A rainy day at Terrain


Lunch at Terrain at Styer's

Lunch at Terrain at Styer’s

I have been so inspired by rain lately. The moody blue colors that come from that light.

The saturation.

I spent a few days in New York and Pennsylvania recently. During that trip I visited Terrain at Styer’s in Glen Mills- a wonderland for lovers of all things home and garden. The buyers at Terrain curate the most amazing vintage finds, home goods and books that I have coveted for years now. Always spot on, which makes me really excited as they are now selling my book “Small Plates and Sweet Treats”. Was so happy to see it on the shelves next to other amazing authors.


The mushroom hut

The mushroom hut

I arrived at Terrain on a dark and rainy afternoon. The autumn decor and the bounty of heirloom pumpkins simply made it even more magical. “Rain, mud and an English garden”, I thought. Some of my favorite things.

I toured the gardens, the magical Mushroom Hut and joined the team for a fantastic seasonal endless-course dinner at the restaurant on site. Chef Keith Rudolf wowed me with his menu – bread in a pot, the artisanal cheese plate, pumpkin and apple soup, lobster with Brussels sprouts, chanterelle risotto, hanger steak with sweet potato mash, pumpkin pots de creme, gelato and chocolate mousse.

And so many gluten-free options.


Heirloom pumpkins at Terrain

Heirloom pumpkins at Terrain

The next day, I wandered the grounds with a latte in hand.

The rain lingered. Just as I hoped it would.

I took my time photographing corners and people.

I caught a glimpse of the floral and event styling team getting ready for a wedding that evening. How they set up the walls, the tables, the lighting… Sort of a secret garden. Megan working on her terraniums.

I wandered some more until chef Keith made lunch for me again. This time poached pear, Brussels sprout and gorgonzola salad and halibut with root vegetable hash. Perfectly ready for my return flight to Seattle that afternoon.

Another latte in hand.


The Cafe The Cafe

Halibut with roasted root vegetable and Brussels sprout hash

Halibut with roasted root vegetable and Brussels sprout hash

Poached pear salad

Poached pear salad

Thanks to the entire Terrain team for hosting me this time. You can see some of the photos on their journal as well.

Hope you can visit.

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51 Responses to “A rainy day at Terrain”

  1. Oh I’ve been missing your posts Aran! What a gorgeous place/ food/ day (even rainy!… love this light too!) And, oh, I’ve seen on twitter that you moved to a new studio: congrats!! I am also looking for one studio here in Montreal… wish me luck!

  2. Giulia says:

    Aran! So great to read about your trip and see your beautiful photos! Only you can portray rain in such a magical fashion!
    I hope life is treating you well? BTW, my plans for Spain are materializing for early next summer – after Barcelona I’ve got San Sebastian on the list!
    Oh, and I finally got my portfolio site live – I often credit your workshop for giving me the push to more seriously pursue photography. My first photo in a print publication is on newsstands in November! Thank you!

  3. Rosa says:

    Wonderful rainy weather clicks and fabulous food!



  4. Itxaso says:

    Guztiz zoragarrie… horrik koloreak… argazki guztiek enmarkauko noazan.

  5. Loving all of the pumpkins/squash. How picturesque! Out of all the food blogs I follow (and that is a lot) you have by far my favorite food photography. Thanks for all of the inspiration Aran!

  6. Sanda says:

    This space is magic, amazing, breathtaking… would love to have something like that in Lisbon and…be owner of it if possible :-))

  7. OMG! I loved this post! Amazing pics! You’re super talented :)

  8. Noelia says:

    An unforgettable experience in an amazing site! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. sue says:

    Your blog fills me with joy. I have made most of the recipes in Small Plates & they are have been sublime. Some more recipes on your blog please! …..even better, a new book. ( a little less of the yummy sweet baked goods, & more foodie recipes. Have a wonderful autumn

  10. Alfredo says:

    Beautiful pictures, excellent post and the food….mmmmmm looks delicious
    thanks for sharing.

  11. melissa says:

    There one also, in Westport, Ct, that I would go to almost daily in June and July.. Just a wonderful magical place… I would love to see your cook book there.

    melissa lee

  12. Wow, you lucky duck! Looks like such a beautiful setting. Absolutely gorgeous images as always, Aran. I LOVE the one of the birdcage with candles in it, and that gorgeous warmth beside it from the glass and that orange flower… simply wonderful.

