Beginning of autumn and upcoming NYC and Philadelphia events


I look out the window and it definitely feels like autumn in Seattle. Wind and rain arrived blowing leaves throughout. Who isn’t tempted of photographing their feet on a pile of colorful leaves? Yes, I admit it. Me too.

I love autumn.

We are gearing up for an apple picking trip this week. I have been cooking lots of squash soups, root vegetable tarts, apple and yogurt cakes… My usual fare.

I am also still editing the images from my last Basque Country workshop. I shall share those soon as well.

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about my upcoming trips to the East Coast.

0913_TerrainTableI will be hosting an autumn dinner on October 10th at 6pm at one of my favorite shops in the world – Terrain at Glenn Mills, PA. The dinner will be part of their Terrain Table series and held at their fantastic restaurant. There are only a small number of tickets and they are $165. You can read more details here.

-To Welcome-
terrain Cheese Platter house made pickles, preserves & gluten free crackers

Baked Farm Eggs doe run hummingbird cheese, duck prosciutto, cherry tomatoes

Black Quinoa Salad roasted brussels sprouts, acorn squash, baby beets, honeycrisp apple, spiced pumpkin seeds, red beet puree

Diver Scallops fennel & brown butter risotto, fried parsnip chips, parsnip & apple puree

Red Wine Short Ribs roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, honey roasted root vegetables, smokey blue cheese butter

Chocolate & Hazelnut Pot de Creme

Amazing, right?

On October 5th at 1pm, I will also be signing books and hosting a macarons baking demo at Williams-Sonoma in NYC (59th & Lexington). Here are the details. This event is free to the public so if you are in NYC, please come say hi!

See you soon.

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23 Responses to “Beginning of autumn and upcoming NYC and Philadelphia events”

  1. Rosa says:

    That is a fabulous shot!



  2. Wendy Read says:

    So excited for you! Terrain was going to carry my jams at one point, but I could never make it happen..sad about that, but happy for you to be able to do some promotion :) Enjoy your trip!!

  3. Ailyn says:

    Great photo…hope can go to William Sonoma nest saturday!

  4. Me encantaría estar en William Sonoma el sábado, el sábado pasado (valga la redundancia) intenté hacer mis primeros macarons…terminó todo en la basura, al poner la masa en la manga pastelera se caia entera…vamos que no podia hacer conchitas de ninguna manera…no me doy por vencida y ya he separado huevos para volverlo a intentar,….bso

  5. Itxaso says:

    Ai q pena!! Zapatuen goaz nyerantza baia 12etan urtetan dogu hemetik eta ezkara helduko demorako… jo! 10erarte ibiliko gara handik, gure bozu eta astirik badekozu geratuko gara hainbaten.
    Ondo segidu!!!

  6. Itxaso says:

    Ah! Euskal etxeagaitik izingo da! Ba handik ibiliko gara gu be, baietz topau ezagunen bat…
    Mosu bet!

  7. Wonderful to hear you’ll be in NYC! I will try to make it to the demo!

  8. Tracey says:

    Oh how fun, I follow Terrain, what fun! Looking forward to seeing your Basque pics! We also have been experiencing the rain and wind storms here in Vancouver, I love it and secretly wish the power would go out …… cozy. Fall is one of my favourite seasons for sure! Hope you are doing well.

  9. Eva says:

    A mi tambien me encanta el otono! Hoy he estado haciendo fotos en St Emilion, y en esta epoca es precioso! ensenaras tu menu en el blog?

  10. yvonne says:

    how wonderful, aran! i love terrain so much- that place is absolute charm and magic. i’m sure it will be an amazing time.

  11. Tonya says:

    That dinner sounds amazing Aran!! I wish we could attend! Hope you are well :) Autumn has definitely settled in in Munich as well…but only 4 weeks left for us! Craziness. Enjoy your apple picking! big hugs :)

  12. Your autumn dinner menu at Terrain sounds lovely! I love that place. I cannot believe that you’ll only be 45 minutes away from where I live and I’ll be missing the opportunity to finally meet with you in person. :-( My Mom is flying in from France tonight for a long visit. Hope you’ll come back to our area for another event soon. Have fun Aran, I am sure you will dazzle everyone with your beautiful dishes.

  13. Stunning photos! And I love fall too!

  14. Polina says:

    Your site is really wonderful and inspiring, thank you for your beautiful photographs and articles. I’ll follow your blog for sure !

  15. Denise says:

    Someone just told me about your blog and also “Cooking With Mr. C.” on Facebook. I will check your blog out. Denise

  16. Cecilia says:

    Oh no!!!! I can’t believe I missed this events in NYC and Terrain…… What is the best way for me to be updated of future events around the NY area? I would have loved, loved, loved to join the dinner and to get my booked signed by you and seeing the macaroons demo. I am sure both events were fab!

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