The autumn light and colors of Vermont

Ever since our time in Vermont this summer, I have been dreaming about returning. “You would love it so much”, I told my dad over the phone. He loves nature like I do. Rivers and forests are where he feels most at ease, so I knew it would be a gift to him to spend time there. I asked Nadia if we could visit once again to witness the foliage and quickly made arrangements for our trip.

I took the kids and my parents during what has to be the most beautiful time of the year. No question about it.

Nadia and I had just arrived from our workshop in France. I had two days to recover, but Nadia had literally gotten off the plane when she came to pick us at the airport. “You must be exhausted” is the first thing I said to her. She smiled. I knew she was, but it was good exhaustion. She was beaming.

As soon as we left the airport, I realized we had arrived at the peak of foliage. We couldn’t have picked a better time.

“Stop, stop right there” I shouted. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Fire-colored trees lined by a lake on the side of the road made the most beautiful sight. We jumped off the car and ran to admire it. Breathtaking.

The kids played with the dogs and fed the chickens and ducks. We took walks every morning stopping every minute to take it all in. My dad and I took over two thousand images of foliage, rivers and children playing.

“When will we go to the pumpkin patch?” Jon asked over and over again. That was the one thing that he really wanted to do. “Don’t worry. There will be plenty” Nadia reassured him. There were indeed. We visited a different pumpkin patch every day and they loved it.

Rolled around the dried yellow leaves and laughed hard.

We visited the Middlebury farmers’ market on a Wednesday. Also stopped at Nadia’s friend Ethan Mitchell’s family farm where three generations live surrounded by trees and thirty sheep. I left so inspired once again.

As we were driving around, Nadia pointed out the rivers and areas that had been affected by hurricane Irene. The damage was visible, but things were slowly coming back to normal. I saw the devastation in Williamstown where we had spent time this summer.

Nadia cooked for us everyday. Red kuri squash and leek soup, roasted chicken with root vegetables, quinoa spaghetti with roasted squash and herbs, banana and quinoa bread and apple crisp with the apples we picked at her friend’s orchard. We were so thankful for everything she did for us.

My parents left eternally grateful and happy to know that I do indeed have great friends. I even spotted a tear in my mom’s eye when she hugged Nadia goodbye. They were touched by her.

So I left ready to come back. Another season perhaps.

Vermont has stolen my heart.

Thank you Nadia once again for your generosity and hospitality. We can’t wait to come back. Oh and Nadia… Jon is still waiting for his slingshot. He loves you.

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92 Responses to “The autumn light and colors of Vermont”

  1. Just beautiful. I wish I could climb inside my computer and live in these pictures.

  2. Absolutely beautiful.It was nice to ‘see’ Nadia

  3. N. says:

    I’m in love with this pics, the autumn is beautiful in Vermont but you are really a great photographer. Kiss.

    Ps: If you want to follow me ;)

  4. Valeria says:

    I’ve lived in Vermont for two months last spring, during mud season. They told me it was the worst time of the year to be there and yet, I loved it since the very first day. Your images only increase my desire to go back soon, in a different season, to see all those colors with bare eyes.

  5. New England is in its glory when the trees change. We live in New Hampshire. My husband is a professional fine art photographer. I use his photos in my blogs. You might enjoy the NH Fall color too.

  6. zer0gluten says:

    Que maravilla Aran, una preciosidad de fotos, de colores, de niños, de … todo!

  7. Wow, these photos are breathtaking! My husband and I honeymooned in Wilmington, VT and absolutely loved it. Our honeymoon was in late summer, but I’d love to go back to experience a Vermont Fall one day. Looks so so so beautiful. Xo, Katie

  8. Juliana says:

    What a difference a week makes. I was at Nadia’s a week before you and the leaves were just begining to turn. You got beautifulyl vivid colors. Doesn’t she live in a magical place? I fell in love with it, too!

  9. I couldn’t agree more. While every state seems to have a particular charm all its own, Vermont is in a class by itself. Beautiful post.

  10. Your pictures are like an autumn New England fairy tale…breathtaking!

  11. Coco says:

    Beautiful Aran! You have captured fall so perfectly.

  12. icicle says:

    Middlebury is my market town. Rutland and Burlington have bigger farmers’ markets but Middlebury is just perfect for us — a little bit of everything, the falls, the church tower, the Marbleworks, the produce and people.
    Glad you got to see the lovely color this year. You’ll be back :)

  13. I looove this corner of the US. Your pics are wonderful!

  14. Joy says:

    This was a most wonderful post!

  15. Juliana- I saw the photos on your blog too. Beautiful! Yes, we were so lucky with the weather. And we had such a wonderful time. I know you did too. :)

    Thanks all!

  16. Jennifer says:

    lovely, I can close my eyes and feel the leaves crunching under my feet and taste Nadia’s roasted chicken. Yum.

  17. Where did you find that mug with the trees? I would LOVE to find one just like that!

  18. Just a girl- i got it at a small shop in Middlebury, VT. Super cute shop too.

    Thank you!

