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Terisa’s citrus and the consequential cake and curd

Citrus and olive oil cake with lemon curd | Cannelle et Vanille

When I welcomed spring, I promised you a citrus recipe. Well, there are two. Actually, there were many more that I just threw together in the last few weeks but these are the only two that I wrote down and can realistically say they can be replicated effectively. Because you see, a few weeks ago Terisa ...

My basic granola recipe

Gluten-free granola

This is a post about my basic granola recipe... ... or also, about a recipe to make when you have to empty your pantry. Empty your house. We are nearly finished packing. I actually love going through our things and sorting through the essentials. Looking through boxes of memories or small tokens from years past like the baby ...

Sharing a watermelon, tomato and almond gazpacho from Small Plates and Sweet Treats


I few weeks ago I promised you a recipe from "Small Plates and Sweet Treats" - my upcoming book. So here I am now sharing with of my favorite summer dishes from the book. Refreshing, easy to prepare, yet a bit unexpected. For those hot summer days - no doubt. I have made this watermelon, tomato and almond ...