Green Heirloom Tomato and Celeriac Soup

You might be wondering why in the world I am blogging about heirloom tomatoes in the middle of winter. While most of you are covered in snow and wearing layer upon layer of clothing, it is tomato season here in Florida. Yes, and it is beautiful. It is the season of tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, peppers… all the things that most of you enjoy during the summer we have them now.

On Sundays, we get up early, get a quick bite to eat and we load up the kids in the car to go to our local farmers market. It is what we used to do on Sundays when we were kids and I love having that tradition with my own family now.

The last couple of weeks, the tomatoes at one of my favorites farm stands have been beautiful and we have been eating them in salads about every single day. I just like to slice them and toss them in a little bit of olive oil, sea salt and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice or a drizzle of balsamic. So sweet and buttery. Yes, buttery tomatoes. Do you know what I mean? Such a soft and creamy texture.

Everyday, when J. comes home from school, he requests the same thing. Soup and sandwich. He is a boy with habits and his soup and sandwich lunch is one of them. So everyday, I try to come up with new ways to incorporate vegetables in his soup. He does not like raw tomatoes, but he loves his tomato soup. Go figure.

Last week, I made this green heirloom tomato and celery root soup for him and he loved it. The green tomatoes can be a bit acidic so they are balanced out with the sweetness of the carrot and a pinch of sugar. The celery root along with the potato makes this soup creamy as well. I loved the cherry tomato confit and the fried celeriac on top. All finished with some celery salt. Loved it.

Green Heirloom Tomato and Celeriac Soup

2 Tbs olive oil
1/2 leek, washed and chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
1 carrot, peeled and diced
2 medium green tomatoes, blanched, peeled, seeded and diced
1 medium celery root, peeled and diced
1 large russet potato, peeled and diced
1 Tbs fresh thyme
Salt and pepper, to taste
Pinch of sugar
2 cups chicken stock (just enough to cover the vegetables)

cherry tomato confit
celery root fried in olive oil
celery salt
fresh thyme

To blanch the tomatoes, bring water to a boil. Score the end of the tomatoes with a paring knife. Submerge the tomatoes in the boiling water for about 15 seconds. Strain the water and shock them in ice. The skin will peel right off.

In a medium pot, saute the leek, garlic and carrots in olive oil for a couple of minutes. Add the diced tomato, celery root, potato, salt, pepper, thyme. Saute for a minute and add the chicken stock, enough to cover the vegetables. Cook for about 20 minutes until all vegetables are tender.

Puree the soup and adjust the salt, pepper and sugar as needed. Depending on the acidity of the tomatoes, the seasoning will vary.

Garnish with cherry tomato confit, celery root fries, celery salt and fresh thyme leaves.

Cherry Tomato Confit

1 pint of cherry tomatoes
fresh thyme
Olive oil

Cut the tops off. Score the bottom of the tomato. Blanch them in boiling water for about 10 seconds and immediately shock them in ice. Peel the skin.

Cut the tomatoes in half and place them cut side up on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle salt, pepper and fresh thyme on top.

Bake at 225F for about 2-2 1/2 hours until half way dry. Store them in a jar covered with olive oil.

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87 Responses to “Green Heirloom Tomato and Celeriac Soup”

  1. As I sit here, wrapped in a blanket and drinking hot tea, I am more than a little envious of your February tomato bounty. I will be bookmarking this beautiful soup for summertime.

  2. nadia says:

    one of my favorite post ever! images are incredible and how i long for things to be in season

  3. Jayme says:

    Oh Aran, I adore these photos! How I wish tomatoes were in season here in the NW. I’ve been on a major soup/sandwich kick this winter and I’d love to make this. I suppose it’ll need to wait a few more months!

  4. keiko says:

    Looking absolutely gorgeous, Aran – and how lucky to have these beautiful tomatoes! xx

  5. poonam!! says:

    Hi Aran! Your pictures make the food look even more beautiful.Im gonna make this soup soon!

