A basic granola bar recipe for autumn to come

Winter beach | Cannelle et VanilleBasic granola bar recipe | Cannelle et Vanille

School started last week. Morning fog returned. Leaves are changing and I can smell autumn in the air. My favorite time of year with the anticipation of coziness, gatherings and squash soup.

Many mornings, after I drop off Jon and Miren at school, I take a walk through Discovery Park in Seattle. I particularly love it during rainy mornings as it’s bare and raw. Everything that a PNW beach promises… rounded grey rocks, bleached driftwood, tangled bushes and tall trees and the deepest color of seaweed. A snack and the woods.

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Summer tartines – ricotta, prosciutto and something sweet – and favorites list

Summer tartines | Cannelle et Vanille

I posted this photo on instagram over the weekend and the response was unanimous – “we want to know what is in there”. Essentially.

I never think of sharing recipes like these because they are so simple. No-recipe recipe. I just take whatever I have in the refrigerator and stack it on toasted bread. I suppose the fact that I am thinking about flavor combinations without really following a recipe is a recipe in itself?

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A summer picnic in Iceland

Summer picnic in Iceland | Cannelle et VanilleSummer picnic in Iceland | Cannelle et Vanille

Will you forgive me for posting two picnic stories in a row? As I mentioned on my last post, there have been so many picnics this summer. Most of them in Seattle, but I have to tell you I love having picnics everywhere I go. Let’s get outside – rain or shine. Today I want to show you some images from a picnic we put together in Iceland with food photographer Áslaug Snorradóttir who cooked us a kaleidoscope for the senses.

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