Tuile Madness with the Daring Bakers

January has flown by and here we are at the end of the month with another Daring Bakers challenge. It is tuile madness this month.

We were given three tuile recipes. We had to choose one and build a dessert around it. A pretty simple task that had my brain spinning for days. “What to do, what to do”. Sometimes simple doesn’t mean easy, but that is what I liked about the challenge. It is wide open to each individual’s imagination.

Although I only followed one of the recipes given to us, I created similar tuiles with slightly different methods.

I had many ice creams and sorbets in the freezer so immediately thought about making chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones with the sugar tuile recipe. I paired the cones with chocolate and devonshire lemon ice creams. I was really inspired by the bi-color Italian cookies we used to eat with ice cream growing up.

Then came the chocolate tuiles. The recipe we were given called for dark chocolate and almonds, but I decided to use white chocolate and vanilla bean instead. I paired it with lemon streusel and blood orange sorbet. I love the contrast of the vanilla specs next to the white chocolate and the sweet and sour flavor combination.

Finally, and the most delicate of them all, are these nougatine cannelloni that were inspired by a recipe I learned from chef Christophe Michalak a few years ago. I remember having to make them for an entire week for a special we had at the restaurant where I was working. Every day, I guarded those little cannellonis with my life because the slightest movement could crush them into a million pieces. One must be gentle with these, but the result is out of this world.

They are filled with gianduja chantilly and they just dissolve in your mouth.

Vanilla and Chocolate Tuiles

adapted from “The Chocolate Book” by Master Chef Angélique Schmeinck.

65 grams / ¼ cup / 2.3 ounces softened butter (not melted but soft)
60 grams / ½ cup / 2.1 ounces sifted confectioner’s sugar
1 sachet vanilla sugar (7 grams or substitute with a dash of vanilla extract)
2 large egg whites (slightly whisked with a fork)
65 grams / 1/2 cup / 2.3 ounces sifted all purpose flour
1 table spoon cocoa powder
A couple of drops of red food coloring

Oven: 180C / 350F

Using a hand whisk or a stand mixer fitted with the paddle (low speed) and cream butter, sugar and vanilla to a paste. Keep stirring while you gradually add the egg whites. Continue to add the flour in small batches and stir to achieve a homogeneous and smooth batter/paste. Be careful to not overmix.

Mix a small amount of the batter with red food coloring and some with cocoa powder.

Cover the bowls with plastic wrap and chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to firm up. (This batter will keep in the fridge for up to a week, take it out 30 minutes before you plan to use it).

Line a baking sheet with a silicon mat. Place a stencil with a circle cut out (about 4″ in diameter) on the mat. Press the stencil on the bakingsheet and use an offset spatula to spread the chocolate and vanilla batters. Leave some room in between your shapes. Place the red batter in a paper piping bag and pipe lines on the circles.

Bake in a preheated oven (180C/350F) for about 5-10 minutes or until the edges turn golden brown. Immediately release from baking sheet and proceed to shape into cornettes. Keep them in an airtight container until ready to use.

Devonshire Cream and Lemon Ice Cream

adapted from “Frozen Desserts” by Chef Migoya

450 grams whole milk
Zest of 3 medium lemons
180 grams sugar
100 grams egg yolks
375 grams devonshire cream

Place the whole milk, lemon zest and half of the sugar in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and the rest of the sugar. Temper the hot milk mixture into the egg yolk base and whisk. Return this to the saucepan and cook to 84C.

Remove the saucepan from the heat and add the devonshire cream. Whisk to break up any lumps. Strain the whole ice cream base through a fine sieve into a clean bowl.

Chill the mixture in an ice bath and once cool, refrigerate overnight. Churn the base in ice cream machine.

Nougatine Cannelloni

adapted from Christophe Michalak

150 grams fondant patissier
100 grams glucose
87.5 grams slivered blanched almonds
12.5 grams butter

Cook glucose and fondant to 180C. Remove from heat and add the almonds and butter. Spread this on a silicon mat and let it cool completely. Grind to a fine powder in a food processor.

Place the powder in a sieve and dust over a rectangular stencil that is placed on a silicon mat. Sprinkle enough to cover the entire surface but not too much. We want a thin nougatine.

Lift up stencil from the mat carefully and bake in a 375F oven for about 4 minutes until lightly golden and the sugar lightly melts. Let the nougatine cool for about 30 seconds on the hot baking sheet and when pliable, roll around a cylinder forming a tube. Work quickly so the nougatine doesn’t harden and break. If cools down too fast, you can return the nougatine to the oven to warm up.

Store in an airtight container until ready to use.