  6. I just love your blog! Beautiful recipe!

  7. Oh! I love these beautiful tomatoes SO much! :-) Spring seems SO close here in Washington, and I’m getting antsy for our wonderful open air markets. :-)

  8. Ana says:

    Que coincidencia!!! Hoy hice para almorzar una crema de tomate, pimiento rojo y cebolla roja. Estaba riquísima!!

    La tuya, sin duda la probaré porque su aspecto es fantástico!!


  9. Seanna Lea says:

    A beautiful soup. I wonder if the flavor would be even half so good with tomatoes from the supermarket as we are definitely months away from tomato season here.

  10. .agatka. says:

    I’ll dream about these beautifull tomatoes and soup.
    Your soup must be delicious…
    Best regards! :)

  11. What a delightful soup! Heirlooms are wonderful!



  12. Cheri says:

    Oh my goodness Aran! Tomatoes have never looked so good. Such gorgeous and colorful pictures. A breath of fresh air in the midst of these cloudy days.

  13. Julie says:

    Oh, and as fate would have it, I have two green tomatoes at home! It’s tomato season here in Arizona, too, thank goodness. =) I haven’t even started my personal garden yet, but others are already reaping the fruits of their winter-time labor, especially at our downtown public market (farmers’ market).

  14. Alec says:

    I am drooling as I type. Tomato season is my very favorite time of the year, i’m so glad I have more things to make with them. I wish I was in Florida instead of Minnesota.

  15. well, it’s just not fair to most the most beautful, moutwatering soup I’ve ever seen when I can’t go out and make it right this very second!! I guess I will start a countdown to summer….

  16. Dylan says:

    I adore celeriac!

    Thinking of making a soup with it for an exam at culinary school and serving it with curry scented croutons…. I may have found an alternative idea here though!



  17. Polka says:

    I can’t find the right words to say how beautiful your blog is!
    Your pics are gorgeous, all recipes are fantastic and everything is just PERFECT. You do constantly inspire me.
    I know it’s the first time I’ve left a comment here – it’s only because I didn’t know what should I tell you :)



  18. Casey says:

    How wonderful this sounds! Bookmarking it for July.

  19. Dimitry says:

    I cant wait to the day when I will have my home grown tomatoes. The images gust bring out great memories.

  20. Fiolunka says:

    I like it :) I love tomato :) Your soup look great :) Greetings :*

  21. Oh my, is J. one lucky kid! This soup looks amazing. I have never had green tomatoes in soup – although tomato soup is certainly one of the hallmarks of summer for me. Of course, summer is nowhere in sight around here. But I’m already thinking about it!

  22. I would have loved to have lunch with J.!

  23. bob says:

    wow, look at that, I’m already drooling, great color, looks delicious

  24. There’s nothing like tomatoes in season. Wish I could be in Florida!

  25. your pictures are gorgeous! what kind of camera do you use?

  26. OK, I live in Florida and you are going to have to invite me over for lunch one of these days!!! Another fabulous & beautiful blog:)

  27. Arin, where in Florida are you. My daughter is in Orlando where I’m visiting. She’s an exec with Hilton. I love love love your blog, your photographs are stupendous! XX’s Marsha

  28. Curra says:

    deliciosa sopa. Maravilloso reportaje.

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Inés says:

    Ai ama Aran!!!!Tomateak besterik ez dira. Baina zure ukimen eta ikusmenetik ezin ederragoak ikusten dira. Mirariak egiten dituzu…laister ur gainetik ibiltzen ariko zra eta Laidaraino iritsiko zara udako edozien egunetan. Ikusiko duzu…Pa!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Hola Aran! Me encanta tu trabajo!!!!!! Un saludo cordial Anna – Italia

  32. Dajda says:

    Oh, I miss tomatoes so much… Thank you for sharing!

  33. Seanna Lee- I wouldn’t recommend that just because it will not be the same. Plus, isn’t there something quite romantic about having to wait for something you love so much until it is ready, full of color and ripe? Then they taste twice as good.

    Julie- wonderful!

    Dylan- sounds great!

    Lauren Kirsten- These were shot with a Canon 5D but until recently I used a 50D.

