Lady Apple, Grapefruit and Creme Fraiche Salad for a Light Afternoon Snack

This might not sound very exciting to many, but my mom and I love food shopping. We get giddy when we have to take trips to the market together, we write extensive lists and always look forward to whatever exciting things we will find. We even did this back home taking bi-weekly trips to Bilbao’s “Mercado de la Ribera”. We love talking to the produce guys at Whole Foods to find out what is coming that week and dig through their crates to find the best pieces. The apples with the leaves, the strawberries with the stems… whatever it might be.

This past week was particularly thrilling as we found a small shipment of lady apples that we instantly cleaned out. They were beautiful, crispy, very sweet and slightly tart. I couldn’t decide what to make with them and as time passed by, we just kept eating them raw. One by one they started to disappear and soon I was left with a third of the original box.

We have been spending a lot of time at home and walking around our neighborhood. Every morning and every afternoon, we take M. out for a stroll, which she seems to really enjoy. She naps while my mom and I just talk about everything and anything. Food is always on our minds and planning daily meals is one of our favorite subjects.

It has been warm and humid the last few days and a fruit salad is what we were all craving for a snack in the afternoon. We came home, sliced some apples, segmented some Florida grapefruit, cut some fresh ginger, whipped some creme fraiche and picked some mint and stevia from my herb planters. This must be the easiest recipe I have ever posted here, but so fresh and delicious.

We still had some lady apples, so we decided to surprise J. with some candied apples when he came home from school that afternoon. “For me?”, he said with a big smile. He was more excited about the idea of holding the stick than anything else and as I suspected, he ended with sticky hands and a messy face, but the apple was left untouched.

Candied Lady Apples

adapted from Martha Stewart

2 cups sugar
1 cup water
3/4 cup corn syrup
10 lady apples

Remove the stems from the apples and insert a wooden skewer in each one.

Mix the sugar, water and corn syrup in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Cook to a very light caramel (barely any color) to about 315F.

Lady Apple, Grapefruit and Creme Fraiche Salad

2 lady apples, thinly sliced
1 medium red grapefruit, peeled and segmented
Fresh ginger, thinly sliced
Pistachios, chopped
Vanilla simple syrup
Creme fraiche, whipped
Fresh mint
Fresh stevia leaves

Make the vanilla simple syrup with equal parts water and sugar. I used 1/2 cup sugar and 12 cup of water with half a vanilla bean. Bring to a boil until sugar dissolves and let it cool. Set aside.

Arrange the sliced apples, grapefruit segments and ginger on a plate. Drizzle with the vanilla simple syrup, sprinkle with the chopped pistachios and herbs and arrange some creme fraiche quenelles on top.

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76 Responses to “Lady Apple, Grapefruit and Creme Fraiche Salad for a Light Afternoon Snack”

  1. Y says:

    Nothing like freshly picked apples. I love how impossibly crisp they can be, and I can’t imagine there are many people who aren’t excited by good quality produce when they go food shopping :)

  2. Lydia says:

    Beautiful and delightful combination of flavors! I think I might be inclined to make a ginger simple syrup instead of including the fresh ginger as I find the flavor a bit too strong when uncooked. Mmmm, I can’t wait for grapefruit season…

  3. S says:

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  4. S says:

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  5. S says:

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  6. VeggieGirl says:

    I love food shopping too!! :)

    Beautiful photos.

  7. Dragana says:

    So beautiful! Baby, son and all. Congratulations!

  8. nadia says:

    This is such a wonderful recipe. i love shopping with my mum for food! miren is lovely! these pictures are so fresh and crisp that i found myself biting into an apple!

  9. A gorgeous snack and magnificent pictures!



  10. icicle says:

    Such a delicate and pretty plate and the candied apples — love that shot!

  11. AH says:

    Inspiring and beautiful photo’s!

  12. Sook says:

    Just beautiful and wonderful photos!! I am so glad that I came across your blog. I will read it regularly!

  13. I love how your son, in true toddler style did what every red blooded toddler would do…leave the apple!
    Mine did the same (Lol!)
    The children are glorious little beings!!
    Irene x

  14. I absolutely adore apple season for just that – it’s so easy to eat them all right out of hand! But that salad looks wonderfully fresh and simple as well.

  15. James says:

    Your photos of food are always stunning! Looks like a very refreshing salad.