  19. Mags says:

    I always think of Vermont as the perfect fairyland when it comes to enjoying everything wonderful about autumn. I have never been but I would love to go

  20. That is the reason why I love autumn. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures! A wonderful series of atmospheric clicks. I’d love to visit Vermont (& the US) at this time of the year…



  21. Christine says:

    Beautiful colours and lovely photographs. Such a pretty blog altogether.

  22. Grace says:

    absolutely gorgeous! thisis why i love fall

  23. Magda says:

    Aran, your kids are growing up fast! They look so cute playing with those pumpkins :)
    Gorgeous photographs. Such beautiful colors…

  24. L’Autunno, le sue foglie, i suoi colori e le sue emozioni racchiusi tutti in foto meravigliose! complimenti, un bacio!

  25. milena says:

    l’autunno e i suoi colori immortalati nelle tue foto sono davvero uno spettacolo !!

  26. Laurel says:

    Very beautiful. I am jealous, for it sounds like you have had a wonderful adventure!

  27. C.B. says:

    Looks a lot like my region (National capital region of Canada). Well it isn’t very far from Vermont so the seasons are pretty much the same. I personally hate the cold but I will not complain as long as the pretty colours of fall stay around.

  28. Erin says:

    These are beautiful pictures! The leaves are just beginning to change around us, and I can’t wait to continue to watch it all unfold. Such a gorgeous season and these pictures make me so happy! :)

  29. Mary says:

    Oh, you are killing me. I live in Massachusetts, so I get my fair share of glorious Fall foliage, but there is nothing like Vermont. My husband and I typically go every year, but we weren’t able to do it this year. Sigh… Until next year I suppose. Gorgeous pics!

  30. Mi estación favorita. Nunca la podrías haber plasmado mejor. Increíbles fotos, qué envidia.
    Un beso desde Donosti.

  31. Anonymous says:

    איזה יופי,פשוט בא לי לבכות! כמה קסומים הנופים,איזה עולם יפה…משכיח לרגע את העולם המכוער
    תודה,זה בלוג מעורר השראה ומקסים

  32. Sukaina says:

    Never seen more beautiful and vibrant hues of red, orange and brown. I miss having seasons in Dubai.

  33. Maria says:

    Even though we get the most beautiful autumn colours in Lapland, I never grew tired of admiring them! It is just the most amazing display of colours only nature can arrange. So beautiful!

  34. antonia says:

    que fotos tan impresionantes, estoy impactada!

  35. auri says:

    Argazkiak TOP TEN, eta Txomin eta Nekane… arbolapean?.
    Moxu bat denontzat

  36. Wow, stunning photos. I’m in New Jersey and the leaves are quite as colorful yet but the air is crisp and the trees are just starting to turn.

  37. Beautiful images of Vermont, wonderful colors!


  38. This post warmed my heart. I grew up in New England and always loved the autumn colors. Now I live in Baltimore, and this fall is a real dud. Thank you for sharing your beautiful time in Vermont!

  39. I understand how you feel about Vermont. It is a beautiful place. I was there last year. Quebec is near and shares the same climate and vegetation. Autumn there is beautiful. My favorite season as well. Now I am in the Dominican Republic for 1 year, where it is eternally hot and sticky. I miss the autumn in Canada with its cool weather and the jewel colors autumn brings.

  40. This is such a beautiful post. Thank you for taking these wonderfully evocative photographs and sharing them with us. I feel so inspired by the colours.

  41. Cristina says:

    Beautiful photos!!! Incredible! Nice!


  42. Dena says:

    Really beautiful photos: they are an inspiration!

    Dena Bray

    PS I have posted about Vermont and New England with photos, too. Have a look – .

  43. Oh my goodness, I love your daughter’s outfits! And the cup with the trees inside! And Vermont! Glad you had a lovely trip.

  44. Enjoyed your photos. I dabble in photography too, but mine is a food blog. If you’d like to follow me, here’s my link: Thanks

  45. Simi says:

    Oh how exquisitely beautiful! I reallyreallyreally miss the vibrant fall colors of New England–I’ve been stuck in the South for a year, and I can’t wait to go back :)

  46. Natasha says:

    My husband and I visited Vermont a few weeks back and we’re already plotting to go back in the wintertime. You’ve captured Vermont’s beauty perfectly through your lens, and how lucky you are to have such a lovely friend as Nadia :)

  47. aran, thank you for the kind words, it was so great to meet you father and mother and i loved my time with them. jon and miren bring me joy everytime.

    these pictures are lovely aran.
    not used to seeing myself as i am but so glad to have the memory.

  48. Rebecca says:

    I just have to tell you that I love your blog. Your pictures are absolutely stunning, and the text is full of grace and beauty. Your recipes look amazing, as well. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us. You truly are an inspiration to those of us, like myself, who are new to the blogging world.

  49. tawc says:

    simply: you are always so–as a young chef-to-be–inpiring to me. if only my whole world could be as enrapturing as yours

  50. Carmen says:

    Que BONITO! no he estado en Vermont pero…hay montañas? Suiza esta ahora exactamente asi…es la estacion mas mas MAS bonita aqui, tenemos incluso cielos azules,j,j Estoy segura que te gustaria.