    Splendorosa- I am in Palm Beach County!

    Ines- ia ba, ia ba… gogoakaz nau!

    Thank you everyone for your kind words!

  34. Sha says:

    I’m in love with your pics. The tomatoes seem so tasty.
    I even would like to try your soup although I don’t like celeriac.

  35. carmelita says:

    It will be a at least a couple more months before the fresh tomatoes are good enough to eat in Northern Italy, meantime I can enjoy reading about your glorious soup and your stunning images, thank you Aran!

  36. i love this aran…you are so good. and thank you…

  37. fresh365 says:

    So beautiful! Will have me dreaming about tomato season for months to come!

  38. Nice presentations! Love all the photos!

  39. I am physically in pain over how good those look and the awful yearning for my not yet sprouted tomato plants!!!!

    Enjoy them now.

  40. Maya says:

    I’m green with envy! We are expecting a blizzard tomorrow, so tomato season seems eons away!

  41. Anna says:

    SO happy I found your blog! And your pictures are gorgeous – I could scroll up and down the page all day :)

    I look forward to reading more!

  42. cindy* says:

    i love tomato soup…this sounds wonderful aran! i am so jealous of your south florida produce…

  43. Junglefrog says:

    O, you are doing this on purpose right? All those gorgeous and shiny tomatoes and we suffer here in the cold, the rain and the freezing temperatures!! lol… Love them though and those photos give me a little bit of sunshine, so thanks for that!

  44. I love Heirloom tomatos!This soup looks perfect for the season!

  45. I love soups with celery root. the tomatos you have got there are marvelous. even in greece suchnice tomatos are hard to find :)

  46. That looks absolutely devine! Everything! Now I am hungry :)
    Paula Grace ~

  47. Carli says:

    Well now I”m just mad. There’s no such thing as a good tomato ’round these parts in February!! SO jealous.

    This looks incredible and I’m definitely bookmarking it…for JULY!!

    Enjoy some extra soup for me! :)

  48. I live in Tallahassee and got my fist bunch of tomatoes from the farmers’ market yesterday! Your photos are beautiful!

  49. Thorsten says:

    Aran, wonderful set of photos. I knew that the last photo of the tomatoes in the blue basket would be a fantastic stand alone shot. And I love the light flooded shot of the tomato salad on the plate. This is even better than the top down view.

  50. Wow! Florida is blessed with good weather and tropical season. Thanks for the recipe.

  51. It’s good to live in a tropical place like Florida. You get to enjoy things that are not available on winter season. Have a great eating.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad your wonderful blog is available via email now.


  53. Anonymous says:

    Que rico!! aunque viendo la nieve por la ventana se me ha raro ver sopa de tomate…pero yo tambien soy de sopa diaria con un sandwichito o algo pequeño q acompañe.bso Carmen Zh

  54. I love tomato soup.. the first picture of the tomatoes is absolutely gorgeous!! I just want to take a big bite :)

  55. cookeaze says:

    This is a new dish. I never thought of this combo..Quite interesting and looks challenging to me..Thanks for the recipe..

  56. I love that this soup is full of a variety of veges, perfect for kids, versus thickened with cream and butter as tomato soup so often is. The photo of it is practically glowing. Great job!

  57. majush says:

    first of all, the soup looks delicious ;) i just about adore everything you do…and since i found about your blog not a day passed that i havent read at least half of all the posts and recipes you’ve EVER written here :)) so yesterday i made first(out of many more to come) recipe from your blog :) it was the one with banana cupcakes (i moderated it a bit since i can’t buy all of the ingredients here where i live;croatia)and everyone loves them :) i just wanted to share a pic of them with you :) best regards,

  58. Majush- that makes me so happy. they look wonderful and I’m glad everyone enjoyed them. Thank you for sharing!

    Thanks all! Have a great weekend!

  59. Now I am in the mood for a tomato tart, go figure.

    Your photos are something out of a magazine. Beautiful.

  60. Christiana says:

    You and Taretlette have one of the most amazing blogs out there. Everything is so beautifully done and you have inspired me to create my own blog!! I hope you can take a look at it! I look forward to your future posts!

