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An afternoon with Fig & Fauna and some raw beet and goat cheese ravioli


"How many days until we get to go to the farm?" asked Jon over and over again -- counting down the days, hours, and minutes. "Hmmm...." I thought. Menacing skies and heavy downpours threatened our plans to spend the afternoon at the farm with Fig & Fauna. It's funny how life has a way of bringing people together ...

A beetroot tarte tatin and a rainbow of colors


It is all about these beets ... and those stripes. My weekly trips to the farmer's market have been fruitful. I come back with a loaded basket of watercress, tangled pea shoots, heirloom tomatoes, microgreens, kale, Sicilian eggplants, carrots that are twister into knots, and a rainbow of beets. I have been cooking with beets nearly everyday. Simply ...

What We Crave on a Rainy Day


Even though I love to travel and explore, I am really a homebody inside. I like to be home, gather my friends around me, and cook for them in the warmth of my kitchen. It is especially true these days as my parents are with us once again for a few weeks. It is crowded, ...