  51. Breathtaking! The pictures, the children, the friendships, the thoughts, the state!

  52. Tedra says:

    The leaves are really pretty here in Maryland but nothing like this! It makes me want to visit Vermont now :) The photos are just simply beautiful.

  53. Annika says:

    These are wonderful photos. They made me want to go for a walk and a skip in the leaves.

  54. Oh, these pictures made me so incredibly homesick! Being from Rhode Island and now living in Phoenix, we don’t see this anymore, except for an occasional tree here or there. Those pictures made me remember the sights, smells and sounds of Fall, one of the greatest seasons in New England!
    Thanks for the memories, Aran.

  55. I just love the way you’ve grouped your photos. The leaves and apple in the water is an inspired shot. My favorite though has to be the yellow canopy over the pumpkin stand. Just breathtakingly beautiful!

  56. Vermont is beautiful with its mountains and landscape.
    Especially this time of year and I think you captured it beautifully.
    I know the feeling when you’re driving in the car and see something so beautiful and breathtaking that you just have to pull over. Wish there were more “pull-over-places” along these scenic routes.


  57. You’re so lucky, you have wonderful kids and friends :-)
    Very nice trip, but are you posting some recipes about it soon or late? That would be wonderful!

  58. You take BEAUTIFUL photos! I just posted your blog on the side bar of ours! :)

  59. Junsui says:

    Vermont has also stolen my heart! I’ve been living in California for the past 6 years, but, when I see photos like this, I remember how magical an east coast autumn can be. It makes me long for a quiet afternoon in a park with the leaves swirling around me and a crisp wind blowing through the trees. I miss the land of my youth! Thank you for taking me there–even if only virtually!

  60. I SO love this place!! thanks, you made me discover Vermont in your summer pics, and now I follow nadia´s blog…

  61. Gorgeous! Fall is truly my favorite season, your pictures prove that nothing else even compares.

  62. alyssa says:

    your photos are so gorgeous and colorful!


  63. Anonymous says:

    very nice photos and beautiful country.

  64. O wow!!! This is so beautiful Breathtaking is the exact word.

  65. Itxaso says:

    Ai ammmaaa, zelango koloreak eta lekuek! Lagoko argazkie, behelainodune mortala da, errekatxuena bebai. Datorren urtean amak eta urrian gure daurie etorri horrek koloreak ikusteko. New Yorken seguramente juntauko gara asi ke Vermont be ikusi behogu sin falta. Zelango esperientziek biziozuzen aspaldien! Dana polite

  66. boinky says:

    beautiful…I used to work in western Massachusetts so the photos took me back to those days.
    I borrowed a photo with a link to my blog. If you object, I’ll remove it.

  67. carrot says:

    Your pictures are so pretty! May I know which lens are you using to produce such awesome pictures?

  68. Carrot- this were all taken with a Canon 24-70mm lens. It’s a great one! Thank you!

    Thank you guys. I can’t really take much credit for the beauty of the images. vermont is just beautiful!

  69. Angela KL says:

    Beautiful photos, post & story Aran. The fall colours are so beautiful! Seeing the fall colours is in one of my “to do” list and after seeing this, I so want to do it now! I love those pumpkin farm pictures especially the one of the rows of pumpkins under the trees & the other one of Jon with the wheelbarrow amongst the rows of pumpkins! Jon aka Luke Skywalker? Kudos to Nadia for her generousity.

  70. ♥ Elena says:

    Wow! Vermont looks amazing! :D

  71. Dada says:

    Che meraviglia queste foto, sono rimasta senza fiato:)

  72. carrot says:

    Wow, 24-70mm is a very good lens I’ve always heard!

    Looks like I have to get determined to save up money for that lens!

    Your pictures give me inspiration everytime. I’m loving it. :)

  73. Barbara says:

    Your autumn photos are wonderful. Such intense colours and the area looks so nice, you are living in a really nice spot!
    Greetings from northern Germany!

  74. Mandi says:

    If these pictures don’t say autumn…..!!!

  75. Marigold says:

    Wow! Now suddenly in the middle of our beautiful Australian Spring, I have autumn envy.
    Gorgeous images , thanks.

  76. Maia says:

    Absolutely gorgeous fall colors. Your photos made me miss my college days on the East Coast. We just don’t get this out in Los Angeles. (There are only a small handful of pitiful trees on our block that turn with the seasons… and I reliably scoop up some of their fallen leaves to make a festive little decoration for my mantelpiece out of desperation!)

  77. mandyface says:

    My heart yearns for these colors, but alas, my climate will not permit it :( Thank you for sharing the beauty!!

  78. Cristina says:

    I love your blog, your pictures are wonderful!
    Can you please tell me the brand or where you bought that adorable white cup with black trees in the inside?

  79. Great photos! Great children!
    I’m promoting my blog, walk to visit me!?
    Nice day! :-)

  80. crazy! you are perfect with photography and colours! adorable place from your window! thanks

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