When Coriander Made It Into Our Ice Cream

It is hot. In the 100s hot.

I am counting down the days when we will be traveling to Vermont and later to the Basque Country. Meanwhile, we continue to eat cherries and all sorts of berries by the handful.

And then, there are ice creams and sorbets.

“Can you help me pick these green seeds from this cilantro plant?” I asked Jon a few weeks ago. “See the flowers? That means there will be no more cilantro leaves”. “Is the cilantro dead?” he asked with a concerned look on his face. “No, not dead, but we will not be cooking with the leaves now. Instead we will use the seeds”.

I love a beautiful flowering cilantro plant. So delicate and dainty.

We collected the green coriander seeds and laid them out to dry. I add them to anything these days.

Last week, I received a new book in the mail. A book dedicated to all things ice cream. Just what I crave at the moment.

Written by Jeni Britton Bauer, who owns Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in Columbus, the book is photographed by Stacy Newgent whose work I have admired for a long time. I sat down with it over the weekend and bookmarked nearly every page.

Then I came across the coriander and raspberry ice cream.

Instant swoon.

Inspired by this flavor combination, I quickly began making my own version. Coriander-scented cheesecake ice cream with chunky raspberry sauce swirled all throughout.

I toasted the coriander seeds that Jon had helped me pick weeks before and steeped them in the milk. Subtle, but enough to make the cheesecake ice cream pop.

I couldn’t stop licking the spatula.

Could you?

On Sunday, after we went swimming and while everyone relaxed, I cooked a batch of fruit en papillote (remember this one?) with vanilla bean, a touch of grated ginger, and lemon thyme.

Red and golden raspberries, frozen red currants, red velvet apricots, and rainier cherries. So light and fragrant.

Served the fruit with the coriander and raspberry swirl cheesecake ice cream.

A dollop of cream. Extra raspberry sauce on top.

And the leftovers? The leftovers were turned into milkshakes.

Miren approved.

Coriander and Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Ice Cream

Raspberry Sauce

2 cups (260 g) raspberries
3/4 cups (150 g) natural cane sugar

Place raspberries and sugar in a small saucepan and heat over medium high heat until thick, about 5 minutes. Transfer to a bowl and cool completely. Chill for at least 1 hour.

Coriander Cheesecake Ice Cream

2 tablespoons coriander seeds
3/4 cup (185 ml) whole milk
8 oz (225 g) cream cheese, room temperature
8 oz (225 g) crème frâiche
1/2 cup plus 1 Tbs (125 g) caster sugar

In a small skillet, toast the coriander seeds over medium high heat until fragrant. Coarsely crush them (do not turn them into a fine powder).

Combine the coriander and milk in a small sauce pan. Bring to a light simmer, turn off the heat, and let the mixture steep for 10 minutes. Strain and discard the seeds.

In the food processor, pulse the cream cheese, crème frâiche, sugar, and milk together until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and chill for at least 1 hour.

Churn the ice cream in your machine according to manufacturers instructions. When it is finished, swirl in half of the raspberry sauce and reserve the rest as a topping. Freeze until solid.

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88 Responses to “When Coriander Made It Into Our Ice Cream”

  1. oh yum. this looks so beautiful and yummy!

  2. Oh, all of that sounds so good! I can’t wait until more berries come in around here. As for ice cream, I think I could eat it all day long. Beautiful work as usual : )

  3. These photos are amazing. Always flooded with light and styled to perfection. I wish I was one of the lucky People that is attending your workshop

  4. Hi Aran,
    This combination got me curious. Coriander and raspberries, i have to try it, there´s no other way!
    Lovely photos as usual.

  5. Lindsay C says:

    I love this flavor of Jeni’s ice cream. Making is a cream cheese flavor is a creative touch. Thanks for sharing! I, too, order her book and can’t wait to start making some of the recipes.

  6. Oh , i´m anxiously waiting for the book. Can´t wait to see it.

  7. Ez says:

    Oh my goodness Aran…this looks too delectable for words! I nearly licked my computer screen just now!

