English Peas, Buckwheat Greens And A Strawberry Tart

It has been quite hectic around here.

During these past couple of weeks, I have had to park my book writing routine aside to focus on a couple of other projects I am super excited about. I wish I could share more, but we will have to wait. All I can say is that it involves a major magazine and I had a blast.

However, all of this has taken a bit of a toll on me.

When I woke up Sunday, I felt as though I had run a marathon. Sore and exhausted.

C. encouraged me to take some time for myself in the morning. He took the kids and I headed to the farmers’ market. I find it relaxing to walk around, people watch and get inspired by the produce and talking to the farmers I have come to know this year.

Unfortunately, it was the last day of the market. Yes, when the rest of the country is just now gearing up for their growing season, ours is coming to an end. Well, not exactly. Things will still grow in the summer, but much slower and not so abundant. Most of the farmers I know take the summer off to travel and learn from other farmers.

As it was the last day, I indulged in everything I saw. The usual suspects such as eight ball zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, mulberries, farm eggs, kale, beets, english peas… But I also found buckwheat greens.

This was the first time I had even seen buckwheat greens. Beautiful greens with tiny little flowers.

As I started to read about them, I found out that they can be somewhat toxic when consumed in large amounts and that is why they are not recommended in juicing. However, a small amount can be beneficial.

Sunday night, I made a quick soup with English peas and buckwheat greens. The soup was tasty and mild. Spinach or even lettuce would work just as well.

When Monday came around, I was ready to start testing more recipes for the book.

I really feel so lucky to be able to do what I love. Time flies when I am working and enjoy every second of it.

But when time flies, lunch must also be quick. Crushed pea, cherry tomato and goat cheese tartines to go with leftover soup from the night before. I blanched some English peas in salted boiling water, then crushed them with a fork. Mixed with goat cheese, scallions, olive oil, salt and pepper on toasted gluten-free bread.

I was testing a new tart dough and with the leftovers, I made a quick almond and strawberry tartlet that Miren and I had for dessert. Took a couple of chairs outside and had an impromptu picnic in the back lawn.

Then back to work.

English Pea and Buckwheat Greens Soup

Serves 4

2 Tbs olive oil
1 leek, white part only diced
1 garlic clove, minced
1 medium potato, peeled and diced
2 cups shelled peas
2 cups buckwheat greens or spinach
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
5 sprigs thyme leaves
3 cups chicken stock
Goat cheese, optional
Chopped scallions, optional
Olive oil

In a small pot, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the leek and the garlic and cook for 3 minutes until soft.

Add the rest of the ingredients and bring the liquid to a boil. Cover the pot, reduce heat to medium low and let it simmer for 15 minutes or until soft.

Puree the soup. Serve with chopped scallions, goat cheese, drizzle of olive oil, and toasted bread.

Strawberry and Almond Tart

Makes 6 3-inch tartlets

Pie crust of your choice (mine was gluten free)
½ cup (110 g) unsalted butter, room temperature
½ cup (110 g) natural cane sugar
1 egg
½ tsp almond extract
1 cup (110 g) almond flour
1 Tbs (10 g) tapioca starch
¼ tsp salt
2 cups sliced strawberries

Pre-heat oven to 400F.

In a stand mixer, cream the butter and sugar with the paddle attachment until light. Add the egg and almond extract and mix until combined. Add the dry ingredients and mix.

Roll out the pie dough to 1/4-inch thickness. Cut 6 4-inch disks and fill tart molds with them. Cut off excess dough.

Fill the tart molds with frangipane and arrange the sliced strawberries on top. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until crust golden.

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83 Responses to “English Peas, Buckwheat Greens And A Strawberry Tart”

  1. I cannot wait to hear your news! This is so exciting and incredible. Each photo here was a delight. I love how you tell a story- especially about going to the Farmer’s Market. Aren’t supportive husbands the best?

  2. I’m swooning over the prospect of buckwheat greens at the market this summer. They look so tantalizing.

    I found my first strawberries of the season at the market last Saturday, and I’m hungry for everything strawberry right now. Especially knowing there will be more coming.

    I feel for you that your market season is ending; there’s always a sad moment for me on the last market day of the year. On the other hand, come visit Portland, OR in summer. You won’t be disappointed!

    Thanks, as always, for the wonderful recipes and mouthwatering pictures. And for the inspiration.

  3. Caroline says:

    Your posts always make me crave farmer’s market season. Yay it’s finally here! You can come visit our Green City Market anytime.

