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Creating a summer food story in a French château – a workshop | June 30-July 4, 2016

Food and travel photography workshop in a French château with Aran Goyoaga | June 30 - July 4, 2016

I am headed to the French countryside next summer to teach a 4-day photography workshop. Very, very close to the Basque Country were I was born and raised. We will visit some of my favorite areas, markets and eat lots of Basque food. Want to join me?I am teaming up again with Ritchie Ace Camps ...

Food and lifestyle photography workshop in the Basque Country, September 5-10, 2013


I have been waiting so long to tell you about this piece of news...The news that Nadia and I will be hosting a food and lifestyle photography workshop in my native Basque Country!My homeland that I speak about so often and which has permeated this blog with a certain level of nostalgia since the beginning. ...