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Iceland by Aran Goyoaga | Cannelle et VanilleIceland by Aran Goyoaga | Cannelle et Vanille

Oh jet-lag….

I am back in Seattle after spending the last 35 days in Europe with my children. Oh jet-lag… I am left without words for now. Brain dead and exhausted. But I wanted to share with you some images from my recent trip to Iceland. Hardly any words needed to describe such beauty.

This is what comes to mind when I think of Iceland…

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Blueberry and yogurt cake from days of berry picking

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Blueberry and yogurt cake | Cannelle et VanilleBlueberry and yogurt cake | Cannelle et Vanille

I have vivid memories of yogurt cake in my childhood. Waiting for the cake to cool in the red loaf pan – the red loaf pan we still bake in it when we come visit my parents in the Basque Country. I brought the cake out into the balcony so it cooled faster and I simply waited.

Such anticipation in a cake.

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Peas and favas everyday

Peas and favas with prosciutto and eggs | Cannelle et VanilleSummer in the Basque Country | Cannelle et Vanille

I am currently in the Basque Country. We will be here for a few weeks this summer.

We arrived to beautiful weather and lush landscape. Still recovering from jet-lag, we have slowly been taking strolls in old familiar places and mainly, spending time with my family.

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Multidisciplinary storytelling workshop with Tara O’Brady | Seattle, October 25 & 26, 2014

Photo by Tara O'BradyBaklava O'Brady

People often ask me what it is that attracts me to a blog. Ultimately, it is all about telling a story of food and life.

There are many facets to blogging – many disciplines encompassed in one platform and most of the time, including my case, it is a one-person show. How remarkable is that? Not very often we have seen in publishing individuals who can be so prolific – from writing, to photography, to developing recipes, to being your own art director and editor.

There are a handful of people that I look up to for inspiration. How can they do so much and do it all so well? I think to myself often.

Tara O’Brady has set the bar up very high.

I have been following Tara and her blog Seven Spoons since the beginning. Words drive her and photos are the anchor to support her stories. On top of that, her recipes are always classic and inventive. In awe, I tell you. She makes it seem effortless although I know how much work goes into it. She is thorough and thoughful in everything she does.

And now she is coming to Seattle to teach a workshop about it all.

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