Thanks all!

  57. Grace says:

    Oh my goodness these are absolutely stunning, your photography again is so so beautiful, what an eye, so artistic. I know I have said this before but I just love your site Aran! Definitely a recipe I will try.

    All the best,

  58. Ljubica says:

    you have the most amazing photos!
    you make me wish my oven wasn’t broken so i could at least attempt to make something partially as delectable as your treats, though i would most likely fail miserably! lol

  59. Lauren says:

    Oh Aran, I wish you all the best! Gluten-free surely isn’t as hard as advertised, and I am positive that dairy free shouldn’t be too bad either. Your health is of the utmost importance, and I must say that when I was diagnosed, I had the same reaction to bake more :).

  60. Mini Gagag says:

    Hello, I have only just found your blog. And i must say you are now a daily occurance in my life, you have inspired me to cook again, as life just seemed to get the way. Thank you so much.

  61. i can’t believe how beautiful those little cakes are. perfection. do you happen to remember where the cake stand & the little plates with bumpy borders come from?

  62. cutlex says:

    I wish you all the best Aran! I love your blog to death, especially this cake! Your family is so lucky to have you! Every ingredient added to what you bake and cook, is another cup of love.

  63. boogie. says:

    those look absolutely divine!!! i’ve been looking for a good chocolate mousse cake recipe! …and p.s. i LOVE those new anthropologie cups!

  64. That looks heavenly. You are so sweet making this one for your family. God bless!

  65. what a treat..kjust amazingly wonderful

  66. Dajda says:

    You’re taking it so cheerfully, that is good! How fortunate there is such a variety of gluten-free substitutes. Looking forward to seeing your non-gluten baking!

  67. Zizi says:

    A message to ERIK,

    you can find vegan recipes on the next blogs (not gluten free, but vegan without meat, milk, eggs), you only need to change the flour:
    Vegan Dad:
    Whole foods vegan momma:

    Hope you find something! :)


  68. Con tu diagnostico aún aprenderemos más de ti, las recetas seguirán siendo extraordinarias.

  69. Christy says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your condition, Aran, but it’s good that you get to bake more often!! And it’s so generous of you to take us along for the ride! I(and many other people I’m sure) really appreciate you testing and sharing recipes with us!

    I’m not gluten intolerant, but I still like baking with alternative flours, and have been discovering the joys of quinoa, rice flour, buckwheat and tapioca starch. I come from the tropics where the use of rice flour and starch is more common in traditional sweets, so it’s good to see them being used in a westernised context. Always looking forward to your new posts!!

  70. morgana says:

    ¡¡ No tenía ni idea, Aran !!

    Como dice Zerogluten, si antes eras religión, ahora lo serás por partida doble.

    Un abrazo.

  71. Erika says:

    Es gratificante saber que siempre existe gente a la que cuando le dan piedras devuelve flores
    No dudo que será un desfío con gusto

  72. Brian Asis says:

    I just love chocolate mousses, your photos and you blog :) Too bad you had to stay away from sugar, but at least you can always leave the eating to us :D

  73. Enila says:

    So amazing ! Tes photos sont pleines de douceurs et de gourmandises, bravo !

  74. Cake and cider- the cake stand is from anthropologie from a few years ago and the plates are from Macy’s i believe.

    thank you!!

  75. Barbara says:

    It is good you are excited about exploring gluten free cooking. I may have to try it as I’ve seen some fabulous things on blogs lately.

    I wish we had an athropologie store here. I noticed some little cups in an earlier post and wondered if they were the Samantha Robinson cups. Although they are made in Australia I can’t find them in my area.

  76. Barbara- those are indeed from samantha robinson. how far are you from sydney? you could always go visit her studio. they are beautiful.

    Thank you!

  77. I agree, baking is therapeutic and cathartic even.
    These cakes are so adorable, it doesn’t even matter if you can’t eat them. Just looking at them makes me happy!

  78. L Vanel says:

    That’s the way to do it! It’s very good to hear that you are inspired by the possibilities of what cards you’ve been dealt. Here’s to healthy body and spirit.

