Sweet Potato, Yogurt and Hazelnut Cakes

Our little M. turns two weeks old today and our lives have forever changed. We have been spending a lot of time inside, nesting, enjoying the quiet time and resting when the little bean sleeps. I am so thankful to have my mom here to cook healthy meals for us. I don’t know how I would do it without her, really.

I also have to thank you all for all the wonderful comments and words you left for us in the last post. It’s overwhelming and very, very touching. We really appreciate it.

I slowly started baking again over the weekend, but at a much slower pace as the little one requires so much attention and needs to be nursed often. I had forgotten so much about this stage in a baby’s life and I feel like I’m learning everything all over again. She is also a very different baby than J. was. Perhaps an easier baby? Or maybe I’m more relaxed about it all.

I made these sweet potato, homemade yogurt and hazelnut cakes a week before M. arrived. I actually had to make them twice because the first time I made them, they disappeared so quickly that I had none to style and photograph. These were definitely a hit. Moist, crunchy and spicy. I even turned some into cupcakes with a simple mascarpone and mace icing.

Right before the birth, I told you about my yogurt making craze. I made yogurt about every other day and enjoyed it in so many different ways like the maple and yogurt panna cotta, these sweet potato cakes or just plain with some caramelized apples and pistachio crumble. My kind of healthy and comforting snacks.

Sweet Potato, Yogurt and Hazelnut Cakes

300 grams sweet potato puree (from about 2-3 medium size sweet potatoes)
100 grams brown sugar
50 grams sugar
3 eggs
100 grams homemade yogurt (or whole milk store bought)
100 grams vegetable oil
Zest of half an orange
160 grams flour
40 grams hazelnut flour
4 grams sea salt
4 grams baking soda
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ginger
large pinch of freshly grated nutmeg
130 grams hazelnuts, toasted and chopped
30 grams hazelnuts, chopped for topping

Place the sweet potatoes in a baking dish and bake at 400F for about 45 minutes to an hour until flesh is fork tender. Let them cool, cut them open and scoop out the flesh. Puree it.

In a large bowl, combine the flour, hazelnut flour, salt, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

In a separate bowl, whisk together the sweet potato puree, brown sugar, sugar, eggs, yogurt, oil and orange zest. Pour the wet ingredients over the dry and whisk until combined. It will be a runny batter. Fold in the toasted and chopped hazelnuts.

Pour the batter in the molds (about 3/4 of the way full), sprinkle the top with chopped hazelnuts and bake at 350F until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Time will vary depending on the mold. For small loaf pans, about 22 minutes, the smaller individual molds about 17 minutes.

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85 Responses to “Sweet Potato, Yogurt and Hazelnut Cakes”

  1. Congrats on M! These sweet potato and hazelnut cakes look fantastic! I have never thought to bake cakes, breads or cupcakes with sweet potatoe but now it is seeming so obvious. I bet the hazelnut gives it a nice crunch. I might have to make this for my Eat My Blog blogger bake sale this weekend!

  2. Juliana says:

    I’m glad you are doing well and are enjoying the time with your family. These cakes look wonderful- something my husband would love. Beautiful pictures!

  3. shaz says:

    You are doing so well Aran to be baking, styling and photographing with a two week old! Glad to hear it’s all going well. (I found my second time round much more relaxing too actually, not as anxious). The cupcakes and icing look divine.

  4. Vanessa says:

    I think it’s fantastic you find time to bake and take these stunning photos. I always love your recipes and these look so perfect. Take care Aran and enjoy the time with all your family.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, that looks delicious! I will have to make these in the near future.. ;)

  6. Junglefrog says:

    Two weeks already! I’m always amazed at how fast they grow when they are so young… :) These cakes look gorgeous!

  7. You always make very ´tasty´ pictures! :)

  8. Trissa says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your little angel. She is really blessed to be growing up in such a wonderful family full of love.

    Also, your sweet potato, yogurt and hazelnut cake sounds delicious – who knew healthy could be so good!

  9. Your photos are stunning!

    I love any baked good with hazelnuts or yogurt. I will definitely be trying this lovely recipe.

  10. Sha says:

    This cake is perfect as a motivation to study! I have to make it! Everything I love… And I have all the ingredients and how rare is that!

  11. Rosanna says:

    Wow these look incredible! I love yoghurt in cakes I find it always makes it so lovely and moist. Relatively healthy too – just what i need after an over-indulgent weekend!
    Glad you seem so relaxed with the new arrival.

  12. VeggieGirl says:

    Hooray for doing well and for sweet potatoes!! I eat them daily :)

  13. I’m so glad M is doing well. I’m also in awe of the many variations you made here, all so gorgeous and infinitely edible. Making yogurt is a habit of mine too but I’ve been having trouble getting my batches to set of late. They still make good tangy lassi-type drinks.

  14. morgana says:

    Qué buenísima pinta. HAce un par de días usé por primera vez la calabaza en unas cupcakes y me han encantado. Ahora tengo que dar el siguiente paso y “saltar” a los boniatos.

    Desde luego, después de ver estas delicias, ganas no me faltan, no.