Gianduja Chantilly

250 grams heavy cream
100 grams gianduja

Boil the cream and pour over the gianduja. Stir until the gianduja is completely melted. Refrigerate this ganache overnight and whip to thick ribbon when ready to use.

Place cream in a pastry bag and pipe into the nougatine tubes. Serve right away.

White Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Tuiles

100 grams white couverture pistoles
1 vanilla bean

Temper the couverture, and stir in the vanilla bean seeds. Take some of the couverture with the tip of an offset spatula and spread over acetate paper strips. Place the strips on a tuile pan to shape them before the chocolate hardens. Let the tuiles sit at room temperature to harden completely.

Blood Orange Sorbet

250 grams blood orange juice
110 grams sugar
2 grams sorbet stabilizer
60 grams atomized glucose
200 grams water

Place water in a saucepan and heat slightly. Add the atomized glucose, whisk and bring to a boil. Mix the sugar and the sorbet stabilizer in a bowl and add to the boiling syrup. Whisk and return syrup to a boil. Remove from heat.

Refrigerate the syrup for at least 4 hours. Add the blood orange juice to the syrup and churn in ice cream machine. Freeze.

This month’s challenge is brought to us by Karen of Bake My Day and Zorra of 1x umruehren bitte aka Kochtopf. They have chosen Tuiles from The Chocolate Book by Angélique Schmeink and Nougatine and Chocolate Tuiles from Michel Roux.

Please visit other Daring Bakers to see their interpretations of the challenge.

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97 Responses to “Tuile Madness with the Daring Bakers”

  1. Helene says:

    What a great challenge this month. I love all of your arrangements & pictures.

  2. Once again, you did a great job! Your Tuiles look really beautiful! You are really creative…



  3. Tanya says:

    Simply gorgeous! What beautiful desserts.

  4. Sophie says:

    Wat a geat challenge, love the outcome! Yum Yum:)!!!

  5. Christy says:

    It was a real delight seeing all your tuile creations!! I love the one that looks like a smudge of white chocolate/vanilla bean “sauce”, and also your nougatine cannellonis!! Great job!! I can’t wait to get my modem fixed up so I can post my challenge!!

  6. MeetaK says:

    lovely! i enjoyed the challenge completely this month and your ice-cream pairing is great. i did ice-cream too!

  7. morgana says:

    Qué maravilla, son todos preciosos, no sabría con cuáles quedarme. Los canelones tienen que estar buenísimos pero las tejas de choco blanco con vainilla son tan monas y tan originales… ¡¡ Qué difícil elección !! Impresionantes todos y todas.

    Ojalá hubiera tenido tiempo de preparar más este reto, era tan versátil… Enhorabuena, tienes una creatividad envidiable, siempre nos sorprendes con algo mágico y fresco.

  8. Just one word : per-fec-tion !

  9. Katie says:

    Wow another set of beautiful and delicious looking food/photos. Love the mini ice cream cone idea.

  10. Peter G says:

    I love the ice cream combinations and choices Aran! Beautiful!

  11. Hi they are truly amazing, I must show my son, he is a chef and always entering competitions and would find these so wonderful.

  12. Devonshire Lemon Ice Cream – Yum!!!

    I love how your cannelloni is straight-edged, not from the circle tuiles like that traditional ones.

  13. Botacook says:

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! These light colors make me (almost) feel we’re already in spring ;)

  14. Isabelle says:

    c’est splendide tant au niveau du défi que de tes photos :)

  15. Wow, these recipes sound delicious. Your photos are fantastic. Everything looks scrumptious! Bravo!

  16. Perfect concoctions Aran! I love the red stripes.

  17. Candace says:

    Simply outrageous… What beautiful tuiles!

  18. stunning as always! you are so talented you make me wanna cry…lol!
    Seriously, Aran: you’re an artist.. and a wonderful one!

  19. Joana says:

    Kaixo Aran!
    Aqui bilbaina viviendo en Londres… Me ha pasado la direccion de tu blog mi hermana y ojeando me he dado cuenta que algunas de mis conocidas tambien te visitan. Me encanta tu blog, tienes unas fotos maravillosas y unas recetas que bueno… Sin palabras estoy! Te enlazo a mi blog para visitarte en otra ocasion con mas tiempo. Felicidades!

  20. Beautiful presentations, every one, Aran! Makes my mouth water.

  21. Julia says:

    Your photos are stunning. I wish mine were that beautiful…someday!

  22. Ivana says:

    Espectacular!! Amazing!!

  23. I must say, I like what happens when your brain spins!

  24. Dragana says:

    You are the Tuille Queen! A feast for the eye!