  61. Sari says:

    I love the variety of colours and shapes of those tomatoes! So envy you have tomato season already! ;) What a lovely soup. And beautiful photos!

  62. powderate says:

    Just green with envy for those tomatoes…I would climb a mountain for a sun warmed ripe heirloom tomato right about now. Thank you for that. Canned tomatoes in BC

  63. I envy your nice red tomatoes. They really look so nice. And what a lovely soup! Something new to get busy with.

  64. says:

    I’m terribly jealous that tomatoes are in season where you are, we have months and months to go here in NY. Your soup looks amazing! Tomatoes are one of my favorite foods in any form, and I feel so short-changed buying them out of season, but I just love them so much.


  65. heirloom tomatoes make life worth living thanks for such a fabulous soup, I have bookmarked fir future inspiration.

  66. I’ve been dreaming about the perfect tomato for months! Beautiful photography and the soup sounds delicious!

  67. FABULOUS photography…can you leave some tips?

  68. Parigote says:

    All these colours… So gorgeous !

  69. Mónica says:

    Qué pinta más buena tienen los tomates. Te envidio, porque lo que daría ahora mismo por comer una ensalada de tomate (del tomate de verano, no el que nos venden en estos momentos), regada con aceite de oliva, sal y un toque de orégano.


  70. says:

    Especially like the tarty, juicy flavours of the tomatoes. And those small, cherry tomatoes make great snacks, not to mention healthy.

    Seldom had good tomato soup here, for I don’t cook, and seldom do restaurants make great ones.

  71. Y says:

    Looks like a wonderful touch of Summer in the middle of Winter :) I miss my tomato plants already – they seem to have stopped bearing fruit.

  72. Mae says:

    I always stop by your amazing blog to get a refreshing burst of color and a nice break from the day…

    These photos are just gorgeous.

  73. I’m with your little one: soup + sandwich is a perfect lunch (or dinner for that matter). And this soup looks lovely. Our Texas tomatoes aren’t quite ready yet though. But I love having something to think about until our green tomatoes are back. In the interim, I’m going to think of fresh uses for that lovely cherry tomato confit.

  74. rika says:

    I’m just getting into the food blogging world and I really do love and enjoy your photos, food styling and recipes. I can’t wait to try this soup for my baby boy for his lunch tomorrow!

  75. Oh, your tomatoes look so nice … and the soup so delicious! I am jealous in a way because my only option today for tomatoes was canned tomatoes…

  76. Suzanne says:

    loved your picture with the plate of tomatoes — it looks so fresh and heavenly. Yum!

  77. I’m a huge tomato soup fan, always looking for ways to give a twist on the traditional recipe. I love your version! Now my mission is to find flavorful tomatoes to try it… Not easy right now around my part of the world ;)

  78. Barbara says:

    You can never have too much soup. I love tomato soup. Even in our hot weather I often serve a hot soup. Lovely photos Aran.

  79. tiina says:

    Can’t wait to have tomatoes in season. This recipe sounds perfect for the summer.

  80. What can I say that hasn’t been said by the previous commentators…
    I would love to try this soup but living in Holland and especially this time of year, it’s impossible to find anything remotely resembling a decent tomato. I hope I’ll remember this recipe during my vacation to my country, Greece, this coming summer. I’m sure I will be able to scare up a few green tomatoes then.
    Love your pictures so much! They make me wanna dive right into them and start munching on everything in sight.

  81. I am so terribly jealous that you have frech tomatoes. There’s nothing better.

  82. cookeaze says:

    Wow! Looks yummie and easy to do! I love baking and trying new things.Added this to my lists..

  83. I have been on a total soup kick lately. Going to have try this recipe out!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Loved it. I’ve been using recipes from but this one is pretty special.

  85. To me this is a perfect soup. Everything about it including the garnish. I make soups for little ones all the time.

  86. Nicole says:

    Oh my, your soup looks divine! I’ve been in love with celery root for the last year but don’t always find recipes that use it. Looking forward to trying this!

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