  15. The cakes made in those adorable molds are irresistible! PS, I love the idea of using sweet potato instead of pumpkin puree in baked goods for the holidays :)

  16. These look and sound absolutely beautiful :)

  17. Sari says:

    I love to read about little M. She’s co cute! I look forward to new pics to see how she grows and changes :) The sweet potato cake sounds delicious. Wonderful photos!

  18. El says:

    I’m so glad things are going well with the new baby. It must be an exhausting experience so it’s great to hear that the little one has a mellow temperament. I hope J. is better too. Your mom sounds utterly amazing. You should do a blog post on one of her classic dishes!

    As always your recipe looks amazing and your photos are beautiful. Again, congratulations to you and your family!

  19. These cakes look perfect this time of year! Congratulations on your new little bundle!

  20. Asha @ FSK says:

    glad to see you are back to baking and M is such an easy going baby!!:)))

  21. Enjoy every precious second with your little angel, they grow up so fast. I still can’t believe mine is now 2 years old. Time flew.

    Aran, to make hazelnut flour, do you just process whole hazelnuts in the food processor? If so, for how long? I am afraid it would turn to paste due to the natural oils in nuts.
    Thanks a million.

  22. first of all a big Congrats and Hugs all the way from Kuwait :) .. I’m so happy that your back to your usual routine ( almost) .. your baby is so delicious !!

    You inspire me to take it easy and just be not so anxious when my second time comes.. as we are planning for the second baby I keep wondering if I’m able to continue my baking education ( through experience and bloging).. so now i’m kinda feeling better :)

    how was her first thanksgiving??

  23. Aran says:

    Karine- yes, you can grind your own hazelnuts. Add some of the sugar from the recipe to them so they have an abrasive and they don’t turn into a paste. Just watch it while you are grinding them.

    Room studio design- I didn’t know you were expecting. Congrats to you! Hope you are well!

    Thanks everyone! Hope you try the recipe and let me know how you like it.

  24. Mimi says:

    So happy to hear that your family is doing so well, and that you have your mom to help you. It’s such a special time for all of you.
    The sweetpotato cakes look delicious.

  25. Enotria says:

    Wow, I’m stunned. Great photos and mouthwatering recipes!


  26. Seanna Lea says:

    These look delicious. I’m still trying to find the time to make the pumpkin doughnuts though, so this will have to enter the long queue of tasty dishes you’ve posted!

  27. Clau! says:

    Beautiful pictures, everything looks so yummy ;)


  28. Valentina says:

    I am so addicted to your blog. Always lovely recipes, texts that are so gentle and caring..and the photos are poetry. Happy birthday to M.

  29. Jan says:

    Mmmm these look delish! I’m planning on making some to take in to work for a treat for everyone.

  30. Irene says:

    Dear Aran, just wanted to send you and your family a big congratulations! Your baby girl is just wonderful. All the best and big hugs. Can’t wait to see more baby pictures!

  31. Shannon says:

    Yummy looking cake, it looks really sweet as a supcake. Glad to hear the family are doing well, rest up.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Miro por la ventana y ya esta todo nevado…esta receta la hago hoy q tengo todos los ingredientes,j,j bss Carmen ZH

  33. la ninja says:

    felicidades y… yum!
    la bomba que estés ya horneando tras haber dado a luz hace tan poquito. well impressed I am. :)

  34. Oh, such lovely photos. The little cakes look wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to share. Enjoy your new little bundle!

  35. ibb says:

    Benetan posten naiz. Gauza bat diate ezberdin, oso garrantzitzua. Miren neska da, eta amak esaten duen moduan, neskak ezberdinak dira beti. Lasaiagoak, gero bilakatzen dira terremotoago, baina hasieran normalean lasaiagoak dira.
    Gauzak ondo jarrai daitezela, eta poliki poliki biak ohitzen joan zaiteztela.
    Besarkada haundi bat hemendik.
    Patxo berezi bat.

  36. What a fantastic and comforting combination of ingredients, perfect for this season. Beautiful and evocative of our chilly days. Good to see you in the kitchen again, but take it easy!! Lots of besos to your little ones.

  37. These look so delicious! The perfect combination of ingredients.

  38. Yay for baking again! And what nutritious little nuggets those are. Congrats on the new baby Aran!!

  39. Ahh, how wonderfully styled. It look so good. I think I have to make this for my boy.
    Congratulations on your petite girl.

  40. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! And what a lovely name for your gorgeous daughter!

  41. Baking with a newborn baby, so impressed. And they look delicous. Congrats on your new gorgeous baby girl.

  42. simplesong says:

    gorgeous! almost (just almost) too perfect to eat. one day i hope to try one of your creations. one day!

  43. It is like you are good in anything; blogging, baking,photography, food presentation and a whole lot of stuff!

  44. Katie says:

    Ohh they all look so delicious. Love the combination. Stunning photos too

  45. Awesome! I wish I could eat some right now!

  46. sinnlighet says:

    Yes yes yes, me like!! I fell in here somtimes, in your beautiful and sensual blog.

    I take the opportunity to leave a footprint behind me, a swedish one.