  8. Gloria says:

    Aran like always your recipe look fantastic and delicous, huggs, love this! gloria and your baby is sooo cuet!

  9. Seanna Lea says:

    This is perfect. I make a ton of ice cream as it is, but it is always nice to see another delicious looking recipe.

  10. Anonymous says:

    that is so funny you just got jeni’s book! i am from ohio and have been enjoying her ice creams for a few months. just a few hours ago my husband texted me and asked if i knew that there was a jeni’s ice cream shop near by to which i said ‘of course! i have been dieing to try’ and now we are going tonight for ice cream :)

    i especially love that jeni uses milk from snowville creamery which is very near where i went to school at ohio university. her slogan ‘from cow to cone’ is the best!

    ps. here is an article about jeni that was recently in the cleveland newspaper:


  11. Anonymous- thanks for sharing the article. makes me want to go to OH just for a cone. you guys are lucky!

    Gloria- thank you!

  12. Oh, this looks absolutely perfect for the first day of summer. Thank you for all these visual delights. Your talents are incredible.

  13. I’ll bet this would be a good use for all the mulberries on my tree, too!

  14. cafenoHut says:

    I always love your photos… You are the best for me:)

  15. A fabulous ice cream! Anything that contains cream cheese and raspberries is irresistible. I love the addition of coriander seeds.



  16. Great idea to use the coriander with the ice cream. Think herbs in desserts is a idea.

    I still fantasise about a rosemary pannacotta served with poached peaches i that a few years back…

    Ive also got a great recipe for apple tart tatin with bayleaf.

  17. Oh my God!!! raspberries and ice cream, if this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is! stunning photos as always! How I love your blog!!!!

  18. Coriander and Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Ice Cream = that should be illegal it sounds go good!

    Auything that starts out w/ all that crème frâiche, milk, cream cheese, and sugar just WILL be amazing!

  19. Rachel says:

    specifically adore this post. It’s LOVELY! I love all the berry shoots (swoon) hehe. Gorgeous Aran just gorgeous!

  20. tinajo says:

    I´m drooling all over the floor – thanks for sharing (I think, haha)! :-)

  21. This looks so beautiful and delicious!

    I love the linens in the first picture. Where do you get your linens, specially the bright blue one with the flowers?

  22. Manderley says:

    Que rica receta y que bonitas fotos!


  23. I don’t think I know what a coriander plant looks like. This plant description and flavor combination has me so curious now. Darn. Another recipe to bookmark!

  24. Sarah- coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant. So when cilantro starts to flower, you can find tiny green seeds. That is coriander. These need to be dried and then you can use them whole or ground. The seed has a different flavor than the cilantro leaf though. You should try them!

  25. oh, how coriander makes me swoon. it’s so cooling — i’ve been putting it on a lot of my food and this morning had it in some applesauce..this ice cream is making me want to take the ice cream maker out of the closet and start making some cool deliciousness. so appropriate for the first day of summer!

  26. Wow, such vibrant pictures and great narration. Love your ideas and recipes.

    Lifecell Cream

  27. Ruth says:

    Sounds lovely! I think I ought to try this coriander ice cream!

  28. icicle says:

    New inspiration for ice cream this time of year is always welcome (though it’s hard to beat a good buttermilk vanilla).
    After the heat you’ve been experiencing, our cool dry Vermont summer days will indeed be welcome — as are you to our little green state up north! I hope you enjoy your time here as happily as we do.

    P.S. Our strawberry season just started and sweet cherries will be here soon :)

  29. sécia says:

    Those photographs make everything look so good!

    ♥ sécia

  30. Victoria says:

    oh my god that looks amazing. that’s really interesting how the ice cream is made with creme fraiche and cream cheese and only a little milk. I bet that makes for an really rich ice cream.

  31. Your blog and food and photography is incredibly beautiful! I’m just waiting everyday for another beautiful post.

    Todays post made me want homemade ice cream with berries, but I don’t have the time to make that.

    Thank you for inspiring me with your art!

