Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookie and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

I have a soft spot for mint and chocolate. My love affair started when I was 12 years old and travelled to England for the first time and I discovered After Eights.

My parents started sending my brothers and I abroad for summer exchange programs in hopes to makes us fluent English speakers. Now that I look back, it was the best gift our parents could have given us because we were exposed to different cultures and lifestyles from a very young age. Travelling helped me overcome many of my fears and discover new foods.

The first time I ever participated in one of these summer programs, I went to Dublin with my brothers, where I stayed for an entire month with a wonderful family, the O’Sullivans. I used to get on a bus by myself every morning to go to class. My brothers would often times wait at the bus stop with me and tell me “when you see bus number 33, lift up your arm, get on it and you know where to get off”, and they would go off to play golf. Can you believe it? I was 11 years old! But looking back, that’s what I needed since I had always been a very fearful child.

So the following year, we spent the summer in London where I was exposed to way too much candy. I think when I went back home after that month, my mother was mortified after seeing how much weight I had gained. Our candy selection back home was a decimal part of what I found at the little convenience store around the corner from the London house I was staying in. Salt and vinegar crisps, chocolate maltballs, Milky Ways and After Eights became part of my everyday bus ride snacks.

The following summer, I spent the entire month of July in Michigan where I was introduced to Baskin Robbins and mint chocolate chip ice cream. That was it for me. That was the beginning of my path of ice cream addiction. A couple of years later, I spent my junior year of high school in Colorado Springs where my host sister and best friend Jill and I would go to Baskin Robbins for mint chocolate chip ice cream any chance we had. It even became a joke amongst our friends. I don’t know if she remembers those years as fondly as I do, but that experience truly marked me for the rest of my life.

So this was a long story just to tell you how much I love ice cream sandwiches. I made these last weekend with some mint a neighbor had given me. I like a very minty ice cream so I infused the cream with lots of fresh mint and even added some mint oil. C, however, does not enjoy such a strong mint flavor and claims it tastes a bit like grass. Well, well, well… I didn’t add any food coloring thus the plain yellow color, but you most certainly could. The mint does take a bit of a pale green color after it is infused but there are so many egg yolks in the recipe, that the final ice cream turns out fairly yellow.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

500 grams whole milk
130 grams heavy cream
40 grams glucose
150 grams sugar
180 grams egg yolks
20 grams fresh mint leaves
1 tsp mint oil
green food coloring (optional… I didn’t add any)
100 grams chocolate chips

In a saucepan, combine the whole milk, cream, mint, glucose and sugar together. Bring to a boil, turn heat off and let the mint steep in the milk for about 30 minutes. After that, return the milk to the stove and bring to a boil. When the milk comes to a boil, temper it into the egg yolks. Whisk. Add the custard back to the saucepan and cook stirring constantly to 84 degrees Celsius.

Strain the custard through a fine sieve into a clean bowl and chill it over an ice bath. When it has cooled, add the mint oil. Taste it and adjust the flavoring. Remember that when the custard is warm, the flavor is more potent and once it is churn, the flavor will dilute a bit so take that into consideration.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Let it chill overnight and the next day churn in the ice cream machine. Freeze.

Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookies

2 eggs
160 grams sugar
55 grams unsweetened chocolate
80 grams milk chocolate
80 grams bittersweet chocolate
80 grams butter
40 grams flour
1 gram baking powder
2 grams salt
55 grams milk chocolate chips
110 grams dark chocolate chips

In the bowl of an electric mixer, mix the eggs and sugar. In the meantime, melt the three chocolates and the butter over a double boiler. When the chocolate has melted, add it to the eggs and mix until thoroughly combined. Add the flour and baking powder and salt and mix to combine. Finally, fold in the chocolate chips by hand.

The batter will be very liquid and it will be impossible to scoop it out, so let it rest in the bowl for about an hour or the time necessary for the batter to harden. When it is hard but pliable, using an ice cream scoop, scoop out balls onto a sheetpan lined with parchment or a silicon mat.

Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 12 minutes or until the edges of the cookies have set. The center might look a little too soft but don’t worry as they will dry out as they cool. I prefer a chewy cookie. When the cookies have cooled completely, scoop a little bit of the ice cream on top of one and sandwich with another.

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50 Responses to “Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookie and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches”

  1. Mint and chocolate is indeed a great combination, especially ice cream! And I’m glad to see you didn’t add food colouring, always makes everything look artificial and store-bought. Although I suppose it’s a matter of taste. :)

  2. Mobula says:

    UFFFFF!!!! Me has hecho recordar mis veranos en Canterbury, en total pasé tres y fueron fantásticos, lástima que ahora me cueste tanto hablar en inglés y no digamos escribirlo, además pasé mi segundo año de universidad en Bélgica y tuve que aprender francés y flamenco a marchas forzadas que lío!!!!

    Pero al grano, el helado se ve estupendo, pero un pregunta has alguna diferencia entre unsweetened and bittersweet (me refiero a los porcentajes de cacao)en esas deliciosas galletitas….????