  16. Sounds refreshingly delicious and I love how you are your mom are so into food – my mom and I are the same way!

  17. I want to eat them all! Delicious photographs. Enjoy this time with your lovely bébé and mama!

  18. Kristi says:

    So glad I found your blog! Love the beautiful images paired with lovely words. I too can’t resist lady apples. xoxo -k

  19. hope chest says:

    Fresh apples are the loveliest thing to me! The color and the crunchiness make me so delighted with it! Thanks for the recipe! It looks so lovely!

  20. El says:

    Looks wonderful…It’s funny that he ate everything but the apple!

  21. Beautiful photos. Not sure if I said congrats on your new little one. She is gorgeous!

  22. Sugar Chef says:

    Lady apples are my favorite. I’ve just been snacking on them raw too. You’re baby girl and your son are precious.

  23. Laurel says:

    Looks perfect! I made creme fraiche panna cotta today. I will have to top them with grapefruit segments, lady apples, ginger and mint now! Looks too good to pass up!

  24. Dajda says:

    The very look of these apples is refreshing!

  25. I’d love to do candied apples, but what about corn syrup? Since you are from Europe, you may remember that corn syrup is not something usual in our shops – especially in this eastern Europe part of woods! They look delicious in your photo – do you have any suggestions about the corn syrup substitute? Thank you.
    children are so sweet!

  26. Aran says:

    Κάθαρσις- you can use glucose instead which is more readily available in Europe than corn syrup. If not, you can make a caramel with sugar and water, or even just a dry caramel but you run a chance of crystallization so make sure to use super clean sugar, pot and brush edges of the pan with water. Let me know!

    Thanks everyone!

  27. shaz says:

    Aran, you make a simple snack look so absolutely stunning. None of my fruit salads have ever looked that good! Don’t think I’ve yet met a kid who’ll actually eat the apple after licking off the toffee :)

  28. Valérie says:

    Moi aussi j’adore faire du shopping “culinaire” ! Tes pommes caramel sont superbes et ta fourchette aussi :o)

  29. ButterYum says:

    Lovely as usual. We really enjoy lady apples… wish I could find them all the time. Your children are beautiful!


  30. Alexa says:

    Gorgeous pictures as always! I love the salad and the mini caramelized apples are the perfect size–so pretty.

  31. This salad looks so wonderful and seasonal! Sometimes it’s so hard to come up with crisp, fresh salad ideas in winter. I will have to try this! One question… I am trying to expand my kitchen herb garden. How hard is stevia to grow and have you gotten it to thrive indoors? Thanks!

  32. Aran says:

    Katie- I have not kept the stevia indoors so not sure how it’d do. It’s growing really well for me outside but I live in Fl and the climate is warm. I am keeping it in the shade and I water it everyday.

    Thank you!

  33. At the risk of sounding terribly ignorant… what are lady apples and how are they different from regular apples? Are they just smaller, or do they have a different flavor?

  34. Marnee says:

    Congrats on the new arrival Aran, so beautiful!
    Can’t believe you fit so many things in your day including new baby, shopping, cooking, family visiting, photography, your blog! Wow!
    Love love love the fork with the detail on it, where did you get that?

    x Marnee

  35. Going to market with Mums is one of my favorite things too! :-) We get so giddy, so excited, plotting out the whole day for ourselves. :-) Exquisite pictures – so fresh and crisp :-)

  36. I’ve honestly never seen such gorgeous toffee apples. This reminds me it’s time to stop avoiding them. I still have childhood memories of biting into store bought toffee apples all soft and floury on the inside- ‘igittigitt!’ as the Germans would say!!

  37. I love food shopping with my Mom too. This salad looks amazing…totally up my alley. As usual, gorgeous photos. :)

  38. simplesong says:

    LOVED reading this post and hearing about how much you enjoy food w/ your mom and the lovely relationship you have. So lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Lauren says:

    I adore shopping for food. Its such fun, and there is always something new to be found! Everything in this post looks delicious Aran!

  40. Aran says:

    Noelle- lady apples are small, very crisp, tart but at the same time sweet apples. so refreshing!

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate it!

  41. Rob says:

    Very, very beautiful. I love your styling. Gorgeous! :-)

  42. MWT says:

    Hi Aran,

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. My heartfelt warm wishes to you and your lovely family! I have been trying some of your recipes lately and I especially love your lemon meltaways (and so do my roommates!). Thank you for sharing your life with the world.

    I have a small favor to ask – may I find out from you where that beautiful fork is from in the first picture? Thank you!

  43. Cakebrain says:

    The lady apples are so cute! I love how small they are and the colour is perfect! Gorgeous pictures!

  44. Barbara says:

    Sweet photos! I remember I always ate the candy and left the apples!