  32. Lovely! I’ve only teamed coriander with apple (in a pie) but would never have thought of raspberry. Will have to give it a go. Sounds amazing!

  33. shari says:

    Mmmm… your photos are amazing! Homemade ice cream is the best! My grandpa used to make it in the summer time in Massachusetts. We always added blueberries picked from the wild bushes in their woods.

    I meant to ask you what are your favorite herbs to grow. I forgot to add cilantro to my list… I didn’t know the seeds were coriander! Good to know. How would you use marjoram? I planted it because it smells so nice, but have never used it in cooking…

  34. Golubka says:

    This looks and sounds so intriguing! I’ll have to try adding coriander the next time I make ice cream. Thank you for the great idea.

  35. That ice cream sounds incredible…had gone straight to the top of the ice creams to make list!

  36. Kate says:

    Interesting flavours, looks very nice. I’m envious of your summer fruits, as we’re at the opposite end here in Australia – well into winter and lots of soups, pumpkin dishes etc. I love ‘watching’ the seasons change on the various blogs throughout the world..keeps us mindful of what is most fresh.

    I do wish for some freshly picked berries right now, though :)

  37. so yummy! we can’t stop saying we love your pictures and your blog, always a bit more after a new post!

  38. Your photos of your little girl capture the beauty of simple things. Like bottles of milkshake and wandering around the garden …

    Love the idea of coriander in ice cream!

  39. twomatoes says:

    lovely ^__^ i love your posts!
    it must be ice cream fever, i just prepared my fist home made sorbet yesterday ;)

  40. Anna says:

    Your posts are so inspiring!!!!

  41. I love that cilantro/coriander is so versatile! It carries on from season to season, instead of being limited to a particular time of year. Gorgeous, gorgeous photographs. And a milkshake version?! That sounds so delicious!

  42. zer0gluten says:

    Qué rico todo Aran!!!!!
    Helado, especias, frutas asadas…
    El verano, los niños, las vacaciones…
    No puedo evitar que me asalten recuerdos de infancia cuando llegan las vacaciones escolares.
    Tu peque luce cada día más guapa.
    Te mando besos.

  43. Fabulous pics and that ice cream looks delectable. I am keeping my fingers, toes and eyes still crossed in hopes something will happen so that I get to go to Paris as I am considering how lucky to be even on your waiting list for your workshop. Have fun in Vermont and try to stay cool. Oh by the way… Do you have a recipe for lavender ice cream? I would love to blog about a recipe of yours although even though I make a living as a photographer, my pictures can’t compare to your talent!!

  44. Tracey- i don’t have a specific lavender ice cream but you can look in my recipe index for vanilla ice cream and infuse lavender into it. Any vanilla ice cream recipe will do really. There is indeed a long waiting list for the workshop. Maybe more next year.

    Thanks again!

  45. Magnifique as I would say in French! It’s just … wow! Your photos are beautiful… and this recipe is really orginal!

  46. Maria says:

    This looks so rick and creamy. Just delicious!

  47. beautiful inspired idea Aran. and of course gorgeous photos. yes to vermont! you will love it.

  48. Carola says:

    yummy!! super lovely picts as always.
    kiss from the winter vegetable garden :)


  49. Tracy says:

    I want to eat every stone fruit and berry on that plate.

  50. carrie says:

    The photography is really great. It looks like art, it’s almost a shame to eat it. I think i could get over it though ;)

  51. Even better than this ice cream is watching that beautiful child enjoying that milk shake, which looks oh so delicious.

  52. Annie Chu says:

    I love your blog so much! Your photos are beautiful and such an inspiration for my own! My blog is at http://www.annieyenchenchu.blogspot.com.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing with the world!


  53. i envy you having all those fruits around. I love them, but is nowhere near orchards or farms. sigh…

  54. Youm, so sweet and so.. delicious;)


  55. It is hot here as well in South Carolina. Well into the hundreds and no sea breeze! So many cherries in your recipes. I eagerly bought a bag but did not get a chance to finish them before they started to dry and shrivel. Can I make a sauce from them now that they are shriveled up, or are they too far gone?