    Besos como siempre,


  3. Marianna says:

    Mint & Chocolate is in my top 3 favourite ice-cream flavours!!! Wow, I’ve never made it at home though…should give it a try once, your photos & writing especially encourage that! And you know what I love about your ice-cream? Is that there is no scary green colour to it as often found in shops. Lovely work! Everything looks mouthwatering!

  4. Esti says:

    aran, qué recuerdos… a mi amama le encantan los after-eight… A mí nunca me han gustado, pero siempre me recordarán a los viajes a Londres…
    Qué recuerdos, qué recuerdos…

  5. Miss C. says:

    Your cookies look so moist and delicious! I’m all for mint and choc chip!!

  6. nicisme says:

    I knew I would be seeing a winning recipe when I saw the first word ‘Triple’! Fabulous Aran!

    A story for you – in the Indian restaurants over here, they always serve up After Eight mints when they present the bill. I was with some girlfriends one time, and we asked for a few more – we got a whole catering sized box placed on the table.
    I don’t really like them so much now…..

  7. Aran says:

    Angelica- yes, I just cannot stand artificial food coloring!

    Ana- unsweetened chocolate es 100% cacao. Se compra en barra pero es super amargo, no tiene nada de azucar solo manteca de cacao y cacao. bittersweet es el chocolate amargo que conocemos que generalmente tiene un porcentaje de cacao del 58 al 72% y si tienen azucar. Espero que lo encuentres y lo pruebes!

    Marianna- It is super super simple so give it a try!

    Esti- Si la verdad es que es un poco chocolatina de amamas per es que me encanta la menta! Que recuerdos! Algun dia nos contaras tu los tuyos..

    Nicisme- What a funny story… gastro intestinal problems involved afetr that whole catering size box?

    Miss C- Me too!

  8. I’m not a huge chocolate and mint fan but chocolate on it’s own – a HIT!

  9. nadia says:

    Aran, Chocolate and mint is one of my favorite combinations. They look delicious, I love the way you wrapped the sandwiches and the photographs are so great I can see the ice cream melting!

    and because I am the luckiest girl in the world I will be having one of your Triple Chocolate cookies with my espresso this morning- well in about 3 minutes time!!!!

  10. These look just lovely and oh so tasty!

  11. C.L. says:

    I was planning on making ice cream sandwiches this weekend…these look sooooo good!

  12. Aran, maybe you won’t believe me, but I have never had ice cream sandwiches! These are driving me crazy, I swear. :)

  13. Bridget says:

    Mint Chocolate Chip was always my favorite at Baskin Robbins, too! :) Your ice cream sandwiches sound heavenly!

  14. Amanda says:

    You are so lucky to have spent summers abroad as a child. I wish I could’ve done that. All that culture absorbed at such a young age provides such positive benefits. About that weakness for chocolate and mint, I have to agree with you! I used to go to the local ice cream parlor that sold scoops for 99 cents and they had the BEST mint chocolate chip ice cream. It had soft flakes of chocolate everywhere and the minty ice cream was fresh and not overbearing.

  15. Camille says:

    Although not mint and chocolate. I just finished making my favorite ice cream sandwich combo: chocolate chip/coconut. Posting it tomorrow.

    Your ice cream sandwiches look delicious. I’ll have to give it a whirl. I am sure to gain weight, though. The only one in my family who likes chocolate and mint is me!

  16. That is quite an experience to go for summer exchange programs. My husband spent a semester abroad in Spain during college and loved it! These ice cream sandwiches look great too! The cookies look so moist and delicious!

  17. Cakespy says:

    If the After Eights were your education, you’re now the teacher in the school of mint and chocolate! These look rich, decadent, but of course with that lightening agent of mint not a completely guilty food…right? Not like it’s ever stopped me before.

  18. I want to live next door to you. Last night as I was making mint limeade, I was dreaming about chocolate-mint ice cream sandwiches. Then I get online and see the ice cream sandwiches of my dreams….

    Yes, I want to live next door.

  19. Mrs.French says:

    ok deary, just when I think you could not possibly top your previous posts, you do! I am partial to this post because it involved my favorite flavor combination; chocolate and mint. Then you had to go and add ice cream! Oh how I wish you could come over for a visit…could we be any further apart?

  20. eva says:

    Aran, se me hace la boca agua. Que pena que no vivamos mas cerquita.

  21. cookworm says:

    Oh, mint chocolate chip reminds me of my childhood; it was my favorite flavor. :) I agree with the others who say that the lack of freaky fake green color makes it much more appealing!

  22. Ginny says:

    Haha!!! Long story or not…great post!!! Those cookies are amazing!

  23. Tartelette says:

    Perfect combo for the hot weather we both experience right now!

  24. giz says:

    I enjoyed reading your journey to ice cream addiction. Your parent did you a great service by exposing you to such great cultural experiences. And now look – yet another Aran masterpiece.

  25. YUMMMMMM!!! Mint and chocolate is one of my absolute favourite flavour combinations. It’s all I would order at the ice cream shop when I was young. I’m usually too lazy to make a proper custard, but this looks totally worth it.