  47. Lauren says:

    Just gorgeous Aran. 2 weeks must be so exciting!

  48. PheMom says:

    I’m so glad you are feeling well and doing so good! M. is absolutely gorgeous and looks like the angel I’m sure she is. What a proud big brother she has too! Congrats!

    Don’t worry about the baking, though I’m sure it will be nice to get back in the swing so to speak, your baby time is the most precious!

  49. que bien que ya te estes recuperando tan deprisa, y disfrutando de tu bebe, tus cakes son increibles, y si dices que son sanas, pues alla voy, me apunto la receta y me voy directa a la cocina, besos

  50. It’s funny what phrases transfix me when reading posts – today, it was pistachio crumble. I think it’s now a necessary addition to the tart I’ll be making today.

  51. zenchef says:

    Congratulations on the little bundle of joy! It looks like this lucky baby is gonna grow up surrounded by a lot of delicious things, fabulous cakes and gorgeous photos. Those look SO delicious!

  52. Jewaira says:

    A beautiful display of mouthwatering food.

  53. Deborah says:

    I’ve only just discovered your blog and I’m SO impressed with both your cakes and your photograps. I also do a lot of cooking an photograpy, but have only started to photograph food in a big way for the last two years. I’m constantly looking for styling ideas and ways to make the photos as moutwatering and delicious as yours. I’m also aming to get some more baking done in the new year.

  54. idu says:

    Azkar zara lanera bueltan Aran. Izugarrizko itxura dute pasteltxoek, eta iogurrak zer esanik ez.
    Muxu bat

  55. OMG, salivating…. I dream of such things.xxxx

  56. intxaurtsu says:

    Zer Aran, neskatila polit horrek inspirazioa berpiztu dizu ala? Argazkiak beti bezain politak, eta ziur nago muffinak itzel gozoak egongo zirela..

  57. Deeba PAB says:

    I’ve been away Aran…& was wondering about the baby! Congrats on M…precious memories! Love your beautiful post!! Much love…

  58. Cheryl Oz says:

    i do not care what it is that you post… you make it all look so simply delicious!

  59. gorgeous cakes and amazing children… you are truly blessed.. be well…. x pam

  60. :0
    i cant wait much..am hungry

  61. S says:

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  62. S says:

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  63. S says:

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  64. This recipe it good for kids, I’m sure my son would love this. Thanks.

  65. It looks mouthwatering delicious. Can I take a bite?

  66. I’m so happy I stumbled upon you! New fave!

  67. heidi leon says:

    bueno pues, que coincido con la Chicago City girl y esto merece double stumble y twitt y everything.

    Aran, tengo un tiempo leyendo tu blog por el simple placer de hacerlo y *comer* tus creaciones imaginariamente.

    Las razones son que 1)soy super golosa y por eso trato de controlarme y no comer muchos postres 2) mi marido es Pastry Chef; asi que cuando tengo mucho antojo de algo, solo cojo el tel y le llamo y le pido alguna dulce tentation. 3) soy floja. (confesion!).

    Pero ahora si, este cake si lo hago. Vamos que me dice comeme. Lo hare, intentando sustituir la harina de trigo (ando haciendo una dieta libre de gluten para controlar una alergia) y bueno, si tengo exito ahi te cuento como me fue.

    abrazos a ti y a tus pequenos

  68. montague says:

    hazelnuts… yum. and love to you and the little ones… as always :)

  69. Caroline says:

    I just made these, so so good! Your blog is so inspiring.

  70. amy says:

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  71. Wow, a belated congratulations! I’m amazed that you’re able to find time to post. These cakes almost sound healthy and look divine!

  72. Anonymous says:

    These look divine. How many cupcakes would you get out of that recipe?
    Thanks :)

  73. Aran says:

    anonymous- i made assorted sizes s i dont remember well, but i’d say about a dozen and a half cupcakes.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Aran, I’m planning on making it for 15 people, so that’s perfect. :)

  75. Ksenia says:

    I must try this, I must try this, I must try this! *.* Have I already told that I MUST try this?

    I have already added soy yogurt to my shopping list :)

    I absolutely love sweet potatoes and any dish you can do with it. I to do sweet potato pancakes and I am sure that a sweet potato cakes will be even better :D

  76. Yogurt and sweet potato is heaven! I have been eating them together for quite some time now, I have a garden at home and I grow them!

  77. michael says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful recipe! I tried making this 2 nights ago and my wife really loved it. It really went well with our evening espresso Wonderful post!

  78. Anonymous says:

    Just made these this past Sunday and they are amazing. Thank you for sharing this recipe!


  79. Anonymous says:

    Just made these tonight using small loaf tin and it turned out really moist. It wasn’t cakey texture at all. I followed the recipe step by step and weighed all the ingredients accordingly with digital scale. What have I done wrong?

  80. alessia says:

    I’ve just made this muffin-size and they turned out SUPER!!! really moist, fluffy and light texture. Probably the best muffins i v ever stumbled upon. Thank you a bunch :)

  81. Assia says:

    These look absolutely delectable! Always fantastic and inspiring photography! And what a creative use of yoghurt! Thank you for sharing!

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