  25. Chez Us says:


    Once again you have inspired me! I will have to definitely make these again & sweet! Yours came out fantastic and I love the flavors you used; blood orange!! Beautiful!

  26. RuthWells says:

    Stunning! Can you clarify the fondant patisseire in the last tuile recipe — is this a standard poured or rolled fondant?

  27. Once again, BRILLIANT! And beautiful, stunning, etc. I always love to see how you do the Daring Baker’s Challenge – I’m always so in awe!!!

  28. Jodie says:

    These are gorgeous! My husband would love the gianduja ones. I’ll have to try your recipe!

  29. the stripes on your ice cream cones are adorable and I love all of your frozen fillings. Gorgeous presentation.

  30. Jen Yu says:

    Aran, I think you and Tartelette are twins separated at birth ;) Your tuiles are so delightfully brilliant and beautiful. I could stare at the delicate tuiles all day long. You never disappoint.

  31. Chelsea says:

    You are an inspiration as usual. Your eye for composition is phenomenal! I voted for you for best photography blog:) You deserve it!

  32. Tartelette says:

    Ha!! I am loving the Twilight aone music right now! You know what I mean…again, we need to check the family trees… :) Makes me smile too….oh so freaky!! They will never believe we were “un-inspired”!!

    Gorgeous and delicious!! Love the touch of reds in the cones!

  33. amy says:

    mmmhh, so perfect, adorable little cones!

  34. Aran says:

    Thanks everyone!

    I might be slow in visiting your blogs… life’s a bit busy for the next few days.

    Ruth- fondant patissier is poured fondant.

    Thank you!

  35. Serena says:

    I should never visit this blog cos every single time I stop by, I want to 1)lick the screen, 2)try the recipe though they’re out of my league and 3)eat everything and not necessarely in this order.

    Gah, this is perfection. Aran, you’re the best!

  36. Madness es la palabra cierta para usar aqui! No se cual preferiria si solo pubiera comer una. Todas geniales!

  37. Julie says:

    So well done! Visiting your blog is always like making a pit stop into heaven. These flavor combinations, these images–it’s all so decadent. I really need to figure out how to make the stripes across my tuiles. Straight stripes, that is–I could probably handle woobly ones.

  38. Alicia says:

    These look so great! What a cool idea. Nice job!

  39. Tammy says:

    simply stunning – too pretty to eat! You are amazing!!!

  40. ooh, wow, the gianduja chantilly with the tuiles sounds divine. wonderful!

  41. Mitch L says:

    Looks and sounds fantastic. How did you go about making the lemon streusel?

  42. kittymama says:

    You never cease to amaze me! Can you tell me how you get that blue at bottom of the photos? If you don’t mind sharing – you can email me at ers1113 @ (don’t put spaces in).
    Truly spectacular work!

  43. Aran says:

    kittymama- that blue is an ice cream tray. that’s all! thank you!

  44. All beautiful, but I especially love the look of the white chocolate with vanilla bean tuile…so ethereal…

  45. Lauren says:

    Mmm, your tuiles look amazing! I love all of the different shapes and colors that you used =D!

  46. Y says:

    Ooh nice! I especially love the vanilla speckled ones!

  47. anna says:

    I love the idea to shape them into ice cream cones! That is too cute.

  48. TeaLady says:

    All I can say is, “WOW!!!” Wish mine had turned out as lovely as yours.

  49. creampuff says:

    I just don’t know how you do it. So beautiful!

  50. Incredibly beautiful! The tuile desserts are all so perfectly formed.

  51. cindy* says:

    everything looks amazing and so yummy! i especially love the gianduja cream…i am a sucker for anything with that particular flavor combo. and the photos are stunning…as always. <3

  52. Well now, those all are amazing.

  53. They are all gorgeous and sound so tasty!

  54. Beautiful works of art. I would simply stare at them all day; I wouldn’t want to bite into them and destroy their beauty. Oh, but then they wouldn’t really disappoint me, would they? My mouth would explode into happy notes of joy.

  55. Joyce says:

    Aran oh my goodness! Very beautiful!!

  56. Zerogluten says:

    Cuando sale el próximo vuelo a Florida? Quiero disfrutar de estas maravillas in person, quiero aprender de tí in person, lo quiero todo in person, porque en fotos es todo tan maravilloso que necesito algo más, vaya, in person.
    Me encantan los barquillos, pero las de chocolate blanco y vainilla me parecen como si hubieran caido del cielo, es algo sublime, delicado.
    Besitos y que esas manitas no dejen nunca de crear!

