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A comforting soup story for Coastal Living


Back in July, right in the middle of summer, I styled and photograph a soup story for the November issue of Coastal Living magazine. Comforting and cozy soups (some not gluten-free, which I ended up adapting for myself) that I knew I would come back to once colder months arrived. And I did. Salmon chowder, chicken and ...

Chocolate, hazelnut and fleur de sel pots de crème… a sweet treat


I couldn't leave you without sharing another recipes from the book, could I? This time a little something sweet... ... something with chocolate. How do chocolate, hazelnut and fleur de sel pots de crème sound? This is a simple and easy treat that I make for my family often just like the custard pots that we ate for an ...

Melissa Clark’s butternut squash risotto with pistachios and lemon


I have chronicled my love for risotto and all things rice (particularly dessert) many times in this blog. As a child, arroz con almejas was my favorite dish. Short grain rice cooked with garlic, parsley and clams. To this day when I go back to my parents' home, I ask my mom to cook it ...