    Inspiration as always.

  56. Diva in training- if they are molding and turning brown, I would discard them but if they are just turning, it’s ok to turn them into a sauce or compote. I tend to do that with fruit that is getting close to being ‘done”. Hope that helped.

    Thanks everyone!

    And if you are interested, here is an interview I did with food writer Dianne Jacob.


  57. Wow. I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and I am IN LOVE. The styling of these photos are impeccable. Love, love, love!

  58. What a beautiful ice cream recipe…lovely!

  59. Shelby says:

    I put Coriander on nearly everything… I find it adds the perfect touch of spicy sweetness to my morning oatmeal, so your ice cream recipe, so naturally intrigues me… Look forward to giving it a try! Lovely pictures as always!!

  60. Maureen says:

    I have never saved coriander seeds before. When the plant starts to bolt I get a new one. I will change my ways.

    This ice cream looks wonderful and your photos are as intoxicating as ever.

  61. Lucia says:

    Coriander, cheesecake, ice cream. Tell me that it’s not a sweet, summery dream…

  62. A usual, fabulous recipes and gorgeous photos! And the most gorgeous of course, is your little girl :-)

    I have two girls myself – aren’t they so much fun? :-)

  63. H. says:

    That sounds amazing and looks even better. Beautiful pics!! Cheers!

  64. apaler1 says:

    Coriander in ice cream? Who would’ve thought that was possible? What a creative approach to ice cream! And as always, you have incredible photographs on here.

  65. Deborah says:

    Wow, that looks amazing!

    A couple of weeks ago, I had clove gelato with candied orange, from a restaurant in Baltimore (Cinghiale). It was awesome. Definitely going to try to figure that one out.

  66. Thank you once again for coming here and leaving a comment. It’s so nice to read your thoughtful comments.

    Elisa- yes… girls are fun!!!! :)

  67. As always, such stellar photos! And seeing Miren enjoy the “fruits” of your labor brings a huge smile to my face. She is absolutely precious! Homemade ice cream definitely says summer. Thanks for the post.

  68. your photos left me speechless, well done!

  69. I love all of the new recipes using herbs in desserts and drinks. Makes everything so refreshing. Here’s hoping coriander becomes the new basil!

  70. a. maren says:

    that picture toward the top with all the chopped fruit and berries in a pile is about the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.

    i feel like i used to know that coriander came from cilantro, but then i forgot. thanks for the gorgeous reminder :)

  71. bitebymichelle says:

    I have only been blogging for a couple of months but I am absolutely loving this new world! Your work is a complete inspiration. Thank you

  72. it’s probably been said a thousand times before but the photo with the summer fruits is so beautiful! all your photos are just amazing!

  73. Katherine says:

    Wow, this ice cream looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the links!

  74. Super lovely blog!



  75. Gen says:

    Superbe ce dessert avec des fruits frais et de saisson c’est un bonheur rafraichissant!

  76. Such gorgeous, lovely recipes! And what pretty pictures! Hi from your newest follower // inspirenordic.blogspot.com

  77. Taltul says:

    OMG! I’d do anything to have this pile of berries in my hands right now…

  78. annemineli says:

    Merhaba;Çok lezzetli görünüyor,ellerinize ağlık,sevgilerrr…

  79. What unique combo, raspberry with coriander. Your photos are fabulous. I enjoy seeing all of them.

  80. Sini says:

    I think I seriously need to consider of getting that ice cream machine…now!

  81. I especially adore this post. Living full time in London now, these photographs evoke cherished memories of summer holidays in Martha’s Vineyard for me. You captured an element of Americana nostalgia and really made my day. Thank you! -Melanie

  82. Jelanie says:

    Thank you for the gorgeous post.
    Can you tell me what brand is this cup. I love it!



  83. Kenon says:

    This really sounds like an interesting flavor combination for ice cream. I love how you added the cheesecake aspect to the original :)

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