Pumpkin and Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches

Since I was gone for practically three weeks, I have not been thinking about the upcoming holidays. It suddenly hit me when we went over to a friend’s house for dinner and their entire house was beautifully decorated with autumn motifs. Halloween is around the corner (still don’t know if our little boy will end up wearing the costume we got him) and Thanksgiving and Christmas follow soon after.

Although I grew up eating lots of winter squash, I had never really had it as an ingredient in a dessert until I came to the US and tasted pumpkin pie. I immediately fell in love and to this day, pumpkin pie is my favorite part of the American holidays.

As you might have noticed, I love ice cream and particularly ice cream sandwiches. The weather is still warm enough to be enjoying ice cream outside.

We got some great looking pumpkins the other day, which I roasted. I used some of that flesh for this ice cream and froze the rest. I found that the flesh was a bit more watery than the regular canned pumpkin puree, but it tasted excellent. We also roasted the pumpkin seeds and ate them right out of the oven with a bit of sea salt. Deliciousness.

Gingerbread Sugar Cookies

250 grams butter
125 grams powdered sugar
1 egg
370 grams flour
3 grams salt
2 grams baking powder
3 grams ground ginger
2 grams ground cloves
1 gram ground cinnamon
Egg wash
Sanding sugar

Cream the butter and the powdered sugar with the paddle attachment. Scrape the bowl and add the egg. Mix until combined. Combine the flour, salt, baking powder and spices and add to the mixing bowl. Mix until combined.

Turn the dough on to your work surface and shape it into a disk. Wrap it in plastic wrap and flatten it some more. Refrigerate overnight.

Remove dough from refrigerator and roll to 1/8″ thickness. Cut with a square cookie cutter that is about 3″ and place them on a sheetpan lined with a silicon mat or a piece of parchment paper. Brush the tops of the cookies with egg wash and sprinkle sanding sugar on top. Bake at 350F for about 8 minutes. Let the cookies cool before assembling the ice cream sandwiches.

Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

450 grams whole milk
100 grams heavy cream
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp cloves
170 grams sugar
70 grams egg yolks
200 grams fresh pumpkin puree

Cut a medium size pumpkin in half. Place on a sheetpan cut side down and bake at 375F for about 30 minutes or until flesh soft and scoopable. Measure 200 grams of the pumpkin flesh, puree and set aside.

In a medium saucepan, heat the milk, heavy cream, half of the sugar and the spices. In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and the rest of the sugar. When the milk mixture comes to a boil, temper into the egg yolks and whisk. Return this base to the pan and cook to 82C or until it coats the back of a wooden spoon.

Strain this custard through a fine sieve into a clean bowl. Mix the pumpkin puree into it and place the bowl over an ice bath to cool it quickly. Let the ice cream base rest in the refrigerator overnight.

Churn in ice cream machine and when done, pour into a frozen quarter sheetpan. Freeze until solid.

Cut ice cream with the same size square cookie cutter used to cut the gingerbread sugar cookies. Place the ice cream squares between cookies and serve,

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82 Responses to “Pumpkin and Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches”

  1. mayan. says:

    this could possibly be the worst temptation for me to stumble upon so late at night…those ice cream sandwiches are irresistibly mouth watering

  2. Oh my god, they look so good ! Pumpkin and spices…YUm !

  3. Christy says:

    We don’t get a lot of winter squash down here, unfortunately. I happened to see a crate of them at the market this past Tuesday though, and thanks to you, am wanting to go back there and get myself a bagful.

    While you have a thing for ice cream sandwiches, my thing is to eat sticky, moist,warm gingerbread cake. Strange considering I normally detest the taste of ginger. But I should definitely try them with fleur de sel.

    Gorgeous, but then again, your creations always are!

  4. Cymbaline says:

    not only does that sound delicious, but your photo is gorgeous!

  5. Mobula says:

    Los sandwiches helados, me los comería ahora mismo, se ven tan apetitosos… y las calabacitas de las fotografías, para comerselas también…

    Te mando un mail con varias preguntas…



  6. pia says:

    these look totally scrumptious. pumpkin pie in an ice cream sandwich – yes please!! you are so creative.

  7. Glau says:

    Lovely and beautiful photos as usual..

  8. FeeMail says:

    I just found your beautiful blog and wanted to tell you, how admiring and inspiring it is to me!! i’m going to link it, if it’s ok to you, even, if i have nothing to do with cooking, baking or stuff like that! I just love it!

  9. Suzie says:

    Nice as always…
    but wondering, can your cookie receipe be use for decorated xmas cookie? ^^

    Autumn… love the falls of the leaves, time to get the camera out and have a good walk!

  10. Aran says:

    Suzie- Yes, these are spiced sugar cookies so they would be great to use xmas cookie cutters are decorate with royal icing.

  11. annies! says:

    Wow, spiced gingerbreads and pumpkin! It’s strange that here in Italy I’ve never found pumpkin-ice cream, which could be more obvious than other flavours like basil, spinach and blue-cheese(I swear, I’ve seen it!)