  4. Adrian- Portland is one of my favorite places in the whole country so I really really wish I were traveling west this summer. who knows, maybe i will have to make it happen.

    Dancing Branflake- indeed!!!

    thank you both!

  5. Beth says:

    Just had dinner and really wished it had been the green pea tartine. That looks scrumptious.

  6. Sarah says:

    Just beautiful. I am looking forward to the farmer’s markets getting into full swing in DC. Lovely pictures and sentiments!

  7. I am so so happy I discovered your blog a few weeks ago. Your photos are enchanting and your writing is wonderful. It goes without saying that your food always looks so yummy.
    Congrats on the exciting news!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I made fresh pea soup and strawberry tarts in Northern Cal just yesterday. It is a lovely fact of nature that 3,000 miles away the season for some things is ending just as they begin here, and vice-versa, with overlap like peas and strawberries. I like thinking about all of our seasonal cycles at different points in their rotation. (And I know you’ll still find lots of local inspiration this summer!)

  9. Beth says:

    What stunning photography! Your tartlet looks wonderful.

  10. Jeanette says:

    Can’t wait to hear your good news. I’ve never heard of buckwheat greens, but they look light and delicate. Can’t wait for our farmer’s market to open!

  11. Perfectly stunning photos. Your blog is a joy to read!!!

  12. Oh, this is just so beautiful! As usual I feel an instant burst of happiness as I scroll through your post:)
    Congratulations on the exciting new project, looking forward to reading more about about it as you reveal more. Also, I’m so excited about the food styling workshop in France, hope I get a chance to participate;)

  13. I’m down here recently moved to Texas. I wonder if the farmer’s markets will end soon here too. The little tarts looks delicious and the impending news sounds so exciting. What a life you are leading!

  14. Molly says:

    The winter up here in New England was so bad, I’d completely forgotten about the lovely pea. Our farmers’ markets are just beginning, and now I can’t wait for all of the season’s little goodies.

  15. Beautiful pictures! Too bad the growing season is pretty much coming to a close where you live, but you made some delicious looking food with your finds :)

  16. Our farmer’s market become sparse at this time too as the temps start hitting above 40 degrees and it gets too hot! Your photos are so ompelling- esp thos that you took in your lawn!

  17. Kenon says:

    Simply beautiful! I can not wait until your book is released, I am saving money aside just for it! :)

  18. That strawberry tart looks divine! Glad you got some time to yourself. Xo, Katie

  19. Deeba PAB says:

    Can’t wait to hear the news, and I know it’s going to be great. Fabulous and refreshing pictures as always Aran. The buckwheat greens are intriguing. A stop over here is wonderfully therapeutic!

  20. What an exciting time, albeit exhausting! What a lovely lunch you had this day. I love your recipes. I have never seen buckweat greens before! They look beautiful.
    Heidi xo

  21. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. That tart looks beautiful, and the peas are just perfect. I can’t wait for summer.

  22. LOVE Your photos! Beautiful! :-)

  23. Iratxe says:

    … mmm… ¡Qué rico!, me encanta la tarta de fresas, ¡preciosas fotos, PRECIOSAS!. Un abrazote.

  24. A gorgeous post and delightful pictures! Those spring treats are so irresistible.



  25. Beautiful pictures, refreshing and quiet and lively, and thank you so much for sharing again and again the beauty and goodness you bring to life!

  26. Camila says:

    Como siempre, Aran, tus fotos dan ganas de arrancar la imagen de la pantalla. cuánta luz y frescor!

  27. Alyssa says:

    That strawberry and almond tart looks so delicious! Perfect with a cup of tea sitting in the sun. I am loving that its spring again! Beautiful images as always :)

  28. ibb says:

    Zelako haundi dabilen egiten Miren…zelako momentu polita, atzeko jardinean zeozer jaten…holako momenturen bat arrapatzeko irrikitan nago.
    Zelan dihoa liburua? A tope ikusten dudanez. Sorterik onena.
    Patxo haundi bat,

  29. Cada vez que entro a tu blog me enamoro de las fotografías que pones. ¡¡No pueden ser más bonitas!!!
    Las recetas me han paecido deliicosas. Me gustan mucho las dos.

    Besitos cielo,

  30. Farmers market coming to an end!! In Scotland, our is just starting, still a couple of weeks away from the first asparagus. Such a joy in the seasons.

    Loving your photos as ever, you could make a bit of cardboard look appetising.