  79. Tessa says:

    These are so amazingly beautiful! You are such a fantastic baker and photographer!!

  80. Fimère says:

    ils sont tellement beaux qu’on même pas envie de les toucher, bravo pou cette magnifique réalisation
    bonne journée

  81. Deeba PAB says:

    Every path you choose to follow is filled with adventure and beauty! These are gorgeous!

  82. Valen says:

    I have been seeing this more and more, food bloggers moving over to the gluten free side whether they want to or not. I’m 20 and have spent half of my life on different diets and getting tested trying to find the source of my problems. I have been told twice now in the past 2 years that there is no food that I should avoid, its all in my head, all my problems are created just from the power of my mind.

    I know exactly what your talking about that going to the store is like going to a candy shop! I can so relate. I wish you much success with gluten free baking. Every day I get better and better. I try to eat a varied diet and that is why I bake gluten free.

  83. Kate says:

    What gorgeous photos!!!

    I think you’ll find that the dairy thing isn’t as bad as it sounds. There are a lot more substitutes, products, and recipes out there than there used to be (like when I was little, I used juice on my cereal. Soy milk wasn’t an option). I think part of it is more people have allergies, but also the increase in the number of vegans (no dairy or eggs for them).

    Anyway, the recipe looks lovely!

  84. Valen- i’m sorry to hear that doctors don’t listen. you really have to find one with an open mind and not all are like that. what kinds of tests did you have done? i encourage you to check out my doctor’s blog. he has great info there.

    Kate- my testing showed i do not have a casein allergy but to heal my leaky gut, i must give up dairy for a little bit. it will not be forever though. in the meantime, i love hemp and coconut milks.

    thank you everyone!

  85. LD says:

    WooHoo! Sad for you, but happy for me! I have just started my gluten free adventure as well and I missed being able to use some of your recipes. I am excited to see what you come up with. Heal well!

  86. I love that you are so positive about this!! I heard your interview and you sounded beautiful:). I hope you will be sharing some desserts made with those alternative milks. The pictures are so dreamy!! I love brown and I like the two tones it has in this dessert.

  87. Além de lindos, devem ser deliciosos!
    Gostaria de saber cozinhar ao menos um poquinho como você…

  88. laura says:

    Aran, I was happy to read you have results back. I know, for me at least, it always feels better knowing what is going on. I had gestational diabetes, and once I found out, everything I had been feeling suddenly made sense and I was able to create a diet that truly nourished my body. Also, my son has a dairy allergy and he drinks soley hemp milk, which I noticed you mentioned, with great results. I am looking forward to learning from your gluten free adventures! These photos are as breathtaking as ever.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Te hago la ola desde aqui!!,j,j yo no tengo intolerancia al gluten (que yo sepa y toco madera)pero me gusta mucho cocinar sin. Hoy me quedo con estos pastelitos y tu actitud!! beso Carmenzh
    Por cierto hay un blog (lo voy a bsucar un segundo)quiza ya lo conoces pero aunque no es solo sin gluten muchas recetas sin lacteos,huevos y sin gluten ahi va:

  90. Laura says:

    Stunning!! I wonder if you could make this dairy-free with coconut milk (with Italian meringue added in for lightness)?
    This would be great on Passover . . . I have to bookmark this for next year!

  91. Carmen- echare un vistazo. gracias.

    Laura- you could add gelatin to the coconut milk and then gently fold in the meringue. not sure about quantities, you will have to play around and the texture will be different but could work! :)

    Thank you!

  92. I love fresh coconut…your chocolate treats look amazing! I hope you’ll be able to enjoy one soon.

  93. Julia says:

    Sorry about your health problems. It’s great to see you being so positive about it, though. I can relate, because my sister is intolerant to various (by which I mean, almost all) foods, and I’ve had a hard time helping her find and make food she can actually eat. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to enjoy this, but I will make it for myself. One question: How much does one of your gelatin sheets weigh? I’ve heard they can be different, depending on where you live.

  94. Julia- these ones are 2 grams each and 200 bloom. sorry to hear about your sister. it must be hard.

    Thank you!

