A summer picnic in Iceland

Summer picnic in Iceland | Cannelle et VanilleSummer picnic in Iceland | Cannelle et Vanille

Will you forgive me for posting two picnic stories in a row? As I mentioned on my last post, there have been so many picnics this summer. Most of them in Seattle, but I have to tell you I love having picnics everywhere I go. Let’s get outside – rain or shine. Today I want to show you some images from a picnic we put together in Iceland with food photographer Áslaug Snorradóttir who cooked us a kaleidoscope for the senses.

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A summer crab feast and corn and fennel chowder recipe

Summer crab feast | Cannelle et VanilleSummer crab feast | Cannelle et Vanille

There have been many picnics this summer.

Some planned, some completely spontaneous. Some pretty, some messy, but all of them with great company. The thing I like about picnics isn’t necessarily the food. Yes, that’s the ultimate incentive and satisfier, but getting together with friends and children on a sunny summer’s day somehow makes summer actually feel like such. It’s not the heat and the sun, but the gatherings.

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Apricots and raspberries in an oat crust

Apricot and raspberry galette | Cnnelle et Vanille

I like to keep frozen pastry dough in the freezer for when I am in a pinch for dessert. Make a large batch of dough, divide it into disks and freeze for a later day. There is always room for tart when you have dough in the freezer. Take it out of the freezer into the refrigerator the night before and the next day use it as if you had just mixed it.

Summer has such an abundance of fresh fruit that I find myself making tarts over and over again. Like this galette that can be filled with any fruit you have at hand.

Apricots, raspberries and yellow currants – I made it twice last week and planning on making another one with plums and the blackberries we picked by Lake Washington last Friday. There will be other combinations and I know you have great ideas as well. Do share.

Other tarts on the blog for inspiration if you will.

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snaefellsnes, iceland

Iceland by Aran Goyoaga | Cannelle et VanilleIceland by Aran Goyoaga | Cannelle et Vanille

Oh jet-lag….

I am back in Seattle after spending the last 35 days in Europe with my children. Oh jet-lag… I am left without words for now. Brain dead and exhausted. But I wanted to share with you some images from my recent trip to Iceland. Hardly any words needed to describe such beauty.

This is what comes to mind when I think of Iceland…

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