  31. Y says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had buckwheat greens before. Very inspiring! Hope you’re feeling more reenergised now :)

  32. I must admire your energy and strength to do so many things while raising two kids! It’s incredible.
    This post is really lovely as usual. I love the colours and beautiful light in your photos. They always fill me with positive energy. All the shades of green feel so summery. I’ve never had buckwheat greens. I’m a big fan of buckwheat flour and I’m curious to know what this greens taste like. Hope I can find them in London.

  33. zebiah says:

    Every thing looks delicious!!

  34. su says:

    Como siempre un placer visitarte. Muxu bat

  35. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. So fresh! As your season is coming to an end mine is just beginning. I will soon have the fresh garden greens that I am so hungry for.


  37. Oooooo!! So excited to hear your news, is it MSL?! I feel like it is… beautiful pictures as always!

  38. Tine says:

    Gosh, I LOVE your pictures!

  39. shari says:

    Beautiful! I love the photos…. so refreshing and also mouth-watering! I wish we had fresh peas here. I miss those from my childhood. Shelling peas with my grandma outside on the porch. One of my favorite memories… that, and blueberry picking with her in the woods. :-)

  40. L Vanel says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. Those peas in the pods are so inspiring.

  41. Lindsey says:

    Those peas – oh my. I always look forward to your posts, but the green-ness of this one was just perfect for my rainy day doldrums. Thank you!

  42. OMg, your blog is amazing!!!!

    I’m definitely following you!

  43. clémence says:

    Sublimer autant la cuisine… c’est fantastique!

  44. Susan says:

    Look at the picture you captured of the peas. Exquisite and the strawberry tart looks so delicious but healthy. Man, I wish I could be like one of those farmers;) and come learn all your culinary skills. You are ahhhmazing :)

  45. Nieves says:

    mmmm que ricoo! todo parece muy fresco y delicioso. Voy a ver si entuentro este tipo de buckwheat greens. Como se llaman en castellano?

  46. Shelby says:

    Was just wondering how I should use my box of very ripe strawberries, can’t wait to try the tarte recipe!
    Thank you!

  47. molly says:

    you poor dear. hope all that green was as restorative as it looks.

    the field of green + yellow dandelions, btw, is just brilliant against all the food. lovely.

  48. a. maren says:

    haha your quick lunch is my three day’s worth of work and planning! totally worth it, though. that strawberry tart looks delicious.

  49. Angela KL says:

    Congrats Aran on all that is going on in your life.. your work, your supportive husband, your children and your readers. Yes, it’s the little things in life that gives us much pleasure and I felt ‘pampered’ myself reading about your farmer’s market visit. Lovely post & pictures as usual from you. God bless!

  50. Vanille says:

    I’ve only recently discovered buckwheat groat and made kasha. I would be curious to try then buckwheat greens. Thank you for sharing a little bit of green and spring-feel for those in the middle of Autumn..

  51. Marina says:

    so so beautiful!!! and tasty must be)))

  52. nell says:

    wow!!! love the colours and the raw clean beautiful food you served..
    very inspiring.. thanks

  53. lovely, lovely tart. so summery! soup looks delicious too thanks for the recipe :)

  54. Angela says:

    Your pictures are so beautiful, in my market they are selling Fraises de Carpentras and the smell is just so delightful as I walk past the stalls, I may have to buy some (though strictly speaking still a little early here) and make your beautiful looking tart

  55. Thank you for the intro to buckwheat greens! I have never seen them before – i will have to go hunt for some, I’m so curious! Your soup looks wonderful.

  56. beautiful as always miss, and those peas and the strawberry tart looks delish!

  57. I absolutely love the layout of your blog! And you have me intrigued by your strawberry tartlet…it’s almost Strawberry season here in Lancaster County and I have a small patch of my own, can’t wait to try this recipe.

  58. Katia says:

    Wow, these photos are just magnificent! Its so rare to see english pees so fresh!! Your post has inspired me go to the farmers market. Thanks for your lovely blog. I’m a big foodie too and have started my own blog, would love it if you had a look!! :)

  59. Hi the photos are magnificent, this blog is the result of nature, passion,life and food. Thanks again for sharing it with us.

  60. Querida Aran,

    Una vez mas vengo a depender de tu consejo en el campo culinario! Es que no confio mas en alguien que no conozco sino en ti!

    Quiero hacer una torta de helado (tipo Ice Cream Cake, pero sofisticadisima, jajajaja!) y me debato en que usar para el componente “cake” de la torta. Pienso que una Genoese o un Devil’s Food Cake vendria bien. De cualquier manera, las impregnaria en un syrup aromatizado con espresso antes de hacer el ensamblaje de la torta.

