Spring and a James Beard nomination

Plum blossoms in Seattle

Plum blossoms in Seattle

We have been in Seattle about ten days now.

We are still settling in and waiting for all of our things to arrive. Living out a suitcase with no good knives, pots or pans. I have been cooking a bit and even went out and bought myself a new bundt pan… because one can never have enough baking pans, no?

Me and my baking equipment.

We love Seattle so much. Water views from every angle of this city, the Olympic mountains to the West and the Cascades to the East. So much food. So much. And then there are the trees. Like this plum tree right in front of our house, which bloomed overnight. I walk by it every morning and I just cannot help but feel so excited about the smell of its flowers and the prospect of all the wonderful things to come.

And then there are the James Beard Awards.

Today I learned that Cannelle Et Vanille has been nominated once again in the Individual Food Blog category. Needless to say, I feel honored (and perhaps I can admit how nice it would be if I won this time?). So many friends and colleagues are also on that list. Congratulations to all.

I am happy.

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79 Responses to “Spring and a James Beard nomination”

  1. Le Grumeau says:

    Thanks for the list ! Great names out there, I ‘m especially happy about Empellon Cocina, we really had a great time there.

    xx Le Grumeau

  2. Teresa F. says:

    Lovely. You do not see blossoms like that in Florida (at least I haven’t). I’m so happy for you & your family.:) Congratulations on the JB nomination! I was so proud when I saw your name on the list. I have followed your blog awhile now & I love it so much. You will win this year! All the best to you.

    • Aran says:

      I remember when I lived in Florida every spring I wept because I missed the apple, cherry, quince, plum… blossoms so much. It is a gift to me to witness it again. Thank you!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Welcome to Seattle! If you want a buddy to go about the city with, hit me up.

  4. Rosa says:

    A lovely picture.

    Congratulations on the nomination!



  5. Batya says:

    Aran, congrats on the well deserved nomination and I you win! I just combed through my own photos of Seattle a few weeks ago and thinking about the rain, the water, the mountains and the farms had me smiling. (Erm, not to mention the food scene.) I’m a NYC native, who left Brooklyn 18 months ago…after lots of soul-searching and logistical-employment considerations, we took a leap of faith and relocated our family (with a 2 year old, 6 week old and elderly Rottweiler in tow), 1800 miles away to Denver, Colorado (where we just bought our very first, and very historic home!). Leaving what is familiar (in terms of both place, friends and family) is hard, but when you head in a direction you feel in your heart is right, things always have a way of working out. I can’t wait to see what you discover in the Pacific Northwest. Your photos and journey are an inspiration. Be well.

    • Aran says:


      When I first moved to the Us 14 years ago I lived in Denver actually. I loved it. It was hard when I had to relocate to Florida. Now I love being back in the West. Wishing you happiness there. It’s a great city!

  6. hannah says:

    Congrats on the James Beard nomination. Well-deserved!

  7. Lacey says:

    So happy for you and your families arrival in beautiful Seattle. Life is about to grow immensely for you, so many connections to be had. I have done the Florida-Seattle transition a few times. Two totally different worlds! xx

  8. Michele says:

    As a Seattle-area resident, I love seeing Seattle through your newly-relocated eyes! I think you will draw my attention to things I take for granted, having lived in the Pacific Northwest all my life. I love hearing things from your perspective. And congratulations on your James Beard nomination! I would love to hear that you are the evenutal winner! It would be well-deserved!

    • Aran says:

      I love being here so much. I’m sure there are many things that people here take for granted that I love like this plum tree in front of my house or hearing the seagulls when I go to Whole Foods :)

      Thank you!

  9. Rita says:

    Congratulations on the James Beard nomination! Incredibly worthy.

    According to my Twitter-Stalking you’re in Ballard… Hit up Ballard Pizza Company for delicious salads, pizzas and crazy great service (Especially from my girl Emi )(tell her Rita from Minneapolis sent you’)

  10. Ana says:

    Congratulations! I hope you win :) And I can’t wait to see more of your Seattle photos once you finally settle in.

  11. Congratulations Aran, you deserve it. Gorgeous beautiful photo.
    I am traveling to Tokyo on Thursday with my hubby for 10 days, I can’t wait to see the Cherry Blossom season

  12. Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm says:

    Wonderful news Aran!

    Ah, springtime Seattle…I can smell her scents from here!

