Mini Pear, Raspberry and Ginger Pies for Project Wedding

I have been loving the very rustic, natural and country-style weddings that I have been reading about lately. Like this one, this one or this one. I think that when the world feels a little chaotic, we tend to resort to a homemade kind of lifestyle with lots of home cooking, personalized gifts and DIY touches. So for this month’s Project Wedding assignment, I created individual pear, raspberry and ginger pies with a rustic touch that can be served at any wedding instead of the traditional cake and are so simple to make.

Fall made it’s first appearance in South Florida today and it has put me in the mood for lots of comfort food, apples, quince and falling leaves, so I think it’s going to be that kind of weekend for us.

For more photos and the recipes, please go here. Hope you like it!

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59 Responses to “Mini Pear, Raspberry and Ginger Pies for Project Wedding”

  1. Petra says:

    How gorgeous they are!
    I am a bit on the clumsy side when it comes to baking but I really have to try these ones soon.

  2. Natalie says:

    Absolutely incredible photos! I just LOVE your blog!:) Natalie

  3. Dominique says:

    Wonderful pictures! Thank you for the links: I’m looking for ideas for my son’s wedding next year (table decoration!)… If you have others… (or somebody else)

  4. Simo says:

    Sembrano dei fiori meravigliosi!

  5. I love the idea with the covering with cutted mini hearts. So sweet!

  6. These are so beautiful!
    I would love these at my wedding :)

  7. Hilda says:

    I love the shape of the dough cutouts on top and the layout is so delicate, I’m rather clumsy with dough so I’m in awe, just gorgeous.

  8. Cheri says:

    These are absolutely beautiful Aran! Very homey but still breathtaking. Perfect for a fall wedding.

  9. Jamie says:

    These are so lovely and you have created a beautiful combo of flavors. But Fall in South Florida? But I would be comforted by one of these lovely tarts.

  10. Aran says:

    Jamie- let’s not get crazy. i mean, our version of fall! :) 70’s and no humidity! that’s more than i can ask for right now! :)

    Thank you for your comments!

  11. Lovely! I made a pear pie yesterday, but it wasn’t nearly this gorgeous! Ginger seems like the perfect accompaniment to raspberries and pears.

  12. Simply beautiful hummmm :p ♥

  13. Bravo! Superb!! And so delicate!

  14. El says:

    These are just beautiful! I love the way you cut the crust and let the berries peak through. How elegant!

  15. cindy* says:

    the pies are darling aran! we have a homespun-desserts table planned for our wedding, these look perfect for that…

  16. eleanor says:

    Could one use very shallow ramekins for this sort of pie? Its near impossible for me to find little pie pans in Ottawa, but those are just so adorable I want to give mini-apple pies a try. Thanks muchly.

  17. Oh wow, is “rustic chic” a term? How beautifully pastoral…and I bet they taste delicious too. I’ll have to try that technique for a pie topcrust.

  18. Aran says:

    Cindy- i bet your dessert table will be gorgeous!

    Eleanor- Yes, you can definitely use ceramic ramekins. Just make sure the bottom crust is well baked before pulling them out of the oven though.

    Syrupandhoney- i love that “rustic chic”. very cool.

    Thank you everyone!

  19. Jayme says:

    So beautiful Aran! I love how the dough cut outs make the little pie look like a flower :)

    btw, I just noticed that “Martha’s Circle” badge you have up in the right hand corner – what does that mean?! How does one get into Martha’s circle? If anyone deserves to be there, it’s certainly you!

  20. Jenny Tan says:

    The pies looks so delicious…and the photos, they are just gorgeous!

  21. Irene says:

    Love them, gorgeous! The mini hearts are totally adorable!

  22. Alicia says:

    Looks delicious!
    A little bit difficult maybe?
    Good job!Really!

  23. Laura says:

    Very pretty. We had fresh fruit tarts at my wedding, delicious!

  24. Aran says:

    Jayme- You can read more about Martha’s Circle here.

    Alicia- They are not hard at all actually. Super simple pies. Just need a heart shape cutter, or any cutter or no cutter and just cover the top with dough the traditional way.

    Thank you everyone!

  25. I am so awful at making pies but you may have just inspired me to give it another shot.


  26. These are gorgeous almost beyond words. Great job!

  27. wow these look spectacular :)

  28. Jennifer says:

    Incredibly stunning!!! Great job!

