Coconut and Lemon Cream Balls for Project Wedding

It has been so hot and humid here that we have been spending most of our time in the pool and away from the scorching heat. These are the times when I really miss my summers back home. My mom tells me about the long walks she takes in the cool mornings and the afternoons at the cafe… and all I want to do is jump on an airplane and head home. Just reading about Bea’s trip to her hometown brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful and so similar to my upbringing.

But before I get too nostalgic, let me tell you about my latest contribution for Project Wedding. The theme this time was DIY edible wedding favors, so I decided to go with a simple cookie that takes no time to make and is not too fragile. These are moist coconut cookies scented with a bit of lemon and filled with a coconut and lemon buttercream.

You can read the full article and recipe here. Hope you like it!

Finally, I must thank all of you for your kind words about my portfolio. It’s great to see all the time I invested paid off and that it has been well received. Thank you again!

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81 Responses to “Coconut and Lemon Cream Balls for Project Wedding”

  1. SK says:

    I wish I could pop one of those in my mouth! Those are perfect colors for wedding favors :) I love your natural light!

  2. Simple but gorgeous, and the little boxes are beautiful..yes love the colours too!

  3. El says:

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling homesick. I’d feel the same way if I came from a place so incredibly beautiful. I read Bea’s post and wanted to jump on a plane myself.

    The photographs are fantastic (beautiful color combination) and of course, the food looks delicious.

  4. Tartelette says:

    Lemons and coconut…the best of my 2 worlds!! Ahaha! Yum!

  5. Mowie says:

    A friend of mine is getting married soon and I think I just might have to make those for her =) But I might swap lemon for lime, I think it goes slightly better with coconut, don’t you think?

  6. Looks like your portfolio is going to keep growing! These cookies–just gorgeous in their simplicity.

  7. Aran, these are just so gorgeous. I am right in the middle of DIY favors right now. I get married in less than 6 weeks. (EEK!) I’ve decided to make French macarons as favors – and have been making a range of trial flavours to tie in with my colour palette and theme. I’ve finally settled on Champagne Macarons. Too elegant and simple to pass up. Now comes the packaging. I have been playing around with a few ideas along the way for some of my other baking, but really want to do something different. Gosh, I wish I could bounce some ideas off you! You always have lovely work. Always. :)

  8. Beautiful!!! Love the coconut and lemon buttercream idea too – sounds heavenly. :)

  9. Erika says:

    I love little cookies so you can taste different things and not get souped up in the middle of the party. The colours you have chosen are fantastic and the boxes are so pretty. Once again , Congratulations! good job

  10. A delightful treat! So pretty!



  11. Cakebrain says:

    What beautiful treats! The colours are gorgeously suited for weddings!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous and perfect!!! What a lovely wedding treat!!

  13. simplesong says:

    LOVELY. such pretty colors.

  14. Heidi says:

    These look really lovely, I have the urge to reach out and take one, haha.

  15. Lone Acorn says:

    The pictures seem to be nostalgic the way you were thinking about your home. Great pics.

  16. morgana says:

    Aparte de lo riquísimas que tienen que estar estas delicias de coco y limón es que nos presentas siempre todo tan bonito que no hay quien se resista.

    Menudo verano que estamos teniendo entonces… Pensé que era sólo por estas latitudes pero ya veo que no. Yo tengo unas ganas de que empiece ya a refrescar… Cada vez que pienso en que tengo que encender el horno me dan los siete males.

  17. shaz says:

    Such beautiful colours – they look absolutely delicious and light.

  18. ibb says:

    Egia esan, hemen gutxienez astebete daramagu eguzkia behar den moduan ikusi gabe. Txaketakin edonora, fraka luzeak…eguzki minez. Fresko xamar.
    Nahi eskero, hotz piskat bidaliko dizugu haruntza.

    Weeding Proiektuko kutxatxoak izugarri politak dira benetan. Koloreen konbinazioa eta gero barrukuaren itzura…ummmm

  19. Perfect photo’s, all of them are beautiful, thanks for shared us…


  20. Simo says:

    Che incanto…………..

  21. Ana says:

    El portfolio te ha quedado precioso! Enhorabuena! :-)

  22. ChichaJo says:

    I would have loved to have these as my wedding favors…they are beautiful! Although I can’t imagine I would be able to make something so pretty! Lovely, lovely, lovely…

  23. diva says:

    perfect choice of colours! so sweet, pretty and spring-like :) puts me in such a gd mood just lookin at em.

  24. I wish I had had such beautiful – and delicious! – favors on my wedding, Aran!
    These are absolutely gorgeous and I love coconut and lemon together. Yum!

  25. Aran says:

    Thanks everyone! Much appreciated!

  26. Q. says:

    So darling!!! Beautiful photos, too. Love this blog. Will be sending a link to my wedding coordinator friend! She will love it!

  27. tara says:

    Beyond the perfect colours and packaging, I adore the scale of these – the lofty proportions of the balls somehow makes them seem all the more special. Adorable.

  28. veron says:

    Aran – this looks fantastic. And congratulations on your portfolio in the previous post! BTW, where did you get those favor boxes. Most of the chinese take out boxes I see at craft stores don’t look this good!

  29. Ana says:

    Me desconecto durante un tiempo y m eencuentro cosas maravillosas en tu blog. No se realmente que es lo que más me gusta, si las recetas, las fotos, las colaboraciones o estas deliciosas cajitas chinas que nos regalas hoy… Adorables!!


  30. Wow, you are so talented. I love everything you do. Just gorgeous.

  31. Aran says:

    Veron- I actually got those at Michael’s. They didn’t have a big selection but I loved this color.

    Thank you everyone. So glad you liked the choice of colors!

  32. Nicole says:

    Those cookies look magnificent!