  13. It’s wonderful to hear the joy in your writing voice as you talk about your move. I’m so excited and happy for you!!!

    and wonderful congratulations on the nomination! =]

    Best wishes with it all!!!


  14. Michele says:

    congrats on the James Beard nomination. It’s definitely well deserved!!

  15. Glad you’re happy, and I’m sure Seattle will continue to treat you well. And congratulations! I really hope you win, too.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations! So happy for you and this well deserved nomination, and hopefully, you’ll win!

  17. Y says:

    Congratulations both on the nomination and on the move. I’m very excited for you! :)

  18. This plum tree looks magnificent! If I had one like that near where I live, I couldn’t stop staring at it. And congratulations for the nomination, it is very well deserved!

  19. Danielle says:

    Congrats Aran! You so deserve it, I hope you win too :) I’m glad you are settling in to your new home in Seattle. It is so lovely there in the spring. Be sure to visit the Washington Park Arboretum soon so you can see all the cherry, plum and apples in blossom, as well as the magnolias which are my favorite of all! XOXO

  20. Dena says:

    Congratulations! Both on making it to Seattle and enjoying its glory! And the JB nomination. You deserve the very best. Oh, and yes, one can never have too many Bundt pans nor too much baking equipment. I know you’ll be happy when your things arrive and you can get back in to the kitchen. Enjoy this special time: may it be a loving and smooth transition for your entire family.

  21. Well done Arun you deserve it! Mary

  22. Congratulations on the James Beard nomination! I am sure you will win the award. Keep the good work. Hope to see more pics of Seatlle as it is a city I would like to visit some day. :D

  23. Felicidades por esa nominación,animo con la mudanza y a disfrutar de la primavera.

  24. Congratulations on your nomination! Great news!

  25. So happy for you Aran – for your lovely new city and exciting nomination and all the lovely things you put out in this world!

  26. Congratulations on your nomination! Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! I hope you continue to enjoy it. There are so many wonderful and unique PNW moments to come for you and I am looking forward to reading about them and hearing your perspective. Even after 5 years of living downtown, sometimes I just have pinch me moments because I love this place so much. Enjoy every moment. I’d love to take you out for coffee, welcome you to the neighborhood and show you around if you are interested. Good luck with your shipment! We just unpacked from living in england for 5 months and even that was a process!

  27. Congratulations on the nomination!! What happy news, indeed, as you settle into your new home! Happy (almost) spring and happy baking!

  28. Hi Aran,

    Congrats on the nomination! I know many Chefs who have been nominated many times before they win that James Beard award. I hope this is your year!

    I know what you mean about spring in Florida! I moved here from Philadelphia and really miss the flowers blooming and the earth coming to life.


  29. Amanda says:

    Congratulations – all great things happening.

  30. Justina says:

    Congratulations on your nomination! That is a big achievement. Your photographs are beautiful and you are a big inspiration.

  31. How wonderful… both the move and the nomination. A big congratulations!

  32. hi aran….
    welcome to lovely seattle… we are so happy you are here…
    when you come up for air…lets go for a bite…
    enjoy… x pam

  33. Sini says:

    I’m so excited for you and Seattle! :) And congrats on the nomination.

  34. Stephanie says:

    Welcome to Seattle!!! We moved here from Atlanta nearly two years ago and are so over the moon with this city! Spring is treating us well so far and you are in for the most amazing summer of your life!!!

  35. Meredith says:

    I was thrilled to see you listed again this year – congratulations!

  36. thyme says:

    Very exciting news for you…right on top of an exciting move! Very well deserved!

  37. Zoe says:

    No joke, I was sitting here eating the final piece of your heirloom tomato tart that I made last night thinking that it doesn’t get much better than this (I know…it makes me sound like a total suck up but it’s true!!) and this post came through on my email. I think you should just send the guys at James Beard a piece of this tart…you’ll win for sure. Congrats and all the best – it doesn’t get much better than what you do. Cheers, Zoe

  38. Cheryl says:

    Seattle sounds like a dream…. It’s really lovely following your first exploratory adventures in your new home.

    Congratulations and good luck in the awards.

  39. Seanna Lea says:

    The plum blossoms are amazing. Seattle sounds like it will be an amazing fit for you and your family, but most especially you with your love of the seasons and the changes they bring.