  95. Tara says:

    Hi Aran,

    Congrats on your diagnosis! (I know, that sounds a bit odd, but when you finally find out what’s wrong and what you need to do to heal yourself, it can be quite a relief, can’t it?) I’ve been gluten-free for about 12 years now, during which time I still managed to get professionally trained and work as a pastry chef. That experience and education, I have found, has been invaluable in my exploration in the world of gluten-free baking, as I know you have also found to be the case. Good luck on this new adventure of yours, and I look forward to following along on your journey!

    Cheers to your good health!

  96. Doreen says:

    Utterly beautiful little cakes! What may seem an obstacle is quite often an opportunity. Best wishes for good health.

  97. Melissa says:

    I just found this site. It is beautiful!

  98. Radhika says:

    These look gorgeous! And too good to resist!

  99. I applaud you for making these even though you did not get to enjoy them!
    YOur photos are so so beautiful!!!

  100. Oh, these are divine. I’m sorry you can’t eat them but I know you’ll find a way to create something just as delicious and gluten free.

  101. ibb says:

    Aran, ni hiru urte izan bizitzen zeliako bategaz. Eta egia esan ez zitzaidan zaila egin. Beno igual ogiaren asuntua…bokadillo zalea bait naiz, baina taloaren alternatiba ere hor sartzen zan. Gero eta gauza gehiago daude, eta horrelako errezetak ikusteak benetan laguntzen du.
    Ongi jarraitu eta besarkada bat

  102. Small burst- these are gluten free but not dairy free which I cannot have in this stage of my elimination diet to treat leaky gut. It seems like I will be able to have dairy once all is better though. Thank you!

    ibb- ni be bokadillo zalea naz baina gluten bako ogi errezetak egin dodaz eta nahiko ondo egie esan. Taloa be alternatiba ona! Ez jata orain arte bururatu baina egingo dot! Mosu bat.

    Thank you!

  103. Katharine says:

    Such stunning work, in every way!

    I would like to bake with more gluten-free flours, but in Spain I’m having a hard time finding them..except for spelt flour. Maybe I’ll need to import??

  104. Katharine- as I understand, spelt has gluten in it. A different gluten than the one found in wheat but still can cause similar allergic reactions particularly those with celiac or very sensitive gluten allergies. Can you still tolerate it? I hear some people can tolerate spelt even when they can’t have wheat. Regarding the gluten free flours, have you tried ordering online? Not sure where in Europe you could find them or even seeing if Bob’s Red Mill will ship overseas. Best. Thanks!

  105. This looks amazing!!I am going to try it for weekend :-)

  106. Wow. Thanks for the recipe! My kids will totally love this. I think it;s about time to give them a little treat. LOL. Thanks.

  107. Alelunetta says:

    Bellissimi! Really to die for. I’ll make them soon, I’m sure they’re yummy too.

  108. etringita says:

    Ay por favor… Qué cosa con más buena pinta y más rica…
    *se atragante con la saliva*

  109. Hello Aran. I’m sorry to hear about your allergies and you not feeling well. I wish you all the best and hang on in there. You’re a young, lively, creative woman who I’m sure will overcome this!
    I would like to ask you about the hazelnut flour in you recipe. If I can’t find any is it possible to just grind hazelnuts until they become powdery? Or is hazelnut flour different? I’ve never used it and actually I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before at the market.

  110. Magda- you can certainly grind your own. i would remove some of the skin so it doesn’t become too bitter and grind them as fine as possible without turning them into a paste. Thank you!

  111. Hi Aran,
    I am a great fan of yours: your pictures are always amazing and your recipes always yummy. Now I have one reason more to admire you. I think your attitude is great.It is exactly the way I’d like to react to all life challenges. I am also happy that you’ve found out what is wrong with your health. It is great to take care of one’s self – it means you are strong enough to make it. And after all, constrained creativity sometimes yields to the best results :)

  112. Hilda says:

    So you finally have the answer Aran. I’m glad the uncertainty is over even if the results are not what one would wish for (especially when one makes such incredible things as you do). These are outstanding, the pictures are outstanding, and I might just start to get a bit mad about these airport issues since I can’t get over there to have some. ;) xx

  113. I am sorry to hear about your health problems, but it is good to have you as part of the GF community. It really is true that going gluten free can actually be inspiring. It takes a little more creativity to figure out other baking ingredients when you can’t rely on gluten. But as you say, there is a whole huge world of great ingredients – hazelnuts being one of my favorites too!
    Here’s to good health and great food.

