My family’s pastry shop in Amorebieta

Well, well, well… Let me start by saying that I’m a very shy person and I never intended to reveal personal information in this blog. I just want it to be a culinary outlet. However, I’m going to make an exception because this weekend I was tagged by 2 bloggers.

I was confused at first because I am new to the blogging world and I didn’t know what that meant. “Tagged for a meme? What is that?”. Michelle at Culinography was the first to tag me so she explained it to me. I have to reveal 5 facts about myself and tag other 5 bloggers along the way. But after that, I was tagged again, this time by Susan from Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy so I decided to go ahead and do it.

The hydrangeas my mom has been keeping alive since she has been visiting

I hope I do a good job and not be too boring! Here are 10 facts about me since I got tagged twice.

1) I was born in Clinica Virgen Blanca in Bilbao in the Basque Country, near the Spanish-French border. I lived in nearby Amorebieta all my life until I moved to the US when I was 24. All my family still lives there and I miss them terribly.

2) I have an outdoor-loving, American husband and a curly, blonde-haired son who keep me grounded. I also have a cat, my parents, 2 brothers, 2 wonderful sisters in law, 2 nephews, 1 niece, lots of uncles and aunts, and about 30 cousins… Big, big family!

3) When I was in my teens, my parents started sending me abroad in the summers to learn English. I started coming to the US when I was 13. In 1990, I met my adoptive family in Colorado where they took me in for a year while I attended high school. The rest is history. They have become my family in the US and I met my husband thanks to them.

4) In a previous life, I studied business and economics and even earned an MBA but I was not very good at it since it didn’t really interest me. I don’t know what I was thinking!

5) Many people are surprised by how eclectic my musical taste really is. From The Stooges to Jonathan Richman, to Elurretan, to The Carpenters, to Jesus Christ Superstar, to Johnny Cash, to Yo La Tengo, Pavement, Sebadoh and an endless list. My dad bought me my first vinyl record when I was 9. It was ABBA.

6) My mom used to cut my hair until I was 15 years old and let me tell you, I have been traumatized ever since! My teenage years were pretty tough… Oh yes, and I had lazy eye so I had to wear a patch for about a year!

7) I like breathing the cold air in sunny winter mornings. I love scarves and sunglasses but… I live in South Florida.

8) I love gardens and hydrangeas are my favorite flowers. However, I have never been able to keep a plant or flower alive.

9) I am a make up junkie although I hardly ever wear any. When I meet someone I always retouch their make up in my head. I love color palettes although I don’t know how to draw or paint. My dad is a painter but I didn’t inherit that trait from him.

10) And last… Just like Bridget over at Bake at 350, I have a secret crush on Bill Murray!

Was that exciting enough?

Now, I’d like to tag the following bloggers. I have discovered their blogs recently and have become everyday reads. Some have been around for a while and have many readers so I’m sure they have been tagged before but I’m tagging them again because it’s all new to me!

Bridget at Bake at 350
Ashley at Artisan Sweets
Lisa at Pittsburgh Needs Eated
Ann at Redacted Recipes
Monica the Pastry Princess
Lara at Cook and Eat
Mandy at Fresh from the Oven
Andreea at Glorious Food and Wine
Jennifer at Bake or Break
Helen at Tartelette

Thank you!

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11 Responses to “Tagged”

  1. Anonymous says:

    And let me tell something more about Aratzazu:
    - She is so beautifull woman
    - Tiene un gusto exquisito
    - Una sensibilidad extraordinaria
    - Una timidez cándida
    - Y mil cualidades no ennumerables en un blog.
    Se me olvidaba lo más importante.. un hijo encantador y un marido estupendo

  2. Cakespy says:

    How fun to learn more about you! And yes…a big family!!

  3. You did an awesome job with the meme! And it’s so nice to learn more about you! :)

  4. Great job! Thank you for participating. It is really nice to get to know you better. I’m looking forward to seeing many more of your beautiful creations!

  5. Ann says:

    Thanks for the tag! Both Jack and I have been tagged for this meme before, but I’ll keep it in my back pocket for a day when I don’t have a post handy!

  6. Aran, how fun to learn more about you! And how incredible that your family has a pastry shop!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Animo ARANTZAZU, en la pagina demuestras todo lo que vales, ZORIONAK, zure izeko eta lagun
    ARAN eta XABIER, cuando probaremos

  8. B says:

    …and an extra tip about Arantza, she’s also an excellent and supportive friend! (I know what you were doing during your business and economics studies…, at least one thing: creating solid and life-lasting friendships!)
    Also on the culimary side, the “bollos de mantequilla” (butter filled brioches) of Ayarza (Arantza’s family pastry shop) are unbeatable!!!

  9. Mandy says:

    oh Aran, thanks for sharing so much about yourself. I feel that I know you better now. BTW, I don’t think you are shy at all!

  10. thanks for the tag! i will definitely participate as soon as I get the blog up and running again!

  11. Beatrix says:

    ah que lindo fue leer esto. Sobre todo por que me permite conocer un poco mas de ti.

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