  40. Congratulations on your nomination. Your blog is fabulous. Best of luck.

  41. Congratulations with a well deserved nomination. You’re blog is always such a pleasure to read.

  42. Congrats Aran! I hope you’d win it this time!!! :)

  43. Pilar says:

    Bien merecido. Suerte!!!
    Que lindo leerte de Seattle, es una hermosa ciudad.

  44. Mrs M says:

    Hello Aran, i am new to the blog-sphere, but i have always admired your blog! Beautiful picture s and writing! Congrats for your nomination and lucky you to enjoy this beginning of spring…here in London feels like the beginning of January :(
    Good Luck!

  45. Seattle is such a beautiful place! I am actually moving there myself (t minus 12 weeks!!) and can’t wait.

    Congratulations on the James Beard nomination.. Very well deserved. :-)

  46. Tristan B. says:

    Congrats! I shall be keeping my fingers crossed for you:) I just came back from a Seattle and it was quite a beautiful city indeed!

  47. Hola Aran,
    Zelan Seattle aldetik? espero disfrutatzen hasita zauziela herrialde barri horretan, ganera udabarria…., ze garai polita!!
    Horko inguruko argazkiak ikusteko desietan gauz, ia segiduan ipintzen dozuzen batzuk.
    Zelan Jon eta Miren? apurka apurka, herri barrira moldatzen egongo direla espero dot.
    Gaur, Zeanuriko korukoak Zornotzara goaz kantatzera, Udabarriko kontsetuegaz hasita gauz, oso ondo pasatzen dogu taldean kantatzen, Jon eta biok diardogu.
    Besarkada handi bat eta ondo segi.

  48. I let out a whoop when I saw your name in the running. You certainly deserve the win. You are a trailblazer for food blogging, photography and styling. Certainly, my inspiration to blog every day.

    Best of luck. Seattle sounds wonderful. I can only dream of visiting one day and EATING! =)

  49. Congrats for your nomination !! Love the photo!


  50. Judith says:

    Hi Aran – congratulations on your nomination. Sincerely, the other two finalists in this category are far from your level, I’d be very surprised if you didn’t win.

    Congratulations also on your move to Seattle, I hope you’ll be happier there.

    Un abrazo/J

  51. Aran says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind words about the JBA!

  52. Christine says:

    I’m from Seattle, but am now living in the Basque Country in Lekeitio. I hope you fall in love with my home as much as I’ve fallen in love with yours!

  53. melissa says:

    You SO deserve it!

  54. Rose Petal says:

    Dear Aran, What an exciting time for you. A new home, experiencing real Spring time again and a James Beard nomination! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you for the award, you really deserve it.

    I hope that your belongings all arrived safely. You must have found it strange without all your equipment! I’m not surprised you couldn’t resist going out and buying a new Bundt pan :)

    Hugs, Rose xxx

  55. Melissa says:


    What a gorgeous picture, I love the depth of field.

    Congratulations on the nomination. Positive thoughts for a win! xo

  56. Imen says:

    Have been meaning to nip in and say congratulations on the James Beard nomination for the second year, I hope you win too =) That plum tree looks amazing. Love + light, Imen x

  57. Carolyn says:

    welcome to seattle! can’t wait to see how this city inspires you.

  58. Carmen says:

    Hola Aran,

    Soy una catalana que vive en Bilbao hace 7 años y que lleva enganchada a tu blog hace ya un año, me encantan tus trabajos tanto las recetas como las fotografias.
    Quería decirte que me das mucha envidia ( sana ) por tu traslado a Seattle, has escogido , para mi, la mejor ciudad norteamericana para vivir. He pasado los 3 mejores veranos junto a amigos que viven allí, y la ciudad me enganchó por completo, es una maravilla todo, desde sus paisajes hasta su gastronomía ( ese mercado que tienen con pescado fresco ), sus festivales de música….., no te vas a aburrir.
    Me muero por volver algún día y visitar a mis amigos, disfruta mucho de tu nueva etapa.

  59. Jenice says:

    Welcome to my city and my neighborhood! Looking forward to seeing the city that I love through your eyes!

  60. Ellen says:

    Welcome to the West Coast! Your plum blossom photo makes me homesick, even though we’ve been enjoying them (more gradually) down here in California as well. I look forward to reading posts about your Pacific Northwest life, and I hope you’re able to make it across the border to my hometown of Vancouver! It’s a great food city.

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