  114. Seanna Lea says:

    These are beautiful. I’ve been avoiding the ring molds and the like, because I already have too many baking tools to fit in my kitchen. Unfortunately, desserts like this tempt my resolve!

  115. Claudia says:


    He preparado tus financieros aunque en lugar de usar riubarbo, que es dificil de encontrar en Madrid, utilice frambuesas, fueron un éxito y fue interesante probar la harina de quinoa.

    Muchas gracias por tus recetas y tu hermoso blog. Qusiera hacerte una pregunta.

    Quiero hacer algunas recetas tuyas con chocolate pero en Madrid no encuentro cocoa en polvo. ¿Algunos lugares que recomiendes para encontrar ingredientes de este tipo?

    Muchas gracias,.
    Claudia Martínez

  116. Claudia- No se donde puedes encontrar cacao en polvo en Madrid. Que raro que no lo puedas encontrar no? Has mirado en internet?

  117. lisa says:

    The Coconut Mousse sounds delicious and the presentation is too cute.

  118. Kim A says:

    Sorry to hear about your gluten intolerance!! In New York there’s a vegan bakery called Babycakes which also carries gluten intolerance-friendly products, and they have a cookbook out which is amazing that you might want to check out! (It’s called Babycakes-The Cookbook)

  119. Kim A- I actually own a copy of Babycakes and it’s great. I’d love to visit the bakery next time I’m in NYC. Thank you!

  120. Anonymous says:

    I feeit is bad practice to promote a doctor who is selling his services online. I smell a rat here just by reading this guys site.

    I can understand your need to know why you feel sick, however, posting this quack doctors link without actually researching whether leaky gut is real or not is shameful. Here is just one link you might want to read.

    I went through much of what you are going through some years ago and spent 1,000’s of dollars on the same type of quackery. Thank goodness I have researched long and hard enough get what I need from a doctor. I suggest you do the same. It took years but I am being cured and not by a charleton like this guy.

    I know you just want to feel good.

  121. Anonymous- i trust Dr Clark fully and what he tested me for is nothing new. i’ve had many friends who have had several issues with same lab testing with great results. before he even gave me the diagnosis, i had a gut feeling about all the issues i had just because i had done lots of research before.

    i have been under his treatment, which include specific diet and supplements for about 10 days now and my vertigo and imbalance have gone away, tinnitus almost gone, I’m sleeping much better, night sweats gone, no brain fog…

    i’m sorry you had a bad doctor. i know how frustrating that must have been. hope you get better help soon.


  122. tyler says:

    how have i just discovered your lovely blog?! absolutely delicious. i am glad to hear your health is on the mend and that you’ve embraced the challenge of new cuisine. your work is beautiful and i’ve just posted on you today. be well!

  123. Tartelette says:

    Anonymous: the only rat I smell is your comment. Really. A bit tired of people’s need to put the damper on other people’s party. And I am not even talking about who’s right or wrong, or better than here because frankly the debates over medical issues have gone on way before we were born and will go on long after we are dead.
    I am just talking about the systematic way people have to put someone’s good mood down lately. Rejoice for her! Rejoice she feels alive and kicking. It is easier to pass on your opinion and link in a nicer way – attracting us to communicate with you -rather than saying “dude, lay off will you!”
    If Aran says she found what works for her and she feels the best she has felt in a while (and trust me, I know what it is to be floored by vertigo or not being able to think clearly for a day and more) – then that’s all that matter isn’t it?
    I say “amen” she feels better and I understand her choice to include a link to her doctor.
    We get email questions everyday about this or that and linking sources in a post saves us a lot of time – not to mention giving others the possibility of checking things out for themselves if they want a second, third or fourth read on an issue that troubles them.