  29. shez says:

    I was wondering how you got such lovely detailing with the pastry on the top! They’re gorgeous, and I can imagine them being well received at a wedding any day!

  30. anna says:

    As someone who often requested fruit pies (peach or cherry!) instead of cake for my birthday, I could definitely get behind the idea of wedding pies!

  31. My Fiance’ made an interesting meal yesterday with chicken, potatoes, celery and onions inside a pastry puff…it was DELICIOUS!
    P.S. YOUR blog is GORGEOUS.

    Jen Ramos
    ‘Cards & Prints You’ll Love…’

  32. The strawberries look gorgeous! Perfect! And the pie looks so delicious!

  33. Valérie says:

    Your little pies are so lovely !! I love the way you cut the dough ! And you’re right, the weddings you mention are like fairytales…

  34. I know I say gorgeous every time I comment on your blog, but these ARE absolutely GORGEOUS!

  35. Dolce says:

    They look fantastic indeed…

  36. Barbara says:

    Those are gorgeous! You are so talented and your photos are perfect. I live in South Florida too, but wish we could have had a bigger dose of fall!

  37. so pretty!…ahk i have the same little heart shaped cutter! i have a square triangle and circle too. nice mini-cookies if you’re making a tea party for barbie :)

  38. Aran says:

    Barbara- where exactly do you live in S. Florida? I wish it lasted longer too. Today is muggy again!

  39. pierre says:

    beautiful photos !!
    and if you like french creative cooking come and visit my blog cheers Pierre

  40. Mercè says:

    Aran, great photos as usual!
    I love the idea of these individual tarts for a wedding! :)
    Great job!

  41. Katie says:

    They look beautiful. The way you ahve done the pastry top makes them look so elegant and special.

  42. Barbara says:

    Aran: I live in Boca Raton. It’s 91° again….I know- everyone will be jealous of us come January!

  43. Ana says:

    Definitivamente, me caso de nuevo solo para que tu me hagas los postres… Que maravilla, es que realmente me quedo sin palabras pero estos pequeños “pies” son ideales y tienen que estar realmente deliciosos!!!

    Besos, besos y mas besos!!!

  44. Y says:

    Like it? I love it! If the trend is towards more personal, rustic touches, then I’m all for it :)

  45. What a great presentation!I am gonna steal the idea!

  46. Hat lady says:

    Hace poco que sigo tu blog, me parece un trabajo fantástico. Me acaban de detectar diabetes gestacional y tengo prohibido el azúcar, pero sólo con ver tus fotos me consuelo…Gracias.

  47. increible, no me canso de repetirlo, otra vez nos has dejado con la boca abierta, preciosa presentacion, y las fotos no digamos!



  48. What a great blog- your writing is as artistic as the food!. I love these little tarts-really pretty!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Awe another Donna Hay wane be……it is amazing how blatantly you copy from her magazine…..!!!! Very sad!!!!

  50. Aran says:

    Anonymous- first of all, it would be nice if you have something so hurtful to say that you at least have the guts to sign your name.

    Secondly, DH is a huge inspiration for me as are other magazines, but tell me where exactly I have copied this from because I don’t recall such thing. Everyone draws inspiration from different places and makes it their own,but to say I bluntly copy their work. Pinpoint where.

    Everything you ser here is thought through, developed, baked, styled and photographed by me and not a team am if you cannot see the work behind it and appreciate it, then I say you don’t return. So so hurtful.

  51. Herman SA says:

    About the Donna Hay comment: I am a huge fan of her work and think that what she and her team does is spectacular and really amazing! I must admit (Sorry Aran…your work is gorgeous) there is a Palmier ice cream sandwich that I saw in a recent copy of Donna…..not the same recipe but same styled. But I don’t think your whole blog is a copy of her work. We all have our muse in life and it takes more than a pretty picture next to you to create work like Aran is doing. So who ever anonymous is….you should rather not visit this blog if you respond in the way you did. Plagiarism is not a good thing I agree…..but to say that she copies it all….!!!! Aran word of advice…maybe for a future blog do a tribute to your food muse…….I am sure that Donna herself will say thanks! Keep up the amazing work and don’t let those who are out to get you…remove you from your love for food, photos and styling!!!!

  52. Aran says:

    Hernan- wow… I appreciate that comment very much. Thank you!

  53. Amberdawn says:

    Those look lovely! The top crust part with the little hearts is so creative.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Scrumptious looking.

  55. […] recipe and photo credit to: […]

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