Lazy Day Coffee and Chocolate Mousse

It’s been a lazy weekend. No plans, no baking, no noise. It reminded me of summer days during my childhood when everyone after lunch would go to their rooms and nap for an hour. We would open the windows and shut the blinds to block out the sun but fresh air would come in. No noise on the streets, just peace.

This is one of those desserts I leave for a last minute dinner or a lazy afternoon. It takes literally two minutes and I always tend to have these ingredients in my kitchen. This is my trusty, go to mousse that I use to fill cakes if I’m in a hurry or in this case, to eat by itself with some whipped cream.

I actually made these a few weeks ago when my parents were still here and that’s when I took the photographs. But I had a couple cups leftover in my freezer so yesterday afternoon, while everyone napped, I sat in the den, my cat Luca next to me and I ate one all by myself. I really appreciate now those rare moments that I have to myself.

Coffee and Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse

300 grams heavy cream
100 grams 70% chocolate
Coffee extract or dissolved instant espresso, to taste

Whip the heavy cream to soft peak. In the meantime, melt the bittersweet chocolate over a double boiler. Add some of the cream to the chocolate and whisk vigorously to avoid the chocolate to harden. Slowly, fold this mixture into the rest of the cream. Flavor with coffee extract. If you don’t have coffee extract, you can use instant espresso (only use a little bit of hot water to dillute it or make your own espresso and reduce it a little bit to concentrate the flavor).

Pipe the mousse into your coffee cups and serve with whipped cream, ground cinnamon and cocoa powder.

I was experimenting with my camera in the afternoon light. I like the reflections and… if Luca’s face doesn’t say “lazy afternoon” I don’t know what does…

On another note, I received two awards this weekend. I want to thank Alfie from Cabbage, Roses and Cupcakes for passing on the Arte Y Pico award to me and Diva from SugarBar for the You Make My Day award. I’m flattered. Thank you very much Alfie and Diva.

Eta amaitzeko… zorionak Jokintxu… zuri beste mosu handi, handi bat gure partez!

Update: So I just received my third award this weekend. This one comes from Gretchen at Canela y Comino. Thank you very, very much Gretchen. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thank you!

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26 Responses to “Lazy Day Coffee and Chocolate Mousse”

  1. nadia says:

    YES YES YES!!! okay now I will go back and read It!

  2. nadia says:

    That sounds delicious and I am definitely going to make it this evening. I love the picture of Luca and it is great seeing a bit of you behind the camera…
    the top picture has intense color and I love the presentation……goodmorning!

  3. Lovely mousse idea. I always have a weakness for coffee and chocolate! Speaking of awards, I left another for you on my blog!

  4. Yumm… I love simple desserts! After cooking for a few hours it’s nice to have something like this to whip up, for dessert.

  5. C.L. says:

    Aran, sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Man, it has been a LONG time since I have had solitude like that. It sounds SO luxurious! And that mousse WILL be on the menu at our house very soon :) Thanks


  6. Gloria says:

    Aran! I want one yah right now!!!!Love thisxx (Your camera is wonderful) xGloria

  7. Ginny says:

    Delicious! I love the shot of your kitty…very cute!

  8. Lael says:

    I love those simple small-ingredient-list desserts, this one looks particularly pleasing. thank you for sharing!

  9. corine says:

    hmmm…. i’m feeling the delicious laziness on my tongue.

  10. Sounds like simply perfect chocolate mousse! Congrats on the all the awards…you deserve them!

  11. Tartelette says:

    Perfectly yummy for a lazy ay indeed! Glad you could enjoy some peace and quiet:)

  12. Mrs.French says:

    Once again, looks so delicious. My kitties had the same sweet, sleepy look this weekend.

  13. Ann says:

    Your mousse is gorgeous… and you deserve every award out there!

  14. mimi says:

    congrats on your well-deserved awards! mousse on a lazy afternoon sounds absolutely perfect. and luca actually looks so soft and such a pretty face. although she does look like she’s saying, mom enough of the photos i wants to go back to sleep!! i know that look all too well! :)

  15. Kelly-Jane says:

    Delicious, and your cat is just gorgeous!

    P.S. I’ve tagged you!

  16. RecipeGirl says:

    OH, I just want to dive into that whipped cream right now!

    Well deserved awards- congrats!

  17. Totally decadent! I love it.

    The only thing that could make this dessert better would be to eat it in bed in pajamas.

  18. Looks like everyone loves you and had the same idea going! You deserve every award!

  19. I need to spend a lazy day at your place. Mmmm….

    And congratulations!

  20. Mobula says:

    Ay!!! se me había pasado este post!!!! Lástima no haberlo visto antes que sino menuda merienda con unos chirritos que me hubiese pegado yo!!!



  21. Mrs.French says:

    pssst…I put your sweet blog in my post today.

  22. always good to know of a delicious gluten free desert. what an absolutely beautiful blog you have. your pictures are most tantalizing…and i love the stories that go along with. cheers!~

  23. I love those lazy weekends too. Sometimes, I’ll just stay in my pajamas all day long! An easy, delicious chocolate mousse is the perfect way to enjoy it!

  24. linda says:

    Will try this recipe for sure, it’s too easy and delicious not to ;)
    I know what you mean about the rare moments ;)

  25. Cassandra says:

    I love chocolate mousse, it’s in my top 5 desserts for sure :-)) Will definitely try this (and your pictures are wonderful).

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