Simple suppers for Coastal Living magazine

Hello friends,

I just returned from an amazing Ace Camps trip to Whistler, BC where I taught a food styling and photography workshop. Weather was beautiful and the landscape breathtaking. I will be sharing photos with you here soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about a food feature I wrote, styled and photographed for the September issue of Coastal Living magazine. The story titled “Simple Suppers” is all about late summer dining.

Seasonal, colorful, and perfect for entertaining.

I worked on this story a few months ago and it feels great to see it printed and on newsstands.

Two of the recipes featured, the lobster and apple salad and yogurt and coconut panna cotta with roasted nectarines, are straight out of my upcoming book Small Plates and Sweet Treats.

There are three other original recipes: tomato and goat cheese tarts, zucchini and mint gazpacho with radish salsa, and berry and hazelnut galette.

Some of my favorite late summer dishes that I cook for my friends many times.

You can find the September issue of Coastal Living in newsstands now. I hope you have a chance to see it.

I will be back soon with images and stories about our Whistler workshop. Oh, and I will tell you about my upcoming trip to Alaska too.

Be back soon!

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51 Responses to “Simple suppers for Coastal Living magazine”

  1. Gooorgeous. Beautiful photos Aran, as always. I just love all the circles throughout the series, so fun. Will see if I can pick up a copy around here! Alaska?! Holy cats!! Amazing! xo

  2. Gorgeous food! I really love that galette and the tarts. Beautiful.



  3. megan says:

    so beautiful Aran! I can’t wait to see it in print. Lovely photos as always.

  4. Iratxe says:

    ¿Has estado en Alaska?, ¡WOW, qué chuli!. Fantástico menú y fantásticas fotos para la revista, la galette tiene una pinta deliciosa, bueno… TOOODO. Esperamos ver las fotos del workshop. Muxuak.

  5. Juliana says:

    I cannot wait for your cookbook. These dishes are exactly what I would make!

  6. Iratxe says:

    Ya veo que el viaje a Alaska, es por venir. Muxu bat.

  7. Oh those galettes look AMAZING! I’m going to have to try and make these with a spelt based dough (just in case anybody has trouble with gluten, give spelt flour a try). Yum!

  8. What a delectable spread! Enticing recipes and photos to match! I look forward to picking up a copy!

  9. Danielle says:

    Just beautiful as always! Congrats on the magazine exposure and I must say that I cannot wait for your cookbook! I always leave your blog feeling inspired (and hungry:))


  10. Thanks all! Hope you can pick up a copy!

  11. Thanks all! Hope you can pick up a copy!

  12. Your blog is beautiful! Such stunning photography and lovely looking food. I would love to take a food photography course – do you teach often?

  13. Sarah says:

    Those pictures look amazing! Congrats on getting published :)

  14. Martina says:

    Fabulous! Absolutely. Your pictures, your recipes…I simply love them!
    But I’m italian and so I won’t probably find the magazine…=( What a pity!
    Congrants, anyway!=)


  15. Heather- I have offered a few this year. I have one in NYC coming up in October but it’s sold out. I always announce them on my blog before opening registration so stay tuned! Thanks!

  16. Sandra says:

    Absolutely stunning post!! Absolutely lovely pictures from another lovely food blogger! Thanks for the recipes!

  17. your blog is so pretty! I love it:)
    greets from Poland:)

  18. Aran, we are going to Whistler in a couple weeks. I will pick up an issue to study and take with for meal planning

  19. So pretty! And the recipes look amazing too. I’ll be picking up a copy of the magazine :) Congratulations!!

  20. Gorgeous, as usual!! I hope one day you will do a workshop in Wine Country, California!

  21. annamaria says:

    These look amazing- I am looking forward to picking up a copy- Congratulations!

  22. Beautiful photos with such a lovely story behind them.

  23. Tiramipursuit- I’d love to visit the wine country. haven’t been in over 10 years! Perhaps in 2013? :)

    Thank you everyone!

  24. says:

    Your photos and recipes are so inspiring!

  25. a. maren says:

    beautiful! congrats on the spread!

  26. Very tasty and beautiful photos!You are Talanted!!!

  27. Beautiful photographs as always!

  28. Nora says:

    This looks amazing! Who knows, maybe I will get to take one of your courses when visiting the US some time. That would definitely be the perfect gift for my thirtieth birthday!

    Love from Norway

  29. Very pretty, clean, and coastal-feeling indeed! I visited Door County, WI this summer, which is not by the sea but feels as if it is, with Lake Michigan being so big, and I have been drawn to all things nautical ever since!

  30. MikeVFMK says:

    The panna cotta and roasted nectarines is calling my name. Time to grab some nectarines from my local pyo farm. All wonderful recipes. Congratulations on the feature, it looks brilliant.

  31. Rachelle says:

    I absolutely want to sink my teeth into that berry galette! YUM! I could imagine having that for breakfast or a late afternoon snack with a fresh cup of coffee. Delightful! Thank you for sharing.

  32. marla says:

    This is great news!! I will pick up a copy of the mag when I get back to the OC. In the mean time I look forward to the adventures of our trip ahead.

  33. Mary says:

    You never disappoint – and you always surprise. I will definitely check out the magazine.

  34. These suppers look so healthy and yummy at the same time. Thanks so much for sharing. I will try to make some tomorrow. I love lots of veggies in my food!

  35. Mike says:

    Just picked up my copy! Can’t wait to give these recipes a try! (although I’m sure my creations will not be worthy of your perfection!). Very excited for your book to come out this fall!

  36. Mike says:

    Just picked up my copy! Can’t wait to give these recipes a try! (although I’m sure my creations will not be worthy of your perfection!). Very excited for your book to come out this fall!

  37. Mike says:

    Just picked up my copy! Can’t wait to give these recipes a try! (although I’m sure my creations will not be worthy of your perfection!). Very excited for your book to come out this fall!

  38. Susan says:

    Beautiful shoot! It is always so fun to see the fruits of your labor in a nice, glossy mag!

  39. Laurie B says:

    I have recently found your blog and absolutely love your photographs. The colours are so vibrant and beautiful.

    Laurie B

  40. Michelle says:

    Very healthy! I love everything about it.

  41. Wow, congratulations for the article, it looks wonderful ! Makes me hungry to read the recipes… apple and lobster salad ? Amazing idea ! And gorgeous pictures, as always :)

  42. Wow!! Your presentation is simply stunning!!

  43. Dédalus says:

    Fantástico todo, Aran… ¡Qué buena pinta!
    Un beso transatlántico.

  44. Yay! So glad you’d consider coming out our way! I have to admit, I have posted this before, but never thought to click “receive email response”. Thanks for your response!

  45. Linda says:

    Do you ever teach a workshop in the Houston area or in Maine or anywhere close?

  46. Linda, I haven’t but maybe in the future. I’d love to visit Maine actually. One of the places I must visit soon!

    Thank you!

  47. […] It turns out that the recipe is from a favorite cookbook author/food blogger, Aran Goyoaga. You can view the soup recipe here. […]

  48. Katie says:

    It’s freezing cold and hailing outside, these photos are making me wish it was still summer…

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