Making soup with the windows open

I am in a soup making frenzy these days fueled by the crisp air and autumn light. We make a large pot early in the morning, which lasts a couple of days. Squash and leek soup or lentils with root vegetables are some of our weekly staples, but there others we love and new ones to experiment with.

Living in a subtropical climate, it is not often we get to open all of our windows to let fresh, crisp air in. When it finally happens, my outlook completely changes. I can feel it. And then I want to cook soup, lots of it.

This weekend I cooked a lady apple, leek, and sunchoke cream that we ate with steamed clams. I will share this soon.

In the meantime, I leave you with lady apples. They exemplify what I love about this season.

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29 Responses to “Making soup with the windows open”

  1. Wonderful soups! I love the crisp autumn air that comes in when I open the windows…



  2. tinajo says:

    I love soups – it´s just so delicious, especially with a great bread to go with it. :-)

  3. I’m going to make the lentils with root vegetables, but with our windows closed…it’s too cold here!

  4. notyet100 says:

    Will be waiting for the recipe,pic is too good,.

  5. kimberly says:

    We can have the windows open too! (granted, it makes things a bit *brisk* in the house…) :)

    I wish my boys liked soup more as I adore making it – there is something comforting and therapeutic about making it, no?

    Hope to see you after the holidays~

  6. Hans says:

    The photo of the apples is incredibly pretty. <3

  7. ichigo says:

    oh I love this season too.those apples looks delicious!

  8. Dena says:

    Beautiful. I love the photos and it is a perfect time of year for soups!

  9. Beautiful! I love the picture. Lentil soup was a favorite of my childhood, too. Can’t wait to hear how your lady apple soup goes.

  10. Alison says:

    I love the way soups, stews and chilis warm you from the inside out. Only when I am warm inside am I truly warm. Beautiful pictures.

  11. I love your pictures so much. As for cool crisp air, I’m tired of it and and ready for some warmth! Spring has certainly sprung in Melbourne. X e.

  12. Y says:

    Wishing it was soup weather here too! x

  13. Valentina says:

    What a wonderful combination this might have been . Very unusual to me – and I cannot wait for the post.

  14. I’m there with you! Windows open in TX and soups are being made one after the other! Did a Potato/Leek soup after having this one in Ireland. In RI today and over to VT tomorrow to soak in all of that beautiful crisp air and color!

  15. MikeVFMK says:

    It’s my favourite thing to do on a warmer fall day. Open the windows up and work at the stove making soup. Any kind, all kinds. Looking forward to that soup recipe!

  16. Shelby says:

    What a lovely post…short, sweet and inspiring as usual… soup making time! Thank you!

  17. You’ve inspired me to make a celeriac soup, I have an ugly, stumpy one in my organic vegetable box and I shall make it into a creamy, nutty soup. I love your blog and your photos are really beautiful.

  18. Wendy says:

    Nice post.Thanks for sharing.

  19. Making soup in the I never thought of doing that somehow. Soups have always been an evening or a weekend thing for me.
    Love the apple shots!

  20. Sarah- how lovely you are in new england. enjoy!

    Chutneyandspice- celeriac is one of my favorite ingredients for soup too. yum.

    Thanks all. Post should be up soon!

  21. I love the image of the apple cut in half the “wrong” way. The star shape is just too beautiful and reminds me of being a child and knowing that the world held just endless possibilities…

  22. katie-anne says:

    your lentil soup with root vegetables (minus the chorizo) has become one of our family’s staples… there aren’t many things that compare to warm, filling soups on these crisp autumn days!

  23. Anonymous says:


    Wonderful photos and the clam soup is inspired! I’m off down to the marche on rue cler to buy clams!

    I’ve been wanting to use truffle oil too. What a fabulous combination and a wonderful recipe. Thank you for sharing.


  24. I am also making soup with the window open! The weather in New England has been astonishing these past weeks. Windows opened all day and night long.

  25. David- yes I heard about the indian summer weather. must be gorgeous!

    Thanks everyone!

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