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The Washington apples, a bread pudding and other Thanksgiving recipes


At the end of October we traveled to Seattle where I had a few book-related events. We turned it into a family vacation where Jon and Miren could experience real autumn weather and colors.The colors.They took my breath away.I had never been in Washington during October and from what I had gathered, there is a ...

Winter squash, prosciutto and sage risotto


The Pacific Northwest was good to us last week.The crisp air of autumn had not yet arrived in Florida and I found myself becoming more and more irritable as I kept seeing images of falling leaves and apple trees elsewhere as I continued to escape the excessive heat.I needed a change and a trip to ...

The snow, the cheese, and the big sky of Montana


As you might remember, we spent the week of Thanksgiving in Montana where a large part of C's family lives. We were eager to see family, mountains, the big open sky, and hopefully some fresh snow. It had been six years since the last time I had visited. I missed the vast land and wilderness. ...