  12. nadia says:

    oh gosh aran- these are perfection. i love the fall for the foliage- but confess that my addiction to anything pumpkin is deep.

  13. Bridget says:

    Mmmmm….I love this combination! Your little square sandwiches are adorable!

  14. bricole says:

    What a great mix of flavors for an ice cream and put together with a cookie makes these even better. YUM!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have noticed that many items you create are wrapped and tied. Is this for aesthetics, or does it serve a practical purpose? When I truss or tie food, I remove strings before serving or even displaying.

    Your site is lovely, and I enjoy the photos and essays. But I am curious about the presentations involving string, ribbon and brown wrapping paper.

  16. Once again, you have created something so beautiful it takes my breath away. These look absolutely delicious. You amaze me!

  17. veron says:

    it is freezing over here already…but the hubby loves to eat ice cream in cold weather. And that pumpkin spice icecream is perfect for the fall.

  18. These too are gorgeous. always love how you set your shots up!

  19. Tartelette says:

    I love the monochromatic look of the parchment paper and bron twine with the sandwiches. Lovely! More importantly I love the sandwiches and their gorgeous flavor combo!

  20. Those photographs are beautiful – and the colors are absolutely perfect for Fall.

  21. So beautiful. So tempting. Fresh pumpkin has such great flavor – how wonderful this ice cream is. Your sandwiches look perfect. I can’t imagine how you photographed them so flawlessly!

  22. Helene says:

    Best picture of ice cream sandwichs I have seen. Beautiful!

  23. I have to make these this week…they look so yummy! Perfect for the holidays!

  24. cindy* says:

    yum! it is all the sweetness of fall wrapped up in a treat! perfect.

  25. those look like Fedex packages—ready for the UPS man to pick them up! and then melt all over his truck, hahahah!

    what can brown do for you. mmmm.

    so so so cute—présentation, c’est tout!

  26. leaca says:

    Those look to good to be true. Yum.

  27. Beautiful!!! How do you get such perfect pictures of icecream without it melting? Did you put it in a freezer full of dry ice? :)

  28. Aran says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Cakewardobe- good question. sometimes i don’t even know! no, the truth is that i keep them in the freezer until the last minute. i have my camera ready and then when i take them out i shoot right away. they don’t last long though :)

  29. How interesting that pumpkin is not used as a dessert ingredient in France. That never occurred to me before. It is so ubiquitous here.

    You seem to have embraced it well and created another stunning dessert.

  30. Amber says:

    I have you bookmarked under ‘creative presentations’ along with recipes. I just love what you do. I can copy a painting, set a table, design a room, cook and bake, but present and photo? Augh. I keep working at it, so if one day I just flat out copy you, forgive and be complimented. We used to get vanilla/gingerbread cookie ice cream sandwiches and OMG. I completely forgot until now. Yum!

  31. That’s a beautifully presented ice cream. I’ve been working on some pumpkin ice cream as well lately and wish I’d thought to try it this way! The gingerbread looks great.

    One thing that I found helpful is to strain freshly made pumpkin puree for an hour or two after pureeing it as you can really dump a surprising amount of water off.

  32. Sylvia says:

    Visit your blog is always a huge pleasure for senses.

  33. Sophie says:

    Wow! I love the idea of a Fall ice cream sandwich. This is such an impressive recipe, the photos are gorgeous!

  34. Lori says:

    Oh my, these are beautiful. I love the way you set up this shot with the sandwiches. You are so talented!

  35. Emily Rose says:

    these sound unbelievable! I love pumpkin so much- but I’ve never tasted pumpkin ice cream- I’d love to try to make these!

  36. AMAZING! those pumpkin and gingerbread ice cream sandwiches are perfectly wonderful. I LOVE the presentation.
    Very happy to stumble upon your blog.
    Now I’m off to look at the recipes…

  37. Stef says:

    Another winner! I love ice cream all times of the year and this looks so outstanding!

  38. Bron says:

    I agree with the others, your presentation and styling with the brown paper and twine is simply perfect! You are super clever Aran!

  39. Dawn says:

    I love coming to your blog; it’s like going to an art gallery to admire and inspire.
    Gorgeous creation here.

  40. The food, of course, is beautiful but that string! where did you get it?

  41. Your images, your recipes are as beautiful as anything published in books and magazines. I’m in awe of you dear.

  42. Ash says:

    These are beautiful!!! Really reallly!!!
    I love em, so yummy!

  43. Jo says:

    Yes I agree with the other 42 comments, whole heartedly!!! amazing blog, images, recipes and words…thank you :)

  44. Gingerbread and pumpkin – what a delicious combo! Amazing photos, as always!

  45. Cakebrain says:

    These are the most beautiful ice cream sandwiches I’ve ever seen! I love the colours and I love your photos!

