Where I have been…

I have been traveling plenty and working on many book-related projects.

Whistler, BC where I taught a workshop, then…

Alaska where I learned about wild seafood fishing, sustainability, and met incredible people.

I am headed to France in a few days to teach another workshop.

I will also be sharing the book trailer shortly. Yes, it’s finished!

Excited about an upcoming magazine feature with the kids and myself…

Only six weeks until my book is officially launched. October 23. … busy season ahead, but I will be back shortly with images of my travels.

I am most excited about the arrival of autumn in only a few days. Does it feel like it where you live?

Apples mark my favorite season. Certainly.

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27 Responses to “Where I have been…”

  1. marla says:

    All of this is so exciting!! Happy we were able to connect on the Alaska trip. Now we need to plan some more fun!! France sounds like a blast :) Beautiful apples.

  2. GAELLE says:

    Wow some many beautiful places to be cooking in… You can barely feel autumn is in the air, but I do and I started to cook with pumpkins and apples just a tad early, but I was drawn to it ! Counting the weeks until your book comes to me… :-)

  3. Carmen says:

    Aqui en suiza aun no caen las hojas y estamos teniendo los ultimos dias de calor,pero anochece antes,en el mercado ya se ven manzanas,calabazas,castanias…el otonio esta a Las puertas y aqui lo estamos esperando. Por cierto el sabado que viene vamos una semana de vacaciones a Algorta..una semana para conocer tu tierra!!No nos importa el tiempo estamos super ilusionados.Bss alguna recomendacion?:)

  4. Juliana says:

    I find it interesting that so many see autumn as their favorite season. I think it may be mine, too. The fog sits in the valley in the mornings and the air smell so crisp now.

  5. Iratxe says:

    ¡Qué alegría, cuántas buenas nuevas!. Esperamos verlo todo pronto. Un besote,


  6. Hi Aran,

    Such exciting things keeping you busy!
    I love autumn too, and today here in Chicago it is perfect: sunny, crisp & cool. We have a yard full of early pumpkins, and I’m roasting the first picked right now to make pumpkin butter.
    Safe travels!


  7. Marla- it was such a fun time, wasn’t it? I am still thinking about the beauty and all the amazing food we ate! xo

    Gaelle- thank you!

    Carmen- jo, pues hace tempo que no paso por Algorta. Tendreis que visitar el puerto y si hace bueno, la playa.

    Juliana- autumn has always been my favorite as well. not sure why. it’s calming.

    Iratxe- eskerrik asko.

    paula- that sounds like a perfect day. enjoy!

  8. Great to hear that you are busy! So exciting.



  9. Melissa says:

    So many things to look forward to. Can’t wait for the trailer, the book and some photos of your latest adventures.

    I am always sad to see summer go but fall and harvest is such a beautiful time. I love fall cooking.

  10. I love, love, love your photography. The colours are so vibrant and your photos are so amazing!
    Laurie B


  11. Parecen manzanas vascas. Ayer mismo vi un manzado cargadito de ellas en Leniz Gatzaga.
    Que disfrutes de la vida.

  12. Manou says:

    Great places and plans, indeed! Congratulations! Where will you stop by in France, and what kind of workshop are you teaching? I would be really happy to meet you if ever you were not too far from Paris where I live!

  13. Sini says:

    Wow. Busy times but surely precious ones as well. Have a great trip and a successful workshop!

  14. Madalen- bai EHkoen antzekoak dire baina honek kanadakoak ziren. Zelan zabiz?

    Manoir- I will be teaching in the Perigord!

  15. azalaïs says:

    Oh for me too,autumn is my favorite season I like colour, vegetable and all in this season.
    Good trip in france!
    Excuse-me for my bad english!
    Can I speack french in an other message? Do you understand French?

  16. Mary says:

    I love the photos, love the area that you were in taking photos. I wish I could have gone to the class. I also love the white pan with the dark blue rim around it that you roasted some vegetables in….do you have any idea where I could get one like that? Also, I have never seen yellow watermelon before. Great job with this post! It looks like the class and the photos were a success!

  17. Mary- the pan is from a shop in Vancouver but you can find them in lots of places. Search for enamel pan. Thanks!

  18. Azalais- I can read French although I am a bit rusty these days! :)

  19. Anis says:

    Aran, the feature of you and the kids in the magazine is stunning! I am so happy I was able to download it and enjoy it here in Dubai! Can’t wait for my chestnut flour coming from France to reach tomorrow and try my hand at your pancake recipe! This Will make the waiting for the book a little bit more bearable;)! Contrats!

  20. Anis- glad you liked it! I still haven’t seen it myself . I cannot wait. We had a blast doing it.

    Thank you!

  21. I am so thrilled for you. Good to be so sought-out, and that your eyes are fresh to the world!

    I saw the Coastal Living story – just lovely.

    Cannot wait to buy your book – will you be signing in NYC sometime?

    xo Melina

  22. Melina- Thanks so much! There might be something in NYC and if it happens, then I will announce it on the blog. I will keep updating with signing places and times.

    Thank you!

  23. Anis says:

    Aran, I’d like to make the bread recipe featured in whole living but I’d like to ask first if I can substitute buckwheat for quinoa and teff in the same proportions because those are ingredients quite impossible to find where I live
    But I am not so sure as buckwheat flour has a different water absorption capacity I don’t wan’t to upset the balance of ingredients -many thanks

  24. Anis- I have not tested the bread with buckwheat but I am pretty sure it will be good too. You might want to use some superfine brown rice flour in there too.

    Hope you like it!


  25. Shabs.. says:

    Congrats Aran! Did you say teh book is going to be launched on oct 23? That’s an auspicious day,atleast for me as I was born on that day:)

  26. Kenon says:

    I am so excited to hear about all the wonderful travels and experiences you have/are embarking on. I need to catch up on your blog because I took a break from reading for a few months. You are amazing and I look forward to buying your book the day it releases!

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