  57. Simply fabulous! I love your presentation of your desserts…lovely.

    Natalie @ Gluten a Go Go

  58. *BOW* to you great DB. I love the spirit you take up each challenge with. A spectacular array Aran, with pictures to match, & gorgeous pairings! Just beautiful!

  59. Camille says:

    “What to do?” My sentiment exactly if I had to choose which one to eat first! They all look marvelous.

  60. sunita says:

    Wow! what a superb array of Tuiles you’ve made..each one looks so delectable :-)

  61. Hannah says:

    So, so beautiful! All of the colors and shapes are absolutely dreamy.

  62. lynda says:

    So beautiful as always in every way. I want one of those nougatine ones!! Do you find gianduja at L’epicerie too? That is not anything I see available locally ever.

  63. Aran says:

    Thanks everyone. I haven’t had a chance to check everyone’s creations yet but I will over the weekend.

    Lynda- here is some L”Epicerie doesn’t carry it (or at least I haven’t seen it)

  64. Mobula says:

    Pues ahora me toca decidir cual me gusta más y es imposible… todas son preciosas y sumamente apetecibles…

    Como le hiciste las rayitas royas a los cornets??

    Besos, besos,


  65. I JUST found your blog. How did it take me so long to find this wonderful, lovely space with such gorgeous photos? I am not sure, but I am certain I will be back!

  66. good grief those are awesome!! they look like vegetable chips and mini ice cream cones! :)

  67. Anonymous says:

    You did so MANY things with your tuiles…all beautiful!

    xoxo Elle

  68. Aran, your tuiles are gorgeous!

  69. idu says:

    Aran, listoia gero eta altuago jartzen ari zara! ni kaneloietatik hasi, eta banan banan denak probatzen joango nintzateke..

  70. Jeremy says:

    Since I arrived to your site I have been inspired and overwhelmed by the beautiful pictures and patisserie!

  71. you are such an artist Aran!! these look delicious, beautiful, good enough to eat (right now!)…i love the specks of vanilla bean as well–like a micro starry night…xodeb

  72. giz says:

    Your sensibilities around these works of art are incredible. I came close (NOT)

  73. Arlette says:

    All everything in this blog is amazing, and talks about good talent… and I am sure they taste the same.
    Amazing Blog.

  74. Beautiful! My favorite has to be the canneloni with gianduja filling – those sound delicious! I might have to try my hand at the nougatine recipe now…

  75. Sensational and truly inspiring! I’d love to try the nougatines now!

  76. Vera says:

    Aran, what an amazing variety of shapes and flavors! Beautiful!

  77. I love all these tuiles, just beautiful. It is blood orange season right now so that sounds amazing. Plus nougatine….Ahh yummy!

  78. What beautiful photos and fabulous flavours you did with the tuiles. These are some of the best pictures of tuiles I have seen. 10/10 for this challenge.

  79. Julia says:

    Your tuiles are just delightful. The bi-colour versions are my favourite. They look like little presents wrapped with ribbon! Good job – and beautiful photography.

  80. linda says:

    Tuile madness indeed, you made so many! And all of them so lovely too.

  81. Gorgeous as always. Me. Impressed. As always.

    Thank you for all the work you put into your blog.

  82. Anis says:

    hi Aran can you help me with the cannelloni recipe please, how do you do to cut them in in the middle without breaking them? do you freeze them beforehand and use a hot knife or just a serrated one can do the trick thank you in adavnace for your answer

  83. Aran says:

    Anis- what do you mean cut them? Cut them when they are filled? You can’t or they will shatter. never freeze any sugar based tuile as the sugar melts with the humidity of the freezer/refrigerator. Why are you trying to cut them? Maybe try making them smaller and then fill them.

    was this helpful?

  84. Anis says:

    Thanks Aran, In fact I get this impression from your picture as the the filling is so neat! because when I pipe my cannelloni I dont get such a clean result at their extreme end and that what I want to obtain same (even if I’not as talented as you are, I would be happy if you can advive me to achieve this result) beautiful looking than yours.

  85. anis says:

    maybe you didn’t understand my question?

  86. Aran says:

    Anis- to get a clean edge, just pipe inside and scrape the excess off with an offset spatula. That will smooth it out. Thanks!

  87. Marie says:

    happy new year, aran! i was in italy last weekend and, lo and behold, spotted a jar of gianduja cream (a sort of paste) which i brought back home with me, as i remembered the name from this recipe. is this what you used in your recipe? or do you use an actual bar of chocolate, if that is what gianduja is?
    thank you!

  88. { uMy } says:

    Hi Aran :)
    I’ve always love your work.its been inspiring me to become a better pastry chef.i have just one question, does the nougatine cannelloni works as well with ground almonds/almond meal? thank you.very much appreciated~

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