Noosa yoghurt two ways: roasted beets and quince applesauce

Roasted beets with yogurt and dukkah | Cannelle et Vanille

I just returned from a 10-day trip in Australia’s Blue Mountains where I taught a food styling and photography workshop with my friend Luisa Brimble, hosted by the beautiful Sophie Hansen. I have so many images to go through and hopefully I will be able to share the experience with you shortly. I went from true Seattle rainy autumn to a bountiful, rose-filled spring in Australia. More on that later because it really was a visual feast that I must share.

A few weeks ago, I attended a food blogger brunch at Seattle’s The Whale Wins where I was introduced to noosa yoghurt. I had seen it around the markets but had not yet tasted it. I really enjoyed the different flavors, even though I usually gravitate towards plain and unsweetened yoghurts, and the silky texture that comes from using whole milk. After that event, I partnered with noosa to develop some simple recipes to highlight their yoghurt. Roasted beets with yoghurt and hazelnut-rose dukkah over sourdough bread and another recipe for yoghurt and granola bowl with quince applesauce.

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The same old pear and hazelnut tart

pear and hazelnut tart | Cannelle et VanillePears in the Basque Country | Cannelle et Vanille

Fall has set into Seattle. Ochre-colored sunsets begin earlier and earlier.

I spy pumpkins and gourds on stoops and their smell in my oven. I have been roasting them with olive oil, seeds, smashed garlic and branches of crinkled herbs.

And then pear and apple tarts. It is just how it goes around here.

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A little oat and honey bread

Gluten-free oat and honey bread with Asian pears and blue | Cannelle et VanilleAsian pears | Cannelle et Vanille

I just came back from a weekend in Lummi Island where I produced a photography workshop for Gentl & Hyers. Really beautiful adventure and I hope they will blog about it soon. I hardly had time to pick up my camera but I did share my experience on Instagram.

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#heyworld with Gap Kids and Bon Appétit

#heyworld with Gap Kids and Bon Appétit#heyworld with Gap Kids and Bon Appétit | Cannelle et Vanille

I am so happy to share with you that I have partnered with GapKids and Bon Appétit on their collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres’ new lifestyle brand, ED, to spread the word about the importance of giving our girls a strong sense of self. For me that means cooking with my children! Embracing who they are, being tolerant with others and also themselves.

For this, Miren and I had a fun afternoon in my studio kitchen baking a pear and hazelnut cake. You can find the recipe at the bottom of this post.

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