An apple, hazelnut and oat cake

Apple, hazelnut and oat cake | Cannelle et VanilleApple, hazelnut and oat cake | Cannelle et Vanille

I don’t have any tattoos although for a while I considered getting one. “What would it be?” Jenny asked. Like lightning, I felt an impulse… “a little tiny apple on my knuckle!”. No actual tattoo came out of it, but I do think about that spontaneous reply often. This simply to illustrate my love for apples and also this season. October is my favorite time of year when the bounty of summer collides with the preparation for winter. It is the nostalgia I feel for a childhood surrounded by apple and quince trees and rain boots.

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How to improve your phone photography

How to improve your phone photography | Cannelle et Vanille

They say that the best camera is the one that you carry with you. In the last couple of years, I have been using my phone camera more and more. It is light and always in my back pocket. Instagram has become my most active social media as I navigate the world of images more comfortably than words. I know this is a bit of a debatable subject but personally, I prefer Instagram accounts that simply post iPhone photos. It is almost as if this the democratization of photography – give everyone a simple tool with no bells and whistles and see what they can do with it (and please, no offense if you post photos from other sources).

Same principles of photography apply – lighting, composition, styling, lines…

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A basic granola bar recipe for autumn to come

Winter beach | Cannelle et VanilleBasic granola bar recipe | Cannelle et Vanille

School started last week. Morning fog returned. Leaves are changing and I can smell autumn in the air. My favorite time of year with the anticipation of coziness, gatherings and squash soup.

Many mornings, after I drop off Jon and Miren at school, I take a walk through Discovery Park in Seattle. I particularly love it during rainy mornings as it’s bare and raw. Everything that a PNW beach promises… rounded grey rocks, bleached driftwood, tangled bushes and tall trees and the deepest color of seaweed. A snack and the woods.

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