    Sorry to cram your space Aran. I wish people would stop piss on other people’s parade. There is enough room in this world for all our opinions. That is if we use our brains long enough.

    Ok, I’m crawling back to my editing hole now …

  124. ronel says:

    wow looks yummy..

    Last blog’s Prince ronel

  125. Yeah its really very sweet and perfect. thanks for sharing it…

  126. Valérie says:

    Bon courage pour ton nouveau régime encore plus strict ! En tout cas tu as raison : cuisiner c’est la partie la plus intéressante, et ça fait toujours plaisir, même si tu ne goûtes pas, d’enchanter les papilles de tes proches ! Tes photos sont sublimes, ne change rien !

  127. Flo says:

    Well, who better than you to start playing around with gluten-free ingredients and tell us all about your delicious discoveries!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  128. DeAnne says:

    my daughter has been talking about mousse for weeks now and I really have no idea why; but when I saw this recipe I KNEW that I had found her birthday celebration treat! we can hardly wait to make this, thank you so much for sharing :)


  129. Estie says:

    Helen A.K.A. Tartlette is awesome. Aran and Helen-any ideas for a substitute for the yogurt-I’m dying to try it dairy free. Hope you’re both feeling good!

  130. Claudia says:

    Gracias, seguiré buscando el cacao.

  131. Alex Erynn says:

    I’m allergic to dairy and a sworn chocolate lover but I’ve found some things to replace whipped cream and heavy cream. Coconut milk and cool whip. Not as good as the original but when you have to, it works perfectly. Beautiful pictures.

  132. Nikki says:

    There are days when I am rendered speechless (not very many..) and today, I cannot find the words to express the feelings I have when looking at your photos…. your gift with the lens, your talent for placement, styling, just blows me away…. I think that looking at your photography releases the same endorphins in my brain that chocolate, red wine or sunshine does… that is pretty amazing! ( Oh look at that, not that speechless after – all!) As always Aran, simply stunning!

  133. Nikki says:

    And Tartlette… I agree with every word! I have noticed, and correct me if I am wrong Aran, the negativity almost always comes from some, NOT ALL, but mostly “anonymous” commenters… curious. All that negativity, all that conviction in their words about how “wrong” people are, and how much they disagree, but they never seem to have enough guts to add a name to their comments… Aran, we are all so happy that you are as positive as you are, and for the majority of your readers, we’re always behind you! Keep on making your readers smile, and enjoy life, however it is given! All the best!

  134. Carina says:

    Tienes alguna receta de mousse de chirimoya o maracuja? Tu blog es alucinante!! Felicitaciones por tanto amor y arte en las paginas!!!

  135. Three of my favorite flavors in one delicious bite! Now, that is the perfect sweet treat!
    What symptoms made you think it was gluten or was it a process of elimination?

  136. hautenthekitchen- I actually had a genetic test done to figure out if I am allergic to any of the major food proteins like gluten, casein, soy, chicken eggs, etc. It came back that I have a genetic sensitivity or intolerance to gluten. I never had GI symptoms but that doesn’t mean anything. Gluten allergies can trigger other immune diseases besides celiac sprue and that’s what I have, Hashimoto’s and Autoimmune ear disorder or Meniere’s.

    You can read more about it here if you are interested.

  137. Carina- No, pero puedes utilizar esta receta y substituir el puree de fresa por cualquier otro pure de frutas.

  138. Jamie says:

    It’s funny how things like this in life can change our whole outlook and make us try things we may never have tried otherwise. Take something not so good and flip it upside down and make something good out of it.

    And baking is indeed therapeutic as well as a wonderful way to share and express our love. These mini mousse cakes are amazing and so beautiful!

  139. It’s great that you’re making things specifically for others!! Sorry about your health issues, I’m interested to see how you work around it!!

  140. Tif says:

    your pictures are sooo soo beautiful!!!! you’re an amazing baker!

  141. Jeff says:

    The mousse look delicious.

    For chocolate lovers in the UK, you might also be interested in a company called MAKEchocolates that run truffle making courses.

