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I hope you had a great holiday and new year. I welcomed 2015 in Seattle. It has been definitely a time of hibernation with haze, rain and all the elements one imagines when thinking of Seattle. There is a reason winter exists, I remind myself. To gather strength and ideas. I thoroughly love a time when I feel no obligations or the urge to fill my time with doing. We are such a society of busy-ness, always the need to prove our worth through how busy we are – me included. Winters here are about gathering quietly and embracing the darkness in a strange way.

Having said this, there are many things I would like to get accomplished this year.

Finally renovating the studio kitchen,
beginning to photograph a cookbook this winter (more on that soon),
there will be more workshops in the studio some taught by me, some by other photographers I admire,
will return to the Basque Country for several weeks this summer
and I hope to go back to Scandinavia.

Japan is also on my list to visit this year. A must.

Excited for friends’ cookbooks. Ashley, Tara, Sara, Aimee. Beautiful work and so proud of these ladies.

This album has been getting me through winter and this song is like candy.

My obsession with scarves continues.

Going to take this camera everywhere.

I hope these spoons return.

For soft hands in the winter. I swear by it.

And finally, some more citrus recipes for these dark days.


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  1. […] varieties of citrus, guava and persimmons, which grow right on her property. See the array on my last post. Quite remarkable. Also quite hard to visualize given the lack of sunshine in the Pacific Northwest […]

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