  13. I just wanted to say that the photography here is just FABULOUS!! So is the food styling. Incredible!

  14. Hi Aran,
    gorgeous, beautiful photos. . love all of them.. I love that you find the beauty in everything. . the rain. . and you even make pruners look beautiful! :)

  15. Liria says:

    This post is absolutely amazing. I love all the pictures.

  16. Catherine says:

    So beautiful! I also love those days when you can wander through the rain and mist–thanks for capturing so beautifully!

  17. Eva says:

    Una maravilla de fotos Aran ! que espectaculo, las miro una y otra vez….y no me canso. Tienes mucha sensibilidad y las fotos transmiten mucho! da gusto ver que quedan sitios autenticos y llenos de belleza en el mundo.
    El menu tiene muy buena pinta!! Gracias por la inspiracion!!

  18. So beautiful!! And feature a few of my favorite things!! =) I love rainy days, too, and the inky blacks of the wet world and the twinkle of lights through it all. And all of this is achingly beautifully autumnal!

    And, I am so in love with your cookbook!!!! I have been having so much fun with the recipes and have started calling it fairy food – it’s so ethereally delicious and, yet, never ever heavy – only wonderfully satisfying. I’ve thought this so many times but have just had another wave of appreciation and thought I should tell you!

    AND! ;) One other thing…. I live in Vermont but am originally from California. We have some long time and very dear family friends who came to visit us two weeks ago and she has been severely gluten intolerant for a couple of decades, now. (Don’t mix the eggs with the spatuals used to flip the pancakes or she’s out for weeks!) She’s given up on food, really, I think. Since I’ve been enjoying your book, I thought that making a lovely and delicious dinner was a perfect way to serve and bless her – a gift that I could give to her and, of course, I used several of your recipes and could adapt another because of what I had learned from your book! It was a sparkling and absolutely DELICIOUS dinner – one of the best I’ve ever made – and a beautiful, beautiful time visiting!! and, you were very much there in an odd abstract way! ;) Thank you so much!!! =)


  19. Adrienne says:

    It’s so incredibly gorgeous there. Truly lovely scenes you captured. It’s a good thing you’ve become inspired by rain, now that you live in Seattle :)

  20. Sandrine says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Very inspiring… thank you, thank you!

  21. nechama says:

    The rustic scenes, the effect of the rain on everything; i can almost smell the wet wood and soil. What are those bluish-purple giant leaves around the little white pumpkin? Never saw white pumpkins before. Beautiful leaves.

  22. I love the photographs of the poached pear salad and the hanging slabs of wood. Beautiful shots and ideas — Thanks for sharing!

  23. Marga says:

    Hola Arán, me encanta tu blogg, no sé a través de quién lo descubrí pero lo tengo ya en mis favoritos. Son unas fotos preciosas y me encanta la manera de presentar los platos. Se vende tu libro en España?.


  24. Marta says:

    Wow!! Charming place….y exquisitas fotos como siempre! Felicidades Aran

  25. Katie says:

    This place is like heaven on Earth!!! You captured the beauty of this place fantastically !!

  26. David says:

    I love all those fall squash varieties all piled up – beautiful!

  27. beautiful nd haunting pics. greetings from very rainy ireland!

  28. Asaline says:

    Hi !

    I’m a french blogger and i’m in love with your univers?
    I’ve been writing an article about my favourites IG accounts and I’m talking about your’s !
    If you’d like to see it: http://www.asaline.fr/mes-11-comptes-instagram-chouchous-du-moment/
    Have a nice day ♥

    { Asaline }

  29. Gaia says:

    the light in your photography is simply amazing. Love it!

  30. Sounds like you had a good time at Terrain despite the storm that night. You truly captured the essence of this beautiful place and the rain certainly add a magical tone to your stunning photos! I just stopped by Terrain this week for lunch with my girl-friends and could not resist picking-up one of their pretty heirloom pumpkins of course.

  31. Erin says:

    I love your blog. I’m looking for Thanksgiving recipes. I was told “Cooking With Mr. C.” on Facebook, dedicates the month of November to Thanksgiving recipes. I just “Liked” the page and came to check your blog out. Erin

  32. Lovely as always! I will add it to my list of places I must visit soon.

  33. I love your blog especially i love your recipes..Thanks for posting..Really amazing recipes.You have done really fantastic work…

  34. Hi Aran,

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    Good luck with your blog.
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  35. Breath-taking pictures! I’m glad to see more entries from you again. Certainly a joy to read :-)

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