    Que “cake” me recomendarias tu? Quiero algo suave, que no se pongo como una piedra en el congelador, y que de estructura a la torta terminada. Tambien, obviamente, que sepa rico e imparta un caracter decididamente chocolatoso.

    Espero ansiosamente tu opinion!

    Muchisimas gracias de antemano :)

  61. Winnie says:

    You are so incredibly talented and deserve all the good stuff that’s going on…that’s for sure! Beautiful recipes and photos :)

  62. The bird cage- lo mejor seria hacer un genoise o un bizcocho con poca mantequilla (o hasta aceite). Cuanta mas mantequilla tenga el bizcocho, mas duro se quedara en el congelador. Genoise seria perfecto. Buena suerte!

    Thanks all!

  63. Jennifer says:

    STUNNING!!!!!!! I am making this tart ASAP!!!!

  64. I really love your post because I myself loves fruits and vegetables. Eating these kinds of foods is very important because they are very rich in vitamins and minerals.

  65. Isabel says:

    What a incredible strawberry tart! All the pictures are so beautiful. Congratulations

  66. We are just lucky that you are so motivated with your work, and we are here to enjoy the results.
    Growing season here is just at the beginning, and I am going to indulge in this pea soup when they are available.

  67. You photographs are incredible, I actually leaned forward to lick the screen. Hahah! The tart looks gorgeous, so yummy!

  68. I love your photos, the way you manage to make the food just jump off the plate! It’s like its just begging me to make it and eat it! Definately my top food blog

  69. I’m loving all of the pictures you posted here. All looks delicious.:-) It’s really great to have a supportive and understanding husband.:-)

  70. SMITH AND says:

    Wow, I thought I loved peas before, but I especially do after those positively stunning photos!

  71. Dani says:

    Surfing on your site feels like holiday and pure relaxation to me! :) Love the picture of the strawberry tarte.

  72. Cris says:

    Really beautifull…. :)!

  73. Sara says:

    Stunning photography, and that tart looks absolutely delicious. It’s going to be hard finding a market with the freshest strawberries in the city, but I’m looking forward to the challenge so I can come home and try this out!

  74. Bea says:

    Al fin me decido a comentar…..
    Llevo siguiéndote un par de años y tengo que decir que me encanta tu blog.
    Unas fotos maravillosas y unas recetas que, como dicen más arriba, dan ganas de comerte del ordenador. Y es que con la luz que transmiten las fotografias se salen de la pantalla.

    Aún no me he atrevido a hacer ninguna de tus recetas, porque a veces usas ingredientes difíciles de encontrar en España (y aún no me atrevo a comprar ingredientes via internet), pero tengo algunas en pendientes…..
    Y por último…..¿dónde compras los maravillosos vestidos que lleva tu niña preciosa(porque cada dia está más preciosa)?…..estoy enamorada de cada uno de ellos….
    Muchos saludos desde España y sigue emocionándonos asi con las historias de tu familia. Bss

  75. Bea- Pues muchas gracias por comentar. Siempre se agradecen los comentarios. Los vestidos son de varios sitios. De crewcuts, de Catimini, de Jean Bourget, de Cakewalk…. Y es que es una gozada vestir a una nina!

  76. Bea says:

    Gracias a ti!! Voy a investigar por internet a ver si me animo de una vez a comprar cositas…..

    Y si que es una gozada vestir a una niña. La mia aún es un bebé pequeñito, pero ya empiezo a volverme loca con la ropita cara al verano…..jejeje.

    Por cierto….una última preguntilla ( si no es mucha molestia ). ¿Cómo puedo calcular la cantidad de agar agar a echar en una receta que lo indica en polvo, si el que yo tengo está en hebras?,¿se pesa igualmente?. Gracias de antemano y mucha suerte con tu libro de recetas y más.Bss

  77. Bea- la verdad es que no controlo mucho el tema del agar agar. lo siento…

  78. Bea says:

    No problem…seguiré usando gelatina en hoja, qque es más cómodo. Gracias igualmente. Bss

  79. T. says:

    Oh my goodness. Yum!

  80. Photos are magnificent. I really like your pictures.

  81. Em says:

    Beautiful photos! I’ve only recently found your website and have been going through the archive to see them all – so bright and elegant.

    May I ask where you got 3 inch tartlet pans? I have been searching the web and cannot find one that isn’t 2 inch or 4 inch in diameter.

    Thank you for any assistance, and for this beautiful blog!


  82. Em- I cannot remember where I got them really. Maybe even in Europe? Did you check jbprince.com and bakedeco.com ? You can certainly use 4-inch molds though.

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