  46. Fabulous…can feel the love, warmth & effort in every single post. Have a good Halloween…

  47. Esti says:

    ya sé que no tiene comparación, que lo tuyo es arte… pero me has hecho añorar los cortes de nata que me comía en verano, en la heladería italiana en zarauz… que luego no me ha quedado más remedio que reemplazar por los sandwiches de nata de frigo, camy o yoquesé…
    por cierto, qué es winter squash?

  48. I am a huge ice cream sandwich lover as well. This sounds so autumnal and cozy. Your cookies looks like the perfect consistency, a little chewy. I love the way you wrapped them.

  49. Alexa says:

    I love your presentation Aran. This recipe is beautiful. It reminds me of my mother-in-law. She use to make a pumpkin ice cream pie every Thanksgiving. It was a big hit.

  50. Rico says:

    your biscuits are as tasty as your blog name cinnamon and vanilla. I will definitly try to make your lovelly sweets.


  51. Peabody says:

    I just might have to make these. I already made a pumpkin ice cream!

  52. Pumpkin and gingerbread ice cream sandwiches? It’s like a dream come true!

  53. giz says:

    Pumpkin spice ice cream!!!! hold on – I’m pulling out my ice cream maker – there’s no way I cannot make this.

  54. Aran,
    Your desserts always make my mouth watering! The pictures are so nice that I really want to go to the kitchen and try out this!!

  55. wow these look awesome. I like the way you combine all flavours in one. This must be delicous. Did you freeze roasted pumkin puree ? I ve got some raw pumkin frozen can i steam this and use it instead ?

  56. I have to admit that being European, it took me quite a while to like pumpkin pie…grandma fed pumpkins to livestock…but now I love it. I tried making your roasted apples and then pureed them into apple sauce. Yum, it is wonderful on my oatmeal in the mornings.

  57. Aran says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Snooky Doodle- Roasting the pumpkin puree doesn’t really give the flesh a “roasted” flavor actually, it’s just a way to soften the pumpkin. I didn’t roast it enough to start caramelizing or anything like that. You could definitely steam it. Thank you!

  58. Hello…Just checking with your about your Madeleine recipe. Do you mind sharing it?

    Thanks in advance,

    Loving your blog!!!!!!!!

  59. morgana says:

    Me has dado donde más me duele… Todavía recuerdo con nostalgia una cosa tan sencilla como los sandwiches de helado de nata de Avidesa que podíamos comprar en los kioskos de helado por 25 pesetas hace poco menos que una eternidad. Me encantaban, eran uno de mis manjares veraniegos favoritos. Y si se le podía dar una vuelta de tuerca definitiva era usando galleta de jengibre y encima helado de calabaza… A pesar de que soy una friolera de campeonato creo que no podría resistirme a estos otoñales manjares por fríos que estén. ¡¡¡ Tienen que estar deliciosos !!!

    Me encanta tener un ratillo para venir a echar un vistazo a tu blog, encuentro siempre cosas interesantes y unas fotos tan bonitas que me dan ganas de enmarcarlas y ponerlas en mi cocina.

    Un abrazo.

  60. Aran says:

    Colin- I’m so sorry about the madeleine recipe. Can you please email me at a_goyoaga@hotmail.com and I will send it to you. Too long for the comment section. Thanks!

  61. Eileen says:

    This dessert has my husband’s name written all over it. I may have to make this for his birthday instead of a cake.

  62. I love pumpkin desserts!!

    Who can resist a pumpkin Ice-cream between two delicious gingerbread cookies?!?!

    As always the presentation is lovely and the recipe is amazing!!

    Even if there was cold outside I’d have an enormous pleasure to taste them…

  63. i just had to email this recipe to more friends…what a fun way to have your pumpkin and eat it too!

  64. Maria says:


    Its fantastic!


  65. Emily says:

    these look unbelievable and i love the simple string tied around. such a simple, yet appealing presentation. i adore your blog, btw…would you care to trade links?

  66. heidi says:

    I passed along a blog award to you and the details are on my blog. Cheers!

  67. chipima says:

    These look absolutely amazing Aran! Seems like your photos jumped right out of a Donna Hay magazine!
    Halloween is starting to take off here in England, but pumpkin in desserts is not really done. Am experimenting with it though (I might be cooking for American friends soon) and you’ve given me some great inspiration.

  68. I know what I’m making today! YUMMMMY!

  69. Y says:

    Love the flavours of this, and who doesn’t like an ice-cream sandwich! Yum!

  70. Angela says:

    Breathtaking photos, Aran!

    The gingerbread sugar cookies look amazing–I’ll be trying these would for sure! I’d be all over the ice cream, too, but my machine just broke and I’m in mourning.

  71. jul says:

    dios! q tortura estar a dieta y ver esto…. me encanta!!!

  72. Just ried your recipe and we are serving this tomorrow as daily desert, its pretty good really!

  73. Hiskia says:

    wow, that looks & sounds lovely! hope you don’t mind I placed a link on my blog ijswoensdag.blogspot.com?

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