  142. These look amazing. what a gorgeous combination of flavors and so beautifully photographed of course!

  143. A few months ago, I happened upon your blog and it was when I was in the throes of experiencing so many food reactions! I, too, am sensitive to gluten, dairy, and a whole host of other foods, too, as my immune system heals. Yeast and sugar have been very problematic for me, too. I remember at that time getting a little depressed at all the lovely photos and recipes of all the lovely foods that I could not eat. I set aside reading your blog because of it back then.

    Kind of by chance, I came back to your blog today because I was looking through some old bookmarks I’d made. Imagine that I came back today only to discover that Canelle et Vanille has gone gluten, dairy, and egg-free for the time being!? How cool is that? :) I remember happening on a few older posts where you suspected gluten was a problem for you, but now that you are keeping away from it entirely, I am so pleased. :) I’m not happy that you have to avoid these things, but on the other hand, your loss is my gain for now I feel like I have a reason to be back here and explore the recipes you are posting.

    I don’t have to feel sad anymore at beautiful things I cannot eat for now you are posting about things that I can savor, too. This has brought me a lot of joy today.

    Thank you.

  144. I made it last week for my husband birthday (A cake version, I don’t have forms for a small cake you used).it was great. Everybody liked it. Thanks a lot for sharing this great recipe.

  145. Little Upseide Down Cake- that makes me sooo happy! well done!

  146. sera says:

    You are an inspiration to someone who has recently gone wheat-free. It sounds as if I don’t have near the trouble that you do, but I was so depressed at first, and then I come here and you cheer me up immediately and show me amazing things that I CAN eat. thank you so much.

  147. LaPetite says:

    Hi There,
    Lovely Greetings from Germany!
    Uhhh i luv ur Photos soooo much =)
    Keep´n on and enjoy the Life!

  148. This recipe is the very definition of the phrase ‘necessity is the mother of invention’
    It’s a shame that you can’t eat gluten anymore but these little morsels of perfection are proof that you needn’t miss out.
    Thanks for sharing these and the gorgeous photos.

  149. Paige says:

    I made the chocolate mousse yesterday….fabulous. I love the sabayon base. And the result–light and ethereal…just perfect.

    I also wanted to let you know I so appreciate it that you write your recipes in weights rather than volumes!! I made a batch of financiers using your ratios…they turned out great (topped with the first apricots of the season!).

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your reliable recipes.

  150. Anonymous says:

    I would love to incorporate more gluten-free foods into our family’s diet. We appreciate whole foods so much and have really reaped the benefits of it in the kids’ immunity – they are never ever sick! My youngest is allergic to tree nuts, however, and so many gluten-free and vegan recipes use nut flours. Which flours would you substitute when a recipe calls for some kind of nut flour? I haven’t ventured much farther than whole wheat!

  151. Sondra says:

    I absolutely love this blog. Beautiful photography and food! I am an aspiring chocolatier with a blog of my own. Chocolate recipes, truffle ideas, chocolate reviews, and more. Please “follow” here:

  152. Anonymous says:

    Awesome recipe!! I can’t wait to try it but I would like to know if I can freeze it, and if it is possible, how long it can stay in the freezer? Thank you!!


  153. Marie-Christine- yes you can! For about 1 month and after that they might start to get freezer burnt.

  154. Excelente receta! Pero lo que mas me gustan son las fotografias. Yo también hago fotos y quería preguntarte si estás utilizando solo luz natural o complementás con flashes para eliminar las sombras. Te felicito.

  155. Ruth says:

    I’ve always loved the gorgeous photograph of your beautiful baking.

    Love your passion to explore the new ingredients too. Hope you find some goodies you’d have never found before.

    I have one question about the recipe. For the muscovado sugar, do you use dark or light? I can buy Billington’s muscovado unrefined cane sugar locally so I’m hoping it is the equivalent?!

  156. Peggy says:

    What a lovely and delicious sounding dessert!
    I recently attempted something similar. I tried using tomato paste cans for the form. I like your idea of the acetate or parchment paper. Could you tell me a little more about how you did that? Thank you!

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