  26. The crazy thing is I am not what you would call a “sweets eater” but everything you post looks mouthwateringly delicious. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is my weakness. Had it just the other day! But it most certainly did not look as appealing as this.

  27. PheMom says:

    Aran! You’ve done it again! I haven’t even polished off all the cherry gelato I made yet and here you are tempting me to break out the ice cream maker again. I think it is my goal to make all the ice cream we consume this summer. I love that you left out the food coloring. Yummm!

  28. pea & pear says:

    i can’t stand it anymore… everything is tooooooo delicious, you are now officially my favourite blog of all time… but all this drool can not be good for my key board!!

  29. Kim says:

    Aran- I am impressed beyond words. Not only the food, but your photography is just stunning. Thanks for another great recipe.

  30. candace says:

    They are so beautiful! They also bring back many memories of my mother baking thin cocoa wafers while we made vanilla ice cream for ice cream sandwiches. We could hardly wait for the ice cream to set before we devoured them.
    Thanks for sharing these!

  31. Brilynn says:

    That looks amazing!
    I love mint and chocolate together but most people around me don’t… more for me I suppose!

  32. Ann says:

    What a marvelous and sophisticated take on the classic ice cream sandwich!

  33. Dana says:

    Emily Luchetti has a similar recipe in her ice cream cookbook, and I’ve allllways wanted to make it. It looks so good, as do these!! Chocolate and mint…mmm… (Also, British candy bars are SO GOOD!!)

  34. Choco/menthe, all is perfect and beautiful…

  35. Pyondi says:

    …lovely !!!!!
    I love your blog, really.
    Very good work

  36. The cookies look amazing enough on their own. Couple them with that mind ice cream and it looks outta this world. I love how they’re wrapped in paper and string too. Lovely!

  37. Everything looks so perfect and delicious. And I don’t know how in the world you managed to wrap those ice cream sandwiches and photograph them without a mess! Amazing.

    My favorite ice cream as a kid was mint chocolate chip. I think children love that rush and sensation of mint. And I, too, discovered After Eight mints in the villages of England. What a great memory!

  38. Miri says:

    Aran, what a beautiful creation! The cookies look soo good, they’ve immediately entered my to do list, and the photos, as always, are simply amazing!

  39. Peabody says:

    Such a great Summer treat. Love ice cream sandwiches.

  40. Gloria says:

    Aran se ven exquisitos como siempre, soooo yummy!!!! xGloria

  41. nicole says:

    fantastic and I completely love how they’re packaged. you’re genius.

  42. farida says:

    I’ve spent some time on your blog, and my, my, everything you make is amazing! You are such a talent! Glad to have discovered you:)

  43. I love mint chocolate cookie ice cream, so I’m fantasizing about mixing the 3x chocolate fudge cookies into your mint ice cream…HEAVEN!

    Might I ask what purpose glucose serves in the ice cream making process?

  44. Aran says:

    Thanks Mari!
    Glucose makes the ice cream more elastic and eliminates some crustalization. You can use corn syrup instead if you don’t have glucose.

  45. pea & pear says:

    Aran, I made these yesterday and I owe you big time. Everyone loved them so much I was almost raised on to the crowds shoulders. You are fabulous!!
    Thank you Ali :)

  46. Marie says:

    Would love to make this ice cream! when you list glucose in your recipes for ice cream and sorbets: do you use liquid or powdered glucose? Is there a big difference between the two? Thank you, Aran!

  47. Marie- when it says glucose it is always liquid glucose. if it’s powdered glucose, it will say atomized glucose. Thank you!

  48. Marie says:

    I made the ice cream the other day, and it was delicious!! I was quite intimidated by the prospect of making ice cream at home, but your recipe was easily followed. I often times make a vanilla and mint shake with store bought good quality vanilla ice cream (like Häagen-Dazs) and add mint leaves and seeds from a vanilla bean. It’s so good and has a very refreshing taste. Next time I’ll go for entirely home made vanilla and mint ice cream:)You know, I found the recipe for the shake in Maison Mat & Vin (Norway) where your blog was featured! Somehow I missed that edition, but I saw it in your press links. Glad I still found Canelle et Vanilla on my own..

  49. Yasemin says:

    Hi Aran,

    You have inspired me in so many ways. Ahh, where do I begin :)

    I just moved into a new sharehouse and felt the urge to make something chocolatey and comforting. Mmm mmm.

    These cookies turned out deliciously and nice and chewy, but like Elena they turned out flat too :( I’m not sure why! I left the mixture for about 2 hours on the bench (not refrigerated, would it be better to refrigerate perhaps?). It had a thick mousse like consistency when I scooped it out.

    Would be nice to hear your thoughts on this :)

    Forever grateful for the beauty you provide on this blog and all the amazing inspiration,
    Yasemin xx

  50. Elena and Yasemin- it’s a good idea to refrigerate the dough and then scoop it as it takes a while for it to harden and solidify.


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