  45. It looks very deliciously healthy. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  46. It looks very deliciously healthy. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  47. Junglefrog says:

    There is nothing weird about loving foodshopping!! I love it too, I just wish my mom would love it as much as I do… :) We do not share our interest in cooking at all. Mom cooked only because she had too. O well… I love your apples; they look delicious!

  48. JessicaS says:

    Wonderful photos! I love the composition and lighting!

  49. Su-yin says:

    The colours in the photos are so beautiful! I am always amazed at how you create such interesting dishes from the simplest ingredients. :)

    And you’re definitely not the only one who loves food shopping, I’m terrible when I go to the grocery store – I end up wanting to buy everything!

  50. Terri says:

    Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I constantly look at your blog to see how you take your photos..I am just learning how to use my camera so I am a major novice. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Terri

  51. Alyssa says:

    Nothing but good things come from such lovely lady apples!

  52. Lilian says:

    How glorious to return to your blog again, Aran. What a revelation it always is–your photography and culinary creations are just so marvelous. Belated congratulations on the birth of your second child!

  53. Ainhoa says:

    Aran, tiene todo una pinta estupenda. A mi no me parece nada raro lo de disfrutar de los mercados.Yo intento visitar los mercados locales en todos los viajes. Muxu bat.

  54. Andreea says:

    Hello! Please check out my comment at ” About me” .Please.


  55. su says:

    Cada vez que te visito es un placer, me alegro de que todo haya ido bien, ¡que niña más mona! besos

  56. fresh365 says:

    Such a sweet post that has me dreaming of Florida instead of the snow swirling around outside! The colors are so inspiring and I adore grapefruits in salads as well. Last time I visited my grandmother in FL, I left with a suitcase full of grapefruit!

  57. Mimi says:

    My daughters are teenagers now and we love to go food shopping together. I’m so happy that they have such interesting ideas about food.
    Fruit salads are so fabulous in winter time, a nice contrast to all of that warm, heavy comfort food we eat.
    Thanks for sharing pics of your babies, they make me smile.

  58. y a veces que dices, hoy entro en el super por solo dos ingredientes…mentira: yo salgo con tres bolsas! tu receta tiene una pinta estupenda y tus hijos ya creciendo creciendo, besitos

  59. we get such apples form norther greece right now. what a beautiful way of using them.

  60. Aran,

    Como se parece M a su hermano! La misma naricita.Que monos!

  61. Jamie says:

    Well, Aran, I was going to tell you how fabulously beautiful your photography is until the photos of your children just took my breath away. A beautiful, simple snack quick enough to make to leave you more time with the babies. Lovely.

  62. Aran says:

    MWT- the fork is from Anthropologie. cute, right?

    Thanks everyone!

  63. Laura says:

    Yummy!! That looks amazing. Also, I am very jealous of your weather. Here in Idaho it is below freezing and waaaaaay too snowy!!

  64. Zerogluten says:

    Aran, que bonita que está tu niña. Y el hermano también, que no se encele que se parecen una barbaridad.
    Me alegro que estés disfrutando de la compañía de tu madre y de esos paseos que como dices, se habla de todo y de nada, pero se agradece la mano de tu madre cuando tú acabas de serlo también.
    Felicidades por todo lo que compartes con los demás.
    Besitos sin gluten.

  65. hey Aran , heartiest congratulations for you little angel, she looks beautiful ! Your pictures are breathtaking and stunning. Just realized how much i’ve missed coming here :)

  66. Just got some lady apples for another recipe, now I have something fabulous to make with the left-over apples. Beautiful photos, gorgeous and so inspiring for a new blogger!!!

  67. this post made me smile, esp the story about jon and the candied hands.
    i think i might make this fruit salad on christmas eve actually! i love the way it looks and sounds.

  68. cookeaze says:

    Sounds amazing.This flavor combo is incredibly versatile. Congratulations for you little angel and she looks so cute !

  69. amy says:

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  70. Anali says:

    I’ve never tried lady apples, but they’re on my list to try. Braeburns have been my favorites most recently.

    And your “warm and humid weather” sounds divine. I’m getting ready to make a last run for supplies this afternoon before the monster blizzard arrives tonight. It’s zooming up the East Coast!

  71. Elizabeth says:

    Little M. is so precious. How wonderful to have your mother there with you to share this special time. Three generations food shopping together!

  72. disa says:

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  73. Anonymous says:

    Thought you might want to know about this photo use. Might be more there without credit. Was just browsing their tumblr, and thought I recognized your photos.

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