  33. E’ bellissimo, brava!

    Really amazing and truly scrumptious!

  34. Mercè says:

    Aran, si te sirve de consuelo, no eres la única que está homesick. ;) Aquí todo el mundo se va de vacaciones, y yo aquí, nada de nada. :(
    Estas delicias de coco, impresionantes! I las fotos, qué delicadez! Fantásticas! :)

  35. Dominique says:

    Pictures are so beautiful! I love the colors of these litle boxes, and the cream with coconut and lemon… I’ve to try it! I’s so nice to read your blog and see your beautiful pictures!

  36. Heidi Rose says:

    It is posts like this that are the reason I follow your blog. These pictures are a real treat to just look at! Thank you for making my day a little happier.

  37. sooo when you take fotos like that first one, of someone holding a box–or eggs, or the others, who are you taking a photo of? Helen does the same thing…but you can’t be taking a photo of yourself…or can you…

  38. Aran- You do amazing work! Your images totally brighten my day! Aloha, Tara.

  39. Aran says:

    Mallory- that is actually my usual “hand model”, my friend Katherine! But I suppose you could do A self portrait with a tripod and the timer setting on the camera.

    Thanks everyone!

  40. congrats aran – looks gorgeous! love the packaging !

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  42. Barbara says:

    What a great idea- delicious and I love the sweet boxes. You’re so talented- I love reading your postings.

  43. Faye says:

    As always beautiful! I also love your apron or dress so cute!

  44. Beautiful wedding favours…touchingly beautiful! can say my vows again for these!

  45. George says:

    Wow they are so pretty and delicate. Just perfect.

  46. redmenace says:

    What a great idea! And, so timely! I just posted about my trial run on the edible wedding favor. . . Why are weddings so much work? Someone please promise me it will be fun!

  47. Smarry says:

    I am so exciting with your blog…….. thanks for the sharing…….. keep going ahead……….

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  48. Inés says:

    Aran ze gauza xumea eta polita. Kutxak eta barruko borobiltxoak… Ni gaur noa oporretara zure izeko lez. Eta irailan hemen irmo again!. Mux ta ondo pasa.

  49. Lovely photos Aran. It’s nice to know that you and I share the same memories of upbringing. Precious, isn’t it?

  50. Wow!!! This looks so yummy and it is very presentable too. Love it!!!

  51. Inne says:

    Hi Aran, way behind on my blog reading, as usual… Hope your little one is recovering well from his chickenpox. Baking all those lovely things is almost worth getting chickenpox for though. Almost.

    Love the portfolio, you are so talented.

    I’m not too keen on coconut, but those favors look lovely!

  52. Sarah-Lou says:

    This is one of the most beautiful post I ever read!!

  53. FAB post… so delightful!!!

  54. Hello, miss thing. I adore your blog and wanted to let you know I did a little feature post today. I’m desperate to join the Sunday Suppers club someday soon!

    Your foodie photography is deeply fabulous.


  55. I am a great fan of your site…I am posing this question to as many competant people as I can find: How long will a coquembouche last on a set without coming down. 12 hours ? 2 days? I have a really big job coming up and would like the croquembouche delima to be solved …any words of wisdom?

  56. These look amazing! Seriously, yum.

  57. I love the freshness and organic quality of it all. I always thought the little wedding table “gifts” where a bit cheesy. But, you have completely changed my mind. I’d love to see what you would do about a boys 6th birthday party gift bag. Keep it coming…

  58. I made them today.. I also had problems.. ( Aran, I know.. cz i’m a rookie)..

    the coconut didnt hold together , they collapsed into small pieces ..they also didnt look like tidy and neat balls like the ones you made.. I’m sure I made something wrong which I dont really know what.. but I will keep trying till I get it right!

  59. Aran says:

    Room Studio Design- I’m sorry to hear that! Sometimes depending on the ingredients you use, moisture and other aspects might vary. Did you let it rest in the fridge after mixing? Use could also use some more mill to get them to stick. Press hard with fingers to shape ball after scooped too. Hope you try them again!

    Thanks everyone!

  60. Aran, your photos are fantastic, the style is neat and i like the cleanliness of the shots. I must try one of your recipes because they are irresistible, i am homesick as well, most of the time, spanish, married to an englishman, and living in london, yep! missing barcelona everyday!
    ojala puedas visitar blog, if you have the time,



  61. Those are just the most adorable cookies every – too cute! I might have to keep them in mind for that moment far, far in the future where I’ll want to DIY EVERYTHING in my wedding :)

  62. I love the colours, so fresh and pure. You are very talented. I always enjoy coming here to have a look at your photography and perspective.

  63. cindy* says:

    these would be perfect favors for my wedding next june!

  64. jessbcuz says:

    Oh my! I just discovered you looking for a recipe online and I will definitely be back. Wonderful photography, and these little cookies sound like little bites of dream. I will have to feature them in my kitchen soon!

  65. Erika says:

    Beautiful! Did you used fresh grated coconut? I don’t understand how this recipe can work without eggs, I’d like to try.

  66. Aran says:

    Erika- actually, when you said that, i thought “but there are egg whites in the recipe!”. i went back and realized i forgot to include the egg whites in the recipe. completely my fault!! i am so sorry!! so please do use egg whites. should have it corrected shortly. thank you for pointing it out!

  67. sue says:

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  68. disa says:

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  69. Toni says:

    This wedding favor is so cute. Where did you get those boxes they came in??

  70. 珊珊李 says:

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  71. sa says:

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  72. Ticiana says:

    Hello, Aran…i know that’s been so long you wrote this post. First congrats on your photos. Amazing!

    Then, where can i buy these chinese favor boxes?

    best Regards,Ticiana

  73. wedding says:

    what a wonderful idea and it looks so gorgeous!Such a great wedding favor..

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