Meyer Lemon, Lime and Quinoa Pudding Cakes and Thoughts of Hope

It seems frivolous and inhumane to talk about food when not far from here, there are thousands and thousands of people fighting for their lives and the lives of their families. Watching the images that are coming from Haiti break my heart. I’m sure yours too. Such a poor country doesn’t deserve this. It’s hard to understand why the poor always suffer, but perhaps it should be a wake up call to all of us who do have our families with us, who do have a home and a roof and a bed to start appreciating this moment more. Because this moment is all we have.

I have worked with many Haitians in my restaurant and hotel days and they would always share horror stories of survival and hunger. My heart goes out to all of them.

There are many ways we can all help a little bit. I made my donations here. The blogging community has quickly risen up to the circumstances and many people have organized fund raisers and donations. You can visit here and here.

I would say that I would love to dedicate this post and these pudding cakes to all of those in despair, but that seems cruel in a way. I don’t know how I feel right now. I think the only way to feel should be empathetic and hopeful.

The limes for these pudding cakes came from my neighbor N.’s tree. She kindly shared them with me when the frost of last week almost destroyed all plants, herbs and anything that was growing around here. We put them to good use in these super light, almost souffle-like gluten free pudding cakes.

Meyer Lemon, Lime and Quinoa Pudding Cakes

makes about 8 4 oz ramekins

2 egg yolks
185 grams whole milk
1/2 tsp lemon zest
1/2 tsp lime zest
30 grams meyer lemon juice
30 grams lime juice
100 grams sugar
25 grams quinoa flour
pinch salt
2 egg whites

In a medium bowl, combine the egg yolks, milk, lemon zest, lime zest, lemon juice and lime juice.

In a separate bowl, combine the sugar, salt and quinoa flour. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and whisk.

Whip the egg whites until medium peaks form. Fold a third of the egg whites into the batter. Add the rest and fold gently.

Pour the batter into the greased ramekins. Fill them to the top. Place the ramekins on a deep baking pan and bring the pan to a 325F preheated oven. Pour hot water into the baking dish enough to cover the ramekins half way. Bake for about 25 minutes until set.

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66 Responses to “Meyer Lemon, Lime and Quinoa Pudding Cakes and Thoughts of Hope”

  1. Lauren says:

    Wonderful post Aran! I’m creating an ebook for Haiti, We can all contribute in a small way.

    These cakes are fantastic! I’ll have to check if I have quinoa flour =D.

  2. This is beautiful – in both its images and message. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. This post is inspiring and shows us that we can all contribute in different and significant ways.

  4. Hilda says:

    This is a beautiful post Aran, and thank you so much for mentioning the effort. I adore citrus but don’t think I’ve ever had citrus pudding cakes. I will be trying these very soon. Lovely pictures as always.

  5. Thank you for keeping us reminded of the horror going on there. It breaks my heart to see what’s happening in Haiti and I think we should all remain aware and in touch.

    Your pudding bowls look beautiful. I love that you have lemons locally:)

  6. what an interesting recipe I ve never thought that you can make puddings with quinoa flour. Looks delicious

  7. Stacy says:

    Thanks for the lovely post. Nothing like pictures of a beautiful citrus dessert to brighten my day, and you reminded me to get off my rear and donate to UNICEF.

  8. cindy* says:

    lovely words aran. there are many ways to be feeling right now and empathy and hope are good ones to have.

    gorgeous recipe and photos ;)

  9. Sari says:

    What a lovely post. It breaks my heart watching pictures and news from Haiti. And I’m very happy that the blogging community tries to help.

  10. El says:

    A very thoughtful post. I wholeheartedly agree.

  11. Those pudding cakes must taste fabulous! What gorgeous pictures!



  12. Oxana says:

    Very very good!!!…Complimenti per il blog e le foto!!!

  13. Thank you for reminding everybody of the current Haitian suffering and the necessity to help. I also wonder why it’s always the poor who suffer. We should definitely be thankful for everything we have(and remember those who have less).


  14. Jamie says:

    Beautiful words, Aran. It is heart breaking to watch images of this disaster on tv and we all feel so helpless even when donating money. Why is so much money spent on wars, spent on hate, when so much good can be done with it, planting crops, building schools and hospitals, offering people everyhere a better life?

    Gorgeous little lemon pudding cakes and gorgeous photos, as usual.

  15. shaz says:

    Thank you Aran, for the inspiring message.

  16. Jamie- so true… so much money and time spent on destruction and so little on positive projects, education, bringing people together, infrastructure… will never understand why that is. must be driven by fear.

    Thank you all for sharing your thoughts also. We can all do a little bit. Thank you.

  17. Cheri says:

    Beautiful post Aran. I too always struggle with knowing how to feel, because you know that you cannot begin to comprehend what they are going through. It’s hard to sit back knowing that you can’t change what happened. But, at least we can all help in some small way and as you said, hope for the best.

  18. Dajda says:

    Thank you for sharing the links! Haiti is probably on everybody’s mind now and it pains me to think how little I can help. But on the other hand, if we all pray and empathise, and help the tiny bit that we can, it will be better.

  19. Aw I wish I could get my hands on some meyer lemons. Can’t find them anywhere around here. Fantastic blog post! Beautiful photography!!

