Where we are

The fields are covered with yellow dandelions and txiribita flowers.

Sheep have taken over the landscape.

White plum petals and magnolias paint the sky when we look up. Apple trees are showing the first green buds and I am awaiting anxiously for the flowers to bloom. Will I be here to witness it? Not sure yet, but we scout corners and small villages for them.

Here is a little preview of the things we are savoring. Back soon. Laster arte.

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66 Responses to “Where we are”

  1. Such a beautiful place. I seriously don’t mind the sheep if I can just have a piece of that.

  2. Enjoy!!! But I’m sure you do!

  3. Lovely pics, makes me longing for the fruit trees to blossom here in the south of Sweden…but we have to wait a couple om months for that to happen…but longing is a lovely feeling to.
    Keep on enjoying the blossom,
    hugs Lydia

  4. Maria says:

    Maravillosas fotos,como siempre. Bienvenida a España y que disfrutes!!!!
    Espero que algún día organices un curso de fotografía aquí en España, me encantaría porque me pareces una artistaza!!!
    Un saludo y enhorabuena por tu nominación!!

  5. foodandchic says:

    Bonitas fotos, como siempre! Bienvenida a España espero que disfrutes mucho, el País Vasco es un paraíso..
    Espero que algún día organices un curso de fotografía en España, seria un lujazo..
    Un saludo y enhorabuena por tu nominación!!:):)

  6. Olivilla says:

    magia en las fotos! disfruta de tu tiempo aqui

  7. Mikey F. says:

    Me encanta ver esas fotos tan preciosas de Euskadi en tu blog.

    Ongi Etorri!

  8. What a magnificent place! So peaceful and scenic.



  9. j’ai tort de seulement rester sur la côte basque….je vois que l’arrière-pays est magnifique….Donc, à päcques, j’irai faire un tour! Bon séjour à la maison!

  10. Amanda says:

    Your homeland is so beautiful.I live in Cantabria now, teaching English for a year, but I love the Basque Country. Yesterday, we spent the afternoon on the Bizcayia Coast (Bermeo, Gernika, San Juan de Gaztulgatxe). I could never spend too much time exploring Euskadi. Enjoy the rest of your visit. The long balmy afternoons are heaven sent!
    agor (I only know this word must mean goodbye or hello, but I thought I’d try it out!)

  11. Juliana says:

    Beautiful! These pictures make me want to pack my bags and go right now.

  12. Such a nice blog!
    As nice as this place :)

  13. Such a amazing blog!
    As nice as this place :)

  14. So gorgeous! I can only imagine the peace you must feels on those hills!!


  15. Sophie says:

    Such an inspiring blog – I stop by regularly.
    Best wishes

  16. Stunning! Have a lovely time :) Cant wait to see more xx

  17. Elizabeth says:

    These photos are so beautiful!

  18. meg says:

    Unbelievable. I don’t think there’s anything quite so pretty as sheep grazing in a springtime pasture.

  19. Magnificent!!! The blooms on the magnolia tree are in bloom there. We are still waiting for ours to emerge. They are still snuggled in their fuzzy little cocoons. C’mon mags, BLOOM. Stunning pics as always.

  20. Beautiful! Have a safe and loving journey.

  21. Shelby says:

    such beautiful pictures….so thankful for you to share such precious moments…

  22. tatjana says:

    …very nice pictures!
    hugs Tatjana

  23. Martha says:

    Beautiful pictures. Looking forward to see more. I just read a little bit about the Basque country, very interesting to learn about its rich history.

  24. Laura says:

    Gorgeous photos! I always look forward to your posts–they make my day so much brighter!

  25. URKIOLA??
    el otro dia subimos al Saibigain y tenemso fotos muy parecidas… que maravilla, y que suerte has tenido con el tiempo …

  26. nedj says:

    Je suis d’accord of course, c’est bÔÔÔ le Pays Basque !! Tout est en fleurs, les brebis dans les près .. what else ??

  27. So beautiful! You take amazing photographs.

  28. Jaime says:

    Oh wow, stunning scenery and beautiful photos!

  29. Maude says:

    Aran, this is so beautiful! I wish I were there too, and able to see, smell and touch all of this nature waking up.

    Spring will be here in a few weeks – I can’t wait! Meanwhile, I’ll stare are your pictures and dream…

  30. susana says:

    Lovely pictures!
    the colours are beautifull!!!

  31. cheffingit says:

    It’s so gorgeous!! I want to see that in person some day!

  32. Mireille says:

    Since I live in the Southern Hemisphere, in South Africa, while YOUR spring starts, my autumn started… so funny to see the opposite seasons! Especially in the beginning when everything is fresh and new…

  33. Perfect :)
    Kisses from Portugal :*

  34. a. maren says:

    thanks for sharing, you lucky lucky people!

  35. Rizalenio says:

    This is so wonderful. Happy weekend! :)

  36. Just beautiful, I gazed at that first photos for a long time

  37. Wilma says:

    Beautiful landscape. I also want to spend my holidays close to nature. I can smell the fresh air ………

  38. This is so beautiful… I need to get away for some peace and quiet!

  39. jen laceda says:

    your photos make me yearn for travelling…

  40. Sini says:

    Gorgeous pictures! And so green already.

  41. classiq says:

    The magnolia photo is breathtaking!

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  44. megcjones says:

    beautiful. enjoy your time in the fresh air. nothing like gorgeous views and leisurely days to relax and invigorate you.

  45. Rosalie says:

    Ces photos sont une beau moment de poésie et de délicatesse.
    Tout ici est élégant.

  46. O seu blogger é um assunto seríssimo,PARABÉNS.FELIZ PÁSCOA!!!!

  47. We really appreciate the nice posts and great nature photography. Please tell us some tips for good photography.

  48. Gazing at your pictures makes me feel like I’m on a vacation. So pretty!

  49. beejay says:

    Wonderful photographs, so spring-like and pretty. Great to look at on a wet Easter Monday morning here in Dorset.

  50. Dasha says:

    I love your blog!! Your pictures are always incredibly gorgeous!

  51. so gorgeous. cannot wait to see more!

  52. Stephanie says:

    Are you kidding me? Those mountains are magnificent! How do you ever come back? I’m so glad you shared these images…now I can imagine better what “home” for you looks like.


  53. Femmelist says:

    Magical and ethereal seem impossible to get along with such a politically charged land, but it all somehow comes together beautifully in the Basque country. Oh, and the mysterious roots of the Basque language make it just supreme. So full of magic.

  54. This cheese looks delicious, you have any recipe for making chese

  55. Laura says:

    Your blog is a real inspiration! Beautiful work!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  56. Precioso post! me has emocionado!!

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  59. Stunning photos, the scenery is breathtaking, looking forward to seeing more pictures of this landscape.

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