New Design and a Thank You

It was time for Cannelle Et Vanille to get a new look. Like Mrs. French said… “a blog cannot have too many outfits”. Well said. I started this blog only a few months ago with little expectations, but it really has turned into something very special in my life.

All the credit for the beautiful banner and new layout goes to Kaytlyn of Beneficial Design. Thank you for being patient with me and capturing the essence of this blog and my personal style. Thank you very, very much Kaytlyn. And I also want to thank my friends Jill, Amaia and Nadia for putting up with my indecisiveness.

And finally, thanks to all of you out there who keep coming back and inspiring me everyday. Do you like it?…

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56 Responses to “New Design and a Thank You”

  1. C.L. says:

    OOOOOooooooo, I LOVE it! Very nice!

  2. Bridget says:

    Very pretty! I like it! :)

  3. Y says:

    Very pretty, I love your banner :)

  4. I love it!!! It is very fitting for your blog.

  5. Tres jolie! C’est parfait!

  6. As they say, ‘change is the only constant in life’…this change is BEAUTIFUL & wonderfully reflective oy you & your fabulous blog. Well done Katylyn…& you Aran, for being able to weave your emotions into the new look!

  7. nadia says:

    It took my breath away Aran- to see it up there like that…it’s perfect, she did lovely work..working with your photograph -that as you know has been one of favorites -Aran it is Beautiful-truly Beautiful!

    Also if i may say I had seen this photograph of yours(the flower) on flicker and it was wondering if that stunning photograph would make on to
    Cannelle & Vanille………..and it did so eloquently!

  8. Beautiful! Very elegant, much like your cooking:-)

  9. Amanda says:

    pretty pretty! I like the soft colors and the banner is very fitting.

  10. Rachelle says:

    It’s very elegant and light, beautiful Aran!

  11. it’s wonderful! very easy to look at and uncluttered!

  12. Mrs.French says:

    Do I like it? Do I like it? I love it!!! It is beautiful in its simplicity, just like your sweet photos and words. It is everything I have loved about your blog from the beginning…Bravo!

  13. Olatz, Ordizitik says:

    Elegantia!! oso politta gelditu jatzu bloga.
    Datorren astien sukalde barrixa eukiko dou Ordizin, labe eta guzti! (wow!!) M.k udan koziñatzen ikesi bihe dauela prometiru dust, denpora libre aaaaskooo eukiko dauelako… zuk uste dozu lortuko dauela?? ikusikou…
    muxu haundi bat

  14. Your new design is lovely and elegant – just like you and your confections!

  15. Fuji Mama says:

    GORGEOUS! It’s very fittingly scrumptious.

  16. Miss C. says:

    Beautiful, refined and elegant! I love it so much!! It suits your style so much better!!

  17. Tartelette says:

    Beau-ti-mus! Feels like a crisp summer linen dress :)

  18. it’s lovely !!!! I love that new design :)

  19. Esti says:

    Me gusta mucho. Sobrio, elegante, me gustan estos colores… :)

  20. Bakerette says:

    Aran it’s very pretty. I actually would have loved to help you out too…if you need any more design help let me know!! :)

  21. *fanny* says:

    so so very lovely Aran
    now I want to redesign mine too!

    xx fanny

  22. giz says:

    The colour is gorgeous, the design is lovely – very feminine, soft and welcoming. Great job. All you need now is a matching apron and matching recipe cards.

  23. It looks beautiful and very delicate – I think it goes very well with the wonderful posts you publish!

  24. Aimée says:

    Lovely banner! It has just the right feel for your blog.

  25. Mónica says:

    Lovely banner, Aran. Beautiful and sweet, just as your recipes.

  26. nicisme says:

    Ooooooooh, very nice!
    And classy!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Elegante, sobrio, de lineas puras, colores naturales, etç. No podia ser de otra manera como todas tus recetas. M’agrada molt.
    Anna. Tu fan Catalana.

  28. mimi says:

    beautiful re-design! love the banner, so soft and delicate, like all your beautiful concoctions.

  29. enza says:

    it’s time to change for me too.
    and I love the way your blog looks like.
    I’m trying to set big photoes but setting a large version it’s not big enough like yours.

    what can I do?
    I’ll be glad having some suggestions from you and others

    If I think when I’ve started (not blog) but publishing photos on a cooking forum…oh God.
    all my compliment

  30. Eileen says:

    The new design is beautiful Aran. Just like your pastries.

    Eileen (passions to pastry)

  31. I love your new outfit! Very beautiful and elegant and befitting. Congrats!

  32. diva says:

    OH love the new design. it’s really pretty!

  33. Candace says:

    Love it! I think it fits you wonderfully!

  34. Love the color scheme and the simplicity of the blog! Gorgeous as always Aran!

  35. Good choice! These colors will be accommodating to all your projects – perfect!


  36. Cakespy says:

    It’s as classy as all of your gorgeous baked goods!! Lovely!

  37. Camille says:

    Lovely color for your banner for it is both soothing and refreshing. Nicely done.

  38. It’s very beautiful Aran, very elegant. Can’t wait to see your new recepies displayed here!

  39. Beautiful, fragrant with the spices your blog is named after. It’s where I go to rest my mind, you know!

  40. Anonymous says:

    absolutely stunning! i love it!

  41. Vera says:

    Aran, your blog got even better look. It’s so elegant and stylish! I love it.

    P.S. Aran, I by mistake posted a message in your About page. Can you please delete it? Thank you!

  42. Miri says:

    Aran, the new look of your blog is so beautiful! Especially love the gorgeous banner.

  43. Now the design of the blow is at the same level of your work!! I love the new look!

  44. Veron says:

    gorgeous. Congrats on the new design!

  45. linda says:

    Very much so! And eventhough I don’t know you personally it does seem to reflect who you are (or how you come across on this blog).

  46. Warda says:

    - It’s gorgeous! lovely colors combination. Now everybody wants to redesign their own blog ;)

  47. Mobula says:

    Aran!!!! Me encanta!!!!! Me he quedado con la boca abierta y muerta de envidia, que preciosidad…. Ando buscando yo una cosa así para el mio, pero no veo nada que me guste,has dado en el clavo, igual que con tus recetas



  48. Gloria says:

    Aran me encanta!! no sè si serà por el chocolate y la vainilla o mi imaginaciòn con los colores pero me dio un hambre !!!Se ve precioso amiga, precioso!! xxGloria

  49. Marianna says:

    wow! I LOVE the new design!!! But what remains unchanged is your outstanding talent & creativity!

  50. PheMom says:

    I love the new look! So perfect – these are some of my favorite colors!

  51. inga says:

    Stumbled upon your blog today. I love the design, and the photos you capture! Keep up the great work! I will be visiting daily!

  52. Andreea says:

    how absolutely gorgeous

  53. kate says:

    Absolutely amazing. Good capture. Like the photo.. the blurry effect makes it more unique and some kind mysterious.

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