  20. Claudia says:

    Dear A,

    In the recipe you didn’t mention when to add the milk to the mixture but I assumed that it is probably mixed with the yolks, zest and juices…



  21. Claudia- Oops, yes, it is added with the yolks, juices, etc. Fixed it. thanks for letting me know.

  22. Dylan says:

    Wow these little things look delightful, your photography does them proud! I may well borrow this recipe for a budget lunch i have to do at culinary school in a few weeks time… 3 course for 4 people, total budget… £8.

    I love Quinoa and would love to see how it works in a savory dish as I have only ever used it savory ones.

    Dylan – From Cook To Chef

  23. wonderful!! Thankyou for your photos… are always special!

  24. Well put. You have your feelings and you expressed them, even with your own conflict because of your proximity to the place and to the people you have connected with. I felt the same way after 9/11. The devastation is so great, and the personal loss is unthinkable. Yet, we do have to carry on, but keeping their loss on our minds and making a plea for them IS helping. People are the same wherever you go. Our thoughts are with the people of Haiti as well.

  25. Thank you for your beautiful photos and blog. With all the tragic news coming from Haiti this week, just looking at the bright, cheery colors in this post are very heartening – thank you:)

  26. Monica says:

    Un post precioso! Necesitamos recordar este tipo de situaciones y echar una mano en lo que podamos.

    Un abrazo

  27. Your post is so truthful and honest. You’re very considerate…

  28. Tessa says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful post. These are hard times. The photos are beautiful, too, of course!

  29. Thank you for sharing beauty with us even in the midst of such tragedy in Haiti.

  30. Your bright citrus photos bring brightness and freshness to this January. Thank you for your thoughtful post.

  31. As always, a wonderfully written post, with beautiful thoughts and photographs to go with it.

    Thank you, Aran, for always helping me see the little things I may take for granted in my harried life. Thank you for being you, and sharing yourself so honestly here in your beautiful space.

    much love,

  32. Handy says:

    sounds good going to try it

  33. you are a beautiful person, this post was so touching. Thanks for your transparency and honesty and for inspiring us to all be thankful and help in whatever way we can.

  34. baby cribs says:

    What a kind heart you have! I am also making my donations together with my neighbors. And the pudding is adorable!

  35. Lisa says:

    Beautiful post and thoughts for the victims of that horrible earthquake. If each person does one thing to help, that will make a tremendous difference.

  36. so delicious and refreshing! x pam

  37. Terri says:

    beautiful post Aran! My heart goes out to the Haitians. It’s unbelievable to see the devastation. Your bright pics have certainly lifted my spirits today.

  38. Ellen says:

    What beautiful pictures. You are lucky to live in a warm climate! I can almost smell the citrus emanating from those photographs.

  39. leah.jane says:

    those ramekins are so very cute. do mind letting us know where you found them?!

  40. Leah-Jane- those cups are from a German company called Asa.

    Thanks everyone!

  41. I echo the sentiments of many who have commented already. We are all thinking about Haiti, but we are all in our daily lives as well, whether that is food, or film, or flowers. You handle the inner conflict well. Can’t wait to try the quinoa cakes either.

  42. These sound divine. I’m so curious about Quinoa,

  43. This is a lovely post about beautiful food and sentiment.

  44. J2Kfm says:

    Beautiful post, great shots.
    My heart goes out to all the survivors, and victims of the quake.

  45. kanishk says:

    Your pudding bowls look beautiful. I love that you have lemons locally:)

    Work from home India

  46. I love all the recipes that you have
    shown on this blog, even the pictures
    are very happening.
    Mio Navman Spirit V505

  47. These look wonderful (I’d expect no less from you; I know better by now). Sorry I’m so late in commenting on this heart wrenching, heartbreakingly gorgeous post. I just wanted to say thanks to linking to Saffron & Blueberry, because she in turn had a link to my own Haiti fundraising effort. We’re all connected in this world, and it does good to remember it. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog and posting more comments. ~ Allison

  48. tippaniny says:

    I thought I would make these yesterday with Haiti in mind and share them with friends for afternoon tea. They didn’t work out quite so well (user error no doubt!) but were still eaten with gusto. A bit soft at the bottom and I am wondering if I needed to cook them for longer or whip the egg whites a bit more first? Regardless, yum – they so reminded me of the “lemon delicious” we grew up with in Australia!

  49. i don’t know if i’m more pleased with the vibrant photos or the prospect of tasting one of these – I’m gluten-free and very excited.

  50. i drool over these, and almost every entry you’ve posted! :)
    what a lovely blog – you ROCK! :)

  51. I just went off gluten and was so excited to see these wonderful recipes with quinoa. I’m going to try and make the pudding. Wish me luck. Take care, Juani1

  52. motercalo says:

    Thank you for your beautiful photos and blog.

  53. Looks yummy. My husband is trying to eat gluten free so I may have to try these; however, I wanted to clarify–did you mean 185mL of milk instead of 185g? I have never used weight for measuring my liquids before so thought I would check first. Much thanks!

  54. Dan Knize says:

    I was just revisiting this recipe because it is my father’s birthday soon and I am trying to think of a more creative citrus dessert for him. Would I be able to substitute regular flour for the quinoa flour in this recipe? I would love to use quinoa flour, but if I do not have time to buy some I was curious of any problems in substituting the flour I have.

    Thank you for your time

  55. Dan- yes you can use all purpose wheat flour. Thanks!

  56. Debbi says:

    your photography is amazing and I love that you used even ugly, marked, blotchy limes and made them look beautiful!

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  58. Cynthia says:

    Do you use quinoa flour you purchased, or do you make your own flour? If made, how do you make quinoa flour?

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